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Milk Inc   (Belgium)

AKA : Milk Incorporated, La Vache
EuroTrance group
Added : 10/09/2000

Apocalypse Cow French Edition
Apocalypse Cow
Apocalypse Cow Limited Edition
Land Of The Living
Double Cream (Singapour Edition)
Double Cream - Best Of
Milk Inc
Best Of Milk Inc.
Supersized Live Cd
The Best Of
The Best Of
La Vache
Free Your Mind
Good Enough
Inside Of Me
In My Eyes
Losing Love
Doe De Donna
Walk On Water
Land Of The Living
Don't Cry
Never Again
Livin A Lie
Wide Awake
In My Eyes
Breathe Without You
The Sun Always Shines On TV
I Don't Care
Go To Hell
Tainted Love
No Angel
Chasing The Wind
I'll Be There (La Vache 2011)
Last Night A DJ Saved My Life
Sweet Child O' Mine
Don't Say Goodbye
95 1996 1997 1998 1999 2000 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014

Latest Milk Inc news

29/09/2017 : DJ Effe gathered Milk Inc's best hits in a special video megamix.

14/04/2016 : This morning, Milk Inc performed live on radio MNM. Last monday they gave an interview on QMusic radio and presented a brand new version of their hit Sunrise.

23/10/2015 : Milk Inc will do a 20th Anniversary tour starting from April 15th 2016. Like every year, Linda is a partner for Limburg CatShelter. You can place your bid for a dinner with Linda, or a 12" signed by Linda & Regi.

20/10/2014 : Today sees the release of long-awaited new single from Milk Inc, entitled Don't Say Goodbye.

20/07/2014 : According to an interview in the newspapers last month, Milk Inc are working on 2 new songs. One of them is entitled Like It's The First Time and it is Regi's favourite. New single could premiere during their performance at Vlaanderen Muziekland end of July.

29/08/2013 : Milk Inc's new single will be entitled Imagination. You can pre-order on iTunes from Monday September 2nd.

23/06/2013 : A few days ago, Milk Inc presented their new album Undercover on Q-music. Album gathers all the covers recorded by Milk Inc for Ornelis en Rogiers Friday radio show.

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Milk Inc albums

Apocalypse Cow French Edition Apocalypse Cow French Edition 20th Mar 1998
Apocalypse Cow Apocalypse Cow 31st May 1999
Apocalypse Cow Limited Edition Apocalypse Cow Limited Edition 2 CDs 21st Nov 1999
Land Of The Living Land Of The Living 10th Nov 2000
Double Cream (Singapour Edition) Double Cream (Singapour Edition) 2001
Double Cream - Best Of Double Cream - Best Of 2 CDs 1st Nov 2001
Milk Inc Milk Inc 23rd Sep 2002
Closer Closer 6th Oct 2003
Best Of Milk Inc. Best Of Milk Inc. (Australia) 2 CDs Jul 2004
Closer Closer (US version) 9th Aug 2005
Supersized Supersized Sep 2006
Supersized Live Cd Supersized Live Cd (sold only during the concert) 30th Sep 2006
The Best Of The Best Of 28th Sep 2007
The Best Of The Best Of 2 CDs 29th Sep 2007
Forever Forever 23rd Jun 2008
Nomansland Nomansland 1st Mar 2011
15 15 2 CDs 15th Oct 2011
Undercover Undercover 21st Jun 2013

Milk Inc DVDs and VHS

Supersized concert Supersized concert 15th Dec 2006 DVD
Het Beste Uit Supersized 2 Het Beste Uit Supersized 2 (Exclusively sold with P-magazine) Dec 2007 DVD
Forever Live At Sportpaleis Forever Live At Sportpaleis 21st Nov 2008 DVD


