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Pro DJ International   (Australia)

EuroDance  label / records company
Added : 19/03/2013



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Pro DJ International biography

Australian label Pro DJ International was based in Burwood. Some eurodance artists releases such as DJ Bobo, Look Twice and Clock were licensed under Pro DJ International. It also produced a vinyl-only DJ remix service in the early 90's that had at least 18 issues, with later issues being double or triple sets. Sublabel: Ultra Violet Recordings

Pro DJ International biography was last updated Sat, January 13th 2018

Pro DJ International catalog

Artist Title Date Label
2Nite Brothers Never Gonna Give You Up (Dance Romance) 1999 PDJ 048DS
7 Signs & Julia Simon Missing 1995 PDJ 7204DS
883 Devotion 1997 PDJ 7343DS
99th Floor Elevators Hooked 1997 PDJ 7327DS
Abigail Let The Joy Rise 1999 PDJ 198DS
Afrika Bambaataa vs Carpe Diem Got To Get Up 1998 PDJ 033DS
AJB Calling Your Name PDJ 027DS
AJB With Mister Miss The Land Of Make Believe 1996 PDJ 062DS
Amadin Take Me Up (Alrabaiye) 1993 PDJ 7101V
Amadin Take Me Up (Alrabaiye) 1993 PDJ 7101DS
Amadin U Make Me Feel Alright 1994 PDJ 7129DS
Andrew Sixty Oh Carol / Johnny B Good 1994 PDJ 7120DS
Andrew Sixty Oh Carol / Johnny Be Good 1994 PDJ 7120R
Bacon Popper Free PDJ 71069
Bacon Popper Free (Remixes) 1998 PDJ 039DS
Bacon Popper Rejoice In Love 1999 PDJ 050DS
Bailey Carol Feel It 1994 PDJ 7160DS
Bambee Candy Girl 1997 PDJ 7390DS
Barkin Brothers Featuring Johnnie Fiori Gonna Catch You (Gordons Groove Mixes) 2000 PDJ 189DS
Bee Buzz Gonna Be Mine 1994 PDJ 7156DS
BitMachine Any Kind Of Vision 1995 PDJ 7190DS
Bitmachine Somebody Real 1994 PDJ 7168DS
Black Groove Jumping Upside Down 1996 PDJ 7256DS
Blackvogue Soundsystem Fast Car 1998 PDJ 164DS
Bobby T We Used To Party 1995 PDJ 7152DS
Borsetta I Just Can't Help Believing 1996 PDJ 7219DS
Brazen Hussies The Disco Mixes 1998 PDJ 7408DS
Candice I'm In Heaven 1994 PDJ 7121DS
Casino Get Funky (Mamma He, Mamma Ho) 1996 PDJ 7290DS
Central Seven Big Fun 1998 PDJ 017DS
Central Seven The Opera 1997 PDJ 7346DS
Central Seven God Of House 1997 PDJ 7389DS
CJ Wilson Dai La Li La La 1996 PDJ 7310DS
Clock Whoomph! (There It Is) 1995 PDJ 7184DS
Clock It's Over 1997 PDJ 7329DS
Clock Keep The Fires Burning 1994 PDJ 7123DS
Clock Holding On 4 U 1996 PDJ 7216DS
Clock Axel F / Keep Pushin' 1995 PDJ 7166DS
Clock The Rhythm 1994 PDJ 7106DS
Clock The Rhythm 1994 PDJ 7106V
Clock It's Time... 1995 PDJ 7161D
Clock In The House 1995 PDJ 7198DS
Clock Holding On 4 U 1996 PDJ 7209DS
Clock Everybody 1995 PDJ 7191DS
Clock Oh What A Night / You Give Me Love 1996 PDJ 7288DS
Clock Oh What A Night / You Give Me Love 1996 PDJ 7287DS
Clueless Don't Speak 1997 PDJ 7331DS
Clyto Angel Face 1994 PDJ 7153DS
COBRA Living For The City 1998 PDJ 7451DS
Comix I Need Ya' Humm! 1996 PDJ 7309DS
Consilio Take My Heart 1999 PDJ 137DS
Crush Luv'd Up 1997 PDJ 7418DS
Davis Lana Dance Dance Dance 1997 PDJ 7344DS
Decadance Latin Lover 1994 PDJ 7122DS
Deep Control I Need Your Love 1996 PDJ 7208DS
Def Dames Dope The DDD Unity Megamix 1994 PDJ 7125DS
