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E-Rotic   (Germany)

EuroDance group
Added : 24/01/2000

Sex Affairs
The Power Of Sex (Japanese version)
The Power Of Sex
Sexual Madness (Japanese version)
Thank You For The Music (Japan)
Sexual Madness
Thank You For The Music
Greatest Tits (Japan)
Greatest Tits
Kiss Me (Japan)
Mambo No Sex
Gimme Gimme Gimme
Missing You
Dancemania presents E-Rotic Megamix
Sexual Healing
The Very Best Of E-rotic (Japan)
Sex Generation
The Collection
Total Recall
Cocktail E-rotic
Max Don't Have Sex With Your Ex
Fred Come To Bed
Sex On The Phone
Willy Use A Billy... Boy
Help Me Dr. Dick
Fritz Love My Tits
The Power Of Sex
Gimme Good Sex
Who Wants To Live Forever
Turn Me On
The Winner Takes It All
The Horniest Single In The World
Baby Please Me
Thank You For The Music
Oh Nick Please Not So Quick
Kiss Me
Don't Say We're Through
Mambo No Sex
Gimme Gimme Gimme
Queen Of Light
Missing You
Don't Make Me Wet
L.O.V.E . (Sex On The Beach)
King Kong
Billy Jive (With Willy's Wife)
Max Don't Have Sex 2003
Video Starlet
Mr Mister
Max Don't Have Sex With Your Ex reboot 21
Murder Me '21
Head Over Heels
Love Message
Thank You For The Music
Mi Amante
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Latest E-Rotic news

11/06/2021 : E-Rotic published the videoclip for their new single Head Over Heels

27/05/2021 : E-Rotic's next single will be entitled Head Over Heels and it is planned for June 11th (thanks to Martin)

09/04/2021 : Discover the videoclip for the 2021 version of E-Rotic's single Murder Me '21, for once without any cartoon characters

02/04/2021 : E-Rotic will release a new version of the song Murder Me, the B-side of the 2016 single Video Starlet (thanks to Martin)

09/12/2020 : Discover the videoclip for E-Rotic's single Max Don't Have Sex (reboot 21)

22/11/2020 : E-Rotic will release a 2k21 version of their first hit Max Don't Have Sex With Your Ex

29/01/2018 : E-Rotic's long awaited new single Mr. Mister will be out on February 2nd.

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E-Rotic albums

Sex Affairs Sex Affairs 1st May 1995
The Power Of Sex (Japanese version) The Power Of Sex (Japanese version) 1996
The Power Of Sex The Power Of Sex 27th Jun 1996
Sexual Madness (Japanese version) Sexual Madness (Japanese version) 1997
Thank You For The Music (Japan) Thank You For The Music (Japan) 1997
Sexual Madness Sexual Madness 5th Jun 1997
Thank You For The Music Thank You For The Music 20th Oct 1997
Greatest Tits (Japan) Greatest Tits (Japan) 1998
Greatest Tits Greatest Tits 18th May 1998
Kiss Me (Japan) Kiss Me (Japan) 23rd Mar 1999
Mambo No Sex Mambo No Sex 8th Nov 1999
Gimme Gimme Gimme Gimme Gimme Gimme 19th Jan 2000
Missing You Missing You 13th Mar 2000
Dancemania presents E-Rotic Megamix Dancemania presents E-Rotic Megamix 27th Sep 2000
Sexual Healing Sexual Healing May 2001
The Very Best Of E-rotic (Japan) The Very Best Of E-rotic (Japan) 6th Oct 2001
Sex Generation Sex Generation 26th Nov 2001
The Collection The Collection (Japan) 2 CDs 2002
Total Recall Total Recall 5th Feb 2003
Cocktail E-rotic Cocktail E-rotic 9th Jul 2003