Milk Inc singles

Cream Cream 24th Apr 1996  
La Vache La Vache 2nd Dec 1996  
Free Your Mind Free Your Mind 21st Oct 1997  
Good Enough Good Enough (La Vache UK version) 1998  
Inside Of Me Inside Of Me 20th Feb 1998  
In My Eyes In My Eyes 9th Dec 1998  
Promise Promise 29th Mar 1999  
Oceans Oceans 27th Apr 1999  
Losing Love Losing Love 12th Nov 1999  
Doe De Donna Doe De Donna (Never released as single) 2000  
Walk On Water Walk On Water 14th Apr 2000  
Land Of The Living Land Of The Living 22nd Sep 2000  
Don't Cry Don't Cry Promo only Mar 2001  
Never Again Never Again 11th Jun 2001  
Livin A Lie Livin A Lie 2nd Jul 2001  
Wide Awake Wide Awake 3rd Nov 2001  
Sleepwalker Sleepwalker 22nd Apr 2002  
In My Eyes In My Eyes (UK release) 11th May 2002  
Breathe Without You Breathe Without You 28th Oct 2002  
Time Time 5th May 2003  
The Sun Always Shines On TV The Sun Always Shines On TV 1st Sep 2003  
I Don't Care I Don't Care (feat Silvy) 9th Feb 2004  
Whisper Whisper 6th Sep 2004  
Blind Blind 2nd May 2005  
Go To Hell Go To Hell 7th Oct 2005  
Tainted Love Tainted Love 9th Jun 2006  
Run Run 1st Sep 2006  
No Angel No Angel 8th Dec 2006  
Sunrise Sunrise 22nd Jun 2007  
Tonight Tonight 22nd Oct 2007  
Forever Forever 9th Jun 2008  
Race Race 11th Oct 2008  
Blackout Blackout 7th Jul 2009  
Guilty Guilty (Digital release only) 22nd Dec 2009  
Storm Storm 19th Feb 2010  
Chasing The Wind Chasing The Wind 9th Jul 2010  
Fire Fire 4th Feb 2011  
Shadow Shadow 28th Jun 2011  
I'll Be There (La Vache 2011) I'll Be There (La Vache 2011) Sep 2011  
Miracle Miracle 13th Jun 2012  
Last Night A DJ Saved My Life Last Night A DJ Saved My Life 1st Feb 2013  
Sweet Child O' Mine Sweet Child O' Mine 3rd Jun 2013  
Imagination Imagination 16th Sep 2013  
Don't Say Goodbye Don't Say Goodbye 20th Oct 2014  



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Milk Inc biography

Records company : Antler Subway, ARS Belgium.

Milk Incorporated started as a studio-project of 3 young, talented producers : Regi Penxten (born in 1975), Ivo Donckers and Filip Vandueren. All three of them had been active on big Belgian dance labels like Dance Opera, with projects like K-Lab, Regg & Arkin, and they had remixed songs for various dance-projects.

On stage, Regi is responsible for the keyboards, samplers & sequencing. The dancer Ann Vervoort (born 1977) did the vocals. Actually, there was another vocalist who did main part of the vocals in studio : Karine Boelaerts (She also did vocals for 2 Fabiola and Maurizzio). Another member of the project is John Miles Jr as a guitar player.

La Vache (# 21 in UK, but completely unnoticed in their homeland Belgium) started it all. It got a vocal remix by Praga Khan, with vocals by Jade4U (aka Nikki Van Lier). Many people in France still believe that La Vache is the name of the project ! It was followed by Free Your Mind, featuring vocals by Sofie Winters since Jade4U was already busy as Praga Khan's vocalist. In March 1998, they released their debut album Apocalypse Cow in France... still under the project name La Vache ! They started touring, appearing on the hugest scenes such as Bercy (Paris), Cannes, Monaco, Lyon, etc... Their South-African tour was a huge success, MTV played their hit La Vache in prime-time, and they even were in 'The Box' with artists like Aqua, The Prodigy...

Then Ann Vervoort became a member of Milk Inc, appearing for the first time on Inside Of Me. The clip was not broadcasted in France, where it was estimated too morbid... Then came Losing Love (# 16 in Israel) and In My Eyes (which failed in France but was a huge success in Belgium, selling gold there). Promise was out in April and the album Apocalypse Cow was released in Belgium only in May 1999, more than 1 year later than the French release...

At the end on 1999, they contributed to a song together with all the Antler artists, a cover of the song Do They Know It's Christmas. Each artist also did a song on their own, this is how Milk Inc. recorded a new song called Alone at Christmas.

2000 : Walk On Water was the name of their new single. Ann Vervoort left the group in September. She got married with Pat Krimson from 2 Fabiola and they planned to start their record label : Benimusa. She was replaced by the brunette Linda Mertens.

History tells that, while she was in a club with some friends, Linda found the courage to ask Regi if needed a singer for Milk Inc. After 2 auditions, she was finally selected. The was the beginning of a new Milk Inc era. Linda was presented at the Hitkracht show together with the newest song Land Of The Living. "My first year with Milk Inc. was very hard.", Linda remembers. "I didn't have any musical education, no stage experience except the one as a dancer at discotheques".

In November, the second album Land Of The Living was released. It started with Never Again. High pitched techno at least at the beginning followed by dramatic main body done more into pop-dance. Don't Cry tune was relaxing R&B-like fare. Livin' A Lie was awesome, crossing NRG/euro with rich full of synths buttom. For No Reason was hip-hop. The powerful tune Sweet Surrender featuring Tony Hadley a new romantic icon from Spandau Ballet. Also pleasurable was Time Has Stood Still. Good Euro-Trance in solid production. Losing Love is intoxicating, rumbling Euro-Pop/Techno joy ride. The album is closing by Kevin Marshall's Trance Remix of Land Of The Living.

