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Eurodance releases that occurred in January

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Mylene Farmer - the single On est tous des imbéciles (Jan 1985)


Sandra - the single Stop for a Minute (Jan 1988)


Masterboy - the single Dance To The Beat (Jan 1990)
Technotronic - the single Get Up (Before The Night Is Over) (Jan 1990)
Mylene Farmer - the single Allan (live) (Jan 1990)


BG the Prince of Rap - the single Take Control Of The Party (Jan 1991)
Rozlyne Clarke - the single Eddy Steady Go (Jan 1991)
Culture Beat - the single I Like You (Jan 1991)
Dr Alban - the single U & Mi (Jan 1991)
Ice MC - the single Cinema (Jan 1991)
MC Sar & the Real McCoy (aka Real McCoy) - the single Don't Stop (Jan 1991)
Snap - the single Cult of Snap (Jan 1991)
Technotronic - the single Rocking Over The Beat (Jan 1991)
2 Brothers on the 4th floor - the single Can't Help Myself (Jan 1991)
The KLF - the single 3 A.M. Eternal (7th Jan 1991)
Lee Marrow - the single To Go Crazy (23rd Jan 1991)
U96 - the single Das Boot (28th Jan 1991)


Hyena - the single Bach Is Back (Jan 1992)
Sub Love feat. Coco (2) - the single One By One (Jan 1992)
Sandra - the single Don't Be Aggressive (Jan 1992)
M&M feat. Rachel Wallace - the single I Feel This Way (Jan 1992)
2 Unlimited - the single Twilight Zone (13th Jan 1992)
Molella - the single Revolution (21st Jan 1992)
Jinny - the single Never Give Up (27th Jan 1992)


Dr Alban - the single Sing Hallelujah (Jan 1993)
Pin'Occhio - the single Pinocchio (Jan 1993)
Chase - the single Music Is My Life (Jan 1993)
Michelle Weeks - the single Don't Give Up (1st Jan 1993)
Captain Hollywood Project - the single Only With You (8th Jan 1993)
B Master J - the single Get Hip To This (8th Jan 1993)
Room 4 2 - the single Over You (9th Jan 1993)
DJ Space'C - the single Forever Young (11th Jan 1993)
Open Billet - the single I Want Your Love (11th Jan 1993)
Haddaway - the single What Is Love (18th Jan 1993)
2 Unlimited - the single No Limit (18th Jan 1993)
Kikka - the single Sweet Dreams (19th Jan 1993)
Maria Short - the single Change The Way (21st Jan 1993)
FPI Project - the single Megamix (23rd Jan 1993)


Indra - the single Yesterday Is History (Tomorrow Is A Mystery) (Jan 1994)
U96 - I Wanna Be A Kennedy (Jan 1994)
Pin'Occhio - the single Pin'occhio Vai! (Jan 1994)
Kikka - the single I Say No More (7th Jan 1994)
Kim Sanders - the single Tell Me That You Want Me (7th Jan 1994)
Superfly - the single Is It Love (7th Jan 1994)
Wildside - the single My Body (7th Jan 1994)
Pan Position - the single Elephant Paw (7th Jan 1994)
Andromeda - the single We've Got To Live Together (7th Jan 1994)
FPI Project - the single Disco This Way (7th Jan 1994)
TF 99 - the single Everybody Love (7th Jan 1994)
Joy Salinas - the single People Talk (7th Jan 1994)
Power Melody - the single Stop The Rain (8th Jan 1994)
JK - the single Beat It (10th Jan 1994)
Unity Power - the single Eddy Steady Go (10th Jan 1994)
DROP - the single Make It Together (11th Jan 1994)
Motivate 8 - the single Can You Feel (The Passion) (12th Jan 1994)
DJ Space'C - the single I Need You (14th Jan 1994)
Magic Affair - the single Omen III (14th Jan 1994)
Miko Mission - the single I Can Fly (14th Jan 1994)
MC Sar & the Real McCoy (aka Real McCoy) - the single Automatic Lover (14th Jan 1994)
Urban Cookie Collective - the single Sail Away (14th Jan 1994)
Orlando - the single Rock My Heart (14th Jan 1994)
Black Light - the single Light (14th Jan 1994)
Valencia No Existe - the single Love Temptation (14th Jan 1994)
Dynamite P - the single Call Me Dancer (14th Jan 1994)
Essono - the single I Can't Understand (14th Jan 1994)
Future Beat - the single Power Of Love (16th Jan 1994)
CB Milton - the single It's A Loving Thing (17th Jan 1994)
B-Cap - the single Send Me An Angel (19th Jan 1994)
Jinny - the single One More Time (21st Jan 1994)
Texture - the single Power Of Love (21st Jan 1994)
2 Unlimited - the single Let The Beat Control Your Body (21st Jan 1994)
Piccadilly - the single Gift For Love (21st Jan 1994)
Odyssey - the single Riding On A Train (22nd Jan 1994)
Hit The Floor - the single Energizer (24th Jan 1994)
Lena - the single I Wanna Be With You (25th Jan 1994)
Masterjam - the single Rhythm's In Your Mind (26th Jan 1994)
Hysterie - the single (Oh Oh Oh There Is) Nobody (27th Jan 1994)
Abigail - the single Losing My Religion (28th Jan 1994)
Cappella - the single Move On Baby (29th Jan 1994)
Datura - the single Fade To Grey (29th Jan 1994)
Phase 2 Phase - the single In The Power Of Love (29th Jan 1994)
Elastic Band - the single Running Up That Hill (29th Jan 1994)


