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Ice MC   (Italy)

EuroDance group
Added : 24/01/2000
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My World
Ice'n Green
Ice'n Green the Remix Album
Greatest Hits & Megamixes
Discomania (unofficial)
Ice MC: Disco Collection
Cold Skool
OK Corral
Happy Weekend
Rainy Days
Take Away The Colour
Think About The Way
It's A Rainy Day
Run Fa Cover
Bom Digi Bom
Bom Digi Bom (Think About The Way)
Take Away The Colour '95
Funkin' With You
Russian Roulette
Give Me The Light
Music For Money
Let's Take It Easy
Busy Body
Think About the Way 2002
It's A Miracle
My World
Out Tonight
Don't Cry Tonight '89
Scat and Bebop
Run To Me
Party With Us
Kill It Tonight
Break Away
The Club
Move It
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Latest Ice MC news

01/11/2016 : Ice MC's hit Think About the Way was covered by Forever 80 feat. Carmen Nophra.

22/07/2016 : Italian DJane and composer Alexandra Damiani remixed Ice MC's classic It's A Rainy Day. Out today under Blanco Y Negro Spain.

26/09/2015 : Ice MC will release a new set of 2015 remixes for his recent single Out Tonight.

23/09/2015 : Ice MC is currently touring with a new vocalist called Elisabetta Del Medico aka Betty Bee.

06/06/2014 : Ice MC was featured again with DJ Sanny J, for the single Move It. Videoclip was directed by Filippo Arlotta.

30/11/2012 : A new remix of Ice MC's Out Tonight, called Enfortro & Dirty Principle Edit will be released in December under DMN Records. Enfortro (Craig Oliver) is a DJ and remixer based in Melbourne. (Thanks to Krasi and Marian Stoica)

25/11/2012 : Melody of Ice MC's hit Think About The Way was covered by Arash feat. Sean Paul in their single She Makes Me Go, which also borrowed a little bit from Felix. (Thanks to Dance Music News)

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Ice MC albums

Cinema Cinema 19th Mar 1990
My World My World 1991
Ice'n Green Ice'n Green 1994
Ice'n Green the Remix Album Ice'n Green the Remix Album 1995
Dreadatour Dreadatour 1996
Greatest Hits & Megamixes Greatest Hits & Megamixes 30th Jun 1998
Discomania (unofficial) Discomania (unofficial) 2001
Ice MC: Disco Collection Ice MC: Disco Collection 2002
Cold Skool Cold Skool 2004


Ice MC singles

Easy Easy Oct 1989  
Scream Scream 1990  
OK Corral OK Corral 1990  
Megamix Megamix 1990  
People People (Netherlands only) 1991  
Cinema Cinema Jan 1991  
Happy Weekend Happy Weekend 15th May 1991  
Rainy Days Rainy Days 3rd Mar 1992  
Take Away The Colour Take Away The Colour 18th Sep 1993  
Think About The Way Think About The Way 18th Mar 1994  
It's A Rainy Day It's A Rainy Day 30th Aug 1994  
Run Fa Cover Run Fa Cover 1995  
Bom Digi Bom Bom Digi Bom Promo only 1995  
Bom Digi Bom (Think About The Way) Bom Digi Bom (Think About The Way) 1995  
Take Away The Colour '95 Take Away The Colour '95 9th Feb 1995  
Megamix Megamix Apr 1995  
Funkin' With You Funkin' With You 1996  
Russian Roulette Russian Roulette (Sweden only) 1996  
Give Me The Light Give Me The Light 6th May 1996  
Music For Money Music For Money 9th Sep 1996  
Let's Take It Easy Let's Take It Easy 12th Oct 1997  
Busy Body Busy Body (Never released) 1998  
Energy Energy Compilation only 1998  
Think About the Way 2002 Think About the Way 2002 7th Jun 2002  
It's A Miracle It's A Miracle 10th Jun 2004  
My World My World 17th Dec 2004  
Out Tonight Out Tonight 6th Aug 2012  


Ice MC remixes

Easy (Attack remix) Easy (Attack remix)  
Easy Easy 1990  
Scream Scream 1990  
Happy Weekend Happy Weekend 1991  
People People 1991  
Take Away The Colour Take Away The Colour 1993  
OK Corral (the cotton remixes) OK Corral (the cotton remixes) 1994  
It's A Rainy Day It's A Rainy Day 1994  
It's A Rainy Day Christmas Mix It's A Rainy Day Christmas Mix 25th Nov 1994  
Ice 'N' Mix Triple Set Remixes Ice 'N' Mix Triple Set Remixes 19th Mar 1995  
Ice 'N' Mix Triple Set Remixes Ice 'N' Mix Triple Set Remixes 19th Mar 1995  
Ice 'N' Mix Triple Set Remixes Ice 'N' Mix Triple Set Remixes 19th Mar 1995  
Give Me The Light Give Me The Light 1996  
Out Tonight Out Tonight Jan 2013  
Out Tonight remixes 2015 Out Tonight remixes 2015 6th Nov 2015  