E-Rotic singles

Max Don't Have Sex With Your Ex Max Don't Have Sex With Your Ex 23rd Jun 1994  
Fred Come To Bed Fred Come To Bed 1st Mar 1995  
Sex On The Phone Sex On The Phone 6th Jun 1995  
Willy Use A Billy... Boy Willy Use A Billy... Boy 4th Oct 1995  
Help Me Dr. Dick Help Me Dr. Dick 10th Jan 1996  
Fritz Love My Tits Fritz Love My Tits 28th May 1996  
The Power Of Sex The Power Of Sex Jun 1996  
Gimme Good Sex Gimme Good Sex 16th Sep 1996  
Who Wants To Live Forever Who Wants To Live Forever (on Queen Dance Traxx compilation) Nov 1996  
Turn Me On Turn Me On Jul 1997  
The Winner Takes It All The Winner Takes It All 13th Aug 1997  
The Horniest Single In The World The Horniest Single In The World 27th Apr 1998  
Baby Please Me Baby Please Me (Japan) May 1998  
Thank You For The Music Thank You For The Music 17th Nov 1998  
Oh Nick Please Not So Quick Oh Nick Please Not So Quick (Japan) Mar 1999  
Kiss Me Kiss Me 20th May 1999  
Don't Say We're Through Don't Say We're Through (Germany) 28th Jun 1999  
Mambo No Sex Mambo No Sex 27th Sep 1999  
Gimme Gimme Gimme Gimme Gimme Gimme (Japan) 13th Jan 2000  
Queen Of Light Queen Of Light 14th Feb 2000  
Missing You Missing You 10th Apr 2000  
Don't Make Me Wet Don't Make Me Wet 3rd Jul 2000  
L.O.V.E . (Sex On The Beach) L.O.V.E . (Sex On The Beach) 2001  
King Kong King Kong (Germany) Oct 2001  
Billy Jive (With Willy's Wife) Billy Jive (With Willy's Wife) (Japan) 3rd Oct 2001  
Max Don't Have Sex 2003 Max Don't Have Sex 2003 2003  
Video Starlet Video Starlet 4th Mar 2016  
Mr Mister Mr Mister 2nd Feb 2018  
Max Don't Have Sex With Your Ex reboot 21 Max Don't Have Sex With Your Ex reboot 21 4th Dec 2020  
Murder Me '21 Murder Me '21 9th Apr 2021  
Head Over Heels Head Over Heels 11th Jun 2021  


E-Rotic remixes

Max Don't Have Sex With Your Ex Max Don't Have Sex With Your Ex 1994  
Fred Come To Bed Fred Come To Bed 1995  
Sex On The Phone Sex On The Phone 1995  
Willy Use A Billy... Boy Willy Use A Billy... Boy 1995  
Fritz Love My Tits Fritz Love My Tits 1996  
Gimme Good Sex Gimme Good Sex 1996  
Help Me Dr. Dick Help Me Dr. Dick May 1996  


Featurings and collaborations

Love Message Love Message - Love Message 9th Feb 1996  

Aliases - Records released under other names

Thank You For The Music Jenn & C - Thank You For The Music (album) 1997  
Mi Amante E.R. - Mi Amante 1st Jul 2002  


E-Rotic biography

Producers : David Brandes, John O'Flynn (lyrics), Felix J. Gauder, Domenico Livrano (keyboards), Domenico Labarile.

Max, Don't Have Sex With Your Ex (ranking # 7 in the German charts and # 1 in Israel, gold record in Germany) was the first hit the group recorded in 1994. About 15 years later, it was revealed that the rapper's voice actually belonged to... Deon Blue of Pharao !

After this great success, they came with another hit Fred, Come To Bed (ranking 3 in the German charts, # 2 in Israel, once again gold record in Germany). The saga continued : 'After Max had sex with his Ex, I ended up in bed with Fred' explains Lyane Leigh. "It is only a song, in real life I am still a single woman" she says. Many guys would probably die to become a Fred - she has so many male fans that it is quite hard to keep them away from her. According to rumors, the second part of the group, Raz-ma-Taz, became a collector of... bras. During their tournee in Germany his female fans were throwing bras on the stage !

The group performed in clothes that kept the body rather uncovered. Both Lyane and Richard loved to dance a lot, and their dance was quite "hot" and exotic. But their private life was quite different. While Richard usually did not dare to miss any good night party and usually was winning the title of the "King of Flirt", Lyane usually stayed in the hotel. She did not like night escapades, she also did not like an alcohol, with few exceptions when she drinks some champaigne on a very special occasions. In 1995 Richard moved to his new house Chateau Navagne (built in 1292) near Maastricht in Belgium with his friend, Rod (from Fun Factory) leaving his apartment to Deon Blue (ex Pharao rapper) with whom he shared it.