Rozlyne Clarke - the single Givin' Up Givin' In (Jan 1995)
Pharao - the single World Of Magic (Jan 1995)
The Beat Experience - the single Raggadaggadadiggidingdinggidong (Jan 1995)
Basic Element - the single The Ride (1st Jan 1995)
Derby - the single In The Colour (1st Jan 1995)
Stella Getz - the single All In All (2nd Jan 1995)
Reggy O - the single Move My Body (2nd Jan 1995)
Shazam - the single No Guarantee (2nd Jan 1995)
Systematic - the single Love Is The Answer (2nd Jan 1995)
Fantasia - the single Secret Liar (8th Jan 1995)
Flash - the single You've Got The Music (9th Jan 1995)
Heart Attack - the single Move Me Stranger (9th Jan 1995)
Masterjam - the single I Wanna Know (9th Jan 1995)
Caravan - the single Caravan Of Love (9th Jan 1995)
Recycler - the single Do the Narrhalla Dance (9th Jan 1995)
Black Diamond - the single Go With Love (10th Jan 1995)
Bliss Team - the single You Make Me Cry (10th Jan 1995)
Johnny Dance - the single Johnny Dance (10th Jan 1995)
Hysterie - the single You're The One (10th Jan 1995)
Beatific - the single Passion (11th Jan 1995)
Hithouse - the single A Bright Day (11th Jan 1995)
MASH! - the single Let's Spend The Night Together (11th Jan 1995)
Orlando - the single She's Alone (11th Jan 1995)
Linda Fields - the single Shame Shame Shame (11th Jan 1995)
Turbo B - Get Wild (Plutone Remix) (12th Jan 1995)
Rio and Mars - the single Boy I Gotta Have You (13th Jan 1995)
Groovecult - the single Midnight Dream (13th Jan 1995)
Riverside People - the single Welcome To The Riverside (15th Jan 1995)
Newton - the single Sky High (16th Jan 1995)
Sabrina - the single Angel Boy (17th Jan 1995)
Sir Prize - Time Is Alright For Love (17th Jan 1995)
Yena - the single Feel The Beat Of Love (18th Jan 1995)
FPI Project - the single Yes We Could (18th Jan 1995)
Dance 2 Trance - the album Revival (19th Jan 1995)
Imperio - the single Quo Vadis (19th Jan 1995)
Space Master - the single In The Name Of Love (19th Jan 1995)
Mars Plastic - the single Model With Me (19th Jan 1995)
Joy Salinas - the single Calling You Love (19th Jan 1995)
Scooter - the single Move Your Ass (20th Jan 1995)
2 Heads - the single Do You Really Want My Love (20th Jan 1995)
Interface (3) - the single The Heat Of The Night (21st Jan 1995)
Kikka - the single Walking In Memphis (22nd Jan 1995)
DJ Bobo - the single Love Is All Around (23rd Jan 1995)
Ma'radscha - the single Right Now (23rd Jan 1995)
Sonic Boom - the single Open Your Mind (23rd Jan 1995)
Deuce - the single Call It Love (23rd Jan 1995)
Centory - the album Alpha Centory (23rd Jan 1995)
Deep Sound Six - the single Sport Is Magic (24th Jan 1995)
T-Spoon - the single Mercedes Benz (25th Jan 1995)
LA Style - the single Got To Move (25th Jan 1995)
Clock - the single Axel F (26th Jan 1995)
Antares - the single Ride On A Meteorite (27th Jan 1995)
Cabballero - the single Dancing With Tears In My Eyes (27th Jan 1995)
Rytmica - the single The Way To Set Me Free (27th Jan 1995)
Thomas - the single My Sharona (29th Jan 1995)
Ahmex - the single Girl (30th Jan 1995)
Michael J Gibbs - the single Back To Heaven (30th Jan 1995)
Orange Blue - the single If You Wanna Be (My Only) (30th Jan 1995)
Co-Ro - the single Run Away (31st Jan 1995)
Transpose - the single She's Back (31st Jan 1995)


Cappella - the single Back In Your Life (Jan 1996)
E-Type - the single Set The World On Fire '96 (Jan 1996)
QFX - the single Every Time You Touch Me (Jan 1996)
Zhi-Vago - the single With Or Without You (2nd Jan 1996)
Lisa Oakfield - the single La La La (Like Your Firelight) (5th Jan 1996)
DJ Duckpower - the single Get The Duck Out Of Here (Move It) (8th Jan 1996)
Masterboy - the single Land Of Dreaming (8th Jan 1996)
E-Rotic - the single Help Me Dr. Dick (10th Jan 1996)
Intermission - the single Miracle Of Love (10th Jan 1996)
Scooter - the album And The Beat Goes On (10th Jan 1996)
Tony Di Bart - the single Turn Your Love Around (11th Jan 1996)
2 Fabiola - the single Lift U Up (13th Jan 1996)
Alphabase - the single Heaven Help My Heart (15th Jan 1996)
Candy Girls - the single Wham Bam (15th Jan 1996)
Double You - the single Because I'm Loving You (15th Jan 1996)
Tellus - the single Hey Ho (15th Jan 1996)
Stanley Foort - the single You Make Me Believe In Magic (16th Jan 1996)
Magic Affair - the single Energy Of Light (16th Jan 1996)
Bandido - the single I Drove All Night (18th Jan 1996)
Grace - the single Skin On Skin (18th Jan 1996)
Ten Minutes - the single It's Your Love (18th Jan 1996)
Cappella - the single I Need Your Love (19th Jan 1996)
Kross Culture - the single Set Me Free (19th Jan 1996)
2 Unlimited - the single Jump For Joy (22nd Jan 1996)
Viva (2) - the single Nirvana (22nd Jan 1996)
Microcosmica - the single Fascinated (22nd Jan 1996)
Cappella - the album War In Heaven (24th Jan 1996)
Urgent C - the single You'll See (27th Jan 1996)
BG the Prince of Rap - the single Take Me Through The Night (28th Jan 1996)
General Base - the single Thank U (For Your Love) (29th Jan 1996)
Mo-Do - the single Sex Bump Twist (29th Jan 1996)
M-System - the single I Can Fly (29th Jan 1996)
GEM - the single Batufest / Como El Viento (29th Jan 1996)
Nina - the single In Her Shoes (31st Jan 1996)


