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Skeete Beverley

Skeete (Beverley)   (UK)

EuroDance member
Added : 19/12/2011

Hero Garden
Good Times
You Can't Say No
Mighty Real
A New Life
You Got A Hold On Me
Future Boy
You And Me
Feel So High
Passion Of The Night
You Give Me Love
Some Might Say
Oh, What a Night / You Give Me Love
Gimme Some Love
Isn't It Time
Real Love
Rock Your Body
If The Feeling Is Right
All My Dreams
The Power Of Love
(You Only) Reap What You Sow
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Beverley Skeete albums

Hero Garden Hero Garden 2005
Good Times Good Times 2013


Beverley Skeete singles

Warm Warm 1985  
You Can't Say No You Can't Say No 1985  


Featurings and collaborations

Mighty Real Demi-Monde - Mighty Real 1989  
A New Life Closer Than Close - A New Life 1992  
You Got A Hold On Me Closer Than Close - You Got A Hold On Me 1992  
Passion Gat Decor - Passion 1992  
Future Boy Cicero - Future Boy (album) Sep 1992  
You And Me With It Guys - You And Me 1993  
Feel So High Unrest - Feel So High 1995  
Everybody Clock - Everybody 21st Aug 1995  
Passion Of The Night Clubzone - Passion Of The Night 6th Nov 1995  
You Give Me Love Clock - You Give Me Love 1996  
Wonderwall De-Code - Wonderwall 1996  
Some Might Say Beberli Skeete - Some Might Say 1996  
Oh, What a Night / You Give Me Love Clock - Oh, What a Night / You Give Me Love 28th Aug 1996  
Gimme Some Love Gina G - Gimme Some Love 1997  
Isn't It Time Kuva - Isn't It Time 1997  
Real Love Sharada House Gang - Real Love 1998  
Rock Your Body Clock - Rock Your Body 15th Sep 1998  
Heaven Allister Whitehead - Heaven 2006  

Aliases - Records released under other names

If The Feeling Is Right Beverly Skeete - If The Feeling Is Right 1983  
All My Dreams Beverli Skeete - All My Dreams (album) 1985  
The Power Of Love Beverly - The Power Of Love 1993  
(You Only) Reap What You Sow Beverli Skeete - (You Only) Reap What You Sow 1994  


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Beverley Skeete biography

Beverley Skeete started her carreer in the early 80's with club tracks such as Warm to a top 5 with Gat Decor. Beverley has worked with the biggest names in the music industry from Chaka Khan, Elton John, Annie Lennox, Sting, Robbie Williams and Jamiroquai to De la Soul and Mark Morrison. She also did main and backing vocals for many eurodance projects and artists : Pagany (I don't wanna hurt you was one of her first works along Media Records), Clubhouse, Clock, Gina G, Sharada House Gang, Anticappella, 49ers (in the Club Mix of Rockin my body Ann Marie Smith does the main vocals "Rockin your body...and I'll be yours tonight" and Beverley sings "Uuuuhh again again again")... In 1993 she released the solo eurodance single The Power Of Love under the name Beverly.

Since 1997, she's been a member of The Rhythm Kings.

Contributions of Beverley Skeete to dance tracks :

49ers - Rockin My Body (Club Mix)
Anticappella - Move your body, Express your freedom
Beverly - The power of love, Sweetheart
Jocelyn Brown - Suspicious Minds (2002)
CC Catch - The Force, Love To love (1992)
Clock - Everybody, Oh What A Night, Rock Your Body (1997)
Closer Than Close - A new life, You got to hold on me
Clubzone - Hands Up (1994), Passion Of The Night (1995)
De-Code - Wonderwall (1996)
Gat Decor - Passion (1996)
Kuva - Isn't It Time (1996)
Mars Plastic - Find the way, Touching my body
Nightcrawlers - Push The feeling On- Island- 1992
Pagany - I Don't Wanna Hurt You
Rozalla - Focus Of My Attention, Don't Criticize (2000)
Unrest - Feel So High
With It Guys - You And Me

