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Dhany   (Italy)

EuroDance, EuroHouse group
Added : 18/12/2004

Quiero Respirar
Dha Dha Tune
Quiero Respirar
Shut Up
Miles Of Love
Let It Go
U & I
Break The Wall
Somebody To Touch Me
Street Life
La Mia Anima
I Need Your Love
I Wanna Be Free
Ready To Fly
I Feel So Fine
Pioggia Di Polvere
Run To Me
Song From The Love Dance
Hit My Heart
... Phobia
Every Single Day
Unioni Fragili
Make Me Feel
Rocket In The Sky
Moscow Never Sleeps
The Love You've Got
Until The Sunrise
On Your Road
Everything Is All Wrong
Love Is Getting Down
Will I
Take My Body
Deep Down Inside Of You
Crazy For You
Love Tonight
Only You
What If
Live and Take Control
I Won't Surrender
Set Me Free
Another Lifetime
Runaway Getaway
New Horizon
My Memories
Travel From My Heart
Love For The Summer
I Wanna Make It
New York City
As One
Waiting For Tomorrow
I Am Here (Io Ci Sono)
Summer Party
Golden Sand
People Help & Posted On Youtube
Breathe Again
My Heart Beating
My Heart Beating
Breathe Again
Stand Up & Go
In The Sunshine
Aguas De Marco
Hold My Hand
Le Tue Mani
Entwined By The Moon
I'll Never Fall Again
One More Chance
Fall In Down
Endless Summer 2k19
Time For Summer
Hit My Heart
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Latest Dhany news

06/04/2020 : Dhany and DNF released a new version of the anthem Hit My Heart that she released years ago with the Benassi Bros

29/07/2019 : Dhany and Shaggy were featured on the 2k19 version of Oceana's Endless Summer (Thanks to Tavi Meran)

05/04/2019 : Dhany did vocals on Jean Clemence's forthcoming One More Chance, to be released on April 4th.

27/01/2019 : New collaboration from Dhany with McEndoz is entitled I'll Never Fall Again (Thanks to Tavi Meran)

15/12/2018 : Discover the videoclip for Coll Selini & Lucas Black feat. Dhany's single Waiting.

13/07/2018 : Dhany recorded vocals for Coll Selini & Lucas Black's forthcoming single Waiting.

23/02/2018 : Some more McEndoz tracks featuring Dhany were released under label Relax Italy : Aguas De Marco, The Lady Is A Tramp, Roxanne and Respect.

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Dhany albums

Quiero Respirar Quiero Respirar 2000
E-motions E-motions 2007


Dhany singles

Dha Dha Tune Dha Dha Tune 1998  
Quiero Respirar Quiero Respirar 1999  
Shut Up Shut Up 2000  
Miles Of Love Miles Of Love 24th Jul 2006  
Let It Go Let It Go 2007  
U & I U & I 15th Feb 2008  
Break The Wall Break The Wall (vs Sandy) 17th Mar 2008  


