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Harrow Den

Harrow (Den)   (Italy)

HiNRG group
Added : 29/10/2000

Day By day
The Best of Den Harrow
Maxi Greatest Hits
I, Den
Back From The Future
To Meet Me
A Taste Of Love
Mad Desire
Future Brain
Bad Boy
Catch The Fox
Energy Rain
Don't Break My Heart
Tell Me Why
Day By Day
Born To Love
You Have A Way
My Time
Holiday Night
Take Me Back
All I Want Is You
Real Big Love
Take Me
The Universe Of Love
You And The Sunshine
Tomorrow Is Another Day
I Need A Lover
I Feel You
Future Brain´98
Go Away
Don't Break My Heart 2000
Push Push
FEDEN - Lo so
2 Meet Me 2012
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Latest Den Harrow news

12/03/2012 : Den Harrow recorded a single with Hitfinders entitled 2 Meet Me 2012, to be soon released. He presented it on Rai due on February 28th. Den just took part to 9th season of Isola dei Famosi (Italian equivalent of Celebrity Survivor).

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Den Harrow albums

Overpower Overpower 1985
Day By day Day By day 1987
Lies Lies 1988
The Best of Den Harrow The Best of Den Harrow 1989
Maxi Greatest Hits Maxi Greatest Hits 1991
I, Den I, Den 1996
Back From The Future Back From The Future 1999


Den Harrow singles

To Meet Me To Meet Me 1983  
A Taste Of Love A Taste Of Love 1984  
Mad Desire Mad Desire 1985  
Future Brain Future Brain 1985  
Bad Boy Bad Boy 1985  
Overpower Overpower 1986  
Charleston Charleston 1986  
Catch The Fox Catch The Fox 1986  
Energy Rain Energy Rain 1987  
Don't Break My Heart Don't Break My Heart 1987  
Tell Me Why Tell Me Why 1987  
Day By Day Day By Day 1988  
Born To Love Born To Love 1988  
You Have A Way You Have A Way 1988  
Lies Lies 1988  
My Time My Time 1988  
Holiday Night Holiday Night 1989  
Take Me Back Take Me Back 1989  
Ocean Ocean 1991  
All I Want Is You All I Want Is You 1992  
Real Big Love Real Big Love 1992  
Take Me Take Me 1994  
The Universe Of Love The Universe Of Love 1994  
You And The Sunshine You And The Sunshine 1994  
Tomorrow Is Another Day Tomorrow Is Another Day 1995  
I Need A Lover I Need A Lover 1995  
I Feel You I Feel You 1996  
Future Brain´98 Future Brain´98 1998  
Go Away Go Away 1999  
Don't Break My Heart 2000 Don't Break My Heart 2000 2000  
Push Push Push Push 2006  
FEDEN - Lo so FEDEN - Lo so 2007  
2 Meet Me 2012 2 Meet Me 2012 (with Hitfinders) 10th Apr 2012  



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Den Harrow biography

Composers : Roberto Turatti, Miki Chieregato, H.T.Beecher, M.Natale, S.Melloni, M.Farina, F.Serra, A.Bindella...

According to his official biography, Manuel Stefano Carry was born on June 4th, 1962 in Boston, Massachusetts (USA) but he moved to Italy when he was 4 or 5, therefore he spoke better Italian than English. He was actually born Stefano Zandri in Nova Milanese, but in the 80s, being born in the US was more trendy in the English-speaking music business. His father worked as an architect. When his parents divorced, he (as well as his sister and brother) stayed with his mother. As a 7 year old child he learnt how to play piano and guitar, then during his high school years in Milan he was further developing interest in music. Also at that time he started practicing judo, bodybuilding and breakdance.

