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Weeks Michelle

Weeks (Michelle)   (USA)

EuroDance group
Added : 27/08/2000

Don't Give Up
Step Out Of Faith
Can You Handle It
Gotta Keep Tryin
Follow Your Dreams
The Light
Movin On
Oh So Good
My Everything
Keep The Faith
The Look Of Love
You Got Me Spinning
My World
Jumping To The Party
Never Leave You Lonely
Don't Stop
Show 'Em How We Do It
Give It Love
10 Minute High
Chains (background vocals)
Let's All Chant
Can You See The Light?
World Of Confusion
Moment Of My Life
Shake That Ass!!
Hold Me Baby
Coming Back
The Day
The Inside
Victim Of Love
My Love Grows
Let The House Fall Down
Give Me Love
Stand Right Up
Believe In Love
By Your Side
Take Me Higher
What Goes Around
So Happy Together
Lift Me Up
Dance Disco Heat
Joyful Noise
Movin' On
Distorted Echoes
For Your Love
Spread Love (Backing Vocals)
Be Thankful
I'm Coming Up
U Got Me Spinning
Movin' Out
Turn It Around
Step Out On Faith
A Purpose
You Have A Purpose
Love 4 Love
Roder Ruder
Come Together
Higher & Higher
Hold On
Blowing In Me
Back 2 Me
Big Mama
My Change (Is Gonna Come)
Spread Love
Treat Me Right
Fly Away
Carry On
Get Your Head Right
Looking Forward
Da Jam
La Musica
Dancin' For My Life
You've Got To (Believe)
Hold of Me
Keep Movin On
Mi Corazon Latiendo
Sunny With a Chance of Burning
Be Real
Step Up
My Deliverer
Unconditional Love
He's Mine
Praise Him
My House
He Keeps Me
Meant to Be
I Can't Let You Go
Get It Rockin'
You Are
Love Rain
Touch The Sky
Love Life
Where Do We Go
Don't Stop
Show Em How It Works
In The Morning
Keep Hope
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Latest Michelle Weeks news

20/02/2020 : Michelle Weeks was featured on ER Inc's forthcoming single Keep Hope.

19/01/2020 : Michelle Weeks was featured by Dave Anthony on his single In The Morning

06/04/2019 : Michelle Weeks and her daughter Sharlene Marie teamed on single Keep The Faith.

02/02/2019 : A remix by Joey Negro was released for Bobby D'Ambrosio feat. Michelle Weeks Moment Of My Life.

10/08/2018 : Michelle Weeks did vocals on on Pax's single Movin'.

12/03/2018 : A remixes package for Sam Skilz & Michelle Weeks's single Release hit the stores last week.

11/08/2017 : A 2017 version of Resurgence, Michelle Weeks's collaboration with IsaVis was released today.

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Michelle Weeks singles

Don't Give Up Don't Give Up 1st Jan 1993  
Step Out Of Faith Step Out Of Faith 5th Mar 1999  
Can You Handle It Can You Handle It 4th Feb 2000  
Gotta Keep Tryin Gotta Keep Tryin 10th Mar 2000  
Follow Your Dreams Follow Your Dreams 26th May 2000  
Rejoice Rejoice 10th Oct 2000  
The Light The Light 13th May 2002  
Movin On Movin On 2003  
Oh So Good Oh So Good (with Teejay Walton) 26th Sep 2014  
Resurgence Resurgence (with IsaVis) 2016  
My Everything My Everything 8th Apr 2016  
Keep The Faith Keep The Faith (with Sharlene Marie) 12th Apr 2019  


