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Eurodance releases that occurred in August

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Sandra - the single Everlasting Love (Aug 1987)


Thomas Anders - the album Different (Aug 1989)
Mylene Farmer - the single A quoi je sers… (Aug 1989)
Black Box - the single Ride On Time (12th Aug 1989)


Lee Marrow - the single Do You Want Me (Aug 1990)


Bingo Boys - the single No Woman No Cry/Hey DeeJay (3rd Aug 1991)
Cicero - the single Heaven Must Have Sent You Back To Me (12th Aug 1991)
Mimmo Mix - the single All Your Love (28th Aug 1991)


Datura - the single Yerba Del Diablo (Aug 1992)
Rozalla - the single In 4 Choons Later (Megamix limited edition) (Aug 1992)
Urban Cookie Collective - the single Lucky Stars (Aug 1992)
Dr Alban - the single One Love (Aug 1992)
2 Unlimited - the single The Magic Friend (3rd Aug 1992)
Elastic Band - the single Everybody's Talkin' (5th Aug 1992)
Subplates 2 feat. Rachel Wallace - the single Pressure (5th Aug 1992)
49ers - the album Playing with My Heart (12th Aug 1992)
BKS - the album For Those About To Rave... We Salute You (24th Aug 1992)


Masterboy - the single Everybody Needs Somebody (Aug 1993)
DJ Bobo - the single Keep On Dancing (1st Aug 1993)
Love 4 Sale - the single Money (I Need Your Love) (2nd Aug 1993)
Laserman - the single Technology (4th Aug 1993)
Simone Angel - the single Let This Feeling (12th Aug 1993)
Aladino - the single Make It Right Now (13th Aug 1993)
Twenty 4 Seven - the single Slave To The Music (13th Aug 1993)
Anticappella - the single I Wanna Love You (16th Aug 1993)
JT Company - the single You Got (18th Aug 1993)
2 Unlimited - the single Faces (20th Aug 1993)
Mr President - the single M.M. (23rd Aug 1993)


2 Brothers on the 4th floor - the album Dreams (Aug 1994)
Dr Alban - the single Let The Beat Go On (Aug 1994)
Lea Kiss - the single Don't U Want Love (Aug 1994)
Rozalla - the single This Time I Found Love (Aug 1994)
ODP - the single Gotta Dance (Aug 1994)
Angel Eyes - the single Bend Me Shape Me (Aug 1994)
Angel's - the single Bend Me, Shape Me (Aug 1994)
Laurell - the single For Your Love (Aug 1994)
Eurogroove - the album Eurogroove #01 (Japan) (3rd Aug 1994)
Dance D-Vision - the single The Evolution (Make It Move) (4th Aug 1994)
Loft - the single Wake The World (5th Aug 1994)
Midnight Affair - the single Call Me Tonight (5th Aug 1994)
Def Dames Dope - the single The DDD Unity Megamix (5th Aug 1994)
Fun Factory - the single Take Your Chance (6th Aug 1994)
Rednex - the single Cotton Eye Joe (6th Aug 1994)
BG the Prince of Rap - the single Rock A Bit (8th Aug 1994)
Coco - the single I Had A Dream (8th Aug 1994)
Lena - the single Something In My Heart (9th Aug 1994)
Lori Glori - the single My Body & Soul (9th Aug 1994)
Adastra - the single Iaonnama (11th Aug 1994)
Double Fox - the single Nice Life (11th Aug 1994)
Monomatix - the single Don't Call Me Rough (11th Aug 1994)
Black Diamond - the single Let Me Be (12th Aug 1994)
Sean Maguire - the single Someone To Love (14th Aug 1994)
AB Logic - the single Real World (15th Aug 1994)
David Brandes - the single Helpless Dancer (15th Aug 1994)
Stanley Foort - the single Pump (15th Aug 1994)
K Da Cruz - the single Take Me To The Stars (Give Me Your Love) (15th Aug 1994)
Lick - the single Got To Move Your Body (15th Aug 1994)
Reflex - the single Over And Over (15th Aug 1994)
Beats And Pieces - the single Beatcontrol (Move) (15th Aug 1994)
Future Beat - the single X-Tasy (16th Aug 1994)
Look Twice - the single Move That Body (19th Aug 1994)
Mimmo Mix - the single Love Me Baby (19th Aug 1994)
Centory - the single Point Of No Return (20th Aug 1994)
General Base - the album First - 2nd Edition (22nd Aug 1994)
Sin-Club - the single Wish You Lot Of Luck (22nd Aug 1994)
X-Kameron - the single I Wanna Be Your Lover (22nd Aug 1994)
Oblio - the single U Stole My Heart (24th Aug 1994)
View - the single Step By Step (25th Aug 1994)
3-II One - the single Make Love (26th Aug 1994)
Activate - the album Visions (29th Aug 1994)
Real McCoy - the album Space Invaders (29th Aug 1994)
Black Baron - the single What's Your Name (29th Aug 1994)
CB Milton - the single Open Your Heart (29th Aug 1994)
Missing Heart - the single Wild Angels (29th Aug 1994)
Whigfield - the single Another Day (29th Aug 1994)
Fits Of Gloom - the single The Power Of Love (29th Aug 1994)
Ice MC - the single It's A Rainy Day (30th Aug 1994)
D2D - the single Take Your Time (30th Aug 1994)