Contirbutions to other music styles

ABC - All That Matters To Me, Say It, Love conquers All, This must Be Magic, Thunder and Lightning, Come Back To You (2000)
Alabama 3 - Woke Up This Morning (1996)
Alison Limerick - love Come Down (1993)
Apache Indian - We Have Talk (1993)
Kim Appleby - All The Time In The World (1993), Light Of The World (1994)
Rick Astley - Bell To Ring, The Ones You Love (1993)
Aswad - Shine, Don't Turn Around, Always take The weather with you, I can see clearly now, Lifted, Good Thing going, Uptight, Dancing in The Moonlight, Searching, No No No, Would I lie to you, Stir it Up, Roxanne (2002)
Atmosfear - Motivation, Dancin' in outer Space, Warm, Xtra Special (1982), If the Feeling is Right (1983)
Babylon Zoo - All The Money's Gone (1996)
Gary Barlow - Love Won't Wait (1995), Open Road (1997), Arms (1999)
Barry Adamson - Oedipus Shmoedipus, Set The Controls For The Heart of The Sun (1996)
Beloved - Sweet Harmony, Paradise found, You've Got Me Thinking, Celebrate Your life, Spirit, Two years from Today (1992)
Rhian Benson - It's Too Late (2000)
Bianco - On The Wings Of love, All The Lover I Need, Fortune Favours The Brave, At The Beginning Of The End (1996)
Big up Jazz - World On A String, Walk Spirit Talk Spirit, Cilantro, In The Groove (1994), Chicco Chicco (1996)
Blade - The Way That We Are, Do What you Do (1996)
Bobby - Something (1996)
Boy George - Alright Boys, Happy families, Big Black Man (1988), Stand Down (1990)
Breakfast Band - Feeling The feeling (1989)
Breathe - How Can I Fall (1989)
Sarah Brightman - Heaven Can Wait, Snowflake (1998)
Dany Brillant - Quand Je S'Rai Beau, Assez, Como Ton Nom, Toi Et Moi (1999)
Steve Brookstein - If you don't know Me by now (2005)
Broken Wings- I Belong (1993)
Brother Beyond -When Will I See You Again, Trust, Let Me decide, Out Of Our Lives, A Perfect Kind Of love, Drive On, Universal -EMI (1988)
Carmel - I'm Over You (1989)
Cilla Black - Through The Years, You'll Never walk Alone (1993)
Carter Twins - Make That Change (1998)
Celestine - Sign Your Name, The Die Is Cast (2001)
Oliver Cheatham - House on The Hill (1988)
Cherie Amoure - Permanent (2001)
Neneh Cherry - Mother Of Invention, Stingy, Break, Phat, Ooh Child (1999), I Don't wanna Do It Like This (2000)
Cicero - Heaven Must Have Sent You Back To Me (1996)
Jimmy Cliff - Fantastic Plastic people, Love Comes In A Minute, I Want, I do, I Get, Black Magic, September 11th, The World Is Yours (2002)
Closer Than Close - Can't wait for The Day (1991), You Got A Hold On Me (1992), So Much feeling, Natural Thing, A New Life (1993)
Oliver Darley - Turn back The Hands Of Time, Cry To Me (2001)
Decade - Say Ya Do, Blind To The Groove (1997)
DeLAsoul - Breakadawn (1993)
Dee Jacobi - I'm Alive (1996)
Duncan James -What Are We Waiting For, You Can't Stop A River, You Can (2006)
Demi-Monde - Mighty Real (1989)
Marcella Detroit - I'm Scared Silent (1995)
DIDO - Thank you (1997)
Dread Nfl + SAN -Baldhead Rasta
Elisha - Where Do You want It (1996)
Erik - Fooled by Love (1993), Take Me Away (1994)
Eternal - Think About Me, Grace Under Pressure (1996)
Eusebe - The Answer (1996)
E-Zee Posse - Geddit (1992), Everything starts with an E (1988)
Father Father - What Is soul, The Year I Came To Be, Winds of Change, Change Gotta Come, Melody Melody, Don't be a Fool, One chance, Love Life Life loving (1990)
Climie Fisher - Too Far Too Fast Too Soon (1988)