Featurings and collaborations

Don't Cry Tonight '89 Savage - Don't Cry Tonight '89 1989    
Scat and Bebop Scattt - Scat and Bebop 1992    
Chalowa Larry Liver Up - Chalowa 1992    
Run To Me Double You - Run To Me 13th May 1994    
Party With Us DJ Sanny J - Party With Us 23rd Nov 2010    
Kill It Tonight DJ Sanny J - Kill It Tonight 2nd Dec 2011    
Alegria DJ Sanny J - Alegria 3rd Jan 2012    
Break Away Pat Krimson - Break Away 17th Apr 2012    
Fire DJ Sanny J - Fire 22nd May 2012    
The Club DJ Sanny J - The Club 4th Dec 2012    
Move It Sanny J Connection - Move It 29th May 2014    


Let's Take It Easy Ice MC - Let's Take It Easy 12th Oct 1997    


Let's Take It Easy Ice MC - Let's Take It Easy 12th Oct 1997    
Break Away Pat Krimson - Break Away 17th Apr 2012    


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Ice MC biography

Ice MC's real name is Ian Campbell. Born 22nd March 1965 in Nottingham in the East Midlands of England, he grew up in the area of Nottingham called Hyson Green (sounds like 'Ice n'Green'). His parents had moved there from Jamaica in the 50's along with a large number of their countrymen. They continued to speak their own dialect 'Jamaican Patua'. This it the dialect Ian always used for this rap parts.

At school his initials IC (Ian Campbell Esquire) soon got him the nickname ICE. He was good at sports and considered himself more manuel than intellectual, and left school at the age of 16 to begin a training as a carpenter. He did not enjoy the experience, so he hung around Nottingham for a couple of years until in 1983 he joined a group of breakdancers (the Rock City Crew, then renamed The Extreme Team) and started touring Europe with them. That is what saved him from delinquancy. One such tour landed him up in Florence and he decided to check it out.

During one year he worked teaching breakdance then, after wounding his knee, he started doing a bit of DJing. In his spare time he was soon rapping and improvising in local bars and clubs. He also made two promo records one for a Club in Rimini and one for a label in Florence.

In 1989 he met Robyx (Roberto Zanetti) the writer, producer and singer for now classic Italo-Disco group Savage. The same year, his first hit Easy was released. It was an immediate success and went Top 5 throughout Europe, #3 in Germany and also was very big in South America. The LP Cinema followed shortly afterwards and was also a big success. He toured throughout Europe including Russia and even Siberia, South America, and North Africa. Then came My World.

In 1992, he also did a few featurings on some DWA productions : Scattt Scat and Bebop, Larry Liver Up Chalowa...

At first his image was of 'clean, next door guy'. From the second album, he got the dreadlocks Bob Marley Jamaican look. And his style turnd to eurodance. Take Away The Colour was released in 1993 and became a mega hit. Main female vocal was done by Jasmine with a contribution of Simone Jay.

Followed Think About The Way in 1994, awesome eurodance song, one of his hugest hits, 125.000 copies sold in France, # 5 in Israel, # 12 at MTV Europe. Then the excellent album Ice N' Green was released. It was Ian's biggest selling CD of all times (went Gold in France with more than 100.000 CD sold).

The next single was the brilliant It's A Rainy Day (released in 1994 too, #11 in Israel, #16 at MTV Europe). Alexia was the new vocalist, but at first Jasmine kept on appearing on stage lipsyncing.

Ice MC in private is a cat lover, he likes beer and adores soul music. Ian consideres himself as a very open-minded man. He works a lot and likes reading. In the first years of his success he only thought about having fun and partying, but now he admits he has became more mature. His favourite song is Jammin' of Bob Marley. He is a smoker and consideres it is a big weakness. He admires Martin Luther King and hates intolerance.

In 1995 Ice MC got in dispute with his manager, label, producer, agent, publisher and co-author Roberto Zanetti. Ian was was never credited for the lyrics he wrote for his songs. So he sued Robyx to get back the rights on his songs, and for a couple billion Lire. Ian Campbell got himself a new management and then a new label : Polydor Germany. He was probably almost gone when tracks such as Russian Roulette were released, in Sweden only.

In 1996 Think About The Way was featured in the famous movie Trainspotting, but Ian did not actually getting a penny out of it since lyrics of the songs were credited to Robyx.