Emjay - the album In Your Arms (Aug 1995)
Dr Alban - the single This Time I'm Free (Aug 1995)
Emjay - the single In Your Arms (Aug 1995)
Aikakone - the single Alla vaahterapuun (Aug 1995)
N-Trance - the single Stayin' Alive (1st Aug 1995)
Powerzone - the single It's Just A Party (1st Aug 1995)
Magnetic Pulstar - the single Pulse (1st Aug 1995)
Scrapper - the single Let The Music (2nd Aug 1995)
Eurogroove - the single Dive To Paradise (5th Aug 1995)
System - the single Must Be Love (7th Aug 1995)
Sir Prize - the single Lullaby Of Love (7th Aug 1995)
Access II Beat - the single Love Is On Its Way (7th Aug 1995)
3-O-Matic - the single All I Want Is You (8th Aug 1995)
Coco - the single Everyone (One Nation Under One Groove) (9th Aug 1995)
LA Style - the single Magic Trip (9th Aug 1995)
Hamilton Louise - the single Don't Leave Me (11th Aug 1995)
God's Groove - the single Rain Falls (14th Aug 1995)
Me and My - the single Dub-I-Dub (14th Aug 1995)
Urban Cookie Collective - the single Rest Of My Love (14th Aug 1995)
Sonic Beat - the single I Can Fly (14th Aug 1995)
Tuff E Nuff - the single Just The Way You Like It (14th Aug 1995)
Cabballero - the single Love Is A Shield EP (21st Aug 1995)
Clock - the single Everybody (21st Aug 1995)
Harajuku - the single Colors Of The Wind (22nd Aug 1995)
The Great Family - the single Somebody To Love (22nd Aug 1995)
Scatman John - the album Scatman's World (23rd Aug 1995)
Donald Duck - the single That's Donald (23rd Aug 1995)
Eurogroove - the album Eurogroove #04 (23rd Aug 1995)
Evoke - the single Runaway (25th Aug 1995)
Deuce - the single On The Bible (25th Aug 1995)
Bed And Breakfast - the single If You Were Mine / Everytime (25th Aug 1995)
Prince Ital Joe feat Marky Mark - the single Rastaman Vibrations (25th Aug 1995)
Prince Ital Joe feat Marky Mark - the album The Remix Album (25th Aug 1995)
Hypnotic Beat - the single I Like Chopin (28th Aug 1995)
In'sanity - the single Paradise (28th Aug 1995)
Alexia - the single Me And You (29th Aug 1995)
E-Motion - the single So In Love With You (30th Aug 1995)
GE Con-X-ion - the single Gotta Have The Music (30th Aug 1995)
Poco Loco - the single I'm The One (30th Aug 1995)
Orlando - the single I'm Dreaming (31st Aug 1995)


Hyperlogic - the single U Got The Love (Aug 1996)
Red Sun - the single This Love (Aug 1996)
Alex Party - the single Read My Lips (1st Aug 1996)
Rytmica - the single Swing Da Thing (2nd Aug 1996)
Brainbeat - the single You Can Call Me Brain (5th Aug 1996)
Cappella - the single Turn It Up and Down (5th Aug 1996)
Construction - the single What Is In Love (6th Aug 1996)
Me and My - the single Touch Of Your Love (7th Aug 1996)
Sqeezer - the single Sweet Kisses (10th Aug 1996)
Mr Partyman feat. BG the Prince of Rap - the single Hey Mr Partyman (12th Aug 1996)
Freebee - the single True (14th Aug 1996)
Beat System - the single Reggaenight (15th Aug 1996)
Grace - the single If I Could Fly (15th Aug 1996)
MC Erik and Barbara - the single It's Your Day (19th Aug 1996)
Scooter - the album Our Happy Hardcore (21st Aug 1996)
DC Project - the single Mary's Prayer (23rd Aug 1996)
Cartouche - the single Miracles (24th Aug 1996)
Three Some - the single Dangerous (26th Aug 1996)
Rozalla - the single Everybody's Free Remix 96 (27th Aug 1996)
Clock - the single Oh, What a Night / You Give Me Love (28th Aug 1996)
Aikakone - the single Kelltainen (29th Aug 1996)
Twenty 4 Seven - the single We Are The World (30th Aug 1996)


Antiloop - the single Nowhere To Hide (Aug 1997)
Bell-Bar - the single Asia (Aug 1997)
Dr Alban - the single Mr DJ (Aug 1997)
Twenty 4 Seven - the single Friday Night (Aug 1997)
N-Trance - the single The Mind of The Machine (Aug 1997)
Nana (aka Nana Abrokwa) - the single Let It Rain (Aug 1997)
Stachursky - the single Kowbojskie zycie (Aug 1997)
Haddaway - the single What About Me (1st Aug 1997)
Simone Jay - the single Wanna B Like A Man (4th Aug 1997)
Scooter - the single The Age Of Love (11th Aug 1997)
Mephisto - the single Mystery Of Love (12th Aug 1997)
E-Rotic - the single The Winner Takes It All (13th Aug 1997)
Lil Suzy - the album Paradise (15th Aug 1997)
Jackie O - the single Bitch (15th Aug 1997)
Real McCoy - the album One More Time - US album (17th Aug 1997)
Age Control - the single Mr Vain (18th Aug 1997)
AK Swift - the single In The Game (18th Aug 1997)
CB Milton - the single How Do I Know (19th Aug 1997)
Mylene Farmer - the single Ainsi soit je... (live) (20th Aug 1997)
DJ Bobo - the single Shadows Of The Night (22nd Aug 1997)
Scooter - the album Age Of Love (25th Aug 1997)