Featurings and collaborations

The Look Of Love Eclipse - The Look Of Love  
You Got Me Spinning Darryl D'bonneau - You Got Me Spinning  
My World Ice MC - My World (album) 1991  
Jumping To The Party Space Master - Jumping To The Party Jun 1993  
Never Leave You Lonely Diva Convention - Never Leave You Lonely 1994  
Don't Stop Groove Trend - Don't Stop 1994  
Show 'Em How We Do It Interaction - Show 'Em How We Do It 1994  
Give It Love Diva Convention - Give It Love 1995  
10 Minute High Kings Of Tomorrow - 10 Minute High 1995  
Chains (background vocals) Tina Arena - Chains (background vocals) 1996  
Let's All Chant Gusto - Let's All Chant 1996  
Can You See The Light? Voices - Can You See The Light? 1996  
World Of Confusion Space Master - World Of Confusion 2nd Apr 1996  
Moment Of My Life Bobby d'Ambrosio - Moment Of My Life 1997  
Shake That Ass!! Divine Soul - Shake That Ass!! 1997  
Hold Me Baby Space Master - Hold Me Baby 3rd Mar 1997  
Coming Back DJ Dado - Coming Back 7th Jul 1997  
The Day Bobby d'Ambrosio - The Day 1998  
The Inside Andy & The Lamboy - The Inside 1998  
Victim Of Love Deep Bros. - Victim Of Love 1998  
My Love Grows Deep Bros. - My Love Grows 1998  
Let The House Fall Down House Traffic - Let The House Fall Down 4th May 1998  
Give Me Love DJ Dado - Give Me Love 22nd Jun 1998  
Holiday Basement Boys Allstars - Holiday 1999  
Forever DJ Dado - Forever 3rd May 1999  
Stand Right Up Byron Stingily - Stand Right Up 2000  
Believe In Love Jezebel's Addiction - Believe In Love 2001  
By Your Side Greg Gauthier & Tony L - By Your Side 2001  
Take Me Higher Don Carlos - Take Me Higher 2001  
What Goes Around Stefano Gamma Vs. Luis Radio - What Goes Around 2002  
So Happy Together Samir Maslo - So Happy Together 2002  
Lift Me Up Cambis - Lift Me Up Apr 2002  
Dance Disco Heat Memi P - Dance Disco Heat 2003  
Joyful Noise Dawn Tallman - Joyful Noise 2003  
Heaven Joey Musaphia - Heaven 2003  
Movin' On Greg Gauthier & Tony L - Movin' On 15th Mar 2003  
Distorted Echoes Pépé Bradock - Distorted Echoes Oct 2003  
For Your Love Eclipse (3) - For Your Love 2004  
Spread Love (Backing Vocals) Kenny Bobien - Spread Love (Backing Vocals) 2004  
Life House Divas - Life 2005  
Be Thankful Jamie Lewis - Be Thankful 2005  
I'm Coming Up Made & Sax - I'm Coming Up May 2005  
U Got Me Spinning Belezamusica - U Got Me Spinning May 2005  
Movin' Out TBC - Movin' Out 26th Sep 2005  
Turn It Around DJ Disciple - Turn It Around May 2006  
Nobody Moca - Nobody May 2007  
Step Out On Faith Craig Mitchell - Step Out On Faith 17th May 2007  
Unity Jamie Lewis - Unity 22nd Jun 2007  
A Purpose Code Red - A Purpose 15th Jul 2007  
You Have A Purpose Kings Of Groove - You Have A Purpose 6th Aug 2007  
Love 4 Love Soulstar Syndicate - Love 4 Love 1st Jan 2008  
Roder Ruder The 1200 Warriors - Roder Ruder 10th Sep 2008  
Come Together Halo & Kemal - Come Together 27th Nov 2008  
Higher & Higher Andrea Raffa - Higher & Higher 4th Dec 2008  
Hold On Danny Clark & Jay Benham - Hold On 23rd Dec 2008  
Blowing In Me Andrea Paci - Blowing In Me 26th Dec 2008  
Back 2 Me DJ Jorj - Back 2 Me 26th Jun 2009  
Peace Orienta-Rhythm - Peace 13th Jul 2009  
Shame The Jinks - Shame 11th Jan 2010  
Big Mama Andrea Paci - Big Mama 29th Jan 2010  
My Change (Is Gonna Come) Ruben Mancias - My Change (Is Gonna Come) 29th Jan 2010  
Spread Love Cookie Monsterz - Spread Love 3rd May 2010  
Treat Me Right Midnight Express - Treat Me Right 12th May 2010  
Fly Away Luca Guerrieri - Fly Away Aug 2010  
Carry On Midnight Express - Carry On 2nd Aug 2010  
Get Your Head Right DJ Jorj - Get Your Head Right 11th Dec 2010  
Looking Forward Jason Chance - Looking Forward 8th Mar 2011  
Da Jam The 1200 Warriors - Da Jam 18th Jul 2011  
La Musica Tony Moran - La Musica 5th Mar 2012  
Dancin' For My Life Seb Skalski & Masta P - Dancin' For My Life 25th Jun 2012  
Running Danism & Jason Chance - Running 27th Jul 2012  
You've Got To (Believe) Ben Mac - You've Got To (Believe) 13th Aug 2012  
Hold of Me Klevakeys - Hold of Me 10th Sep 2012  
Keep Movin On Sam Walker and Teej - Keep Movin On 2013  
Mi Corazon Latiendo Jason Chance - Mi Corazon Latiendo 1st Feb 2013  
Release Sam Skilz - Release 8th Apr 2013  
Sunny With a Chance of Burning The Str8jackets - Sunny With a Chance of Burning 20th May 2013  
Be Real Juan Kidd & DJ Jorj - Be Real 24th Jun 2013  
Step Up Jamie Lewis - Step Up 9th Jul 2013  
My Deliverer Andrew Hartley - My Deliverer 15th Jul 2013  
Always Dunk N Aliens - Always 12th Nov 2013  
Unconditional Love Fabio Tosti - Unconditional Love 30th Dec 2013  
He's Mine Sam Skilz - He's Mine 6th Jan 2014  
Respect Jamie Lewis - Respect 8th Jan 2014  
Praise Him Scott Diaz - Praise Him 31st Jan 2014  
My House Jason Chance - My House 7th Feb 2014  
He Keeps Me Danny Clark - He Keeps Me 1st Sep 2014  
Meant to Be Juan Pacifico - Meant to Be 9th Sep 2014  
I Can't Let You Go Mario Marques - I Can't Let You Go Oct 2014  
Get It Rockin' Hadu - Get It Rockin' 6th Mar 2015  
You Are Mario Ferrini - You Are 31st Aug 2015  
Love Rain Peter Macaluso - Love Rain 5th Oct 2015  
Life Sandro Bani - Life 3rd Jun 2016  
Touch The Sky The Steamdollz - Touch The Sky 1st Jul 2016  
Love Life Genetic Funk - Love Life 9th Sep 2016  
Where Do We Go Antonello Ferrari and Aldo Bergamasco - Where Do We Go 3rd Feb 2017  
Don't Stop Christian Cheval - Don't Stop 27th Mar 2017  
Movin' Pax - Movin' 10th Aug 2018  
Show Em How It Works Interaction - Show Em How It Works 29th Nov 2019  
In The Morning Dave Anthony - In The Morning 17th Jan 2020  
Keep Hope ER Inc - Keep Hope Feb 2020  