Natascha Hagen - the single You & You (Jan 1997)
Pharao - the single Temple Of Love (Jan 1997)
X-Dream - the single The Frog (3rd Jan 1997)
Raffa - the single On And On And On (5th Jan 1997)
QFX - the single Freedom 2 (6th Jan 1997)
Lavinia Jones - the single Secrets (7th Jan 1997)
U-Nit - the single You (13th Jan 1997)
2 For Good - the single You And Me (13th Jan 1997)
DJ Dado - the single Shine On You Crazy Diamond (15th Jan 1997)
Me and My - the album Waiting (16th Jan 1997)
Da Blitz - the single The Light Of Love (20th Jan 1997)
Divina - the single Spacer (20th Jan 1997)
Cappella - the single U Turn Me On (20th Jan 1997)
Get Ready! - the single Right Here Waiting (20th Jan 1997)
Housecream - the single Lucky Love (21st Jan 1997)
Kikka - the single Don't Take My Heartbeat (21st Jan 1997)
Libra - the single Dreaming Of You (21st Jan 1997)
Debbie K - the single Danger (21st Jan 1997)
Black Box - the single Native New Yorker (27th Jan 1997)
Masterboy - the single Just For You (27th Jan 1997)
Future Beat - the single 100% Pure Love (28th Jan 1997)
Fast Forward - the single Never Felt This Way (28th Jan 1997)
Activate - the single Fall In Love With You (29th Jan 1997)
Real McCoy - the single One More Time (29th Jan 1997)
Sqeezer - the single Saturday Night (29th Jan 1997)
Tiggy - the single Ring A Ling (29th Jan 1997)
Le Click - the single Call Me (31st Jan 1997)
X-Perience - the single Magic Fields (31st Jan 1997)


Aqua - the single Didn't I (Jan 1998)
Marina - the single Dream Lover (Jan 1998)
Masterboy - the single Nights Of Broadway (Jan 1998)
Joy (2) - the single Weekend (Jan 1998)
Anika feat. Taleesa - the single In The Name Of Passion (Jan 1998)
Scooter - Rough & Tough & Dangerous - The Singles 94/98 (2nd Jan 1998)
666 - the single Diablo (8th Jan 1998)
Haddaway - the single Who Do You Love (12th Jan 1998)
Fun 2 U - the single My Little Flower (15th Jan 1998)
Divina - the single Time To Go (Que Basilon) (19th Jan 1998)
Hypnotic Beat - the single Ocean Of Passion (19th Jan 1998)
Lori Glori - the single Side By Side (25th Jan 1998)
Kate Project - the single A Better World (26th Jan 1998)
SEX Appeal - the single Dirty Talk (27th Jan 1998)
Wildside - the album 2 Become 1 (28th Jan 1998)


DJ Sammy - the single In 2 Eternity (Jan 1999)
Sash! - the single Colour The World (Jan 1999)
Soda - the single 2 Cool 2 B Cool (Jan 1999)
Technotronic - the single Get Up Remix 99 (Jan 1999)
2 Unlimited - the album Best Unlimited (Jan 1999)
K-Voice feat. La Luna - the single Save Me From The Night (Jan 1999)
Power Source - the album Cosmic Waves (Jan 1999)
E-Type - the album Last Man Standing (5th Jan 1999)
Scooter - the single Call Me Manana (8th Jan 1999)
DJ Dado - the single Ready Or Not (9th Jan 1999)
Wildside - the single Take A Chance (12th Jan 1999)
Orlando - the single Easy Lover (12th Jan 1999)
T-Zone - the single I Will Survive (12th Jan 1999)
Koyote - the album Koyote Volume 1 (13th Jan 1999)
Jackie O - the single When You're Gone (15th Jan 1999)
Indra - the single Never Never (21st Jan 1999)
Marina - the single Sisters Are Doin' It For Themselves (21st Jan 1999)
Pandora - the single You'll Be Allright (21st Jan 1999)
Metrix - the single City Of Sin (25th Jan 1999)
Enyosion - the single Life Is A Game (25th Jan 1999)
Crispy - the single Kiss Me Red (25th Jan 1999)
Double You - the single Do You Wanna Be Funky (26th Jan 1999)
C-ya - the single Every Time (26th Jan 1999)
One Nation - the single No Regrets (26th Jan 1999)
Me and My - the album Let The Love Go On (27th Jan 1999)


Domenicer - the single Dolce Marmellata (Jan 2000)
La Luna - the single When The Morning Comes (Jan 2000)
Neja - the single Fairytale (Jan 2000)
Norma Ray - the single Poussières d'Etoiles (Jan 2000)
Norma Ray - the album Poussières d'Etoiles (Jan 2000)
Unique II - the single Forever (Jan 2000)
Housecream - the single Life (5th Jan 2000)
Daisy Dee - the single Love Is The Answer (10th Jan 2000)
Alice Deejay - the single Back In My Life (11th Jan 2000)
E-Rotic - the single Gimme Gimme Gimme (13th Jan 2000)
E-Rotic - the album Gimme Gimme Gimme (19th Jan 2000)
Scatman John - the single Take Your Time (20th Jan 2000)
Vanessa Mason - the single Du & Ich (22nd Jan 2000)
Week end - the single Tell You Why (24th Jan 2000)
Morgana - the single A Sign (25th Jan 2000)
Garcia - the single Imagine (28th Jan 2000)
Aqua - the single Cartoon Heroes (31st Jan 2000)
Double Vision - the single Love Me Now (31st Jan 2000)


Natascha Hagen - the single Que Sera (Jan 2001)
Lady Violet - the single Calling Your Name (Jan 2001)
Alice Deejay - the single Celebrate Our Love (Jan 2001)
Stachursky - the single Typ niepokorny (Jan 2001)
Groove Coverage - the single Hit Me (3rd Jan 2001)
Orlando - the single All Of You (11th Jan 2001)
Wildside - the single Forever Forever Forever (11th Jan 2001)
Sylver - the single Skin (12th Jan 2001)
Morgana - the single Boys And Girls (18th Jan 2001)
Orlando - the single Don't Want Your Love (18th Jan 2001)
DJ Bobo - the single What A Feeling (19th Jan 2001)
Web - the single Radio Heaven (22nd Jan 2001)
Magic Vision - the single You're Breaking My Heart (25th Jan 2001)
Zindy Kuku Boogaloo feat. Zindy - the album Zindy Kuku Boogaloo (28th Jan 2001)
Apanachee - the single In Aeternum (29th Jan 2001)


