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Eurodance releases that occurred in February

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The KLF - the single All You Need Is Love (Feb 1987)
Sandra - the single Midnight Man (Feb 1987)
Mylene Farmer - the single Tristana (12th Feb 1987)


Mylene Farmer - the single Sans logique (20th Feb 1989)


The KLF - the album Chill Out & Space (Feb 1990)
MC Sar & the Real McCoy (aka Real McCoy) - the single Pump Up The Jam Rap (Feb 1990)
49ers - the single Touch Me (Feb 1990)
Sandra - the single Hiroshima (Feb 1990)
Black Box - the single I Don't Know Anybody Else (17th Feb 1990)


Indra - the single Let's Go Crazy (Feb 1991)
The KLF - the single Make It Rain (Feb 1991)


Rozlyne Clarke - the single Dancin Is Like Makin' Love (Feb 1992)
Rozalla - the single Are You Ready To Fly (Feb 1992)
U96 - the single I Wanna Be A Kennedy (Feb 1992)
Double You - the single Please Don't Go (11th Feb 1992)
LA Style - the single Balloony (16th Feb 1992)
2 Unlimited - the album Get Ready (24th Feb 1992)
Daisy Dee - the single This Beat Is Technotronic (26th Feb 1992)
Dance 2 Trance - the single Hello San Francisco/Remember Exxon Valdez/Bad Religion (28th Feb 1992)


DJ Bobo - the single Somebody Dance With Me (Feb 1993)
Rozalla - the single Born To Love You Remix 92 (Feb 1993)
En-rage - the album Saviour (1st Feb 1993)
Clubhouse - the single Take Your Time (5th Feb 1993)
Quasimodo - the single Let It Out (6th Feb 1993)
Fits Of Gloom - the single To Love (6th Feb 1993)
Pan Position - the single Baby We're Gonna Love Tonight (10th Feb 1993)
Double You - the single With Or Without You (11th Feb 1993)
Digilove - the single Let The Night Take The Blame (15th Feb 1993)
49ers - the single Everything (16th Feb 1993)
Jinny - the single Feel The Rhythm (20th Feb 1993)
DROP - the single Jump Party (20th Feb 1993)
Sly - the single One Day (25th Feb 1993)


Dr Alban - the single Look Who's Talking (Feb 1994)
Rozalla - the single I Love Music (Feb 1994)
Plavka - the single Maximum Motion (Feb 1994)
Culture Trance feat. Darija - the single Cosmica (Feb 1994)
Urban Cookie Collective - the album High On A Happy Vibe (1st Feb 1994)
Beat Production - the single The Beat Is My Life (1st Feb 1994)
Decadance - the single Latin Lover (1st Feb 1994)
Many More - the single Dream On (1st Feb 1994)
Anxious - the single It's Love (1st Feb 1994)
Double You - the album The Blue Album (4th Feb 1994)
Double You - the single Heart Of Glass (4th Feb 1994)
Stanley Foort - the single Heaven Is Here (4th Feb 1994)
Groove Corporation - the single Groovin To The Beat (4th Feb 1994)
Toys and Dolls - the single Tesko Lovers (5th Feb 1994)
Def Dames Dope - the single Don't Be Silly (8th Feb 1994)
ID Control - the single Who Are You (8th Feb 1994)
Chris - the single All Nite Long (9th Feb 1994)
Future Beat - the single Destiny (9th Feb 1994)
Scooter - the single Vallée De Larmes (9th Feb 1994)
JV Project - the single Feel Allright (11th Feb 1994)
DROP - the single In Your Face (11th Feb 1994)
Loren X - the single Shake It Up (11th Feb 1994)
Unique II - the single Changes (11th Feb 1994)
DFA - the single Keep In My Way (11th Feb 1994)
Roxidor - the single No Reason (11th Feb 1994)
Anticappella - the single Move Your Body (14th Feb 1994)
DJ Company - the single Hey Everybody (Out Of Control) (14th Feb 1994)
Trance X-Press - the single Turn Up The Power (15th Feb 1994)
U96 - the single Club Bizarre (17th Feb 1994)
Michele - the single Love Is History (17th Feb 1994)
Darkwood - the single Gimme The Love (18th Feb 1994)
Too Busy - the single We Got To Believe It (18th Feb 1994)
Loft - the single Love Is Magic (22nd Feb 1994)
Da Blitz - the single Let Me Be (25th Feb 1994)
Due - the single Under The Same Sun (25th Feb 1994)
Technocity - the single Warm Me Up (25th Feb 1994)
Energy Go - the single There's A Music (25th Feb 1994)
Killer Plastico - the single Right Now (25th Feb 1994)
Dominoes - the single Can't Give Up (25th Feb 1994)
MXM - the single B - All Right (26th Feb 1994)
U96 - the single Inside Your Dreams (27th Feb 1994)
Obsession - the single Without You / State Of The Nation (27th Feb 1994)
Natascha Wright - the single Party Of One (28th Feb 1994)
Twenty 4 Seven - the single Take Me Away (28th Feb 1994)