FKW - Gotta Keep movin On, It's Not The Way It Used To Be, This Is The Beat (1994)
Flock Of Seagulls - Heartbeat Like A Drum, Better And Better (1986)
Clare Freelan - Free (2001)
Gina Foster - One kiss (1993)
Funk Crew - You Are The Girl For me, Joy,Peace,Happiness, To All The People, I Need Your Love Tonight (1988)
Pascal Gabriel - Move, Living in The City (1989)
Gabrielle -Walk On By (1996)
Geri Halliwell - It's Raining Men (2001)
Leslie Garratt - On Holy Ground, La Violet (2001)
Gene - Drop It, I Can Be Loved (1988)
Girl Thing - Pure And Simple (1999)
Grace Under Pressure - Glow Of Love, Lovelight, Grace Under Pressure, Amazing Grace, Make My day, Perfect Timing, Living In her Shadow, Changing Times (1992)
Gum - Snakes and Ladders (1998)
John Barrowman - You're So Vain (1996)
Justin Gurani - Foolish (2002)
Happy Clappers - Rise Up, We've Got The Funk, I can't Help Myself (1996), Make it Better (1997)
Trevor Hartley - Baby Don't Go Far (1990)
Fahan Hassan - The Race, Walkaway, Out of The Blue (2002)
Helen Hofner -This is The last Time, Sacrifice, Say A Prayer, Wild About nothing, Is There Anybody Out There, Papas Car, Holy River (1992)
Hotei - Pride, AH, Full Moon Party, Merry Christmas Lonely Heart (1996), Boy Meets Girl, Heaven, Beauty and The Beast, What Cha' Gonna Be, Life in Tokyo (2000)
Thelma Houston - Don't leave Me This Way (1996)
Jamiroquai - Lost In Love, Drifting Along, Cosmic Girl, Virtual Insanity (1996), Planet Home, King For A Day, Soul Education (1999)
Carli Jaye - Deeper (1996)
Jerome and Robson - I Believe, Up on The Roof, Bridge Over Troubled water, You'll Never Walk Alone, White Cliffs Of Dover, What becomes Of The Brokenhearted (1996)
Jesus Loves You - Toxic Love (1992), Generations Of Love (1994), After The Love (1989)
Elton John - Duets (1993)
Paul Johnson - Whenever I Need, Don't Make Me wait Too Long (1990)
Howard Jones - Angels and Lovers (1997)
Jones, Tom -Never Tear Us Apart- Gut -1999
Jones, Tom -You need Love Like I Do- Gut- 1999
Jones, Tom You Are Mine -Daddy Crusty- 2001
Jones, Tom -No Return -Daddy Crusty- 2001
Julianne - You Remind Me, Violence, Close my Eyes (1996)
Kavanna- You've Got To Work, Heart Like A Sun (1999)
Kaya Project - Feel For You, Straight Up (1996)
Keating, Ronan -I've Got My Heart Set On You- Polydor -2000
Kelly, Charlotte- Queen Of Hearts- Virgin -1996
Bianca Kinane -The Woman In Me, Why, Trying To get Over You, Lover Come back (1996)
Kindness of Strangers -Oh my America, Somebody Tell Me, Shelter, Live In World, Good Morning (1992)
Kumiko - When The Sun Goes Down, Sing A Song, Two Broken Hearts, Smile, Vegitarian, Good Music (1997), Love and Hate (1998)
Kylie Minogue - Love is Waiting (1993)
Latham, Lindy -Love The One You're With- 3MI -1996
Lennon , Farrell -50 Ways To leave Your Lover- Island- 2000
Lord Nelson -Mr Johnathon- Flick- ?
Louise - Goodbye To love, That's The Way, How In The World, Thinking About You, I gave You my love, Discussions (1995)
Lovechild Orchestra -Whole Lotta Love (1989)
Lovestation - Why (1998)
Lynx- Billie Jean Got soul (1997)
M People - Little Packet, Don't look any Further (1993), Sight for Sore Eyes (1994), Just or You, Smile (1996), Never mind love, Rhythm and Blues, Natural Thing, Angel street, Lonely (1997), Dreaming (1998)
Michelle McManus - Invincible -19- 2004
Miki Mai - Pride For Life, Knocks me off My Feet, I Can't Stop Loving You, N1, Last Junction, Drive (1997)
Malloy, Ryan -Lillac -BMG -1994