N-Trance - the single Set You Free 2002 (7th Jan 2002)
DJ Miko - the single Forever Young (18th Jan 2002)
Linda Carriere - the single Just Friends (21st Jan 2002)
Fey - the album Colección De Oro (22nd Jan 2002)
Solid Base - the album In Action (23rd Jan 2002)
Solid Base - the album Greatest Hits (23rd Jan 2002)
Datura - the single Will Be One (25th Jan 2002)


Da Buzz - the single Stronger Than Words Can Say (Jan 2003)
Obsession - the single Sorry Seems To Be The Hardest Word (10th Jan 2003)
Modern Talking - the album Romantic Dreams (13th Jan 2003)
X-Perience - the single It's A Sin (15th Jan 2003)
DJ Bobo - the single I Believe (17th Jan 2003)
Paola Peroni - the single Trip On The Moon (20th Jan 2003)
Ultra-Sonic - the single Annihilating Rhythm 2003 (24th Jan 2003)
Snap - the single Rhythm Is A Dancer 2003 (27th Jan 2003)


Soriani Bros feat. Lady Violet - the single Dancing For Love (Jan 2004)
Jam and Spoon - the album Tripomatic Fairytales 3003 (5th Jan 2004)
Novaspace - the single Beds Are Burning (12th Jan 2004)
Solid Base - the album Greatest Hits (with DVD) (14th Jan 2004)
DJ Volume (aka DJ Valium) - the single Spirit Of Yesterday (20th Jan 2004)
Gunther And The Sunshine Girls - the single Ding Dong Song (21st Jan 2004)
K2 - the single Der Berg Ruft 2004 (24th Jan 2004)
East End - the single No Gravity (26th Jan 2004)
LMC feat. Rachel McFarlane - the single Take Me To The Clouds Above (26th Jan 2004)
Ernest Kohl - the single All I Know (28th Jan 2004)


DJ Bobo - the album Pirates of Dance (Jan 2005)
DJ Bobo - the single Pirates Of Dance (Jan 2005)
Lyane Leigh - the single Jeder Neue Morgen (Jan 2005)
2020 Soundsystem feat. Diane Charlemagne - the single Your Love (B-side of The Chase) (Jan 2005)
E-Type - the single The Predator / Far Up In The Air (5th Jan 2005)
Haddaway - the album Hit Collection Vol.1 (10th Jan 2005)
Haddaway - the album Hit Collection Vol.2 - The Very (10th Jan 2005)
Indra - the single Besoin De Vous (11th Jan 2005)
Lasgo - the album Far Away (24th Jan 2005)
Chipz - the single Chipz in Black (24th Jan 2005)
Damae - the single I've Been Thinking About You (24th Jan 2005)
Haddaway - the album Rock My Heart (25th Jan 2005)


Groove Coverage - the single On The Radio (Jan 2006)
Basic Element - the single Raise The Gain (Jan 2006)
LMC feat. Rachel McFarlane - the single You Get What You Give (Jan 2006)
Chris Kaeser feat. Antoine Clamaran - the single Atomic Control (Jan 2006)
Virus! - the single Polot (Jan 2006)
E-Type - the album 14 Hits (1st Jan 2006)
Mylene Farmer - the single Redonne-moi (2nd Jan 2006)
Danny Clark feat. Lisa Abbott - the single Honesty (9th Jan 2006)
Amber - the single Just Like That (10th Jan 2006)
Maria Short - the single Holiday (10th Jan 2006)
Force & Jack Speed feat. Lisa Abbott - the single Welcome (To The Sunshine) (12th Jan 2006)
Corona - the single Back In Time (16th Jan 2006)
Moby feat. Mylene Farmer - the single Slipping Away (Crier la vie) (23rd Jan 2006)
Akcent - the single Kylie (24th Jan 2006)
Chipz - the single 1001 Arabian Nights (26th Jan 2006)


Alex - the single I'm Gonna Make You Mine (Jan 2007)
ATB - the single Justify (Jan 2007)
Da Buzz - the single Soon My Heart (Jan 2007)
Molella - the single Originale Radicale Musicale (Jan 2007)
Lovematic feat. Sharon May Linn - the single I Feel The Love (Jan 2007)
Antoine Clamaran - the single Landing EP (Jan 2007)
Poison Beat - the single Take This Out (7th Jan 2007)
Basshunter - the single Now You're Gone (7th Jan 2007)
Diana Fox - the single Wann bist Du bereit (12th Jan 2007)
Scooter - the single Behind The Cow (19th Jan 2007)
Sucker DJ's feat. D-Rock - the single Movin' On Down (19th Jan 2007)
Basic Element - the album The Empire Strikes Back (31st Jan 2007)


Coco Star (aka Coco (2)) - the single Get Over You (Jan 2008)
Tatjana - the single Ik Laat Je Gaan (Jan 2008)
Antoine Clamaran - the single One Week In Colombia (Jan 2008)
Jennifer Lucas - the single I Can Feel It (Jan 2008)
Raul Rincon feat. Terri B - the single Sometimes (Jan 2008)
Soulstar Syndicate feat. Michelle Weeks - the single Love 4 Love (1st Jan 2008)
Sheila Fernandez - the single Hot Chocolate Club (1st Jan 2008)
Housecream - the single Vacation (3rd Jan 2008)
TH Express - the single Whatever I Do Wherever I Go (4th Jan 2008)
DJ Hush - the single Rollerblade Disco (4th Jan 2008)
Lawrence - the single Grace Kelly (4th Jan 2008)
Jesse Lee Davis - the single Sign Your Name (8th Jan 2008)
Marvin - the single This Good Life (10th Jan 2008)
One Nation - the single Let's Get Down (11th Jan 2008)
Jerry Lo (aka DJ Jerry) - the album Dance In Life (11th Jan 2008)
Poison Beat - the single I Don't Feel The Fire (15th Jan 2008)
Cascada - the album Perfect Day (18th Jan 2008)
Alex C (aka Alex Christensen) - the single Doktorspiele (18th Jan 2008)
Angelica - the single We Ride (18th Jan 2008)
Heartclub - the single There Must Be An Angel (18th Jan 2008)
T-Zone - the single What A Feeling (Flashdance) (18th Jan 2008)
Jesse Lee Davis - the single We Are The Children (21st Jan 2008)
DJ Hush - the single Phat Bass (28th Jan 2008)
DCX (aka DC-10) - the album Flying High (30th Jan 2008)
DCX (aka DC-10) - the album Flying High (30th Jan 2008)