After the single Sex On The Phone (ranking #6 in the German charts, 230.000 sold records) E-Rotic released their first album Sex Affairs in 1995 on Intercord. This album included the whole 'story' and practically every song E-Rotic made, was a hit on the spot.  Of course 'making love' sounds were all over this album, but again, even most devoted bigots shouldn't mind the way it has been done. The cartoon above is the part of CD insert, indicating that story of Max, Fred and the girl continued. It was the break through all over Europe : e.g. 15. ranking in the German charts, leader in Finland; 3 times gold record, 1 platinum and 1 triple gold. In the end of 1995 E-Rotic released a single Willy Use A Billy... Boy where a new 'character' was introduced to the scene, ranking 11 in the German charts, and gold record.

In the next single released in February 1996 Help Me Dr. Dick, girl is seeking further help but this time a 'professional' one. Another character: 'Fritz' who had been introduced originally in track Fred Come To Bed finally appeared in the newest single released in April 1996 : Fritz Loves My Tits. Both Help Me Dr. Dick and Fritz Loves My Tits were first songs by 'new' E-rotic formation. At this time effectively, Lyane and Richard had left the project by themselves. David Brandes had his own version about this : he explained that the duo was getting too big for their boots, and that once they stole the keys of their tour bus to avoid doing a TV show, so afterwards he fired them. To the contrary, Richard explained that they were not fired but left : "He took money from live shows and had no respect for the live group E-rotic. The first E-rotic had nothing fake about us we both rap and sing". Lyane adds that "We were never shown in the videos and so we had problems with our concerts, cause no-one really knew us as persons".

Lyane and Richard created the project S.E.X. Appeal, based on the same concept as E-rotic. According to what Lyane explained, the contract that she had signed obliged her to keep on singing in studio for E-rotic till 1999, so she stayed as studio vocalist. But actually, her contract was only for one year and she renewed regularly, since this allowed her to earn a lot of money.

The new official E-Rotic members were the model Jeanette Christensen and the rapper Terence d'Arby. E-Rotic gave few concerts in Germany and one in Poland and, in the beginning of June 1996 E-rotic released next single called The Power Of Sex from the album that has been released in the end of June under the same name. The new album contained songs performed by the old and the new team.

Around October 1996 E-Rotic released a new single called Gimme Good Sex. Terence d'Arby left the group, and his place was taken by another American singer/dancer Ché Jouaner. In the end of 1996 group was on tour in Europe, visited Finland where E-Rotic was a quite popular group

In June 1997 they released their third album called Sexual Madness. It was slightly different from the sound of  Sex Affairs or Power Of Sex (no news from Max, Fred and his friends) anyway fans of the group had everything to be delighted with this pure Eurodance album.

Just in the end of August 1997 the group released a new single that did not appear on their recent album. It was a cover of ABBA's megahit The Winner Takes It All (which peaked # 7 in Israel). It seemed that E-Rotic tried to change its image with a modified music concept. All this happened with their fourth album called Thank You For The Music, a tribute to the now classic Swedish pop group ABBA.

The album was released in France under the project name Jenn and C (Jenn probably stood for Jeanette and C. stood for Ché). The album title and tracklisting was the same as the Japanese one.

On April 1998, E-Rotic released another album, targeted mostly towards the Japanese market. Entitled with humour Greatest Tits, it was a summary of the previous singles of the group. Only 3 titles were original ones : The Horniest Single In The World (a megamix of 5 of their biggest hits), Baby Please Me and In The Dark Of The Night both written by David Brandes and John O'Flynn. The first of them was a typical E-rotic song  recorded in style we well know this group from. The second was slower breath-taking eurodance song. Once again fans had some reasons to be worried : was it really the end of the wonderful dance act ?

Fortunately not ! On March 1999, E-Rotic's last album was released. Entitled Kiss Me, it was only released in Japan. An excellent Eurodance album in the most purest E-Rotic style ! In November, the single Mambo No Sex was released. Inspired of Lou Bega's huge hit Mambo N° 5, it summarized the whole E-Rotic story. This was the first track featuring Lydia as studio singer. In December 1999, the Kiss me album was at least released in Europe under the title of Mambo No Sex. with 2 additionnal tracks which were 2 versions of Mambo.