Bell-Bar - the single What Do You Think (Feb 1995)
Rozalla - the single Baby (Feb 1995)
Ororo - the single Zombie (Feb 1995)
Dreamland - the single Anything For U (1st Feb 1995)
Tellus - the single Pump Up The Volume (1st Feb 1995)
Solo - the single Show Me Love (1st Feb 1995)
Double You - the album The 12'' Remixes (1st Feb 1995)
Centory - the single The Spirit (2nd Feb 1995)
Taleesa - the single Let Me Be (2nd Feb 1995)
Prince Ital Joe feat Marky Mark - the single Babylon (3rd Feb 1995)
Snap - the single The First The Last Eternity (Till The End) (6th Feb 1995)
Mo-Do - the album Was Ist Das ? (7th Feb 1995)
General Base - the single I See You (7th Feb 1995)
The Free - the single Dance the Night Away (7th Feb 1995)
Sharada House Gang - the single Keep It Up (8th Feb 1995)
Ice MC - the single Take Away The Colour '95 (9th Feb 1995)
Mad - the single I Think Of You (9th Feb 1995)
Rednex - the album Sex & Violins (10th Feb 1995)
DJ Miko - the single Hot Stuff / Lovely Lullaby (10th Feb 1995)
Kikka - the single Love Me Tonite (10th Feb 1995)
Melodie MC - the single Anyone Out There (10th Feb 1995)
Taboo - the single I Dream Of You Tonight (10th Feb 1995)
Texture - the single Take A Chance On Me (10th Feb 1995)
Hydra - the single Miracle Of Love (10th Feb 1995)
Primax - the single Sound The Alarm (10th Feb 1995)
Magic Vision - the single Here Comes The Hotstepper (12th Feb 1995)
Beat System - the single Stay With Me (13th Feb 1995)
Bang - the single Everybody Everywhere (Move On Up) (13th Feb 1995)
HAD - the single Spirit Of The Night (13th Feb 1995)
Riverside People - the single Fantasy Dancing (13th Feb 1995)
On TV - the single Just A Dream (14th Feb 1995)
Jam Be - the single Like The Way I Do (14th Feb 1995)
Ti Pi Cal - the single It Hurts (15th Feb 1995)
U96 - the album Club Bizarre (17th Feb 1995)
Look Twice - the single That's The Way (I like it) (17th Feb 1995)
Wienna - the single Come Into My Life (17th Feb 1995)
Ally and Jo - the single The Lion Sleeps Tonight (19th Feb 1995)
It's 5 To 12 - the single Survival Game (19th Feb 1995)
Luxoria - the single Get High (20th Feb 1995)
Beat Production - the single I Need Your Love (I Want Your Money) (21st Feb 1995)
Nikita - the single La Bruja (21st Feb 1995)
JX - the single You Belong To Me (21st Feb 1995)
Clubhouse - the single Nowhere Land (21st Feb 1995)
Bed And Breakfast - the single You Made Me Believe In Magic (22nd Feb 1995)
Rochelle - the single Think Twice (23rd Feb 1995)
Eurogroove - the album Eurogroove #03 (23rd Feb 1995)
O-Mega - the single Safe Sex (24th Feb 1995)
Asia - the single Happy To Be (24th Feb 1995)
Randy Bush - the single Elevation (24th Feb 1995)
Le Voyage - the single I Need A Love (26th Feb 1995)
Sharif - the single Pearls Of Peace (27th Feb 1995)
X-Kameron - the single Why Don't You Want My Love (27th Feb 1995)
- the single Run Away (27th Feb 1995)
Priority - the single Time To Unite (27th Feb 1995)
Obsession - the single Only Wanna Be With You (27th Feb 1995)
Powerplay - the single Runaway (27th Feb 1995)


Bad Boys Blue - the single Anywhere (Feb 1996)
Bell-Bar - the single This ? (Feb 1996)
Dr Alban - the single Born In Africa (Feb 1996)
Echo Bass - the single Givin' It Up (Feb 1996)
2 Brothers on the 4th floor - the single Fairytales (Feb 1996)
Ti Pi Cal - Round And Around (remix) (Feb 1996)
John Robinson - the album The Best Of John Robinson (Feb 1996)
Morgana - the single Melodies (1st Feb 1996)
49ers - the single Lovin' You (2nd Feb 1996)
Kate Project - the single Heart And Soul (2nd Feb 1996)
Randy Bush - the single I Love To Love (2nd Feb 1996)
Double Dare - the single We Belong (5th Feb 1996)
Systematic - the single Stay Here In My Heart (5th Feb 1996)
Texture - the single Over The Night (5th Feb 1996)
Unlimited Nation - the single Move Your Body (5th Feb 1996)
Quench - the single Dreams (96 Remix Edition) (5th Feb 1996)
Two 4 You - the single Baby I Love You (5th Feb 1996)
Phase Generator - the single Wonderful Life (5th Feb 1996)
Antares - the single Let Me Be Your Fantasy (6th Feb 1996)
Hugh K - the single Higher (6th Feb 1996)
Love Message - the single Love Message (9th Feb 1996)
Intoxicate - the single I Lift My Love (11th Feb 1996)
Clock - the single Holding On 4 U (12th Feb 1996)
Einstein Doctor Deejay - the single Back From Galaktika (12th Feb 1996)
Shine - the single By The Light Of Nature (12th Feb 1996)
Snap - the single Rame (12th Feb 1996)
Sir Prize - the single Love Is The Answer (12th Feb 1996)
Aikakone - the single Matkustanut Oon (12th Feb 1996)
Clock - the single Holding On 4 U/Holding On '96 (13th Feb 1996)
Gala - the single Everyone Has Inside (13th Feb 1996)
MTS - the single Let It Go (13th Feb 1996)
Pleasure Beat - the single First Time (15th Feb 1996)
CB Milton - the single Show Me The Way (18th Feb 1996)
Housecream - the single Beat It (19th Feb 1996)
MC Erik and Barbara - the single Save The Jungle (19th Feb 1996)
Real McCoy - the single Sleeping With An Angel / Ooh Boy (19th Feb 1996)
Venere - the single Fantasy (19th Feb 1996)
Blue Heart - the single Sing Song Rhyme (19th Feb 1996)
House Traffic - the single Your Love Is Real (19th Feb 1996)
Verity - the single Remember (19th Feb 1996)
Murble Jungle - the single The Beat Of The Night (19th Feb 1996)
Xeya - the single Sweet Fantasy (19th Feb 1996)
Sound Of RELS - the single Feel The Groove (21st Feb 1996)
Mad - the single Think of You (22nd Feb 1996)
Culture Beat - the single Crying In the Rain (26th Feb 1996)
The Free - the single Shout (26th Feb 1996)
Whigfield - the single I Want To Love (28th Feb 1996)
Captain Jack - the album The Mission (28th Feb 1996)
Scooter - the single Let Me Be Your Valentine (29th Feb 1996)
Waldo - the single Feel So Good v2 (29th Feb 1996)