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Michelle Weeks biography

Real name : Michelle Reynoso. She was born and raised in Brooklyn, NY and has been singing since the tender age of 4. At 5 years old, she won the prestigious Herman Stevens Award. A graduate of the famed LaGuardia School of Music & Art, Michelle went on to perform on Broadway – debuting in the musical, "The Tap Dance Kid". She also played starring roles in "Madhattan" (where she received rave reviews from stars like Ben Vereen, Debbie Allen & James Ingram); and the major motion picture, "Little Shop of Horrors" (alongside Tisha Campbell & Tichina Arnold).

Female vocalist for the Space Master project, her voice was also featured by DJ Dado (Give Me Love, Forever), Diva Convention (Never Leave You Lonely), House Traffic (Let The House Fall Down) and Bobby d'Ambrosio (Moment Of My Life).

During her solo carreer she released many house singles such as Can You Handle It which was produced by Kurtis & Daniel Platisa, the remixes were done by Rhythm Masters, varying from commercial to underground, to retro energy sounds. A pumping bass, big vocals with Cher-like effect and strong back-up vocals. Gotta Keep Tryin was produced by by Teddy Douglas &  Jay Steinhour. The perfect combination of the Basement Boy sound and Michelle`s heaven-bound vocals. Gritty vocals, big horns, killer organ and vibe solos, plus keen use of  samples from Pockets' Come Go With Me. Rejoice was produced by DJ Choco, Eddie Baez, Denny Tsettos, and Lord G. Released with 8 remixes it contained a rousing gospel flavored stomper with supercharged mixes (hard house, progressive and funk edged versions). Step Out Of Faith is a gospel house floor stomper complete with backing choir. Follow You Dreams is a lyrically uplifting smooth house groove with Michael Jackson samples.

2005 : Michelle Weeks released the single Life, that she recorded with Barbara Tucker, Dawn Tallman, Sabrynaah Pope, and Su Su Bobien under the name House Divas. She is also a member of Underground Dance Artists United For Life, a collective made up by Blaze.

In 2005 too, Michelle was featured by Jamie Lewis for the single Be Thankful.

Michelle lives in New York

Thanks to Ulrich Valtat

Michelle Weeks biography was last updated Sat, January 13th 2018




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