Solid Base - the album The Take Off (Aug 1998)
AK Swift - the single The Professionnal (Aug 1998)
Brooklyn Bounce - the single Contact (Aug 1998)
Masterboy - the single Dancing Forever (Aug 1998)
Modern Talking - the single Brother Louie'98 (Aug 1998)
Solid Base - the single Sunny Holiday (Aug 1998)
Xxpolove feat. Lori Glori - the single Ooh La La I Wanna Have Some... (1st Aug 1998)
Motiv8 - the single Continuum (5th Aug 1998)
Sqeezer - the single Wake Up (6th Aug 1998)
U96 - the single Beweg Dich, Baby (8th Aug 1998)
Sash! - the album Life Goes On (17th Aug 1998)
Nana (aka Nana Abrokwa) - the single Dreams (17th Aug 1998)
2 Unlimited - the single Never Surrender (19th Aug 1998)
Nance - the single Miss You (21st Aug 1998)
Alexia Phillips - the single If you Leave me Now (21st Aug 1998)
Scatman John - the single Scatmambo (Patricia) (24th Aug 1998)
Blümchen - the single Ich Bin Wieder Hier (24th Aug 1998)
DJ Dado - the album Greatest Hits & Future Bits (25th Aug 1998)
DJ Bobo - the single Around The World (31st Aug 1998)


Alexia - the album Happy (Aug 1999)
Eiffel 65 - the single Move Your Body (Aug 1999)
E-Type - the single Princess Of Egypt (Aug 1999)
Rednex - the single The Way I Mate (Aug 1999)
T-Spoon - the single Summer Love (Aug 1999)
Haddaway - the single What Is Love (The Millenium mixes) (2nd Aug 1999)
The Mackenzie feat. Jessy - the single The Rain (2nd Aug 1999)
Alexia - the album Uh La La La - Japanese version (4th Aug 1999)
Poco Loco Gang - the single Tropical Paradise (4th Aug 1999)
Mr President - the single Simbaleo (6th Aug 1999)
X-Perience - the single Journey Of Life (9th Aug 1999)
2 Eivissa - the single I Wanna Be Your Toy (9th Aug 1999)
Iesha - the single Hand (11th Aug 1999)
Caramell - the album Gott Och Blandat (13th Aug 1999)
YBZ - the single Can't Stop Thinkin About You (16th Aug 1999)
Blank and Jones - the single After Love (16th Aug 1999)
Bed And Breakfast - the single Deep In My Mind (16th Aug 1999)
Scooter - the single Faster Harder Scooter (23rd Aug 1999)
Tayio to Ciscomoon - the single Everyday Everywhere (25th Aug 1999)
Toy-Box - the single Sailor Song (25th Aug 1999)
DJ Bobo - the single Together (27th Aug 1999)
Haddaway - the album All The Best His Greatest Hits (30th Aug 1999)
Vengaboys - the single We're Going To Ibiza (30th Aug 1999)


Bad Boys Blue - the single I'll Be Good (Aug 2000)
Prezioso - the single Voices (Aug 2000)
Unique II - the single The Way I Need To Go (Aug 2000)
Rappers Against Racism feat. Jay Supreme - the single Hiroshima (Fly Little Bird) (Aug 2000)
Stachursky - the single Czuje i wiem (Aug 2000)
DJ Miko - the single Shout (1st Aug 2000)
Wienna - the single I Can Hear Your Heartbeat (1st Aug 2000)
La Luna - the single Take Me (1st Aug 2000)
Enerjay - the single You're Still The One (1st Aug 2000)
Infinity (3) - the single The Magic Of Dreams (7th Aug 2000)
Aqua - the single Bumble Bees (9th Aug 2000)
Captain Jack - the single Hi Ho (9th Aug 2000)
Scooter - the single She's The Sun (14th Aug 2000)
666 - the single The Millenium Megamix (14th Aug 2000)
Jackie O - the single It's My Life / I Try (18th Aug 2000)
XSession - the single Welcome To My World (21st Aug 2000)
Peach - the single Anywhere (21st Aug 2000)
Domenicer - the single Rock Steady Crew (28th Aug 2000)
Sash! - the single With My Own Eyes (28th Aug 2000)
Blümchen - the single Die Welt Gehört Mir (28th Aug 2000)
Rollergirl - the single Superstar (29th Aug 2000)
Waldo's People - the single Bounce (To The Rhythm Divine) (30th Aug 2000)