Caren Meynen is a DJ @ Donna. In 2000 Caren Meynen, DJ at the Belgian radio station Donna, asked a few Belgian groups (among them, Milk Inc, Clouseau and Belle Perez) to make their own version of Doe De Donna. The song, the first Milk Inc track in Flemish language, was never released officially and remained an exclusivity from Radio Donna.

2001 : After the track Livin A Lie, Never Again was be the next single to be released. It was the same powerful eurotrance style, inspired to Linda by her ex... Then there was a re-release of Walk On Water. The follow up was named Wide Awake.

2002 : Milk Inc came back with a brand new track, Sleepwalker. The follow-up was entitled Breathe Without You and it was out on October. The new album was planned for 2003.

2003 : in May, their new single called Time was out. In August, they announced they would make a cover of a song from A-Ha : The Sun Always Shines On TV. The videoclip was shot in France on the 14th September.

In October, their brand new album was released. Entitled Closer, it contained 14 songs. The 5th track called I Don't Care was a duet between Linda and Silvy De Bie (from Sylver). The 13th track Blown Away was the only instrumental song on this album. The last track Maybe was a ballad sung by Linda and Regi, who appeared for the first time on a Milk Inc song. In November 2003, Milk Inc. performed in Poland.

2004 : The new single from Milk Inc. was I Don't Care. The video was shot at Club Atmoz at Hasselt. The new single jumped to #3 in the Belgian charts at the end of March. The Sun Always Shines On TV will be released soon in Australia.

The follow-up was entitled Whisper, and in October it peaked to #1 in Belgium. The same month, Milk Inc released their first DVD in Australia. It contained 18 videos, as well as an accoustic set of 5 songs (I Don't Care, Oceans, Walk On Water, Don't Cry and Maybe, recorded especially for this occasion) and a few extras.

2005 : Milk Inc's new singles was entitled Blind. The video was recorded on the 14th of April. The single was released on the 2nd of May, it peaked up to #5 in Belgium. Milk Inc should record a new album this summer.

In September, Regi released a solo single entitled No Music. It went directly #16 in the Belgian charts. The following month, Go To Hell was released.

2006 : in May, the new single Tainted Love (a cover version of the famous hit) was released. "We were trying some melodies and suddenly we had something on which Tainted Love fitted perfectly. Furthermore, this song is actually a combination of 2 well-known songs."

The fourth album Supersized was out in September 2006. It was called after the mega-concert at the Sportpaleis in Antwerp. Next to Whisper, Blind, Go To Hell and the new song Tainted Love, there was 8 brand new songs + 1 bonus song. The new single was entitled Run.

A live CD of the Supersized concert was available just after the concert. It could be ordered until October 31st, afterwards this collector item would not be available in the shops. It was actually included with the concert DVD released a few monthes later.

The next Milk Inc. single is gonna be No Angel. The videoclip was shot live during Milk Inc. Supersized concert.

2007 : they earned a golden record for their album Supersized. Milk Inc left their former records company to enter ARS. Their new single Sunrise was out on June 22nd. Together with director Sven Coumans a video was shot in Alicante. In this video you can see a handsome guy escaping from prison and trying to find Linda. During his search, he has to deal with an FBI agent, a part played by Regi Penxten himself. The next album is planned for Spring 2008.

End of September, a new Best Of CD was released, the day before the 3 Supersized 2 concerts. The one and only new track of the best of was Sunrise. During the Supersized concert, a new track called Tonight was presented to the fans, was their next single and its videoclip was made from parts shot during the concert. Linda also proved her drummer talents.

Like almost every year, Milk Inc were nominated at the TMF Awards for best videoclip and best dance artist (Regi as solo artist was also nominated). And like every year, they won the best dance artist award.

According to rumors, and due to legal rights problems between the records comapnies, there should not be any official DVD of the Milk Inc Supersized II concert this years. All remains to the fans is the 10-tracks DVD attached to P-Magazine, or the TV-recording of the concert broadcasted on Jim TV in December.

Linda Mertens and Jessy recorded together a new single entitled Getting Out, released in December under the name Linda & Jessy. The Supersized 2 concert was broadcasted on Jim TV in December.

2008 : the next and third Supersized series of concert was renamed Milk Inc Forever, from the name of their forthcoming album which was released with the new single of the same name on June 9th.

The video clip for Forever was shot in Germany on May 27th and 28th. Regi explains "It's going to be a very special video for Forever. The story is about Linda and me in the filmstudio. During the song we'll move in a tangle of film and on those filmroles there are other new images. In short, it's going to be something very special, very trendy".