Antiloop - the single In My Mind (Feb 1997)
Bliss Team - the single How Can We Survive (Feb 1997)
Rozlyne Clarke - the single I Need You (Feb 1997)
E-Type - the single Calling Your Name (Feb 1997)
T-Spoon - the single Fly Away (Feb 1997)
Marc Wilson - the single C'est La Vie (3rd Feb 1997)
Gala - the single Let A Boy Cry (4th Feb 1997)
Aqua - the single My Oh My (5th Feb 1997)
Viva (2) - the single Keep On Dreaming (5th Feb 1997)
Outta Control - the single One of Us (9th Feb 1997)
Apex - the single Let Me Be (10th Feb 1997)
Raffa - the single Broken Land (10th Feb 1997)
Sash! - the single Encore Une Fois (10th Feb 1997)
B-one - the single The Future (10th Feb 1997)
Babilonia - the single Want Your Love (10th Feb 1997)
Randy Bush - the single Cruel Summer (10th Feb 1997)
Toni Cottura - the single Party Boom (12th Feb 1997)
100% - the single The Way It Is (14th Feb 1997)
DJ Bobo - the single Respect Yourself (18th Feb 1997)
Trivial Voice - the single Ridin On The Night (20th Feb 1997)
JAM - the single Thinking About You (20th Feb 1997)
Andromeda - the single Everytime You Go (20th Feb 1997)
Red Velvet - the single Into The Night (20th Feb 1997)
Joy Salinas - the single Dream In Paradise (20th Feb 1997)
General Base - the single On & On (24th Feb 1997)
QFX - the album Alien Child (24th Feb 1997)
Barry Harris - the single Filter Queen EP (25th Feb 1997)
Captain Jack - the album Operation Dance (26th Feb 1997)


Cappella - Cappella Double Remix (Feb 1998)
Natascha Hagen - the single My Heart Will Go On (Feb 1998)
Urban Cookie Collective - the single Ain't It A Shame (2nd Feb 1998)
QFX - the album Voyage (2nd Feb 1998)
Brooklyn Bounce - the single The Music's Got Me (3rd Feb 1998)
Neja - the single Restless (3rd Feb 1998)
Fireman - the album The Menace Of Ratman (6th Feb 1998)
2 Eivissa - the album Oh La La La (8th Feb 1998)
Barry Harris - the single Why'd Ya Let Her (9th Feb 1998)
Sash! - the single La Primavera (12th Feb 1998)
Wienna - the single Little Angela (12th Feb 1998)
Culture Beat - the single Pay No Mind (16th Feb 1998)
Marc Wilson - the single Make My Day (16th Feb 1998)
Rozalla - the single Don't Go Lose It Baby (17th Feb 1998)
Co-Ro - the single Lovely Toy (18th Feb 1998)
Milk Inc - the single Inside Of Me (20th Feb 1998)
Clock - the single That´s the Way (I Like It) (23rd Feb 1998)
Lita Brown - the single Lovin' (23rd Feb 1998)
Eric Singleton - the single Take 5 (23rd Feb 1998)
TO Kool Chris - the album It's Time 2 Party EP (24th Feb 1998)
Beat Production - the single Refresh Your Mind (24th Feb 1998)
Harajuku - the album Musical & Disney Gala For Dancing (24th Feb 1998)
Morgana - the single Feel The Night Way (25th Feb 1998)
Orlando - the single A World Without You (Michelle) (25th Feb 1998)
Cappella - the album U're My Baby/Cappella (25th Feb 1998)


Bell-Bar - the single The Break (Feb 1999)
Blümchen - the single Tu Es Mon île (Feb 1999)
Bad Boys Blue - the single Hold You In My Arms (1st Feb 1999)
Modern Talking - the single You Are Not Alone (1st Feb 1999)
Bandido - the single For Sale (2nd Feb 1999)
Morgana - the single Never Gonna Make (2nd Feb 1999)
2 Brothers on the 4th floor - the single Heaven Is Here (5th Feb 1999)
Livin' Joy - the single Just For The Sex Of It (8th Feb 1999)
Datura - the single I Love To Dance (9th Feb 1999)
666 - the single I'm Your Nitemare (10th Feb 1999)
CB Milton - the single We Are The One (15th Feb 1999)
La Bouche - the single SOS (15th Feb 1999)
Peter Wilson - the single Mama Told Me (15th Feb 1999)
Kikka - the single I Need You Tonight (16th Feb 1999)
Live 2 Love - the single Un'Emergeza D'Amore (16th Feb 1999)
Get Ready! - the single I Still Luv U (16th Feb 1999)
Rochelle - the single How Do I Live (26th Feb 1999)


Pandora - the album No Regrets (Feb 2000)
Dr Alban - the single Because Of You (Feb 2000)
Rednex - the single The Spirit Of The Hawk (Feb 2000)
Solid Base - the single Push It (Feb 2000)
Technotronic - the single The G-Train (Feb 2000)
Clock - the album Hits Around The Clock (Feb 2000)
Unique II - the album Forever - The Album (Feb 2000)
Modern Talking - the single China In Her Eyes (1st Feb 2000)
Obsession - the single Being With You (1st Feb 2000)
Bianca - the single Until The Night (1st Feb 2000)
Interface - the single Let Me Love (1st Feb 2000)
Michelle Weeks - the single Can You Handle It (4th Feb 2000)
T-Zone - the single Turn The Beat Around (5th Feb 2000)
Antiloop - the single Start Rockin (7th Feb 2000)
Waldo's People - the single 1000 Ways (7th Feb 2000)
Enyosion - the single Satisfaction (7th Feb 2000)
E-Rotic - the single Queen Of Light (14th Feb 2000)
High Spirit - the single Mr Moon (14th Feb 2000)
Orlando - the single Shattered Dream (15th Feb 2000)
Mylene Farmer - the single Optimistique-moi (22nd Feb 2000)
Antique - the single Mera Meti Mera (25th Feb 2000)
Vengaboys - the single Shala Lala (27th Feb 2000)