Prezioso - the single Emergency 911 (Aug 2001)
2 Unlimited - the single Get Ready For This (Robbie Riviera remix) (Aug 2001)
Haddaway - the single Deep (3rd Aug 2001)
Rochelle - the single Eternal Flame (3rd Aug 2001)
Amber - the single Yes ! (6th Aug 2001)
DJ Bobo - the single Colours Of Life (6th Aug 2001)
Apanachee - the single Prison Of Passion (7th Aug 2001)
Captain Jack - the album Captain's best (8th Aug 2001)
Scooter - the single Aiii Shot The DJ (13th Aug 2001)
ATB - the single A Whiter Shade Of Pale (21st Aug 2001)
Gigi d'Agostino - the single L'Amour Toujours (21st Aug 2001)
Antique - the single Ligo Ligo (27th Aug 2001)


ATB - the single You're Not Alone (Aug 2002)
O-Zone (2) - the album Number 1 (17th Aug 2002)
Novaspace - the single To France (19th Aug 2002)
Amber - the album Naked (20th Aug 2002)
Fun Factory - the album ABC Of Music (21st Aug 2002)
Alexia - the album Alexia (24th Aug 2002)
Kate Ryan - the single Mon Coeur Résiste Encore (26th Aug 2002)
Jackie Sangster - the single Knocking On Wood (29th Aug 2002)


Loft - the single Summer Summer Remix (Aug 2003)
Neja - the single To The Music (Aug 2003)
Da Buzz - the single Tonight (Is The Night) (Aug 2003)
Soundlovers - the single Hyperfolk (1st Aug 2003)
Distant Soundz feat. Damae - the single Just Wanna Luv You (1st Aug 2003)
4 AM - the single Words On Wax (4th Aug 2003)
Captain Hollywood - the single Flying High 2003 (5th Aug 2003)
QFX - the single Freedom 2003 (11th Aug 2003)
Snap - the DVD The Best (18th Aug 2003)
LA Work - the single Congas Del Sol (20th Aug 2003)
2 Unlimited - the album Very Best of (25th Aug 2003)
2 Unlimited - the album Very Best of (25th Aug 2003)


Sylver - the single Love Is An Angel (Aug 2004)
Karma - the album Malo Pomalo (Aug 2004)
Whigfield - the album X-Tremely Fun - Workout with Whigfield (9th Aug 2004)
Sylver - the DVD Little Things (bonus DVD) (9th Aug 2004)
Klubbingman (aka Tommy Schleh) - the single Magic Summer Night (16th Aug 2004)
Ultra-Sonic - the single Dreamer Of Dreams (16th Aug 2004)
Jam and Spoon - the single Mary Jane / Vata (18th Aug 2004)
ATB - the album Silence (24th Aug 2004)
ATB - the album No Silence (24th Aug 2004)
Basshunter - the album The Bassmachine (25th Aug 2004)
Chipz - the DVD Next Adventure (26th Aug 2004)
2 Vibez feat. Natalie Horler - the single Sometimes (30th Aug 2004)
Cascada - the single Bad Boy (31st Aug 2004)


Tina Cousins - the single Come To Me (Aug 2005)
Cappella - the DVD Best Of (Aug 2005)
Miami Collective feat. Jocelyn Brown - the single Losing My Mind (Aug 2005)
Groove Coverage - the single Holy Virgin (1st Aug 2005)
Bad Boys Blue - the DVD 1985-2005 Video Collection (1st Aug 2005)
Taste T feat. Peter Ballweg - the single Time To Shake (1st Aug 2005)
Springbreak feat. Verena - the single Shut Up! (2nd Aug 2005)
Tina Cousins - the album Mastermind (7th Aug 2005)
Milk Inc - the album Closer (9th Aug 2005)
Basic Element - the single This Must Be A Dream 2005 (15th Aug 2005)
Snap - the single Beauty Queen (15th Aug 2005)
Cappella - the album Best Of (+ clips DVD) (29th Aug 2005)
Koyote - the album Feel Up (30th Aug 2005)
London MC - the album Euro Party (31st Aug 2005)


Antares - the single Ride On A Meteorite (Aug 2006)
Youngfire - the album Burning Thru (Aug 2006)
Dance Nation - the single Ridin' High (Aug 2006)
Santamaria - the album Hit Singles – Best Of (Aug 2006)
Brooklyn Bounce - the album System Shock (4th Aug 2006)
Chipz - the single One Two Three (4th Aug 2006)
Sylver - the single One Night Stand (4th Aug 2006)
Helena Paparizou - the single Heroes (7th Aug 2006)
Starstylers - the single Higher (10th Aug 2006)
Diana Fox - the single Mein Herz ist angekommen (11th Aug 2006)
Kate Ryan - the single Alive (14th Aug 2006)
Reunion Of Dance - the single The Rebirth of Tonight (18th Aug 2006)
Prezioso - the single Survival (21st Aug 2006)
Mylene Farmer - the single Peut-être toi (21st Aug 2006)
Basic Element - the single I'll Never Let You Know (30th Aug 2006)
Akcent - the album French Kiss With Kylie (30th Aug 2006)