Youngfire - the album Euro-Fire (Jan 2009)
Peter Luts - the single Burning (Jan 2009)
Atlanteex - the single Feel Atlanteex In Your Heart (Jan 2009)
Atlanteex - the single Enchanting Girl (Jan 2009)
DJ Space'C - the single Nothing's Gonna Stop Us Now (1st Jan 2009)
Boheme feat. Angie Brown - the single Music In My Life (1st Jan 2009)
Plaza People - the single ABC (1st Jan 2009)
Gergana - the single Zashtoto Te Obicham (5th Jan 2009)
Second Life feat. Majuri - the single A Second Chance (7th Jan 2009)
Captain Hollywood - the single It Hurts With You (9th Jan 2009)
Whigfield - the single Saturday Night (KLM Music Remixes) (13th Jan 2009)
Ma.Bra (aka Maurizio Braccagni) - the single EP Vol.6 (15th Jan 2009)
DJ Space'C - the single Mac Arthur Park (15th Jan 2009)
Heartclub - the single Do The 45 (15th Jan 2009)
Angelica - the single Dreamlover (15th Jan 2009)
Level Eleven - the single Let It Rock (15th Jan 2009)
T-Zone - the single Show Me Heaven (15th Jan 2009)
Blue Minds - the single Love Remains The Same (15th Jan 2009)
Acting Lovers - the single In Light And Darkness (16th Jan 2009)
Mell Tierra & Sebastian D feat. Stanley Foort - the single Maximize (19th Jan 2009)
Heartclub - the single I Believe (21st Jan 2009)
Kate Project - the single Spotlight (21st Jan 2009)
Wienna - the single Stand Back (21st Jan 2009)
Thomas - the single Hold On To The Night (22nd Jan 2009)
Fey - the single Adicto A Mi Cuerpo (25th Jan 2009)
Le Que feat. Stanley Foort - the single History Of House (26th Jan 2009)
Exhalt & DTF feat. Lisa Abbott - the single Take Off (28th Jan 2009)
DJ Speedo feat. Wildside - the single Asereje (28th Jan 2009)


Ray and Anita - the single In Da Name Of Love (Jan 2010)
Ron Paul feat. Jesse Lee Davis - the single Come We Play (2nd Jan 2010)
Senso feat. Jesse Lee Davis - the single Summerbreeze (2nd Jan 2010)
Rednex - the single Devil's On The Loose (7th Jan 2010)
Soulfulicious feat. Thea Austin - the single Feel The Music (7th Jan 2010)
La Mica feat. Loona - the single Life Is Just A Game 2010 (8th Jan 2010)
Darren Styles feat. Manian - the single Outta My Head (8th Jan 2010)
DJ Tururu - the single Countdown 2010 (10th Jan 2010)
The Jinks feat. Michelle Weeks - the single Shame (11th Jan 2010)
RSR Boys, DJ Fear feat. Lisa Abbott - the single Dusk Till Dawn (12th Jan 2010)
666 - the single Whoomp! Supadupafly (15th Jan 2010)
Jerry Lo (aka DJ Jerry) - the album Hot Girl (15th Jan 2010)
Kate Project - the single Need You Now (18th Jan 2010)
Angelica - the single Doesn't Really Matter (18th Jan 2010)
2 Brothers on the 4th floor - the album The Remixes Vol.1 (19th Jan 2010)
2 Brothers on the 4th floor - the album The Remixes Vol.2 (19th Jan 2010)
2 Brothers on the 4th floor - the album The Remixes Vol.3 (19th Jan 2010)
T-Spoon DJ Squad (aka T-Spoon) - the single The Beat Goes (21st Jan 2010)
Modern Talking - the album 25 Years Of Disco-Pop (22nd Jan 2010)
Modern Talking - the album 25 Years Of Disco-Pop (22nd Jan 2010)
Mell Tierra feat. Stanley Foort - the single Satisfy (22nd Jan 2010)
Nosie Katzmann - the album Songbook 3 (22nd Jan 2010)
Akcent - the single That's My Name (27th Jan 2010)
Angelica - the single Fly High (28th Jan 2010)
Andrea Paci feat. Michelle Weeks - the single Big Mama (29th Jan 2010)
Ruben Mancias feat. Michelle Weeks - the single My Change (Is Gonna Come) (29th Jan 2010)
Xikidi (aka Daniel Sous) - the album Back to Front (31st Jan 2010)


Fragma - the single Oops Sorry (Jan 2011)
Antoine Clamaran - the single Believe (Jan 2011)
XSession - the single Automatic (Jan 2011)
Get Ready! - the single Iemand zoals jij (7th Jan 2011)
Majkol Jay feat. Sarah Grimaldi - the single Supernatural (10th Jan 2011)
Ernest Kohl - the single To Be With You (11th Jan 2011)
Thomas Petersen feat. JD Wood - the single Free (14th Jan 2011)
E-Type - the single Back 2 Life (17th Jan 2011)
Experience Of Music - the album Second Level (21st Jan 2011)
DJ Gollum feat. Scarlet - the single Poison (21st Jan 2011)
Peter Gelderblom feat. Angie Brown - the single Exceptional (24th Jan 2011)
Maduar - the single Nᚠčas (25th Jan 2011)
Jefferson Project - the single Inspiration (27th Jan 2011)
Loona - the single El Cucaracho El Muchacho (28th Jan 2011)
Brooklyn Bounce - the single Sex, Bass & Rock'n'Roll 2K11 (28th Jan 2011)
RIO (2) - the single Like I Love You (28th Jan 2011)
Alexandra Stan - the single Mr Saxobeat (28th Jan 2011)
Nosie Katzmann - the album Songbook 4 (28th Jan 2011)
Shanna Waterstown (aka Shanna) - the album A Real Woman (28th Jan 2011)
Carl Fath (aka Carlo Fath) - the single Arenadrome EP (28th Jan 2011)
Andrea Tarsia feat. Majuri - the single Make It Real (29th Jan 2011)
Fabio Selection feat. Viviana - the single Anima nell'anima (31st Jan 2011)