Def Dames Dope Show Me What U Got 1995 PDJ 7169DS
Dirty Boys Up & Down PDJ 031DS
Disco Blu Disco Blu 1997 PDJ 7330DS
Disco Citizens Footprint 1997 PDJ 7333DS
Diva Rhythms Volume One 1995 PDJ 7291DS
DJ Bo & The Phat Butt Crew Goin' Back To My Roots 1997 PDJ 7412DS
DJ BoBo Somebody Dance With Me 1993 PDS CD533
DJ BoBo There Is A Party 1994 PDJ 7132D
DJ Bobo Let The Dream Come True (Remix) 1995 PDJ 7151DS
DJ BoBo Let The Dream Come True 1994 PDJ 7133DS
DJ BoBo Keep On Dancing 1993 KEEP ON DANCING
DJ BoBo Shadows Of The Night 1997 PDJ 7370D
DJ BoBo Pray 1996 PDJ 7295DS
DJ BoBo Freedom 1995 PDJ 7194DS
DJ BoBo Everybody 1993 PDJ 7105DS
DJ BoBo There Is A Party (Dance Remixes) 1995 PDJ 7189DS
DJ BoBo Keep On Dancing! 1994 PDS CD530
DJ BoBo Just For You 1995 PDJ 7162D
DJ BoBo There Is A Party 1995 PDJ 7182DS
DJ BoBo Love Is All Around 1995 PDJ 7141DS
DJ Brunno Feat Jay (10) Where Do You Go 1996 PDJ 7301DS
DJ Cool Featuring Eddy J Give Me Your Love 1998 PDJ 029DS
DJ Don Juan Have You Ever Really Loved A Woman? 1995 PDJ 7195DS
DJ Kool Meets Crooklyn Clan Here We Go Now 1998 PDJ 7430DS
DJ Rene Music All Over The World 2000 PDJ 224DS
DJ Space'C Stop (Dance Mixes) 1999 PDJ 7420DS
DJ Supreme Tha Wildstyle 1996 PDJ 7302DS
DJ Supreme Tha Wildstyle 1997 PDJ 7341D5
DJ Supreme Vs Rhythm Masters Enter The Scene 1997 PDJ 7401DS
Dolly Parton Peace Train 1997 PDJ 7394DS
Dolly Parton Walking On Sunshine 1996 PDJ 142DS
Dolly Parton Two Doors Down 1997 PDJ 143DS
Dr Delite And His Funky Band Get Down Tonight 1997 PDJ 7337DS
Dubgate featuring Tasha Last Night A DJ Saved My Life 1999 PDJ 7426DS
E-Motion (2) Dance To The Music 1996 PDJ 7269DS
Eddy Two Face Music Is The Power 1997 PDJ 7313DS
Edsilia Get Here 1999 PDJ 126DS
Evelyn Funny Bunny Boy 1998 DMP 1004DS
Fargetta This Time 1995 PDJ 7170DS
Farley Jackmaster Funk Featuring Darryl Pandy Love Can't Turn Around 1997 PDJ 7320DS
First Choice Feat Rochelle Fleming Let No Man Put Asunder ('95 Remixes) 1995 PDJ 7201DS
Flag One More 1994 PDJ 7134DS
Force Full Feat DJ Enrico & DJ Ton TB Foreign Affair 1998 PDJ 7446DS
Fourteen 14 Everytime We Touch PDJ 7427DS
Foxter Lemon Tree 1996 PDJ 7296ds
Francoise Dais It's In His Kiss 1995 PDJ 7175DS
Frank'o Moiraghi presents Gloria Gaynor I Am What I Am 1996 PDJ 232DS
Fun Fun Color My Love 1997 PDJ7371DS
Funkadelia Push The Tempo 1994 PDJ 7139DS
Funkydory Goodtimes '96 1996 PDJ 7277DS
G-Groove Everybody (The Everybody EP) 1996 PDJ 7263DS
Galaxy Freed From Desire 1997 PDJ 7332DS
Gwen Dickey The Best Is Yet To Come 1995 PDJ 7176DS
Gwen Dickey And KWS Ain't Nobody (Loves Me Better) 1994 PDJ 7116DS
Hard-Pressed Productions feat Aletia Bourne Sunshine On A Rainy Day 1996 PDJ 7293DS
Hazell Dean Searchin' 97 1997 PDJ 7360DS
Hithouse Jack The Sound Of The Underground 1994 Remixes 1994 PDJ 7110V
Hithouse Jack To The Sound Of The Underground '94 (Remixes) 1994 PDJ 7110DS
Hotbox Too Spicy 1997 PDJ 7317DS
Hyena Naked In The Rain 1994 PDJ 7158DS
Hypertastee Featuring Yvonne Nasty Girl 1996 PDJ 148DS
Imperio Veni Vidi Vici 1994 PDJ 7157DS
Jamie Dee People (Everybody Needs Love) 1997 PDJ 7264DS
Jamie Dee People 1995 PDJ 7186DS