Marisa love is Just A Game -Chase -1984
Mars Plastic- Find The Way- MEGA -1993
Masekela, Hugh -Tomorrow- Virgin- 1986
MC Shine -Theme From Shaft- PWL- 1996
Me One - Old Fashion, Game Play (1999)
Michelle Gayle - Juicy, Sunshine After Rain, I LikeThe Way You Love Me (1996)
Monaco - Ballroom, See-Saw, A Life Apart, Bert's Song, Ennio, Pool (1999)
Morgan, Jaimie- Heaven Can Wait -Tabu- 1989
Hannah Morris -I Will Be There, The Greatest love Of All , Over The Rainbow, The Rose, Cherish, Wind beneath My Wings, I Believe, I Have A Dream, There's A Kind Of Hush (2000)
Mark Morrison -Moan and Groan (1995), Black Stabbers, Trippin', I really love You (1996), Return Of The Mack, Mac Life, Love You bad (1997), Innocent Man, Daddy Mack, Playa hayta, I wanna be your man (2001)
Mo Solid Gold - Safe From harm (2001)
Mudbone - Make The devil mad, Freedom is coming (2002)
Jimmy Nail - Country Boy, Troubled man (1996)
Shelley Nelson - The Truth, Better Than Red Wine, Fall From Grace (1999)
Nightwish -Dark Passion Play -Spinefarm -2007
Ocean , Billy -There'll Be Sad Song-s JIVE-1994
Old school Junkies- Pick Up The Pieces- Mechanique -1996
O'Neal, Alexander - Baby come To me, The End Of The road (1996)
O'Neal, Shaquille -Mr Material, Kazam (1996)
The Orb -Blue Room (1995), Star 6&789 (1996)
William Orbit - Spill -(1992)
Patrice - Wriggle and Rock, Extra lyrics (2001), Sneakers, Yes or No, Music (2002)
Paula - Get Right down To It (1990)
Paul Carrick - Beautiful World (1997)
Paul Young - Now I Know What Made Otis Blue (1993), Right About Now (1989)
Peter Andre - Best Of Me, All About Us, Lonely (1997)
Perception - Feeling good About Myself, Guilty, Fingers To The Bone, You Can't Hide Love, Talkin' Loud (1992)
Maxi Priest -Wild World (1994), Close To You (1996)
Projection -Lovestruck- Atlantic -1987
Pulp - Bad Cover Version (2000)
Quest -Rise Above, Q Man, Our Time (1997)
Quinn, Jackie - Free Our love (1990)
Danny Rampling - Pianohead (1998), Rhythms Of The World (1999)
Florence Rawlings - Dedicateed To The One I Love, A Fool In Love, The Only Woman , Wouldn't Treat A Dog, Wolf Man, Hard To Get, Jump On The Wagon, Dollar, Riverboat, Fly Like a Butterfly, Take Me In Your Arms, Jane, Can't cat me, Love Can Be a Battlefield, Run Like The Wind (2009)
Cassandra Reed - Tonight, Sweet Thing, Too Big, Whatever It Takes (1999)
Rhydian - Bridge Over troubled Water, Praye, Somewhere (2008)
Rub-A-Dub- Miracles, Don't Pimp Me, Ancestors, I'll Do It (1997)
Paul Rutherford -Deep at The Centre, Half The Picture (1989)
Rebecca Ryan - Where Do I Go (1996), Help Me make It (2001)
Shalom - One Day, Passing By (1994)
Feargal Sharkey - Right (1989)
Silosonic -Something to Make you Feel Alright- Btw- 2007
Silk and Steel -Doctors Orders -Strike- 1983
Sinita -Naughty Boy -Arista- 1993
Simply Red -Perfect love -Simplyred -2002
Heather Small - Proud (1999)
Sol Brothers - Rhythm Of The Night, What Would We Do (1996)
Soso - Can O Cope, Shimbalala (1998)
Soup Dragons - Sweet Meat (1990), Let It Glow, Mindless, Mother Funkier, The Time is now, S-weet Layabout, Stand Proud Stand Loud, Divine Thing, Getting down, Contact high, Absolute Heaven (1991), Don't Get Down, Big Life, One Way Street, All Messed Up, Out Of Here, Speed Queen, Pain Killer (1994), Pleasure (1996)
Squeeze -The Day I Get Home, Crying In My Sleep, Sunday Street (1991)
Lisa Stansfield - On The Line (1997)
