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Linn Sharon May

Linn (Sharon May)   (Netherlands)

EuroDance member
Added : 10/07/2010

Somewhere in Between
This Love
Come Into My Life
Far Away
Just Like A Game
On The Run
It's Only Love
Without You
Living In The Night
Love & Devotion
Till The Daylight
Get Into Your Soul
She Loves Sunshine (Remixes)
Keep Movin On
Little Love
Don't Stop
Keep On Running
Head Over Heels
Burning Desire
Love Is Gonna Get You
I Feel The Love
I Got Fever
Don't Keep Me Hangin On
So Everybody
Love EP
Send Me An Angel
Don't Go Lose It Baby
Don't Go
Show Me The Way
Secret Land
Something's Going On
LongTime Ago
No Control
Push Me
Take It Up
Let There Be Love
What I Feel
Keep On
It's Your Love
Swing It
Hurry Up
Stay With Me
Fire in My Feet
Funky Music
It's My Time
Shallow Waters
The World
I Try
So Spiritual
Day Dream
Keep Pushin'
Deeply True
Very Happy
The Situation
Don't Get Impressed
Carousel Of Time
Back To Disco
The Press (Use Ur Brain)
So Happy
Ain't That Shit
We Still Got It (The Situation)
Baby Don't You Know
Gimme Your Love
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Latest Sharon May Linn news

09/11/2023 : Sharon May Linn's next solo single will be entitled This Love

15/02/2022 : Sharon May Linn (FPI Project) was interviewd by RMN Podcast

24/09/2021 : New Sharon May Linn single will be entitled Somewhere In Between

04/03/2019 : Sharon May Linn did vocals on Paolo Bardelli's new single Back To Disco.

22/02/2019 : A 2k19 remixes package for Wawa & DJ Gleb feat. Sharon May Linn - Secret Land was released

23/01/2019 : Today sees the release of the brand new single from Rexo featuring Sharon May Linn Carousel of Time.

02/03/2015 : Sharon May Linn did vocals on Alain Ducroix & Michael Sax's new single Deeply True. Out today.

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Sharon May Linn singles

Somewhere in Between Somewhere in Between 23rd Oct 2021  
This Love This Love 21st Nov 2023  


Featurings and collaborations

Come Into My Life Wienna - Come Into My Life 17th Feb 1995  
Far Away Shannon James - Far Away 20th Mar 1995  
Just Like A Game Morgana - Just Like A Game 23rd Jul 1995  
On The Run Morgana - On The Run 17th Sep 1995  
It's Only Love Blizzard - It's Only Love 4th Dec 1995  
Without You Blizzard - Without You 16th Sep 1996  
Water Fathers Of Sound - Water 1997  
Living In The Night Blizzard - Living In The Night 3rd Mar 1997  
Dream Netzwerk - Dream 15th Jul 1997  
Love & Devotion Da Blitz - Love & Devotion 11th May 1998  
Till The Daylight Solsonik - Till The Daylight 2002  
Get Into Your Soul Ugo Lucchese - Get Into Your Soul 2002  
She Loves Sunshine (Remixes) Moody Mas - She Loves Sunshine (Remixes) 2002  
Keep Movin On Supacupa - Keep Movin On 2004  
Little Love Lil' Love - Little Love 2005  
Don't Stop Marco Fratty - Don't Stop 2005  
Keep On Running Ugo Lucchese - Keep On Running 2005  
Sunshine WaWa - Sunshine 2006  
Head Over Heels Blu Lipstick - Head Over Heels 2006  
Burning Desire Friends Electric - Burning Desire Dec 2006  
Believe Nu Collective - Believe 2007  
Love Is Gonna Get You Cristian Marchi presents Saudage Project - Love Is Gonna Get You 2007  
Sucker Dim Chris - Sucker 2007  
I Feel The Love Lovematic - I Feel The Love Jan 2007  
I Got Fever WaWa - I Got Fever 12th Mar 2007  
Don't Keep Me Hangin On Sergio D'angelo a Cucky - Don't Keep Me Hangin On Nov 2007  
So Everybody FPI Project - So Everybody 22nd Jul 2008  
Love EP The Cube Guys - Love EP 2009  
Send Me An Angel Lovematic - Send Me An Angel 19th Feb 2009  
Don't Go Lose It Baby Mowo vs. Fratty & Presti - Don't Go Lose It Baby 27th Feb 2009  
Don't Go Panevino - Don't Go 23rd Jul 2009  
Show Me The Way White Shoes - Show Me The Way 2nd Sep 2009  
Secret Land WaWa & DJ Gleb - Secret Land 2010  
Something's Going On 3 Mind Twisted - Something's Going On Feb 2010  
LongTime Ago Magilla DJ - LongTime Ago 18th May 2010  
Venus Star Man - Venus 31st May 2010  
No Control White Shoes - No Control 3rd Jun 2010  
Push Me Lucas Reyes & Rui dela Luna - Push Me 7th Jul 2010  
Take It Up Lovematic - Take It Up 15th Dec 2010  
Let There Be Love Fabio Rochembach - Let There Be Love 2011  
What I Feel Arone Clein & Rio dela Luna vs Brockman - What I Feel 25th Nov 2011  
Keep On 2FM - Keep On 2nd Mar 2012  
It's Your Love Will Alonso & Marco Soundee - It's Your Love 13th Mar 2012  
Swing It Luxure - Swing It 16th Apr 2012  
Hurry Up L2 - Hurry Up 29th Jun 2012  
Stay With Me DNC Groove - Stay With Me 2nd Jul 2012  
Fire in My Feet Nicola Belli - Fire in My Feet 29th Oct 2012  
Funky Music Rio Dela Duna - Funky Music 19th Nov 2012  
It's My Time Alex Tura - It's My Time 20th Mar 2013  
Shallow Waters Marco Finotello - Shallow Waters 19th Apr 2013  
The World Igor Moore - The World 14th Sep 2013  
I Try Fabio Rochembach - I Try 16th Aug 2014  
So Spiritual Marco Fratty - So Spiritual 17th Oct 2014  
Day Dream DJ Flight and DJ Gleb - Day Dream 4th Nov 2014  
Keep Pushin' Sergio Matina and Gabry Sangineto - Keep Pushin' 20th Dec 2014  
Burns Chunkybiz - Burns 12th Jan 2015  
Deeply True Alain Ducroix and Michael Sax - Deeply True 2nd Mar 2015  
Very Happy Housebiz - Very Happy 13th Mar 2015  
The Situation Paolo Bardelli - The Situation 22nd Oct 2017  
Don't Get Impressed Paolo Bardelli - Don't Get Impressed 16th Jul 2018  
Carousel Of Time Rexo - Carousel Of Time 23rd Jan 2019  
Back To Disco Paolo Bardelli - Back To Disco 3rd Mar 2019  
Frozen Fratty & Flash - Frozen 5th Aug 2019  
Frozen Fratty & Flash - Frozen 18th Oct 2019  
The Press (Use Ur Brain) Paolo Bardelli - The Press (Use Ur Brain) 13th Apr 2020  
So Happy Paolo Bardelli, Claborg - So Happy 3rd Aug 2020  
Ain't That Shit Paolo Bardelli, Alan Junior - Ain't That Shit 5th Oct 2020  
We Still Got It (The Situation) Paolo Bardelli - We Still Got It (The Situation) 10th Feb 2023  
Star Miri Ralph - Star 15th Nov 2023  