The beginning of the year 2000 saw the release of a new album. Entitled Gimme Gimme Gimme, it contained Mambo No Sex plus 14 brand new tracks and was only relaesed in Japan. During the same period, E-Rotic released a single to compete for the Eurovision 2000 : Queen Of Light was a very good dance track, unfortunately with no raps and no sexual contents. They won the preselections but unfortunately, they were finally not chosen to represent Germany in this contest. During the preselections, Jeanette had to sing live, and everyone could hear that she was probably not the real voice of the song.

While a new album entitled I'm Missing You (the alter ego of Gimme Gimme Gimme) was released in Germany on April 2000, together with the single of the same name, E-Rotic was already working on a new album which release was first planned for October 2000. It was entitled Sex Generation. Its release will be delayed to February 2001 because of Che's departure. Instead, an album entitled Dancemania Presents E-Rotic Megamix will be released. It will contain 5 new original tracks : Cat's Eyes which is the next single to be released in Japan, En Mon Coeur, Move Me Baby, Ooh Lalala,  and Test My Best.

December 2000 : The new single to be released in Germany in entitled Sexual Healing. A rumor said Ché would be back but was not confirmed by Bros Music. However, the E-Rotic management said that they were planning a new rapper.

2001 : In March 2001 E-Rotic performed at the TV-show "Kinderquatsch mit Michael" with the song In The Heat Of The Night. On 9th of May the new album Sexual Healing was released in Japan. The next single L.O.V.E. was first released as a part of the japanese compilation Dancemania X9 and it was planned for release in Europe too.

For a Japanese tour, Jeanette recorded some raps of the songs with her own voice, for example for songs such as Give Me Delight with Jeanette rapping.

August 2001 : After Ché, Jeanette left E-rotic to start a solo carreer under the simple name of Jeane. But her debut single did not have the success expected... A second Best Of album was released in October in Japan.

October 2001 : After the Best Of, E-rotic released on the 3rd of October a new single entitled Billy Jive (With Willy's Wife). An awesome track with the real E-Rotic style ! The release was limited to Japan. It included a B-side entitled Skin To Skin. The new front lady was Yasemin Baysal, who was the first singer of the Felix J. Gauder project Das Modul. E-rotic also signed under a new label in Germany, ePark (the same as Captain Jack).

The 29th of October another single was released from the forthcoming album, this time in Germany : it was entitled King Kong. Then followed the new album on November 7th in Japan (planned for release later in Germany), his title was Sex Generation. The first singles were performed by the duo singer-rapper we are used to, and once again there was a rumor according to which Ché would be back... Another rumor said Lyane would have taken part to 3 songs of the last album.

2002 : on the 5th of January E-rotic appeared on RTL2 Germany for the broadcast Apres-Ski 2002, we could see that effectively Ché was back, with Yasemin as new female vocalist. But in April they both left the project : Ché was planning a new single and Yasemin went back to her job of manager in a big company. At first there were rumors telling that E-rotic's story in Germany was over, but finally it seemed to be wrong.

E-rotic planned to release an edited version of Mi Amante as a single in the next months, but after the leaving of Yasemin, nobody knew if the song would be released under E-rotic. Bros-Music told, that another band, maybe The Lovers, or an unknown project named E.R. would release that song, remixed in a more latin version. It was finally released as E.R. A new album was released in Japan, it was be once again a "best of" compilation : a double CD entitled The Collection.

In Germany, the next single was Max Don't Have Sex With Your Ex '02. It was taken from the forthcoming album Total Recall, which only contained remakes of old E-rotic songs. Lyane's voice was used in the remakes. If this one was successful, the following track to be released would be Fred Come To Bed 2002. In April Davis Brandes promised unofficially that there would be a brand new E-rotic album coming after...

May : the name of E-rotic's new female vocalist was revealed : Lydia Madawjewski. Actually she was the vocalist who has always been singing in studio, after Lyane could leave the project for good in 1999. David Brandes also recently revealed he was himself the real rapper of the project, apart from the very first single.