Henning Steark - Here Comes The rain, True Love Travels On a Gravel Road, Common Law Love, Little Town Flirt, U Got The Look, When You say Nothing at All (1996)
Stevens, Mike -Joy and Pain, Preciou, Set The Spirit Free, Cool With Your Love, The Finest One (1990)
Stockbridge, Sara -Lay Down -Other- 1997
Strike - I Have Peace, Peace Of mind (1996), Matinee (1998)
Suede - She's In Fashion (1998)
Suggs - 4AM, She's Gone, Fortune Fish (1994)
Suzuki, Ami -All Night Long -Earth Beat- 1998
Swing Out Sister -Not Gonna change- 1994, Where Do I Go- Swing Ou-t 2000, Always- 1997, Incomplete Without You- 1996, Something Out Of This- 1996, Now You're Not Here- Mercur-y 1997, Icy Cold As Winter- 1997, Stone Cold Picnic- 1996, You Already Know- 1996, Joe Meek's Cat- 1997, Where The Hell Did I Go Wrong- Swing Out- 2000, Always -1991
Shapes and Patterns- 1997, Here And Now -1996, I Can Hear You But I Can't See- Mercury -1994, Get In Touch With Yourself -1994, Am I the Same Girl- 1994, Everyday Crime- 1994,
Sybil- Whatever Turns You On- Internationa-l 1996, Lonely- International -1996
Take That - Never Forget (1995)
Teiol, Sonia - Cairo None, Aiscia Chio (pianga), Ave Maria (1999)
Texas - Why I Believe In You, Mothers Heaven (1991)
The African Connection - Tell Mandela
THQ Band - Say, Talk about love (2001)
Toni Pearson - Joy, Looking At you, Groovy kind Of love, Walk Away Lover (1993), Raining In My heart (1996)
Tina Turner - I Will Be There For You, Whatever You Want, Talking From The Heart (1999)
Two Way Street -Walking American -MCA- 1990
Unrest- Feels So High -Downtown -1995
Rik Waller - Try a Little tenderness, All Cried Out (2002)
Water Congress- Fair Warning- BMG- 1994
Watson, Russell -Can't Help Falling In Love -?- 2005
Wild Weekend -Vanilla You- Architec-t 1987
Robbie Williams - Millenium (1998), Let Me Entertain You (1997)
Wise Ass Lord - wake Me Up (1996)
Wright, Anthony- No Me Without You, Tell Me How, Stand Alone, Our Love (2008)
Bill Wyman - Groovin, What A Day For A daydream (2000), Hit That Jive Clive (2001), Spooky (1998), He's A Real Gone Gu-y Ripple -1998, Every Sixty Seconds- 1998, Keep On Truckin'1997, Ring My bell 1998, When Hollywood Goes Black and Tan 1998, A True Romance- 1998, Mojo Boogie1998, Melody -Ripple-1997, Bad To be Alone -Ripple -1997, Green River- 1997, Walking On my Own- 1997, Crazy He calls Me 1998, Beds Are Burning- Ripple -1998, I Put A Spell On You- Ripple 2000, I Can't Dance I've Got Ants Pants- Ripple -2000, Breakin Up The House 2000, Wyman, Bill-Trust In Me 2000, Snap Your Fingers -Ripple -2000, I wanna Be Evil- Ripple -2000, Hot Foot Blues 2000, Streamline Woman 2000, Rolling And Stumbling- 2000, Bye Bye Blues 2000, Tell You A Secret 2000, Jealous Girl- 2001, Let Me Love You Tomorrow- 2000, Rhythm King Blues- 2000, Wyman, Bill- Diamonds- 2000, Wyman, Bill- Mood Swings- Ripple-2000, Wyman, Bill- Cry Baby -Ripple -2000, Wyman, Bill- Santa Baby 2000, My Handyman- 2000, Long Walk To DC- Ripple-2000, Where's The money- 2000, Get In The Kitchen -Ripple -2000, Love's Down The Drain- 2000, Wyman, Bill- Love Letters- Ripple -2000, Boogie Woogie 2001, Wyman, Bill- That's how heartaches are made- 2003, You don't Know- 2003, Wyman, Bill- My wife can't cook -Ripple -2003, Cadillac woman- Ripple -2003, Disappearing nightly -Ripple -2003, Heartaches- 2003, Roll-um-pete -Ripple -2003, Town living ain't For me -Ripple-2003, Just for a thrill 2003, Mississippi Flyer -Ripple -2003, Small town girl 2003, United Nations- 2003, Booty ooty 2003,