Jamie Lee Just 4 Your Love 1995 PDJ 7173DS
Jayne County F**k Off 1999 PDJ 175DS
JT And The Big Family Rock The Crowd 1997 PDJ 7319DS
Karen Dunbar Halo 1997 PDJ 7376DS
Kelly Marie Feels Like I'm In Love '97 1997 PDJ 7377DS
Kimara A Night To Remember 1997 PDJ 7417DS
KMC Somebody To Touch Me 1995 PDJ 7292DS
Koko Open Your Eyes 1997 PDJ 7352DS
Kristine Blond Love Shy 1998 PDJ 093DS
KWS Gimme Little Sign 1997 PDJ 7315DS
KWS Featuring Teddy Pendergrass The More I Get, The More I Want (Remixes) 1994 PDJ 7145DS
Lance Ellington Lonely '96 1996 PDJ 7271DS
Lance Ellington Gimme Love 1994 PDJ 7131DS
Lance Ellington / Maria Short Gimme Love / Change The Way 1994 PDJ 7131R
Latin Lou And Mambo All Stars, The Mambo # 5 1999 PDJ 112DS
Leanora Decapo My Heart Will Go On (The Dance Mixes) 1997 PDJ 7413DS
Lisa All Around The World 1999 PDJ 077DS
Lizzy Mack Don't Go 1995 PDJ 7197DS
Lola Frozen (The Dance Mixes) 1997 PDJ 7416DS
Look Twice Go Away 1995 PDJ 7185DS
Look Twice That's The Way (I Like It) 1995 PDJ 7172DS
Look Twice Mr Dance & Mr Groove 1994 PDJ 7155DS
Look Twice Twice As Nice 1994 PDJ 7137D
Look Twice Move That Body 1994 PDJ 7118DS
Look Twice Funk You Up 1997 PDJ 7363DS
Look Twice Do U Wanna Boogie 1996 PDJ 7278DS
Loop Spread Your Wings 2000 PDJ 216DS
Love 4 Sale Do You Feel So Right 1994 PDJ 7136DS
Maria Short Change The Way 1994 PDJ 7127DS
Mary Wilson U 1996 PDJ 7286DS
Massive Ego You Think You're A Man! 1997 PDJ 7409DS
Meanstreet Boys Last Train To London 1996 PDJ 7285DS
Mercury JD Feat Anna (5) Bellissimo 1997 PDJ 7361DS
Michealia Rowe Tender Love And Care 1996 PDJ 7211DS
MK Burning 1996 PDJ 7303DS
Night Express The Nighttrain 1996 PDJ 7274DS
Nikki 'C' Insanity 1996 PDJ 7280DS
Nu Soul Featuring Kelli Rich Hide-A-Way 1996 PDJ 7257DS
Object One Connecting People 1999 DMP 1006DS
Oceanic Insanity '99 1999 PDJ 058DS
One Nation Bitter Sweet Symphony 1997 PDJ 7387DS
OOM Out Of Mind 1994 PDJ 7107DS
Pacific Groove Break My Stride / Don't Cry For Me Argentina 1997 PDJ 7323DS
Para Doxa We Are Ravin (Remixes) 1995 PDJ 7188DS
Para Doxa We Are Ravin' 1995 PDJ 7180DS
Paradise Fall 7 Seconds 1994 PDJ 7135DS
Parkride Can You Feel It / Once Again (Medley) 1998 PDJ 7460DS
Partizan Drive Me Crazy 1997 PDJ 7324DS
Pat Riot My World 1999 PDJ 149DS
Phat Butt Crew Feat 2-Nice Gimme The Night 1996 PDJ 7265DS
Plug & Play House Your Body 1995 PDJ 7206DS
Poppers Presents Aura Every Little Time 1997 PDJ 7437DS
Praga Khan Visions & Imaginations 1999 PDJ 166DS
Praga Khan Twenty First Century Skin 1999 PDJ 122D
Praga Khan Lonely 1999 PDJ 221DS
Praga Khan Breakfast In Vegas 1999 PDJ 113DS
Primax Pure 1996 PDJ 7213DS
Primax Music / Musik First Love 1996 PDJ 7300DS
Pullstar Let The Music Play 1998 PDJ 074DS
Purplebeat Don't Stop Till You Get Enough (Remixes) 1995 PDJ 7159DS
Purplebeat Don't Stop Till You Get Enough 1994 PDJ 7154DS
Q-Club Tell It To My Heart 1995 PDJ 7178DS
Ramirez La Musika Tremenda 1999 PDJ 226DS
Red Raw Featuring 007 Ooh La La La 1995 PDJ 7192DS
Regina Killing Me Softly 1996 PDJ 7276DS
Rhythm Of Life Heaven 1994 PDJ 7109DS
Ricky Ricardo Chiquita Bonita PDJ 7183DS
Riddle Hampster Song 1995 PDJ 230DS