Susanna Dal Gesso - the single I wanna rock (Jan 2012)
Crossfire - the single In The Middle Of Nowhere Inside Me (Jan 2012)
Ernest Kohl - the single Avantgarde (1st Jan 2012)
Rios de Gloria - the album Fuera De Mi Casa (2nd Jan 2012)
DJ Sanny J feat. Ice MC - the single Alegria (3rd Jan 2012)
Ice feat. Lyane Leigh - the single I Can't Believe (6th Jan 2012)
Roby Pinna - the single My Heart Belongs To You (9th Jan 2012)
Corona - the single Hurry Up (11th Jan 2012)
Carl Fath (aka Carlo Fath) - the single Far Away (11th Jan 2012)
Plaza People - the single If I Die Young (12th Jan 2012)
Lawrence - the single Hangover (12th Jan 2012)
Experience Of Music - the single Electrical Madness (13th Jan 2012)
Swagger feat. Plavka - the single Redlight Town (16th Jan 2012)
Mylene Farmer - Du Temps (16th Jan 2012)
France Joli - the single Hallelujah (18th Jan 2012)
Molella - the single In Your Eyes (24th Jan 2012)
Dario Daniele feat. Dhany - the single Love Is Getting Down (31st Jan 2012)


Ice MC - Out Tonight (Jan 2013)
Hype Blast - the single Tonight (Jan 2013)
Crossfire - the single I Want To Fly (Jan 2013)
Leroy Skeete Davis - the album I Love The Things You Do (1st Jan 2013)
Caramella Girls (aka Caramell) - the single We Love To Party (1st Jan 2013)
Red Garden - the single First Night Of My Life (4th Jan 2013)
DJ Hush - the single Every Day (4th Jan 2013)
One Nation - the single Candy (4th Jan 2013)
Culture Beat - the album The Loungin' Side of Culture Beat (4th Jan 2013)
Vincenzo Callea feat. William Naraine - the single Turn Off The Lights (7th Jan 2013)
Digital Base Project - the single Where Are You (7th Jan 2013)
Tosch feat. Pit Bailay (aka Peter Ballweg) - the single Put Your Hands Up (9th Jan 2013)
Marina Kamen (aka Marina) - the single Totally Fabu (11th Jan 2013)
J and V - Angel Of Love (12th Jan 2013)
J and V - the single Feel The Rhythm (12th Jan 2013)
Lawrence - the single Blinded By The Light (13th Jan 2013)
Jacynthe - the single Locked Down (14th Jan 2013)
Melando - the single Black & White (18th Jan 2013)
Dynamo (3) - the single Fix You (20th Jan 2013)
Wout (aka Wout Van Dessel) - the single Take You There (21st Jan 2013)
Daze - the single We Own The Universe (22nd Jan 2013)
Brian Cross feat. Inna - the single Boom Boom (22nd Jan 2013)
DJ Space'C - the single Key The Secret (22nd Jan 2013)
Fey - the single Me Haces Tanta Falta (22nd Jan 2013)
Base Attack feat. LayZee - the single Leaving (23rd Jan 2013)
Acting Lovers - the album Erotic Secrets (25th Jan 2013)
HP Baxxter - the single Who the Fuck Is HP Baxxter (25th Jan 2013)
Van Noten and Van Zandt feat. Anita Dels - the single Ain't Gonna Wait On Love (28th Jan 2013)
Bart Claessen (aka Barthezz) - the single Showtime (28th Jan 2013)
Mylene Farmer - the single Je te dis tout (28th Jan 2013)
Steve E feat. Penny Ford - the single Peace in the City (28th Jan 2013)
Paw and Lina (aka Infernal) - the single Stolt Af Mig Selv? (28th Jan 2013)
Ken Laszlo - the single Monalisa (30th Jan 2013)
DJ Project (2) - the single Vraja Ta (30th Jan 2013)
Alex - the single Intuition (31st Jan 2013)
Inna - the single More Than Friends (31st Jan 2013)
Maximilian Tux & Erick Mercuri feat. Dhany - the single Set Me Free (31st Jan 2013)


Gloria - the single Bezsanie (Insomnia) (Jan 2014)
Crossfire - the single Ella (Jan 2014)
Sam Skilz feat. Michelle Weeks - the single He's Mine (6th Jan 2014)
Jamie Lewis feat. Michelle Weeks - the single Respect (8th Jan 2014)
DJ Bobo - the album Circus (10th Jan 2014)
Lori Glori - the single You Know What (10th Jan 2014)
Brooklyn Bounce - the single Can You Feel The Bass (10th Jan 2014)
Dr Alban - the single It's My Life 2014 (10th Jan 2014)
DJ Hush - the single The Harlem Shuffle (11th Jan 2014)
One Nation - the single A Light That Never Comes (11th Jan 2014)
DJ Space'C - the single Best I Ever Do (11th Jan 2014)
Zeljko Vasic feat. Nina (2) - the single Lozinka Za Raj (15th Jan 2014)
Pulse Of The Beat - the single Try My Kisses (17th Jan 2014)
Kangaroo - the single Ring My Bell (17th Jan 2014)
DJ Space'C - the single You Set Fire To My Life (17th Jan 2014)
Plaza People - the single I Gotta Keep Dancing (21st Jan 2014)
G-Powered - the single Herra, Elämääni (509) (21st Jan 2014)
ATB - the album Contact (24th Jan 2014)
ATB - the single Face To Face (24th Jan 2014)
Gabry Ponte - the single Scream (24th Jan 2014)
ATB - the album Contact (24th Jan 2014)
ATB - the album Contact (24th Jan 2014)
Lana - the single Kiss You (25th Jan 2014)
Peter Luts - the single Coming Home (27th Jan 2014)
Alien Cut feat. Viviana - the single Let's Bounce (28th Jan 2014)
DJ Hush - the single Under Control (29th Jan 2014)
DJ Space'C - the single The Monster (29th Jan 2014)
Tom Hooker - the single Nobody Loves Me (29th Jan 2014)
Groove Coverage - the single Tell Me (31st Jan 2014)
Scott Diaz feat. Michelle Weeks - the single Praise Him (31st Jan 2014)