The new album of E-rotic that is planned to be released after Total Recall will be called Cocktail D'Erotique (or rather : Cocktail E-rotic). First released in Japan, it will include 15 or 16 tracks, all brand new. Among them there will be a song entitled Gimme Your Jimmy, and another one called Is That The Way You Are.

2003 : E-Rotic performed live on the German TV-channel RTL 2 on the 6th of January 2003. They sung their new single Max Don't have Sex 2002. We could discover Lydia on stage... and the face of the new rapper ! His name is (according to rumors) Robert Spehar, he is a DJ and a model. On the 5th February, E-rotic released their album Total Recall (all their hits remixed in eurotrance style) in Japan.

In October, E-rotic released the track Heartbreaker as promo in Japan. It ranked #1 on a radio chart

2004 : E-rotic will release a megamix in Japan in August.

2005 : E-rotic was put to a halt, which did not mean that it would not start again one day. David Brandes was very busy with his other projects, Gracia, Virus Inc or Vanilla Ninja (on their first album, the melody of E-rotic's Don't You See The Light was re-used. On their second album, E-rotic track's Save Me was covered under another title : My Puzzle Of Dreams.)

2006 : King Kong was translated in Japanese and re-released in Germany and Japan by the project Shanadoo (it had been actually covered a previous time by another Japanese project : Hinoi team). Shanadoo, David Brandes' new project, featured 4 cute Japanese girls. The next single was once again a cover : My Samurai was based on the melody of Fred Come To Bed. Then came in November a slow track called Guilty Of Love which copied The Power Of Sex. Their first album also included a cover of Give A Little Love and Just A Little Flirt. The track Passion In Your Eyes was based on Shenandoah. One Tear Ago recycled the melody of Is It You. The track Like An Anime used the melody of Ecstasy. Wake Me was inspired from Save Me. Listen To The Rhythm was based on the melody of Willy Use a Billy... Boy.

2007 : and recycling goes on... in July, Shanadoo released a single entitled Fly Me To Shanghai, built on the melody of Nick Please Not So Quick. The new album The Symbol was once again full of E-rotic covers : Lover On The Run (based on Lemmings On The Run), Heart To Heart (built on Test My Best), Bonjour Tristesse (Dance With The Vamps), You Are My Daydream (I Feel Your Heartbeat), From Time To Time (Rave Me Dave). There were also 2 covers : Gotta Get It Groovin and L.O.V.E.

2008 : according to some rumors, E-rotic could release a new track. It would be a cover of Vanilla Ninja's track Liar. But finally, nothing came out. The same year, Miki vs Niki released a cover of Shenandoah entitled Shenandoah Vaim.

2014 : Lyane Leigh was officially back to front E-Rotic on 90s festivals stages, along with Stephen Appleton, a new rapper and actor from Cologne. Stephen was born in 1980 in Monrovia (Liberia). She announced that she was working in studio on some brand new E-Rotic songs, that would be included on a new Best Of album planned for 2015. Production and recordings were made by Icezone Music

2016 : E-Rotic's released their brand new single Video Starlet

Remixes done under the name E-Rotic:

Heart Attack - Get Me Going (1994)
Hit 'n' Hide - Space Invaders (1998)
Odyssey - Face To Face (1995), Everybody Move (1995)

3H Music/SEX Appeal homepage - Blossom's French E-Rotic Homepage
Thanks to Shimon O'Hana for the charts positions
Thanks to Andy, Sascha Busch, Anton "MC Ka$per" Skaletsky, Daniel Peyer, Chris, ReBel, Sigi Paul, Tomas Näslund, Kittygirl, Klems, Moonlight, Touko Korpela and Andrei Dinu for the latest informations

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Charts (singles)

Austria Belgium Finland France Germany Netherlands Sweden Switzerland
Max Don't Have Sex With Your Ex #12 #20 #7 #4 #14
Fred Come To Bed #5 #11 #18 #3 #15 #30 #6
Sex On The Phone #2 #30 #6 #48 #30
Willy Use A Billy... Boy #5 #6 #11 #51 #20
Help Me Dr. Dick #18 #5 #23
Fritz Love My Tits #16 #2 #28 #35
Gimme Good Sex #17
Turn Me On #7
The Winner Takes It All #84
Max Don't Have Sex 2003 #86

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