Stachursky - the single When She Cries (Feb 2001)
Mark van Dale feat. CB Milton - the single Something Goin' On (Feb 2001)
Morgana - the single Stop Loving You (2nd Feb 2001)
After Touch - the single I'm Wild (5th Feb 2001)
Ratty (aka Scooter) - the single Sunrise (Here I Am) (5th Feb 2001)
Dee - the single Want You To Go (5th Feb 2001)
ATC - the album Planet Pop (6th Feb 2001)
ATC - the single Why Oh Why (12th Feb 2001)
Vengaboys - the single Forever As One (12th Feb 2001)
Enyosion - the single Ecstasy Don't Take It (19th Feb 2001)
Kate Ryan - the single Scream For More (19th Feb 2001)
Solid Base - the single I Like It (20th Feb 2001)
Whigfield - the album Whigfield III CD 1 (23rd Feb 2001)
Whigfield - the album Whigfield III (Asian Edition) CD 2 (23rd Feb 2001)
Whigfield - the album Whigfield III (Asian Edition) Video CD (23rd Feb 2001)
Me and My - the album Fly High (26th Feb 2001)
Ann Lee - the single So Deep (26th Feb 2001)
Datura - the single Yerba Del Diablo Remix (26th Feb 2001)
Modern Talking - the single Win The Race (26th Feb 2001)
T Seven - the single Hey Mr President (26th Feb 2001)
Orlando - the single Such A Shame (26th Feb 2001)
Gigi d'Agostino - the album Techno Fes 2 (26th Feb 2001)
Masterboy - the single Ride Like The Wind (27th Feb 2001)
Mylene Farmer - the single L’histoire d’une fée, c’est… (27th Feb 2001)
Alana Dante - the single Never Can Say Goodbye (28th Feb 2001)


Radiorama - the single Total Eclipse Of The Heart (Feb 2002)
Wildside - the single The Winner Takes It All (Feb 2002)
Natascha Hagen - the single Without You (Feb 2002)
Da Buzz - the single Wanna Be With Me (2nd Feb 2002)
Snap - the single The First, The Last Eternity 2002 (4th Feb 2002)
DJ Valium - the single Bring The Beat Back (5th Feb 2002)
La Luna - the single Here I Am (11th Feb 2002)
Modern Talking - the single Ready For The Victory (18th Feb 2002)
Caramell - the single Ooa Hela Natten (25th Feb 2002)
Zhi-Vago - the single Celebrate The Love 2002 (25th Feb 2002)
Linda Carriere - the album She Said (25th Feb 2002)
Wildside - the single Irresistiblement (26th Feb 2002)
ATB - the album Dedicated (28th Feb 2002)
ATB - the album Dedicated bonus CD (28th Feb 2002)
Molella - the single Love Lasts Forever (28th Feb 2002)


Captain Jack - the album Party Warriors (Feb 2003)
Mr President - the single Love Sex And Sunshine (Feb 2003)
E-Rotic - the album Total Recall (5th Feb 2003)
Gala - the single Freed From Desire 2003 (11th Feb 2003)
7th Sense feat. Franky Fonell - the single Angel Eyes (12th Feb 2003)
Whigfield - the single Saturday Night 2003 (13th Feb 2003)
Fancy - the album Best Of... Die Hits Auf Deutsch (17th Feb 2003)
Simone Jay - the single Mum & Daddy (18th Feb 2003)
Neja - the single Hot Stuff (21st Feb 2003)
Luis & Raffa feat. Valentina Ducros - the single Soul Talkin (22nd Feb 2003)
DJ Bobo - the album Visions (24th Feb 2003)
Fragma - the single Man In The Moon (27th Feb 2003)
Scooter - the single Weekend (27th Feb 2003)
East End - the single All I Need (27th Feb 2003)
Nance - the single If You Wanna Dance (28th Feb 2003)
Groove Coverage - the single The End (28th Feb 2003)


Kelly Llorenna - the single This Time I Know It's For Real (Feb 2004)
Leila Moreno - the single Se Rolar (Feb 2004)
Chipz - the album The Adventures Of Chipz (Feb 2004)
Sue - the single Bliss (Feb 2004)
Evan - the single Will You Love Me Forever (Feb 2004)
Helena Paparizou - the single Treli Kardia (Feb 2004)
Sqeezer - the single Hot Ski Teeny (2nd Feb 2004)
Thomas Anders - the single King Of Love (2nd Feb 2004)
Roberto Blanco feat. Captain Jack - the single Ein Bisschen Spass Muss Sein (6th Feb 2004)
Milk Inc - the single I Don't Care (9th Feb 2004)
Robert Miles - the album Miles_Gurtu (10th Feb 2004)
September - the single September All Over (18th Feb 2004)
September - the single All Over (20th Feb 2004)
Thomas Anders - the album This Time (23rd Feb 2004)
Evan - the album The Other Side (25th Feb 2004)
Blank and Jones - the single Mind Of The Wonderful (26th Feb 2004)


Sylver - the single Make It (Feb 2005)
Fey - the single Barco a Venus (Feb 2005)
Helena Paparizou - the single Stin Kardia Mou Mono Thlipsi (Feb 2005)
Koen (aka Koen Groeneveld) - the single 2005 / 1965 (Feb 2005)
Damp feat. Angie Brown - the single Sweet Surrender (1st Feb 2005)
Djumbo - the single Eyahe (3rd Feb 2005)
Chorale - the album Unimaailma (9th Feb 2005)
Jessica Folcker - the single Du kunde ha varit med mig (9th Feb 2005)
Sentidos Opuestos - the album Original Masters (15th Feb 2005)
Sentidos Opuestos - the album Original Masters (15th Feb 2005)
Koen (aka Koen Groeneveld) - the single Soaking Wet Clubbeats (16th Feb 2005)
Fancy - the DVD 20 Years on stage - Club Concert at the Kalinka Munich (28th Feb 2005)
Cascada - the single Everytime We Touch (28th Feb 2005)
Lian Ross - the single I Wanna (28th Feb 2005)


2 Unlimited - the album The Hits (Feb 2006)
DJs at Work - the single No Easy Way Out (Feb 2006)
The Lazyboyz feat. Kym Mazelle - the single Bitch (I'm Gonna Getcha) (Feb 2006)
Banaroo - the single Uh Mamma (Feb 2006)
East End - the single Don't Stop Movin (6th Feb 2006)
Kate Ryan - the single Je t'adore (15th Feb 2006)
Clubhouse - the single Speed Of Sound (15th Feb 2006)
Cascada - the album Everytime We Touch (21st Feb 2006)
JDS feat. Annika Thornquist - the single Tonight (21st Feb 2006)
Da Buzz - the single Last Goodbye (22nd Feb 2006)
Fun Factory - the album Fun Factory! 10th Anniversary Greatest Hits (27th Feb 2006)