Elektro Groovy (aka Paola Peroni) - the single Raga Me (Aug 2007)
Scooter - the single The Question Is What Is The Question? (Aug 2007)
SEX Appeal - the album Sensuality (Aug 2007)
SEX Appeal - the album Sensuality (Aug 2007)
Nu Frenquency feat. Plavka - the single Love Sick (1st Aug 2007)
Yumm Yumm - the single Happy Day (1st Aug 2007)
Sylver - the album Best Of (The Hit Collection 2001-2007) (3rd Aug 2007)
Sylver - the album Best Of (The Hit Collection 2001-2007) (3rd Aug 2007)
Kings Of Groove feat. Michelle Weeks - the single You Have A Purpose (6th Aug 2007)
United DJ's feat. Pandora - the single Tell The World 2007 (22nd Aug 2007)


Sound Chateau feat. Thomas Anders - the single Ibiza Baba Baya (Aug 2008)
Basic Element - the single Feelings (Aug 2008)
Infernal - the single Whenever You Need Me (Aug 2008)
Corona - the single Rhythm Of The Night (Aug 2008)
Gala - the single Tough Love (Aug 2008)
Daisy Dee - the single The Summer Is Magic 2009 (Aug 2008)
S-Sense - the single Stop and Smell The Roses (Aug 2008)
Roby Montano feat. Melody Castellari - the single More & More (1st Aug 2008)
Fey - the album Lo Esencial (5th Aug 2008)
Brooklyn Bounce - the single Get Ready to Bounce recall '08 (8th Aug 2008)
Soundlovers - the single My Body And Soul (9th Aug 2008)
Infernal - the album Electric Cabaret (11th Aug 2008)
Kangaroo - the single Watch Me Move (11th Aug 2008)
Impact & Resist feat. Lisa Abbott - the single All I Want (11th Aug 2008)
Basshunter - the single All I Ever Wanted (14th Aug 2008)
Aikakone - the single Vuoristorata (18th Aug 2008)
Sarah Grimaldi - the single I Will Find You (22nd Aug 2008)
Nosie Katzmann - the album Greatest Hits 1 (22nd Aug 2008)
Mylene Farmer - the album Point de Suture (25th Aug 2008)
Cascada - the single Faded (26th Aug 2008)
Danny Clark & Jay Benham feat. Angie Brown - the single Attracted To You (26th Aug 2008)
TH Express - the single Everywhere (28th Aug 2008)
DJ Hush - the single I Like The Way (28th Aug 2008)
Live 2 Love - the single Listen To Your Heart (28th Aug 2008)
Lawrence - the single It's Not My Time (28th Aug 2008)
Fun Factory - the single Be Good To Me (29th Aug 2008)
DJ Bobo - the DVD Vampires Alive (29th Aug 2008)


SEX Appeal - the single Sex On The Phone (Aug 2009)
Lorena Herrera - the single Desnúdame El Alma (Aug 2009)
R E feat. Turbo B - the single Don't Cha Know (Aug 2009)
Heartclub - the single Battlefield (1st Aug 2009)
WAG001 feat. Neja - the single Loving You (3rd Aug 2009)
Cascada - the album Greatest Hits (3rd Aug 2009)
DJ Aligator - the single Shine (3rd Aug 2009)
Fey - the album Lo Esencial De Fey (5th Aug 2009)
Fey - the album Lo Esencial De Fey (5th Aug 2009)
Fey - the album Lo Esencial De Fey (5th Aug 2009)
Inna - the single Amazing (6th Aug 2009)
Get Ready! - the single Diep 2009 (10th Aug 2009)
Chorale - the album Toisenlainen (12th Aug 2009)
Scooter - the single J'adore Hardcore (14th Aug 2009)
Sparks - the album The Seduction of Ingmar Bergman (15th Aug 2009)
Sil (aka Silvy De Bie) - the single Love Don't Come Easy (17th Aug 2009)
Stanford (aka Stanley Foort) - the single Innersoul Preacher (19th Aug 2009)
G-Powered - the single Kohti Unelmaa (23rd Aug 2009)
Lasgo - the single Lost (24th Aug 2009)
Mylene Farmer - the single Sextonik (24th Aug 2009)
Al Walser - the single Living Your Dream (28th Aug 2009)


Obsession - the single Always On My Mind (Aug 2010)
Obsession - the single It's A Sin (Aug 2010)
Angie Brown - the single I Say A Little Prayer (Aug 2010)
Captain GQ - the single Let's Get Naked (Aug 2010)
Regi (aka Regi Penxten) - the single Take It Off (Aug 2010)
Pat Krimson - the single Play the Game (Aug 2010)
Luca Guerrieri feat. Michelle Weeks - the single Fly Away (Aug 2010)
Midnight Express feat. Michelle Weeks - the single Carry On (2nd Aug 2010)
Jesus Luz feat. Fragma - the single What Do You Want (4th Aug 2010)
Djumbo - the album Chase (6th Aug 2010)
Sydney-7 (aka Sydney Fresh) - the single Dance To... (I Wanna Get You Baby) (6th Aug 2010)
DJ Hush - the single Back & Forth (7th Aug 2010)
DJ Hush - the single After Love (7th Aug 2010)
Heartclub - the single Super Trooper (7th Aug 2010)
Jam Tronik - the album Hit Collection Complete (11th Aug 2010)
RIO (2) - the single Hot Girl (13th Aug 2010)
Never Look Back - the album 2010 Twenty Ten (13th Aug 2010)
Technotronic - the single Pump Up the Jam 2010 (13th Aug 2010)
Bodytalk - the single The Best Of Bodytalk (20th Aug 2010)
Bodytalk - the single Just A Little Bit Sad (20th Aug 2010)
Novaspace - the single Close Your Eyes (20th Aug 2010)
B-Cube feat. Simone Pagliari - the single Take a Breath Away (Bellissima) (21st Aug 2010)
Urban Cookie Collective - the single The Key, The Secret 2010 (23rd Aug 2010)
Global Disco Rockerz feat. Lori Glori - the single Party Must Go On (25th Aug 2010)