Will Young - Hey yah (2004), Love The One You're, Your game, If Love equals Nothing (2008)
Yumi Tanimura- Zutto Zutto -? -1997
Zindy -We Stand United -EMI- 1997

Solo tracks

You Only Reap what You Sow- Jump Cut- 1995
Any Old Sunday -Jump Cut -1995
I Found Love -Jump Cut- 1995
Pulling Through -Jump Cut -1995
Skeete, Beverley-Rain Love- Jump Cut -1995
Think -Jump Cut -1995
Time For Change-Jump Cut- 1995
Gold -Jump Cut- 1995
I Have A Dream- Jump Cut -1995
That's Entertainment -Jump -Cut 1995
Redemption Day -Vocaphone-2005
Fool's Game -Vocaphone -2005
Just For Love- Vocaphone- 2005
Hero Garden -Vocaphone- 2005
Old Fashioned Girl- Vocaphone -2005
What You See- Vocaphone- 2005
Don't Darken My Door- Vocaphone- 2005
Billy -Vocaphone- 2005
Reflections- Vocaphone- 2005
In The cold -Vocaphone -2005
I Count My Blessings -Vocaphone- 2005
Red Beret -Vocaphone -2005
Run Through The Jungle -Vocaphone -2007
On The Road Again -Vocaphone -2007
Born Under A Bad Sign- Vocaphone -2007
Unchain My Heart -Vocaphone- 2007
Crawling Up A Hill -Vocaphone- 2007
I'm In Love -Vocaphone-2007
You got me Runnin'- Vocaphone- 2007
Heart Of Gold -Vocaphon-e 2007
Black magic Woman- Vocaphone- 2007
I Don't need No doctor -Vocaphone- 2007
Midnight Rider -Vocaphone- 2007
Helpless -Vocaphone- 2007
It Ain't Easy -Vocaphone- 2007
Ain't no love -Vocaphone -2007
Too Late -Vocaphone -2009
A Slice Of Humble Pie- Vocaphone -2009
The World -Vocaphone- 2009
Fallen Angel -Vocaphone- 2009
Take A Walk In Their Shoes -Vocaphone -2009
Drink O'Clock -Vocaphone-2009
The Devil's Own -Vocaphone -2009
I Bruise Easily -Vocaphone -2009
Do I look Stupid to You ?- Vocaphone -2009
Ain't No Other Reason (2009)

Thanks to Yulien

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