Di Bronx and Natali - the single Energia Liubvi 2015 (1st Jan 2015)
Nicki French - the album One Step Further (1st Jan 2015)
Nicki French - the album One Step Further - The Megamix (1st Jan 2015)
Nicki French - the album One Step Further - Total Eclipse Of The Heart (1st Jan 2015)
Nicki French - the album One Step Further - The Singles 1997-2014 (1st Jan 2015)
Alexandra Stan - the single Vanilla Chocolat (5th Jan 2015)
BK Duke and Dany Cohiba feat. Angie Brown - the single Joy (5th Jan 2015)
Brooklyn Bounce - the single The Original Bounce (5th Jan 2015)
Bart Claessen (aka Barthezz) - the single E.T. Astronaut (5th Jan 2015)
Gergana - the single Tvoite Dumi (5th Jan 2015)
Koen Groeneveld - the single Vortex (6th Jan 2015)
Flavio Siciliano feat. Viviana - the single This Is Life (6th Jan 2015)
2 Fabiola - the single Beautiful (8th Jan 2015)
Johan K feat. Tony Dyer - the single Do It (9th Jan 2015)
Chunkybiz feat. Sharon May Linn - the single Burns (12th Jan 2015)
U96 - the single Planet Earth (12th Jan 2015)
Fly Project - the single Like A Star (12th Jan 2015)
Simon Pagliari (aka Simone Pagliari) - the single #Ecstasy (12th Jan 2015)
Heartclub - the single Real Love (13th Jan 2015)
Kangaroo - the single Style (13th Jan 2015)
DJ Space'C - the single The Nights (13th Jan 2015)
Carlo Oliva - the single Angel (18th Jan 2015)
Koen Groeneveld - the album The Greek Mini Album (19th Jan 2015)
Rozalla - the single Shaking Through The Night (20th Jan 2015)
Akcent - the single Dilemma (20th Jan 2015)
DJ Space'C - the single Shut Up And Dance (21st Jan 2015)
Mike Jolly feat. Coco (2) - the single Give Me The Reason (22nd Jan 2015)
Unlimited Friends - Secret Love (23rd Jan 2015)
Charlie Mauthe - the single With You (26th Jan 2015)
Rozalla - the single If You Say It Again (26th Jan 2015)
U-Phoria (aka Laurent Istel) - the single Overdrive (26th Jan 2015)
Housecream - the single Up (27th Jan 2015)
Peter Gelderblom and Randy Collé feat. Stay C - the single Nu Nu (27th Jan 2015)
Sync Diversity - the single I Can't Believe It (27th Jan 2015)
Lane McCray - the single Part Of Me (30th Jan 2015)
Vivian B (aka Viviana) - the single Falesia (30th Jan 2015)
David Tavaré feat. Lian Ross - the single Get Closer (30th Jan 2015)
Molella - the single Ninja Ahahah (30th Jan 2015)


Caramella Girls (aka Caramell) - the single Candy Girl (1st Jan 2016)
Donna De Lory feat. Niki Haris - the single Be the Change (1st Jan 2016)
Carlo Oliva - the single Make A Wish (4th Jan 2016)
Ben Delay feat. Alexandra Prince - the single The Boy Is Mine (4th Jan 2016)
Crystal Lake - the single Into The Sunset (4th Jan 2016)
Andrea Belli feat. Jack and Joy - the single Rainbow (5th Jan 2016)
Alexandra Stan - I Did It, Mama! (8th Jan 2016)
Gergana - the single Ogan v Dazhda (8th Jan 2016)
Kate Ryan - the single Wonderful Life (11th Jan 2016)
Roby Arduini - the single Loving You (15th Jan 2016)
Stella Getz - the album Friends The Collection Vol 2 (15th Jan 2016)
Pagany - the single Raw Disco Style (18th Jan 2016)
Twenty 4 Seven - the single Slave to the Music 2k16 (22nd Jan 2016)
Joe Gauthreaux feat. Abigail - the single February (Our Last Kiss) (22nd Jan 2016)
Tina Harris - the album Free to Love (22nd Jan 2016)
DJ Space'C - the single Verge (23rd Jan 2016)
Patty Dart - the single Better When I'm Dancing (23rd Jan 2016)
Sash! - the single Ecuador 2016 (25th Jan 2016)
Last Night feat. Fly Project - the single Next To You (26th Jan 2016)
Sydney-7 (aka Sydney Fresh) - the single Sky Falls Down (27th Jan 2016)
Techno Revivers Project - the album Poison (28th Jan 2016)
DJ Hush - the single Stay (29th Jan 2016)
Kangaroo - the single Better Place (29th Jan 2016)
Christopher S and Dark Clowns feat. Natascha Wright - the single Show Me The Light (29th Jan 2016)
Housecream - the single Ain't Too Cool (30th Jan 2016)
BDG (aka Bastrik 99) - the single Back To Your Love (31st Jan 2016)


Alex Phratz & Wave Dave feat. German Leguizamon - the single Abrazame (Hasta Que Vuelva) (2nd Jan 2017)
Tony Costa feat. Ryan Paris - the single You're My Life 2017 (4th Jan 2017)
Antoine Clamaran - the single Your Love On Me (6th Jan 2017)
Roby Pinna - the single On My Own (9th Jan 2017)
Ian Turner feat. Tony Dyer - the single #1 (13th Jan 2017)
Alexandra Stan - the single 9 Lives (13th Jan 2017)
T-Spoon - the single Sex in the Snow (13th Jan 2017)
Get Ready! - the single Feniks (13th Jan 2017)
Antoine Clamaran - the single Slap (13th Jan 2017)
Saint Tropez Caps and Robert Feelgood feat. Damae - the single The Key, The Secret (14th Jan 2017)
Koen Groeneveld - the single Jezzika (16th Jan 2017)
Plaza People - the single Your Love Keeps Lifting Me Higher (17th Jan 2017)
Heartclub - the single Gonna Catch You (17th Jan 2017)
Housecream - the single I Don't Wanna Live Forever (17th Jan 2017)
DJ Space'C - the single Shed A Light (17th Jan 2017)
Kangaroo - the single I Got You (18th Jan 2017)
Peter Wilson - the album Overdrive (19th Jan 2017)
Stefan F feat. Tony Dyer - the single Color Of Love (20th Jan 2017)
Jay Frog & Jerome Robins feat. Alexandra Prince - the single Just Be Good To Me (20th Jan 2017)
E-Bomber - the single Drunk Natashka (23rd Jan 2017)
UnoMas & Teo Mandrelli feat. Terri B - the single Lift Me Up (23rd Jan 2017)
Alexandra Stan - the single Like a Virgin (24th Jan 2017)
Lightwarrior (aka Shamrock) - the album Boop!: The Singles Collection (25th Jan 2017)
DJ Hush - the single We Wanna Party (27th Jan 2017)
One Nation - the single Wherever I Go (27th Jan 2017)
Cascada - the single Run (27th Jan 2017)
Karma - the single Budi Prvi (27th Jan 2017)
Solid Base - the single We're Gonna Rock It (27th Jan 2017)