Roman Photo Cool Baby Cool 1995 PDJ 7174DS
Romario Featuring Bill Fredericks Low Rider 1998 PDJ 030DS
Run From Run DMC featuring Justine Simmons Praise My DJ's (My Funny Valentine) 1999 PDJ 070DS
Samantha Fox Let Me Be Free 1997 PDJ 7318DS
Sartorello Forniture Move Baby Move 1996 PDJ 7347DS
Secret Motion feat Shelley Nelson Lose Her Now 1997 PDJ 71067
Secret Motion Featuring Shelley Nelson Lose Her Now 1997 PDJ 7450DS
Short Maria My Secrets 1994 PDJ 7124DS
Simon Harris Bass (How Low Can You Go?) 1996 PDJ 7218DS
Sister Sledge All New Mixes '98 1998 PH2 1002DS
Sisters N' Brothers Why Don't You Stay The Night 1994 PDJ 7171DS
Smith Ann Marie (You're My One & Only) True Love 1995 PDJ 7187DS
Smith Ann Marie Alright / Stronger 1996 PDJ 7283DS
Soft House Da Funk 1996 PDJ 7294DS
Sons Of Rhythm Never Knew 1995 PDJ 7202DS
Sophia Couldn't This Be Magic 1995 PDJ 7193DS
Sophia Gimme The Night 1994 PDJ 7179DS
SOR Wandering Dragon Big Bass Drum 1996 PDJ 7284DS
Soulstream All I Wanna Do 1996 PDJ 7258DS
Space Master Step On 1994 PDJ 7108DS
Spaceman Spaceman 1996 PDJ 7215DS
Spy Master Theme From Mission: Impossible 1996 PDJ 7273DS
Staccato (2) I Wanna Know 1996 PDJ 7282DS
Steve Rachmad A Lot Of Love 1995 PDJ 7432DS
Suite Say What You Want 1997 PDJ 7388DS
Summer Junkies I'm Gonna Luv U 1998 PDJ 073CDS
Summer Junkies Hey Y'all 1999 PDJ 223DS
Sunshine State It's A Fine Day 1999 PDJ 061DS
Taffy I Love My Radio 1997 PDJ 7381DS
The Adventures Of Stevie V featuring Nazlyn Dirty Ca$h - 1998 Remixes 1997 PDJ 7405DS
The Adventures Of Stevie V Featuring Nazlyn Dirty Ca$h 1997 PDJ 7374 DS
The Beat Doctors Featuring Bobby Pruit Sexual Healing 1995 PDJ 7196DS
The Course Ready Or Not (Club House Remixes) 1997 PDJ 7345DS
The South Coast Rap All Stars Let's All Get Down 1995 PDJ 7199DS
The X-Club The X-Tended File 1996 PDJ 7223DS
TOF Funk It Up (The Remixes) 1996 PDJ 7255DS
TOF Funk It Up 1996 PDJ 7214DS
Toni Basil Mickey (Remixes) 1999 PDJ 054DS
Tracy Shaw Ridin' High 1998 PDJ 035DS
Twenty To Two Boombastic 1995 PDJ 7207DS
UK Small Town Boy 1996 PDJ 7279DS
Ultrashock The Sound Of E 1996 PDJ 7307DS
Ve Ve Brown We've Got Love 1995 PDJ 7167DS
Velva Blu Barbie Girl 1997 PDJ 7379D
Vicki Sue Robinson For Real 1995 PDJ 7181DS
Voggue Featuring Di Lara Give Me The Night 1998 PDJ 073DS
Waterfront Move With The Spirit 1997 PDJ 7411DS
Whycliffe House Is Our Music (Let's Start The Dance) 1995 PDJ 7200DS
Wildside 2 Become 1 1997 PDJ 7348DS
Wilson Peter Mama Told Me 1999 PDJ 036DS
Wilson Peter Mama Told Me 1999 PDJ 71066
X-Rated Talk About Macho 1999 PDJ 176DS
XXX featuring E'liza So Addicted... 1996 PDJ 7308DS
Zone 2 (2) Jackie 1998 PDJ 001DS




DISCLAIMER : unless you see the artist's name among the credits of this biography, it was only created by gathering infos from the web and from fan sources. Sorry if, even if I did all verifications I could, some parts of the biography are false or lack accuracy. Please keep ini mind that I am alone running the site. If you are the artist himself or contributed to the project, please wait till I come back from holidays to submit corrections.

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