Infernal - the single I Won't Be Crying (Feb 2007)
Gabry Ponte - the single Love Songs In The Digital Age According To Gabry Ponte (Feb 2007)
United DJ's feat. Pandora - the single Don't You Know 2007 (4th Feb 2007)
Scooter - the album The Ultimate Aural Orgasm (9th Feb 2007)
Scooter - the album The Ultimate Aural Orgasm - DeLuxe edition (9th Feb 2007)
Scooter - the album The Ultimate Aural Orgasm - DeLuxe edition (9th Feb 2007)
Amber - the single This Is Your Night 2008 (12th Feb 2007)
Renegade Masterz feat. Verena - the single Nasty Girl (14th Feb 2007)
Magic Kefir - the album Best of 1994-98 (21st Feb 2007)
Force & Jack Speed feat. Lisa Abbott - the single Written In The Stars (21st Feb 2007)
Chorale - the single Fantasia (22nd Feb 2007)
Woody Bianchi & Andrea Carissimi feat. Brent St. Clair feat. Valentina Ducros - the single Waiting For Your Love (25th Feb 2007)
SEX Appeal - the single Let Me Feel Your Sexappeal (26th Feb 2007)


Regi (aka Regi Penxten) - the single Punish (Feb 2008)
Amnesia feat. Majuri - the single Look Into My Eyes (Feb 2008)
Scooter - the single Jumping All Over The World (1st Feb 2008)
Kate Ryan - the single LILY (1st Feb 2008)
Nosie Katzmann - the album Songbook 2 (1st Feb 2008)
Nosie Katzmann - the album Songbook 1 (1st Feb 2008)
DJ Hush - the single Let's Dance (7th Feb 2008)
Housecream - the single On My Own (7th Feb 2008)
Red Garden - the single Hungry Like The Wolf (7th Feb 2008)
DJ Space'C - the single Only One Too (7th Feb 2008)
Plaza People - the single In For A Penny, In For A Pound (7th Feb 2008)
Alex C (aka Alex Christensen) - the album Euphorie (8th Feb 2008)
Gergana - the single Zabravi (12th Feb 2008)
E-Type - the single Line Of Fire (13th Feb 2008)
Dhany - the single U & I (15th Feb 2008)
Bad Boys Blue - the single Still In Love (15th Feb 2008)
Angelica - the single One Night Only (22nd Feb 2008)
DJ Space'C - the single Learning To Fly (22nd Feb 2008)
Poison Beat - the single Power Of Emotions (24th Feb 2008)
Force & Ritmen feat. Lisa Abbott - the single Simply Electric / Futureflash / Out Of Sight (25th Feb 2008)
September - the album September (26th Feb 2008)


Prezioso - the single I Believe (Feb 2009)
Kate Project - the single Fame (1st Feb 2009)
DJ Space'C - the single Everything I Do I Do It For You (1st Feb 2009)
Angelica - the single Work (Put It In) (1st Feb 2009)
Rozalla - the album Brand New Version (2nd Feb 2009)
Waldo's People - the album Paranoid (4th Feb 2009)
Wildside - the single Heaven Is A Place On Earth (5th Feb 2009)
Kandystand - the single Love Invasion (9th Feb 2009)
Fey - the single Lentamente (10th Feb 2009)
Faz 2 feat. Valentina Ducros - the single Throw Your Hands Up (16th Feb 2009)
Natsuyo feat. Alexandra Prince - the single Rise Over (16th Feb 2009)
Mylene Farmer - the single Si j’avais au moins… (16th Feb 2009)
Alexia - the single Biancaneve (18th Feb 2009)
Lovematic feat. Sharon May Linn - the single Send Me An Angel (19th Feb 2009)
DJ Mickey T feat. Stanley Foort - the single Next Gear (19th Feb 2009)
Alexia - the album Ale & C (20th Feb 2009)
Blue System - the album Das beste aus 40 Jahren Hitparade (20th Feb 2009)
Markus Engel feat. Samira - the single Definition Of Life (20th Feb 2009)
Manian - the single Welcome To The Club (20th Feb 2009)
Movetron - the single Filminauha (23rd Feb 2009)
Helena Paparizou - the single Eisai I Foni (25th Feb 2009)
Chorale - the single Anna Anteeksi (25th Feb 2009)
Mowo vs. Fratty & Presti feat. Sharon May Linn - the single Don't Go Lose It Baby (27th Feb 2009)


Jessy - the single Missing (Feb 2010)
Dee Dee - the single I Want You Back (Feb 2010)
Karma - the single Take It Or Leave It (Feb 2010)
SEX Appeal - the album New Reflections (Feb 2010)
3 Mind Twisted feat. Sharon May Linn - the single Something's Going On (Feb 2010)
Jacynthe - the single To Be With You - L'Espion (Feb 2010)
One Nation - the single Supreme (1st Feb 2010)
Angelica - the single A Song For You (1st Feb 2010)
Raffa - the single Absolutely Everybody (1st Feb 2010)
Raffa - the single Don't Tell Me (1st Feb 2010)
DJ Bobo - the single Superstar (5th Feb 2010)
DJ Bobo - the album Greatest Hits Chile (5th Feb 2010)
Housecream - the single Make Me (5th Feb 2010)
Thomas Anders - the album Strong (7th Feb 2010)
Indra - the album One Woman Show (8th Feb 2010)
One Nation - the single My Love (8th Feb 2010)
Aikakone - the single Vuosisadan Rakkaustarina (10th Feb 2010)
Varaderos - the single Summerlove (10th Feb 2010)
Angelica - the single I Want To Know What Love Is (12th Feb 2010)
Gabry Ponte - the single Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood (15th Feb 2010)
Nightstylers feat. Majuri - the single No More Lies (15th Feb 2010)
Kangaroo - the single Let's Get Crazy (15th Feb 2010)
Varaderos - the single By Your Side (17th Feb 2010)
Milk Inc - the single Storm (19th Feb 2010)
T-Spoon DJ Squad (aka T-Spoon) - the single The Final Countdown 2010 (25th Feb 2010)
DJ Bobo - the album Fantasy (26th Feb 2010)
DJ Bobo - the DVD Fantasy - Making the show (26th Feb 2010)
Alex Guesta feat. Damae - the single Perfect Day (26th Feb 2010)
Helena Paparizou - the single An Isoun Agapi (28th Feb 2010)


