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SEX Appeal

SEX Appeal   (Germany)

EuroDance group
Added : 24/01/2000

Peeping Tom
Sensuality remix album
New Reflections
Peeping Tom Reloaded
Russian Roulette
Sexy Boy... Best Of
Voulez-Vous Coucher Avec Moi
Life Goes Up - Life Goes Down
Dirty Talk
Sex Is A Thrill With The Pill
Manga Maniac
Hanky Spanky
Do You Love Me
Fragile Love
Let Me Feel Your Sexappeal
Skin To Skin
Voodoo Queen
Sex On The Phone
Gimme (Safer Sex)
Poison Called Love
Wild Beast
Love Is The Code
Sexy Boy
Lose Control
Sexy Lover
Love2Love 2022
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Latest SEX Appeal news

17/05/2023 : S.E.X. Appeal will re-release their 1999 album Peeping Tom as double vinyl with all remastered tracks and some bonus versions

25/04/2021 : SEX Appeal's new single is entitled Sexy Lover (thanks to Martin)

22/12/2020 : SEX Appeal's new single will be a Bmonde remix of their song Lose Control

01/09/2020 : Lyane Leigh announced that she started working again on SEX Appeal's next album Black Widow, which was initially planned for 2015

08/12/2018 : After single Sexy Boy released yesterday, S.E.X. Appeal will publish a best of album on December 21st.

22/11/2018 : New SEX Appeal single will be entitled Sexy Boy.

14/12/2014 : S.E.X. Appeal's next album will be entitled Black Widow and it is planned for end of 2015.

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SEX Appeal albums

Peeping Tom Peeping Tom 1999
Sensuality Sensuality 30th Apr 2007
Sensuality Sensuality (Thailand only) 2 CDs Aug 2007
Sensuality remix album Sensuality remix album 5th May 2008
New Reflections New Reflections Feb 2010
Peeping Tom Reloaded Peeping Tom Reloaded 26th Apr 2010
Russian Roulette Russian Roulette 22nd Mar 2013
Sexy Boy... Best Of Sexy Boy... Best Of 21st Dec 2018


SEX Appeal singles

Voulez-Vous Coucher Avec Moi Voulez-Vous Coucher Avec Moi 14th Mar 1996  
Life Goes Up - Life Goes Down Life Goes Up - Life Goes Down 1997  
Dirty Talk Dirty Talk 27th Jan 1998  
Sex Is A Thrill With The Pill Sex Is A Thrill With The Pill 6th Jul 1998  
Manga Maniac Manga Maniac (Never released) 1999  
Hanky Spanky Hanky Spanky (Never released) Jul 1999  
Do You Love Me Do You Love Me 6th Sep 2004  
Fragile Love Fragile Love May 2006  
Let Me Feel Your Sexappeal Let Me Feel Your Sexappeal 26th Feb 2007  
Sensuality Sensuality Sep 2007  
Skin To Skin Skin To Skin (Vinyl only) Sep 2007  
Voodoo Queen Voodoo Queen 4th Jul 2008  
Love2Love Love2Love 28th Mar 2009  
Sex On The Phone Sex On The Phone Aug 2009  
Gimme (Safer Sex) Gimme (Safer Sex) Nov 2009  
Poison Called Love Poison Called Love 2nd Sep 2011  
Wild Beast Wild Beast (feat. TK Tycoon) 14th Sep 2012  
Love Is The Code Love Is The Code 15th Nov 2013  
Sexy Boy Sexy Boy 7th Dec 2018  
Lose Control Lose Control (with Lyane Leigh) 22nd Jan 2021  
Sexy Lover Sexy Lover 23rd Apr 2021  


SEX Appeal remixes

Wild Beast Wild Beast 7th Dec 2012  


Featurings and collaborations

Love2Love 2022 Startastic - Love2Love 2022 7th Oct 2022  


SEX Appeal biography

Music and production by Lyane Leigh, TGP Hegemann
Records company : 3H Music

S.E.X. was an acronym for "Sensuality", "Energy" and "Xstasy". To avoid a long standing lawsuit about the label 'E-Rotic' Lyane established S.E.X. Appeal. After Raz-Ma-Taz, Gino Gillian (aged 31) from Singapore became her partner. Gino (real name : Alexander Luursen) had been successful in the whole of Asia as a first class singer and entertainer e.g. in the mega shows of Julio Iglesias, Viktor Lazlo and even in one of Frank Sinatra

The first S.E.X.Appeal single Voulez Vous Coucher Avec Moi was released in 1996. Lyrics were done by John O'Flynn. This song was first presented in the Disco Club 'Fun' in München (Germany). During this very dynamic song (150 BPM) Lyane and Richard performed a very sexy dance. During this 40 mins concert they also presented a Trance track Come On Baby and remake of George Michael's I Want Your Sex. First concerts in live of the 'new'group took place in April 1996.