Since his early age he knew that he wanted to be a part of showbusiness. Thanks to his good look and very well defined body he was discovered as a photomodel. Soon after he met Roberto Turatti who at that time was a DJ in a discoteque in Milan, the American Disaster. Turatti and Miki Chieregato became his producers with mission to make Manuel become a star. He chose his artistic pseudonym of Den Harrow (based on the Italian word "denaro" which means money) and took extensive vocal lessons. Actually he never had a very strong voice, and some of his singles were actually sung by Tom Hooker (Don't Break My Heart, Bad Boy, Catch the Fox, Future Brain) and some others by Anthony James (Holiday Night, My Time, You Have A Way), Chuck Rolando (To Meet Me, A Taste of Love) and even Silver Pozzoli (Mad Desire).

The two first songs he released were To Meet Me and A Taste Of Love. They became quite popular in South European countries, but Den had to wait until 1984 for a real success. This year he released his first official single, Mad Desire, that sold more than 1 million copies and won 3 golden records. In 1985 he released Future Brain that made him win the 'Festivalbar' and 'Vota La Voce' contests. With his first album Overpower and the next singles released in 1986 Bad Boy, Charleston and Catch The Fox he became one of the most famous disco stars in Europe. These singles sold a total 1,5 million copies, received a Golden record in France, entered three times in 'Top 5' singles in Italy and a Silver Otto (a grammy award from the German music magazine Bravo).

In 1987 he released two singles from his second album Day By Day. Born To Love made him win his second 'Festivalbar'. Don't Break My Heart, his biggest hit ever, became n°1 in Germany and reached the 'Top 5' in Italy, Spain, Greece and Benelux. It received a Gold status in France and Platinum status in Canada. When he sung that song in Peters Popshow concert in Westfalenhalle (Dortmund, Germany) it caused a massive hysteria. This time Bravo magazine gave him a Golden Otto.Don't Break My Heart is now a part of Classic Italo-Disco sound. 1987 was also the year when his gave his first real live tournee.

In 1988, in Germany and in England, he stayed at the top of the charts during one whole year and received his second grammy award, even overtaking Michael Jackson in the charts and obtaining a Golden Record. Bravo ranked him on 4th place, and in 1989 on 9th. In 1989 he released his third album Lies that attracted attention of BMG/Ariola, earning more than 19 millions German Marks. Adidas and Coca Cola even hired him for their commercials.

In 1992 he signed a new contract with the German Polydor label and released his fourth album All I Want Is You produced by Jennifer Rush and Natalie Cole. It reached N°4 in the German charts and sold 800 000 copies.  In 1993 he released his fifth album Real Big Love, once again produced by Natalie Cole

In 1996 he started working with Mauro Farina of SAIFAM . He recorded several new tracks such as Take Me, The Universe of Love, Taste Of Love, I Feel You, Future Brain 2000 and Don't Break My Heart 2000. Farina's Factory Team remixed some of his old productions (for instance To Meet Me). Under the One Way Records label he also released his sixth album I Den. On ths album, one could hear the 2 singers who also contributed to Orlando.

In 1997 he moved to California to take part in the TV series Sunset Beach

In 1999 he left SAIFAM and recorded his 7th album Back From The Future that was released on Niteline Records.

2005 : he hosted the Italian-language TV show Radio Harrow on the satellite TV channel Match Music.

2006 : he took part in reality show L'isola dei famosi (the Italian version of "Celebrity Survivor") on Rai Due.

2007 : he released a new song, entitled FEDEN - Lo so, written and sung with his wife.

2010 : Tom Hooker and Miki Chierigato recorded and published on YouTube a press conference-style video in several languages in which Hooker stated and demonstrated that he was the vocalist on most of the Den Harrow records.

2001 : in February, Tom Hooker re-recorded and released Future Brain, along with a videoclip.

2012 : with other competitors of the previous seasons, he was back on L'isola dei famosi, still on Rai Due, but he had to quit the show because of health problems. He recorded 2 Meet Me 2012 with Hitfinders.

Thanks to Olga Sviridova, Klems and Sascha Busch

Den Harrow biography was last updated Sat, January 13th 2018




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