Oral Tunerz feat. Whigfield - the single To Feel Alive (Feb 2011)
DJ Jeroenski & Jorn feat. Alexandra Prince - the single Set Me Free (Feb 2011)
Milk Inc - the single Fire (4th Feb 2011)
William Naraine - the album Life (4th Feb 2011)
Manian - the album Best Of (4th Feb 2011)
Robert Miles - the album Thirteen (7th Feb 2011)
DJ Hush - the single It's A Fine Day (7th Feb 2011)
Jacynthe - the single Dévoile Qui Tu Es / Everytime (8th Feb 2011)
Inna - the single Sun Is Up (8th Feb 2011)
Sil (aka Silvy De Bie) - the single Selfish (11th Feb 2011)
September - the single Me And My Microphone (11th Feb 2011)
Robert G feat. Lyane Leigh - the single Andromeda Girl (11th Feb 2011)
Federico Scavo - the single Keep Rock (11th Feb 2011)
September - the album Love CPR (14th Feb 2011)
DJ Hush - the single Blast The Speakers (14th Feb 2011)
Heartclub - the single Money Money Money (14th Feb 2011)
Pandora - the single You Woke My Heart (16th Feb 2011)
JK - the single Go On 2010 (17th Feb 2011)
Experience Of Music - the single (Do You Think It's) Magic ? (18th Feb 2011)
Helena Paparizou - the single Baby It's Over (18th Feb 2011)
Andrew Spencer feat. Peter Ballweg - the single Can't Stop Love (18th Feb 2011)
Sam Walkertone feat. Lyane Leigh - the single Toxic Kiss (21st Feb 2011)
Sam Walkertone feat. Lyane Leigh - the single Toxic Kiss (21st Feb 2011)
Rebeca - the single Duro de pelar 2011 (21st Feb 2011)
Heartclub - the single The Warrior (21st Feb 2011)
2 Fabiola - the single Don't Stop (25th Feb 2011)
Sydney-7 (aka Sydney Fresh) - the single Party 2nite (25th Feb 2011)


William Naraine - the single Let The Sunshine Flow (Feb 2012)
James Stefano feat. D-Rock - the single Sweet Dreams 2012 (Feb 2012)
Swagger feat. Plavka - the single Redlight Town (Feb 2012)
Digital Base Project - the single Sunshine (Feb 2012)
Akcent - the single I'm Sorry (2nd Feb 2012)
Luki feat. Dhany - the single Will I (3rd Feb 2012)
DJ Space'C - the single Night Of Your Life (4th Feb 2012)
I Scream feat. Dhany - the single Take My Body (6th Feb 2012)
Twenty 4 Seven - the single The Reason (7th Feb 2012)
Kim Sanders - the single Haunted (7th Feb 2012)
Phil Wilde - the single Redemption (10th Feb 2012)
Arsenie (aka Arsenie Todiras) - the single I'm Giving Up (10th Feb 2012)
Neja - the single Good Friend (12th Feb 2012)
Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike feat. Regi Penxten - the single Momentum (14th Feb 2012)
Paola Peroni - the single Too Much Love (14th Feb 2012)
Joy Salinas - the single Keeping The Planets (15th Feb 2012)
Dorotea Mele feat. Gabry Ponte - the single Lovely On My Hand (15th Feb 2012)
United Passion - the album Made with Pass!on (17th Feb 2012)
DJ Hush - the single Rock The Boat (18th Feb 2012)
Plaza People - the single Now That We Found Love (18th Feb 2012)
David Latour feat. Silvy De Bie - the single Without You (19th Feb 2012)
DCX (aka DC-10) - the single Fallen Angel (20th Feb 2012)
Black & White (3) feat. Angie Brown - the single Get Ya Hands Up (20th Feb 2012)
Richard Grey & Nari & Milani feat. Alexandra Prince - the single Mas Que Nada (21st Feb 2012)
Dr Alban - the single Freedom (22nd Feb 2012)
Sydney-7 (aka Sydney Fresh) - the single Can You Feel (24th Feb 2012)
Movetown feat. Nana Abrokwa - the single Lonely (24th Feb 2012)
DJ Project (2) - the single Bun Ramas (24th Feb 2012)
Stefy de Cicco feat. Dhany - the single Deep Down Inside Of You (25th Feb 2012)
DJ Space'C - the single What Makes You Beautiful (25th Feb 2012)
DJ Space'C - the single Rumour Has It (25th Feb 2012)
Annagrace (aka Annemie Coenen) - the single Ready To Fall In Love (27th Feb 2012)
Rene Dif - the single Til Døden Os Skiller (27th Feb 2012)
Technotronic - the single Like This (The Sequel) (27th Feb 2012)
Clarence Bekker (aka CB Milton) - the album Old Soul (28th Feb 2012)
Doenja feat. Stay C - the single Kuli Kuli (28th Feb 2012)


De-Liver feat. Dee Dee - the single Give Me A Sign (1st Feb 2013)
Jason Chance feat. Michelle Weeks - the single Mi Corazon Latiendo (1st Feb 2013)
Milk Inc - the single Last Night A DJ Saved My Life (1st Feb 2013)
Helena Paparizou - the album The Love Collection (1st Feb 2013)
Ferrish Key (aka Rene Dif) - the single Mit Hjerte Kalder (4th Feb 2013)
Dubvictor feat. Ya Kid K - the single Think Is Right (4th Feb 2013)
Anahi - the single Absurda (4th Feb 2013)
The Dutchables feat. Ray Slijngaard - the single What U Waitin' 4 (6th Feb 2013)
49ers - the single Shine On In Love (7th Feb 2013)
Nosie Katzmann - the album Katzmann (7th Feb 2013)
Fathers Of Sound feat. Majuri - the single One Kiss (8th Feb 2013)
LightWarrior (aka Shamrock) - the single Ooh Yes (8th Feb 2013)
Ernest Kohl - the single Eternally (8th Feb 2013)
Cascada - the single Glorious (8th Feb 2013)
DJ Space'C - the single Girl On Fire (9th Feb 2013)
Plaza People - the single Love Like This (9th Feb 2013)
Robert Abigail feat. Kate Ryan - the single Karma (11th Feb 2013)
Never2Loud - the single It's Not Just A Game (12th Feb 2013)
Obsession - the single Love Pains (13th Feb 2013)
LayZee - the single Tonight (14th Feb 2013)
Fly Project - the single Musica (14th Feb 2013)
Manian - the album Hands Up Forever (15th Feb 2013)
Manian - the album Hands Up Forever (15th Feb 2013)
Manian - the album Hands Up Forever (15th Feb 2013)
Manian - the album Hands Up Forever (15th Feb 2013)
Manian - the single I'm in Love With the DJ (15th Feb 2013)
Whigfield - the single Saturday Night 2013 (15th Feb 2013)
Yves Larock feat. Tony Dyer - the single Surrounded (15th Feb 2013)
Sharon Doorson (aka Miss Cherry) - the single High On Your Love (15th Feb 2013)
Miani - the single Tu Vivi Nell'Aria 2K13 (16th Feb 2013)
Da Silva Gunn feat. Majuri - the single Into The Storm (22nd Feb 2013)
Crystal Lake - the single Dear God (22nd Feb 2013)
Tosch feat. Peter Ballweg - the single Maid Of Orleans (22nd Feb 2013)
666 - the single Super Fly Chicks (Rock da Place) (22nd Feb 2013)
Kate Project - the single Try (23rd Feb 2013)
Dario Trapani feat. Dhany - the single Another Lifetime (25th Feb 2013)
Fancybeat feat. Majuri - the single Shake Shake (25th Feb 2013)
Fred Ventura (aka Federico Di Bonaventura) - the single Memories Of The Future (25th Feb 2013)
Robby Castellano and Gamma DJ feat. Dhany - the single Sensitivity (27th Feb 2013)