Voulez Vous Coucher Avec Moi reached to the waiting list of the German charts, was 3 times traders´ tip of the month and also became a disco hit. In the whole of Europe the single was even more successful than in Germany. So it held the highest ranking of 18 in the Austrian charts for 10 weeks and the famous French trend-setter in fashion Jean Paul Gaultier invited S.E.X. Appeal to participate in a TV-show which was broadcasted into 16 countries.

The next single was Life Goes Up - Life Goes Down, a happy euro-reggae summer song which unfortunately was merely appreciated in Germany. The more successful it was in foreigh countries like Finland and Japan. This song was the first to be co-produced by Lyane and her brother Thijs.

The maxi-cd Dirty Talk was the next strike. It was published under 'Jupiter 69 label in March 98. With this song S.E.X. Appeal could reach a successful presentation of their band in two bigger German talkshows (Hans Meiser & Arabella).

Beside numerous concerts in Europe and abroad, as well as studio productions for related and other artists and projects, Lyane and Gino were now working on their conception for the first album they are doing together. The maxi-CD Sex Is A Thrill With The Pill dealing with the current topic of the 'Viagra-Will-Pill' has been published by BMG in advance. In addition a dance mix was provided especially for clubs in the European regions with holiday tourism.

At least they released their first album entitled Peeping Tom in Autumn 1999. The 2 singles Dirty Talk et Life Goes Up, Life Goes Down were missing but a track released by Lyane as solo single has been added : Kids In America. Gino Gillian left the project in 1999. .

2002 : the tracks Hanky Spanky 2002 and Kids in America 2002 were released with Ramshorn NL on the compilation Work Out 13. A brand new track called Do You Love Me was also recorded, with Lyane's voice and no more rapper.

In September 2004 Do You Love Me was released. It included 4 mixes, plus the track Here We Go from the album Peeping Tom as a B-side.

2006 : a new remix-version of the song Fragile Love from the album Peeping Tom (new arrangements, new vocals) was released in May. A new album was planned for Summer 2006.

A new single Let Me Feel Your Sexappeal was released in January 2007. The lyrics were written by John O'Flynn. It was followed by a brand new album Sensuality. The next single Skin 2 Skin was remixed by Marc Korn & Little K.

In August, the album Sensuality was released in Thaïland. It contained 2 CDs. A remixes album for Sensuality is also planned for release in Germany, with a different tracklisting from the Thaï second CD.

2009 : they released their new single Love2Love on 28th March. Their next single was a cover of E-rotic's Sex On The Phone. It was released on August 28th. Then in October came Gimme (Safer Sex), featuring former Mr President rapper LayZee.

2011 : SEX Appeal's new single was entitled Poison Called Love.

2012 : SEX Appeal will release Wild Beast as next digital single and published a snippet. Planned for September, single featured Swedish rapper TK Tycoon.

2013 : they released their brand new album Russian Roulette. Next single was entitled Love Is The Code, with a B-side called Christmas time, including Funky70s Remix.

2014 : S.E.X. Appeal's next album Black Widow was planned for end of 2015, but nothing came out.

2018 : fans had to wait because Lyane was busy with her solo carreer and tourning with E-rotic. Finally they released a Sexy Boy... Best Of album. A single also entitled Sexy Boy was released to promote the album.

2021 : after a remix of the song Lose Control, SEX Appeal's new single was entitled Sexy Lover. Long-awaited album Black Widow could finally be released afterwards

3H Music
Thanks to Denis "DJ Hooligan" Zhabkin, Anya, mika, Klems, andy, Michael, Heino Hegemann, and Tavi Meran

SEX Appeal biography was last updated Sun, February 6th 2022

Charts (singles)

Voulez-Vous Coucher Avec Moi #18



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