The next single was entitled Race and it was once again a hit in their home country. In October, they won 3 awards at TMF awards (best dance, best live & best album Forever)

They released the DVD of their annual mega concert Forever live in Antwerpen Sportpaleis at the end of November.

2009 : in February, Milk Inc won for the second time the MIA-Award of best dance group. The new single, a remix of Guilty, was said to be planned for February 15th. But nothing came out. In May, the official name of the mega Milk Inc concerts at the Sportpaleis for September 2009 was revealed : Blackout. It would be also the title of the forthcoming single. The videoclip was shot in June, in Gent, Blackout was out in July.

End of December, Filip Vandueren confirmed on his Twitter that there won't be any DVD of Milk Inc Blackout concerts. Guilty was finally released as digital single in Canada only, unfortunately for European fans.

2010 : In January, they won the MIA Award for best dance-electro for the third year. after being postponed several times, the new single Storm was finally released on February 19th. The video was shot in Beverly Hills. In July, the follow-up Chasing The Wind was out. In September, during the Antwerp Sportpaleis concerts, they presented a brand new song entitled Dance 2 Forget.

2011 : Milk Inc's next single was not Dance 2 Forget but Fire, to be released on February 4th. Videoclip was shot on January 8th (CSI-style), and was released on February 1st. Milk Inc's new album Nomansland was released and went quickly #1 in the Ultratop Album Top 100 in Belgium. Their mega concert in Antwerp in September will be entitled Milk Inc 15. New single was Shadow. During 9th September MNM show Regi In The Mix, Milk Inc's new version of their hit La Vache was played. Called I'll Be There / La Vache 2011, it featured brand new vocals by Linda

2012 : in June, during Regi & Elke's wedding broadcasted live on Jim TV, Linda sung an acoustic version Milk Inc's forthcoming single : Miracle.

2013 : Milk Inc's single Last Night A DJ Saved My Life was released in February. Videoclip was recorded at the Noxx Skyclub at Antwerp, Belgium. Follow-up single was another song taken from their Friday covers series : Sweet Child 'o Mine, originally released by Guns N' Roses. Milk Inc released their new album Undercover, gathering all the covers recorded for Ornelis en Rogiers Friday radio show, as well as Miracle and La Vache. End of August they unveiled the title of their new single : Imagination.

2014 : Milk Inc's new single was entitled Don't Say Goodbye

2016 : after Regi released his own studio album, he promised that he would team again with his partner-in-crime Filip Vandueren to work on some new songs for Milk Inc.

Remixes done by Milk Inc team

2 Unlimited - Never Surrender (1998)
Ace Of Base - Life Is A Flower (1998)
DJ Don & Svenson - My Beat Shoot Back'98 (1998)
Fiocco - Afflito (1997)
Jessy - Look At Me Now (2003)
Madelyne - Beautiful Child (2002)
Nylon Moon - Sky Plus (1996)
Praga Khan - Injected With A Poison (1998)
Ramses - Open Your Heart (1998)
Sholan - Can You Feel (What I'm Going Thru) (2003)
X-Session - The Sound (1999)

Thanks to Rogier Verkroost, Denis "DJ Hooligan" Zhabkin, Tavi Meran, Pelle, Anton "MC Kasper" Skaletsky and DJ Baboon
Milk Incorporated Dutch Site
Dance Artists Infos
Thanks to Shimon O'hana for the charts positions

Milk Inc biography was last updated Sun, January 29th 2017

Charts (singles)

Australia Belgium France Germany Netherlands Spain Sweden UK
La Vache #8 #86 #26 #23
Free Your Mind #19 #54
Inside Of Me #62
In My Eyes #29 #2 #9
Promise #3
Oceans #8 #8
Losing Love #2 #4
Walk On Water #1 #8 #3 #1 #10
Land Of The Living #2 #13 #16 #7 #18
Never Again #17 #69 #12
Livin A Lie #3 #44 #4
Wide Awake #2 #50 #5
Sleepwalker #6 #5
Breathe Without You #7 #92 #45 #5
Time #10
The Sun Always Shines On TV #5 #71 #66
I Don't Care #3 #66
Whisper #1
Go To Hell #4
Tainted Love #7 #37
Run #7 #56
Sunrise #3 #13
Tonight #6 #44
Forever #7 #91
Blackout #1 #84
Storm #1
Chasing The Wind #10
Fire #5
Shadow #42
I'll Be There (La Vache 2011) #6
Miracle #16
Last Night A DJ Saved My Life #3 #48
Sweet Child O' Mine #5




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