Aliases - Records released under other names

Baby Don't You Know Sharon S - Baby Don't You Know  
Wonderful Sharon S - Wonderful 1993  
Gimme Your Love Sharon S - Gimme Your Love 1995  


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Sharon May Linn biography

Sharon May Linn was born in the Netherlands, but has built her career in Italy. She started to sing professionally at the age of 17 as backing vocals first but soon as main vocals in many bands.
She featured in many Italian productions in the 1990's. She also did some of the songs on the Blizzard project. She sang the song Dream for Netzwerk in 1997. Under the alias Sharon S (a production by Fulvio Perniola and Gianni Bini), she released 2 garage singles : Wonderful (a cover of a song originally sung in 1986 by Vivian Lee) and Gimme Your Love. She probably also contributed to the following singles :

DJ Delirio - Rain (1998)
D.J PIC 8 - Pump The Scratch (1990)
E.V.O.E. present Luna Jones - Family (1998)
Inside Out - Stay (All Life Long) (1997)
Jaded - Do It For Me (1995)
Jum People - I'm Gonna Get You Back (1997), Cold Is Your Body (1998)
Luna Jones - Family (1996)
Morgana ‎– Colours Of My Dream (1994)
Real Devotion - I Gonna Have You (1995)
Unique - Love To Love You Baby (1996)

In the meantime, Sharon began to develop her creativity by writing lyrics, including, from that time on, the producing aspect of music. For more than a decade, she has been working as a free-style vocalist with a huge number of world known housemusic DJ's, throughout the best clubs.

Back in 2003 Sharon May Linn wrote the song Destination Unknown for Alex Gaudino, it became a hit thanks to vocals by Crystal Waters. A lot of releases came out over the last years: one of her first hits was for sure Lil' Love with the song Little Love.

2007 : she did vocals for Lovematic - I Feel The Love, which was featured on Gomorra moive soundtrack. The same year, she visited Sergio D'angelo & Cucky - Don't Keep Me Hangin On

2008 : Sharon joined FPI Project for their new single So Everybody.

2009 she was featured on White Shoes - Show Me The Way, Lovematic - Send Me An Angel, Mowo vs. Fratty & Presti - Don't Go Lose It Baby, The Cube Guys - Love EP, and Panevino's Don't Go.

2010 : her latest releases are with 3 Minds Twisted Something's Going On (Melodica), White Shoes No Control (Absolutely), with Wawa & DJ Gleb Secret Land (Loud Bit). In July, she was featured on Rio De La Duna & Lucas Reyes' Push Me (S2G). Soon to come : Lovematic Take It Up (D:vision).

Sharon is a buddhist. Her musical tastes include from house, soul, funky, westcoast, rock, blues and classic symphonies. Her favourite painter is Gustav Klimt She likes eating Italian and Indonesian cooking. She loves cats and owns 2 called Mantra and Tarzan. She has one sister called Melanie.

2012 : Sharon May Linn did vocals on Luxure's new single Swing It, a cover of Serge Gainsbourg 60s hit Comic Strip in English. She wrote the lyrics and was featured on L2's new electro house single Hurry Up, released in July. In October was featured on Nicola Belli's new single Fire In My Feet, out on October 29th. was featured on Rio Dela Duna's new single Funky Music, released for November 19th. She also wrote the lyrics.

2015 : she sung on Alain Ducroix & Michael Sax's new single Deeply True and on Housebiz Very Happy.

2017 : she gave her voice to Paolo Bardelli's single Don't Get Impressed.

2018 : she collaborated again with Paolo Bardelli on single The Situation.

2019 : Sharon was featured on Rexo's single Carousel of Time.

Thanks to Marian Stoica, Andrew-FK and Gianni

Sharon May Linn biography was last updated Sat, June 1st 2019




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