Soundstream - the album One More Time (Aug 2011)
Gigi d'Agostino - the single Stay With Me (1st Aug 2011)
DJ Jerry - the album Superman (1st Aug 2011)
Peppe Nastri feat. Angie Brown - the single Much Better (2nd Aug 2011)
Lello Mascolo feat. Angie Brown - the single Make It Happen (2nd Aug 2011)
Sash! - the single Mirror Mirror (5th Aug 2011)
Al Walser - the single Drunk Drunk Drunk (5th Aug 2011)
Angelika - the single Follow Me! Remixes (6th Aug 2011)
Alex Kenji feat. Federico Scavo - the single Just 4 You (12th Aug 2011)
Monica X feat. Rebeca - the single Ritmo De La Noche (19th Aug 2011)
Angie Brown - the single Playing With Knives 2011 (22nd Aug 2011)
Ya Kid K - the single Do U C Me Standing (26th Aug 2011)
Ya Kid K - the single Tell Me (26th Aug 2011)
Alexandra Stan - the album Saxobeats (29th Aug 2011)
Inna - the single Club Rocker (30th Aug 2011)


Inna - the single Crazy Sexy Wild (Aug 2012)
Viper - the single You Got To Move (Aug 2012)
Alida feat. LayZee - the single My Life (1st Aug 2012)
Darius & Finlay feat. Tony Dyer - the single Phenomenon (3rd Aug 2012)
666 - the single Back On Demand (3rd Aug 2012)
Brooklyn Bounce - the single The Theme (Of Progressive Attack) 2012 (3rd Aug 2012)
Soulpersona feat. Jocelyn Brown - the single How Can I (5th Aug 2012)
Ice MC - the single Out Tonight (6th Aug 2012)
Federico Scavo - the single Crazy Tool (6th Aug 2012)
Antoine Clamaran - the single Back Again (9th Aug 2012)
666 - the single Rubia (10th Aug 2012)
RIO (2) - the single Summer Jam (10th Aug 2012)
Charlie Mauthe - the single Life (11th Aug 2012)
Ben Mac feat. Michelle Weeks - the single You've Got To (Believe) (13th Aug 2012)
Fratty and Mancino feat. Majuri - the single Light Inside Your Soul (13th Aug 2012)
Marcus Gauntlett feat. Angie Brown - the single My Life Is Brighter (13th Aug 2012)
666 - the single Superstar DJ (17th Aug 2012)
Alden Tyrell feat. Fred Ventura (aka Federico Di Bonaventura) - the single Don't Stop (20th Aug 2012)
Loona - the single Oh La La Dance Avec Moi (24th Aug 2012)
Marina Kamen (aka Marina) - the album Walkin' In A Sandy Jungle (24th Aug 2012)
Damn Cool Ex (aka DC-10) - the single Intensify (27th Aug 2012)
Ron Jameson feat. Angie Brown - the single Funky Downtown (27th Aug 2012)
Sertan Gunes feat. Angie Brown - the single Move Your Body (28th Aug 2012)
DJ Space'C - the single Chasing The Sun (29th Aug 2012)
Lawrence - the single Let's Go (29th Aug 2012)
Plaza People - the single Rise Up (30th Aug 2012)
Sash! - the album Life Is A Beach (31st Aug 2012)
Acting Lovers - the single Summertime (31st Aug 2012)