Da Buzz - the single Can You Feel the Love (5th Feb 2014)
LA Work - the single Somebody to Love (5th Feb 2014)
Techno Revivers Project - the album Eurodance Is Life Style (7th Feb 2014)
Jason Chance feat. Michelle Weeks - the single My House (7th Feb 2014)
Jessica Folcker - the single Gravity (7th Feb 2014)
Regi (aka Regi Penxten) - the single Reckless (10th Feb 2014)
Angelica - the single How Will I Know (11th Feb 2014)
Ernest Kohl - the single Just Look In Our Eyes (11th Feb 2014)
Level Eleven - the single Can't Remember To Forget You (11th Feb 2014)
Duel feat. Tony Dyer - the single Famous (13th Feb 2014)
Acting Lovers - the single Love Is In The Air (14th Feb 2014)
Jasper Forks (aka Alex Christensen) - the single Another Sleepless Night (14th Feb 2014)
Djumbo - the single Hands Up (14th Feb 2014)
Lian Ross - the single Brother Louie 2014 (14th Feb 2014)
Nina (2) - the single The Megamix 2014 (14th Feb 2014)
Sync Diversity - the album Charisma (14th Feb 2014)
Koen Groeneveld - the single The Beat Of The Drum (17th Feb 2014)
Corona - the single Stay With Me (17th Feb 2014)
Taxman feat. Diane Charlemagne - the single Rebirth (17th Feb 2014)
Stefano Gambarelli - the single Artistik Kontrol (18th Feb 2014)
DJ Space'C - the single You Make Me (19th Feb 2014)
Andy Viva feat. Peter Ballweg - the single My World (20th Feb 2014)
Tom Hooker - the single Illusions (21st Feb 2014)
Linda Jo Rizzo - the single Stronger Together (21st Feb 2014)
Dr Alban - the single Around The World (23rd Feb 2014)
Helena Paparizou - the single Survivor (23rd Feb 2014)
Angie Brown - the single Fight No More (23rd Feb 2014)
Gianni Bini - the single Back to My Roots (24th Feb 2014)
Caspa feat. Diane Charlemagne - the single Reach For The Sky (24th Feb 2014)
Street Child World Cup feat. Diane Charlemagne - the single I Am Somebody (24th Feb 2014)
TH Express - the single Neon Lights (25th Feb 2014)
Johan K and Beatsistem feat. Tony Dyer - the single Let Us Play (25th Feb 2014)
Sync Diversity - the single Today (26th Feb 2014)
Pogee and Ronny Money feat. Barbara Glorioso - the single Dancing With an Angel (27th Feb 2014)
Marco Fratty - the single African Zulu (27th Feb 2014)
Crystal Lake - the single Ready To Go (28th Feb 2014)
Rimini Project - the single Drinks On Me (28th Feb 2014)
Yanou - the single Bring On The Sun (28th Feb 2014)
Turbo B - the single Last Call for Alcohol (28th Feb 2014)
Prince Damien - the single When I Think of You (28th Feb 2014)


Lana - the single Dance (1st Feb 2015)
Techno Revivers Project - the single Shaman (1st Feb 2015)
Sync Diversity - the single Tonight (3rd Feb 2015)
Gala - the album Singles V1 (5th Feb 2015)
Flash Point - the single Peace (6th Feb 2015)
Radiorama - the single Gonna Get You Along Without You Now (6th Feb 2015)
DJ Space'C - the single Thinking Out Loud (6th Feb 2015)
DJ Space'C - the single Believer (12th Feb 2015)
Orlando - the single Jealous (12th Feb 2015)
Brooklyn Bounce - the single Beat Real Loud (13th Feb 2015)
Damae - the single Castles In The Sky (13th Feb 2015)
Loona - the single OMG dein Body ist so heiss (13th Feb 2015)
Ken Laszlo - the album Greatest Hits & Remixes (15th Feb 2015)
Ken Laszlo - the album Greatest Hits & Remixes (15th Feb 2015)
House Twins feat. Helena Paparizou - the single Love Till It's Over (16th Feb 2015)
Sync Diversity - the single Nothing Can Stop Me (19th Feb 2015)
Cascada - the single Reason (20th Feb 2015)
Damon Paul feat. Tony Dyer - the single Rhythm Is A Dancer (20th Feb 2015)
Jam and Spoon - the album Best Of (20th Feb 2015)
Regina Saraiva - the album Hit Collection (20th Feb 2015)
SoundSun feat. Sandra Chambers - the single U Can (20th Feb 2015)
Viva - the single Masterpiece (21st Feb 2015)
DJ Space'C - the single I'm An Albatroz (21st Feb 2015)
Maurizio Braccagni - the single Stop (22nd Feb 2015)
Daddy DJ - the album Folder (Deluxe Version) (23rd Feb 2015)
Helena Paparizou - the single Otan Aggeloi Klaine (23rd Feb 2015)
Osca Deep and Brent Anthony feat. Angie Brown - the single Crazy Love (23rd Feb 2015)
Federico Scavo - the single Mad World (23rd Feb 2015)
Jean-Francois Laprise - the single Believe (24th Feb 2015)
Techno Revivers Project - the single Listen to My Heart (26th Feb 2015)
Klubbingman (aka Tommy Schleh) - the single I Get You (27th Feb 2015)
Mappa feat. Stefano Gambarelli - the single Perigee (27th Feb 2015)
Lightwarrior (aka Shamrock) - the album Hit Collection (27th Feb 2015)
Corona - the single We Used To Love (28th Feb 2015)