After long period of silence, Ian released his new single called Give Me The Light in 1996. This brilliant track became an instant hit in the Euro-dancefloor during the summer 1996. This song was a joint production of Ice MC and the German group Masterboy. In August of 1996 Ice MC came his newest album Dreadatour, with new songs written actually by several different writers. Surprisingly, this new album was given different reviews, from raving to mediocre or even bad. Anyway, it was an excellent eurodance album with many hot, danceable tracks (such as Anything Can Happen or Never Stop Believing). In this album Ice MC presented his new image, lyrics with a political content where he was free to express his feelings. The new female vocalist was the Italian singer Valentina Ducros. Some tracks included backing vocals by Natascha Wright (on Freaky Flow) or Ina Morgenweck (on Nothing But Time).

Talking about it nowadays, he surprisingly regrets and explains : "I wanted to change my style so I broke my contract with Robyx and signed a deal with Polydor. After that, Polydor didn't want to take risks to change and forced me to work with Masterboy that were copying what Robyx created. So at the end I did a poor copy of what I did at the beginning. I did that mistake because influenced from people that were really inexperienced... Robyx is a very honest and nice person. After the Masterboy album I met him and became friends again.We have a great respect to each other right now"

Ice MC started his European tournee in France in the club 'Le Windsor' in Arcachon, on the French Atlantic Ocean. Ice MC and his crew really enjoyed the sound and lights effects in this club even if this place lacked a decent dressing room. The place was big enough just for Valentina, so Ice MC and Lupo (the keyboardist) had to change their attire outside… One might say that for somebody mentally unstable such the beginning of the tournee could cause frustration, however entire group was cool about it. He closed his performance in the concert with his newest single : Music For Money. Next stop was Toulouse.

The second single from the album Dreadatour was Music for Money. On the small screen scene Ice MC was filmed on location in Berlin for a walk on part in a ZDF TV serial called Trike (aka Wilde Zeiten) due on air in Germany in April 1997. He also co-wrote two tracks for this program. One of them was the amazing eurodance song Energy which was released on the series' soundtrack only. The other was Bebop The Night... Another rare song is the track Blow It Up, co-written by Richard Witt. There was also the great eurodance track Busy Body, produced by Sebastian Pobot and Don Gray which was planned at first to be included on Dreadatour, but this was finally not the case.

After 2 years of silence Ice MC came back in 1998 with the single Let's Take It Easy. Written and composed by Ian himself (with composer Vieri Ristori), it was recorded in 1997, in the Soul II Soul band studio in London. During the same periode, Ice MC recorded some demo songs which were never released. Among them : Thanx An Praises, Life's A Bitch, Vavavoova, Pick Up The Phone and Props To Hip-Hop.

Ice MC's hit Easy was covered in 2000 by Captain GQ. A Russian group called Come Back also covered Easy and Think About The Way.

2001 : Ian decided to return to England, to spend some time with his family, doing other projects. He needed a break : for a while he worked as a DJ and found new stimuli in writing. He was going through a bad patch, because of wrong investments and personal problems that forced him to find jobs away from the music scene.

2002 : At the end of the year he decided to return to Italy and to contact Robyx again. A compilation entitled Disco Collection gathering all his greatest hits from the DWA period was released.

2004 : Ice MC came back with a new haircut, a new label (Time Records, Airplay in France) and a brand new single entitled It's A Miracle. The follow-up was entitled My World. A new album was recorded : Cold Skool. Vocals were done by Michelle Weeks and Sarah Grimaldi. The same year, he became the father of a baby named Dante.

2005 : in December, the Dizzy Deejays released a cover of Think About The Way.

2006 : Frisco vs Ice MC - Think About The Way was released in the UK. The song is a faster remix with the original vocals and raps.

2009 : Ice MC will release a brand new track called Could You Be Loved. He was among the artists performing on the stage of I Love The 90s concert, in Hasselt (Belgium).

2011 : Belgian eurotrance artist Jessy recorded a cover of Think About The Way with DJ Rebel.

2012 : Think About The Way was covered by Groove Coverage. Ice MC continues his collaboration with DJ Sanny J. He was featured on 3 tracks on the EP he released in May : Move It, The Club and Fire. Pat Krimson also featured Ice MC on his new single Break Away.

In August, Ice MC released a new single entitled Out Tonight under label Dance WoT 4. New single features vocals by Giulia Gal and was produced by Keir Fraser and Marco Scocchera, who previously did the songs New Style 2000, Tarzan, Tell Me and Double or Quits, in 1996 on the album Dreadatour.

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Charts (singles)

Austria Belgium Finland France Germany Israel Italy Netherlands Sweden Switzerland
Easy #7 #17 #3
Scream #14
Cinema #36 #13
Take Away The Colour #11 #15 #31 #19 #18
Think About The Way #22 #3 #14 #5 #3 #11 #13 #10
It's A Rainy Day #13 #1 #6 #11 #1 #8 #25 #15
Give Me The Light #30 #44 #19 #23 #23 #56 #42
It's A Miracle #39

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