Cascada - the single The World Is In My Hands (2nd Aug 2013)
SOHO feat. Tony Dyer - the single Work (2nd Aug 2013)
Barnes & Heatcliff feat. Jessica Folcker - the single Strong Enough (2nd Aug 2013)
Basshunter - the single Crash & Burn (2nd Aug 2013)
Mischa Daniëls feat. Miss Cherry - the single Can't Live Without You (2nd Aug 2013)
Matteo Sala feat. Dhany - the single Travel From My Heart (5th Aug 2013)
Stereotyp Werk Hard feat. Rachel Wallace - the single Pressure (5th Aug 2013)
Dirty Ztylerz feat. Stay C - the single Can You Feel It (Heeeey Yoooo) (7th Aug 2013)
Thomas Anders - the single We Are One (9th Aug 2013)
Unlimited Friends - the single 90s Never End (9th Aug 2013)
Kate Ryan - the single Heart Flow (9th Aug 2013)
Jack and Joy - the single #AAHM (All About House Music) (9th Aug 2013)
Look Twice - the single We Will Rock You 2013 (12th Aug 2013)
Charlie Mauthe - the single The Sun Always Shines on Tv (12th Aug 2013)
Peter Luts - the single Turn Up The Love (13th Aug 2013)
T-Spoon - the single Summerlove (15th Aug 2013)
Follow Your Instinct feat. Alexandra Stan - the single Baby, It's Ok (16th Aug 2013)
Bodybangers feat. Tony Dyer - the single Break My Stride (16th Aug 2013)
Inna - the single Be My Lover (20th Aug 2013)
Pulse Of The Beat - the single Arrhythmic (22nd Aug 2013)
Fun Factory - On Top Of The World (23rd Aug 2013)
Sync Diversity - the single Rising sun (25th Aug 2013)
Ferrish Key (aka Rene Dif) - the single Dance All Night (26th Aug 2013)
Daddy DJ - the single In My Head (26th Aug 2013)
Antoine Clamaran - the single It's My Beat (26th Aug 2013)
Acting Lovers - the single Cam 2 Cam (29th Aug 2013)
Mylene Farmer - the single Monkey Me (30th Aug 2013)
Loona - Caliente (30th Aug 2013)
Blutonium Boy feat. Haddaway - the single Everything (30th Aug 2013)
DJ Space'C - the single Pompeii (31st Aug 2013)
DJ Space'C - the single Stay (31st Aug 2013)
DJ Space'C - the single Wings (31st Aug 2013)
DJ Space'C - the single Beam Me Up (31st Aug 2013)
Angelica - the single Take A Picture (31st Aug 2013)
DJ Hush - the single Little Talks (31st Aug 2013)
Radiorama - the single You Came (31st Aug 2013)
Lawrence - the single Treasure (31st Aug 2013)


Heatboxx - the single Because I Cry (Aug 2014)
DJ Bobo - the DVD Circus (1st Aug 2014)
Gianni Bini - the single Ride (5th Aug 2014)
Rozalla - the single Can You Feel The Love (8th Aug 2014)
Zeeteah Massiah (aka Zeitia Massiah) - the album Juice (12th Aug 2014)
Francesca Faggella feat. Gianni Bini - the single We Got Hugo (12th Aug 2014)
Edward Maya - the single Historia De Amor (14th Aug 2014)
J and V - the single Fly (15th Aug 2014)
Fabio Rochembach feat. Sharon May Linn - the single I Try (16th Aug 2014)
Maviic feat. Ya Kid K - the single Moja Mbili Tatu (17th Aug 2014)
Alexandra Stan - the single Give Me Your Everything (20th Aug 2014)
Brooklyn Bounce - the single Bounce Attack (Back To The 90s) (22nd Aug 2014)
Maloy - the single Party People (22nd Aug 2014)
Marco Fratty - the single Trumpet (24th Aug 2014)
Akcent - the single Everytime (Turn My Life Around) (25th Aug 2014)
Lane McCray - the single Heartbeat (26th Aug 2014)
Heartclub - the single Blink (26th Aug 2014)
Housecream - the single Find You (26th Aug 2014)
Marco Fratty - the single Deja-Vu (26th Aug 2014)
Alexandra Stan - the album Unlocked (27th Aug 2014)
X-Tension - the album The Lost Tapes 1996 - 1999 (28th Aug 2014)
Unlimited Friends - the single Secret Love (29th Aug 2014)
Blank and Jones - the album Relax Edition 8 (29th Aug 2014)
Chris Noble feat. Angie Brown - the single Feel Good (29th Aug 2014)
Prince Damien - the single Beep Me (30th Aug 2014)


Sync Diversity - the album Diversity (Aug 2015)
DJ Galaga feat. Anita Dels - the single Is This Love (Aug 2015)
DJ TH and Athema feat. Linda Meek - the single Love Is (3rd Aug 2015)
Kate Ryan - the single Runaway (4th Aug 2015)
DJ Space'C - the single Lovefull (6th Aug 2015)
Fly Project - Like A Star (6th Aug 2015)
DJ Hush - the single Sun Is Shining (6th Aug 2015)
Atlantis (2) - the single Summerthing (6th Aug 2015)
DJ Bobo - the single Everybody 2015 (7th Aug 2015)
Fun Factory - the single Let's Get Crunk (7th Aug 2015)
Lightwarrior (aka Shamrock) - the single Boop! (8th Aug 2015)
DJ Miko - the single Zero Gravity (8th Aug 2015)
Kangaroo - the single Fight Song (8th Aug 2015)
Koen Groeneveld - the single Baksteen (10th Aug 2015)
Peter Luts - the single Need You (14th Aug 2015)
Sync Diversity - the single The Grenade (17th Aug 2015)
Lane McCray - the single Sweet Dreams (21st Aug 2015)
Koen Groeneveld - the single Love And Dancing (21st Aug 2015)
Nicki French - the single This Love (21st Aug 2015)
Free 2 Night - the single The Message (26th Aug 2015)
Sync Diversity - the single The Rocket (28th Aug 2015)
Mylene Farmer - the single Stolen Car (28th Aug 2015)
Techno Revivers Project - the single Long Live Techno (28th Aug 2015)
Scooter - the single Riot (28th Aug 2015)
ItaloBrothers - the single Sleep When We're Dead (28th Aug 2015)
Al Walser - the album Al Walser Comes 2 Life (29th Aug 2015)
Bart Claessen (aka Barthezz) - the single AIR (31st Aug 2015)
Crystal Lake - the single Stick Em (31st Aug 2015)
Regi (aka Regi Penxten) - the single When It Comes To Love (31st Aug 2015)
Mario Ferrini feat. Michelle Weeks - the single You Are (31st Aug 2015)