Gabry Ponte - the single Quando Arrivo Io (4th Jan 2018)
Koen Groeneveld - the single Megatron Jam (5th Jan 2018)
Aligator (aka DJ Aligator) - the single Agmal Hayaa (Beautiful Life) (5th Jan 2018)
Crystal Lake - the single Space People (5th Jan 2018)
Sash! - Adelante (Bobina Megadrive Mix) (5th Jan 2018)
Cascada - What Hurts The Most (Morlando remix) (7th Jan 2018)
Deejay Andy feat. Peter Ballweg - the single The Riddle (12th Jan 2018)
Simone Di Bella & Stephan F feat. Dhany - the single Stand Up & Go (12th Jan 2018)
Alex Christensen - the single No Limit (12th Jan 2018)
Kangaroo - the single Never Be The Same (13th Jan 2018)
Red Garden - the single You're The Best Thing About Me (13th Jan 2018)
Housecream - the single Come Back & Stay (13th Jan 2018)
TH Express - the single All Falls Down (13th Jan 2018)
Lawrence - the single Miss You (13th Jan 2018)
Divina - the single Can You See (13th Jan 2018)
Lyane Hegemann (aka Lyane Leigh) - the single Besieg mich doch (16th Jan 2018)
Phil Wilde - the single Take Me To Your Rhythm (16th Jan 2018)
DJ Jump feat. Nathalie Aarts - the single Memories (19th Jan 2018)
Walter G feat. Dhany - the single In The Sunshine (19th Jan 2018)
Lita Brown - the single Anywhere (19th Jan 2018)
Federico Scavo - Funky Nassau (19th Jan 2018)
Digital Base Project - the single Come Alive (19th Jan 2018)
Varano feat. Diane Charlemagne - the single Fairweather Friends (19th Jan 2018)
Mylene Farmer - the single Rolling Stone (20th Jan 2018)
Cascada - Everytime We Touch (b3nte remix) (21st Jan 2018)
Digital Base Project - the single Out Of The Time (23rd Jan 2018)
DONS feat. Alexandra Prince - the single How Will I Know (26th Jan 2018)
Jam El Mar - the single My Bluntness EP (26th Jan 2018)
DJ Hush - the single Sweet Caroline (27th Jan 2018)
Babilonia - the single Best Friends (27th Jan 2018)
Jacynthe - the single Papillon De Nuit (27th Jan 2018)
Natascha Wright - the single Take Me Back to the House (29th Jan 2018)
Lorena Herrera - the single Tocame (31st Jan 2018)
Georgie Weeratunga feat. Nina - the single Sweet Devils (31st Jan 2018)
Marco Fratty - the single Elastik Groove (31st Jan 2018)


Lita Brown - the single Never Gonna Let You Down (4th Jan 2019)
DJ Space'C - the single Secrets (4th Jan 2019)
Kate Project - the single Sunday Morning (4th Jan 2019)
One Nation - the single Personal Jesus (4th Jan 2019)
GRNVLD (aka Koen Groeneveld) - the single Warped Minds (4th Jan 2019)
Tina Safrany - the single Love Is The Power (6th Jan 2019)
Soundstream - the single Find Another Way (9th Jan 2019)
Movetron - the single Uni (11th Jan 2019)
Agua Sin Gas by Antoine Clamaran (aka Antoine Clamaran) - the single Nobody (11th Jan 2019)
Dagoth - the single Frozen (13th Jan 2019)
Andre Schluter feat. Peter Ballweg - the single In Zaire 2019 (15th Jan 2019)
KMK Live Show feat. Tony Dyer - the single Tipsy (16th Jan 2019)
Sam Feldt feat. Kate Ryan - the single Gold (18th Jan 2019)
257ers feat. Captain Jack - the single AKK & Feel It (18th Jan 2019)
DJ Space'C - the single Mad Love (18th Jan 2019)
Inna - the single Sin Ti (18th Jan 2019)
Blank and Jones - the single (You're Gonna Look) Good in Blues (18th Jan 2019)
Simon Pagliari (aka Simone Pagliari) - the single Arabian Vox (18th Jan 2019)
Aqua Vita - the single Ne Pitay (19th Jan 2019)
Gigi d'Agostino - the single Gigi's Time (21st Jan 2019)
Angelika Yutt (aka Angelika) - the single We Love Eurodance (22nd Jan 2019)
Rexo feat. Sharon May Linn - the single Carousel Of Time (23rd Jan 2019)
Glass Slipper feat. Lisa Cork - the single STFU (24th Jan 2019)
Gimmy Weaver feat. Tony Dyer - the single It's Your Night (24th Jan 2019)
Koen Groeneveld - the single Dupa (25th Jan 2019)
DJ Aligator - the single Put Your Hands In The Air (25th Jan 2019)
DJ Space'C - the single So Close (25th Jan 2019)
Glass Slipper feat. Lisa Cork - the single Momentary Joy (25th Jan 2019)
Tony Magik feat. German Leguizamon - the single Privilegio Inesperado (25th Jan 2019)
McEndoz feat. Dhany - the single I'll Never Fall Again (26th Jan 2019)
Inna - The Hits (29th Jan 2019)
Ma.Bra (aka Maurizio Braccagni) - the single Pumpin' Jumpin' (31st Jan 2019)



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