Scooter - the album Ace (5th Feb 2016)
Acting Lovers - the single Bart Don't Break My Heart (5th Feb 2016)
Scooter - the single Oi (5th Feb 2016)
DJ Hush - the single Be Right There (9th Feb 2016)
Plaza People - the single On The Beat (9th Feb 2016)
Heartclub - the single I Know What You Did Last Summer (9th Feb 2016)
Patty Dart - the single Rotten To The Core (9th Feb 2016)
Muze feat. Stay C - the single Don't Move (12th Feb 2016)
Alex DJ feat. Tony Dyer - the single Just Give Me (12th Feb 2016)
DCX (aka DC-10) - the single Flames (12th Feb 2016)
Anahi - the single Eres (12th Feb 2016)
Alain Ducroix and Michael Sax feat. Nathalie Aarts - the single Move On (12th Feb 2016)
Nikos, Chris Oldman feat. Simone Pagliari - the single Feel So Happy (12th Feb 2016)
Dreamy feat. Dee Dee - the single In My Heart (15th Feb 2016)
Inna - the single Rendez Vous (15th Feb 2016)
Helena Paparizou - the single Misi Kardia (15th Feb 2016)
Lorena Herrera - the single Plastik (16th Feb 2016)
Sync Diversity - the single Shine Your Light (17th Feb 2016)
Look@F feat. Majuri - the single Feel The Beat (17th Feb 2016)
DJ Hush - the single Place On Earth (18th Feb 2016)
Vertical Vibe - the single Walking On A Dream (18th Feb 2016)
J and V - the single Tell Me Why (19th Feb 2016)
Da Buzz - the single Something About You (19th Feb 2016)
Klaas feat. Jelle Van Dael - the single Far Away (19th Feb 2016)
Jelle Van Dael - the single As Long As You Love Me (19th Feb 2016)
Plaza People - the single Hold On (19th Feb 2016)
Mylene Farmer - City Of Love (19th Feb 2016)
Koen Groeneveld - the single Nowhere (22nd Feb 2016)
Saint Tropez Caps feat. Damae - the single Human Nature (22nd Feb 2016)
HXP Deluxe feat. Viviana - the single Where Is The Love (22nd Feb 2016)
Techno Revivers Project - the single Razluka (24th Feb 2016)
Shilton - the single What I Feel (26th Feb 2016)
DJ Bobo - the single Believe (26th Feb 2016)
Vengaboys - the single Supergeil! (26th Feb 2016)
Dan Winter and Ryan T feat. Dee Dee - the single Yamandana (26th Feb 2016)
Manian - the single Welcome To The UK (26th Feb 2016)
Aligator (aka DJ Aligator) - the single Heaven Is Falling (26th Feb 2016)
Ma.Bra (aka Maurizio Braccagni) - the single Listen To The Hit (26th Feb 2016)
U-Phoria (aka Laurent Istel) - the single We Are the World (26th Feb 2016)
Samuele Sartini and Alex Kenji feat. Neja - the single Burn (29th Feb 2016)


Techno Revivers Project - the single Don't Be Rude (1st Feb 2017)
Gene Thomas - the single Ik Kom Terug Bij Jou (1st Feb 2017)
Inna - the single Gimme Gimme (2nd Feb 2017)
Antonello Ferrari and Aldo Bergamasco feat. Michelle Weeks - the single Where Do We Go (3rd Feb 2017)
DJ Space'C - the single Trouble (3rd Feb 2017)
New Limit - Smile (Festival mix) (3rd Feb 2017)
Federico Scavo - the single Take the World (3rd Feb 2017)
Dinah Nah (aka Malin Sundstrom) - the single One More Night (4th Feb 2017)
The Scene Kings feat. Damae - the single Release Me (6th Feb 2017)
Koen Groeneveld - the single Ballaststoffe (6th Feb 2017)
DJ Space'C - the single Just Hold On (7th Feb 2017)
Blank and Jones - the album #WhatWeDoAtNight (10th Feb 2017)
Barby G (aka Barbara Glorioso) - the single I'm On Top Of The World (10th Feb 2017)
Beatsystem Project feat. Tony Dyer - the single Fresh (10th Feb 2017)
Shilton - the single Up and Down (17th Feb 2017)
Koen Groeneveld - the single Thiz (17th Feb 2017)
Crystal Lake - the single Start To Believe (17th Feb 2017)
Simon Pagliari (aka Simone Pagliari) - the single Root 909 (17th Feb 2017)
Akcent - the single Gold (17th Feb 2017)
Jay Frog and Patrick Hofmann feat. Alexandra Prince - the single Keep On Searching (17th Feb 2017)
Jam El Mar - the single Touched By Fire EP (19th Feb 2017)
Eric Martin (aka MC Eric) - the single Be (20th Feb 2017)
Bart Claessen (aka Barthezz) - the single I Am The Light (20th Feb 2017)
DJ Space'C - the single Living For The City (21st Feb 2017)
Plaza People - the single Only Way Is Up (21st Feb 2017)
Alex Parker feat. Alexandra Stan - the single Synchronize (22nd Feb 2017)
ATB - the single Connected (23rd Feb 2017)
Thomas Anders - the single Der Beste Tag Meines Lebens (24th Feb 2017)
Peter Luts - the single Work (24th Feb 2017)
Gianni Bini - the single The Outlet EP (24th Feb 2017)
Ernest Kohl - the single Hot Beat 2k17 (24th Feb 2017)
Vivian B (aka Viviana) - the single Real Kick (24th Feb 2017)
Chris Montana and Vinylsurfer feat. Alexandra Prince - the single Can't Get Enough (27th Feb 2017)



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