Ryan Paris - the album You Are My Life (1st Aug 2016)
Ryan Paris - the album You Are My Life (1st Aug 2016)
Agua Sin Gas by Antoine Clamaran (aka Antoine Clamaran) - the single Jumbo Jumbo (1st Aug 2016)
Reea feat. Akcent - the single Rain (2nd Aug 2016)
Gloria - the single Poludyavash Po Men (2nd Aug 2016)
Fun Factory - the album Back To The Factory (5th Aug 2016)
Fun Factory - the album Back To The Factory (5th Aug 2016)
Regina (aka Regina Saraiva) - the single Ibiza Vibe (5th Aug 2016)
Luca Bisori feat. Gianni Bini - the single A Night In Sofia (5th Aug 2016)
Kangaroo - the single Bonbon (5th Aug 2016)
Brooklyn Bounce - the single Like A Runaway (5th Aug 2016)
Helena Paparizou - the single You Are The Only One (5th Aug 2016)
Lawrence - the single Heathens (5th Aug 2016)
Federico Scavo - the single Poseidon (8th Aug 2016)
Agua Sin Gas by Antoine Clamaran (aka Antoine Clamaran) - the single Safari (8th Aug 2016)
Ya Kid K - the single Keep Your Hands (9th Aug 2016)
Criss Blaziny feat. Alexandra Stan - the single Au gust zilele (10th Aug 2016)
Denorecords feat. Tony Dyer - the single Like A Bomba (11th Aug 2016)
Experience Of Music - the single Space Bass (12th Aug 2016)
Loona - the single The Only Way Is Up (12th Aug 2016)
Loona - the single On Va Danser (12th Aug 2016)
J and V - the single I Just Wanna Dance (17th Aug 2016)
Sannie (aka Whigfield) - the single In The Morning (17th Aug 2016)
Lian Ross - the album And The Beat Goes On (19th Aug 2016)
Allan Jay feat. Rozalla - the single Breaking My Heart (19th Aug 2016)
Lian Ross - the album And The Beat Goes On (19th Aug 2016)
Blank and Jones - the album Dom (19th Aug 2016)
DJ Oku Luukkainen feat. Solid Base - the single Coming Alive Tonight (22nd Aug 2016)
Lorena Herrera - the single Karma (23rd Aug 2016)
Ian Turner feat. Tony Dyer - the single Tonight (23rd Aug 2016)
Jockeyboys feat. Nance - the single Higher 2k16 (24th Aug 2016)
BPM - the single Rock Your Body On The Floor (26th Aug 2016)
Lyane Hegemann (aka Lyane Leigh) - the single Geheimnisse (26th Aug 2016)
Pieradis Rossini - the single In My Heart (29th Aug 2016)
Agua Sin Gas by Antoine Clamaran (aka Antoine Clamaran) - the single Feel So Good (29th Aug 2016)
Kate Project - the single Rise (30th Aug 2016)
DJ Space'C - the single Get Out Of My Dreams Get Into My Car (30th Aug 2016)
Lita Brown - the single The Ocean (30th Aug 2016)
Plaza People - the single A Night To Remember (30th Aug 2016)
DJ Aldo feat. Tony Dyer - the single Summer Life (30th Aug 2016)
Akcent - the single Push (31st Aug 2016)


DJ Space'C - the single Now Or Never (1st Aug 2017)
DJ Hush - the single Perfect Illusion (1st Aug 2017)
Kangaroo - the single Your Song (1st Aug 2017)
Cabballero - the single One Night in Bangkok (4th Aug 2017)
Ian Turner feat. Tony Dyer - the single Creator (4th Aug 2017)
Nana (aka Nana Abrokwa) - the single Remember The Time 2k17 (4th Aug 2017)
ATB - Pages (4th Aug 2017)
RIO (2) - the single The Sign (4th Aug 2017)
Lane McCray - the single Dreamer (7th Aug 2017)
Lane McCray - the album Heartbeat: The Album (7th Aug 2017)
Alexandra Stan - the single Noi Doi (8th Aug 2017)
Aqua - the single Freaky Friday (10th Aug 2017)
Dan Balan - the single Nashe Leto (11th Aug 2017)
Rebelfox feat. Loona - the single Get Up (11th Aug 2017)
Crystal Lake - the single Roots (14th Aug 2017)
Glass Slipper feat. Lisa Cork - the single Release Me (18th Aug 2017)
Koen Groeneveld - the single Disco Music (18th Aug 2017)
Agua Sin Gas by Antoine Clamaran (aka Antoine Clamaran) - the single Machakos (18th Aug 2017)
Digital Base Project - the single C'est la Vie (18th Aug 2017)
Redward feat. Herbie - the single Raspberry Push (25th Aug 2017)



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