Dhany remixes

Dha Dha Tune (DJ Nukk remixes) Dha Dha Tune (DJ Nukk remixes) 6th Jul 2020  


Featurings and collaborations

Somebody To Touch Me KMC - Somebody To Touch Me 14th Jun 1995  
Street Life KMC - Street Life 16th Dec 1996  
La Mia Anima Mietta - La Mia Anima (album) 1998  
I Need Your Love Tech-Nique - I Need Your Love 2000  
I Wanna Be Free Mumm - I Wanna Be Free 2000  
Liberamente Links - Liberamente 2001  
Ready To Fly Dakka - Ready To Fly 2001  
I Feel So Fine KMC - I Feel So Fine 29th Oct 2001  
Pioggia Di Polvere Links - Pioggia Di Polvere (album) 2002  
Seguimi Links - Seguimi 2002  
Run To Me Al.Ben - Run To Me 2002  
Song From The Love Dance Mystic Diversions - Song From The Love Dance 2002  
Pumphonia Benassi Bros - Pumphonia (album) 2004  
Hit My Heart Benassi Bros - Hit My Heart 27th Apr 2004  
... Phobia Benassi Bros - ... Phobia (album) 2005  
Every Single Day Benassi Bros - Every Single Day 2005  
Unioni Fragili Aeroplani Italiani - Unioni Fragili 2005  
Make Me Feel Benassi Bros - Make Me Feel 21st Mar 2005  
Rocket In The Sky Benassi Bros - Rocket In The Sky 28th Nov 2005  
Moscow Never Sleeps DJ Smash - Moscow Never Sleeps Oct 2008  
Dangerous Damian William - Dangerous 2010  
The Love You've Got Frizzy Sounds - The Love You've Got 9th Apr 2010  
Until The Sunrise Stefano Pain vs Mattias - Until The Sunrise 2011  
On Your Road DJ Micro - On Your Road 26th Jul 2011  
Everything Is All Wrong Marc Mysterio - Everything Is All Wrong 30th Nov 2011  
Love Is Getting Down Dario Daniele - Love Is Getting Down 31st Jan 2012  
Will I Luki - Will I 3rd Feb 2012  
Take My Body I Scream - Take My Body 6th Feb 2012  
Deep Down Inside Of You Stefy de Cicco - Deep Down Inside Of You 25th Feb 2012  
Crazy For You BLM - Crazy For You 2nd Mar 2012  
Love Tonight I-Team - Love Tonight 12th Mar 2012  
Only You Matteo Sala & Stylus Robb - Only You 26th Mar 2012  
What If Dayro Phonix - What If 30th Jul 2012  
Live and Take Control Martin Silence - Live and Take Control 17th Sep 2012  
I Won't Surrender Gil Foster And Roby Montano - I Won't Surrender 19th Dec 2012  
Set Me Free Maximilian Tux & Erick Mercuri - Set Me Free 31st Jan 2013  
Another Lifetime Dario Trapani - Another Lifetime 25th Feb 2013  
Sensitivity Robby Castellano and Gamma DJ - Sensitivity 27th Feb 2013  
Universe Marco Frattini - Universe 19th Apr 2013  
Runaway Getaway Roby Montano - Runaway Getaway 7th May 2013  
New Horizon Alex Berti and Ceedes - New Horizon 7th May 2013  
Hangover Krist van D - Hangover 10th Jun 2013  
My Memories Daresh Syzmoon and Giulia Regain - My Memories 10th Jun 2013  
Complete Iacopo Misuri - Complete 2nd Jul 2013  
Travel From My Heart Matteo Sala - Travel From My Heart 5th Aug 2013  
Love For The Summer DJ Aldo - Love For The Summer Oct 2013  
I Wanna Make It Mari Ferrari - I Wanna Make It 2014  
New York City DJ Simon Weeks - New York City 2nd May 2014  
Summertime Del Principe and Roby Montano - Summertime 5th Jun 2014  
As One Andrea Ferrini - As One 9th Jun 2014  
Waiting For Tomorrow Jack Bernini - Waiting For Tomorrow 17th Oct 2014  
Sunshine DJ Aldo - Sunshine 20th Jul 2015  
I Am Here (Io Ci Sono) Stefy - I Am Here (Io Ci Sono) 13th Dec 2015  
Summer Party Cityflash - Summer Party 6th Jun 2016  
Golden Sand DJ Coach - Golden Sand 3rd Mar 2017  
People Help & Posted On Youtube DJ Coach - People Help & Posted On Youtube 26th May 2017  
Breathe Again Bsharry - Breathe Again 24th Jul 2017  
My Heart Beating Bsharry - My Heart Beating 5th Sep 2017  
Geghege McEndoz - Geghege 1st Nov 2017  
My Heart Beating Bsharry - My Heart Beating 1st Dec 2017  
Breathe Again Bsharry - Breathe Again 18th Dec 2017  
Stand Up & Go Simone Di Bella & Stephan F - Stand Up & Go 12th Jan 2018  
In The Sunshine Walter G - In The Sunshine 19th Jan 2018  
Aguas De Marco McEndoz - Aguas De Marco 16th Feb 2018  
Hold My Hand McEndoz - Hold My Hand 10th Mar 2018  
Waiting Coll Selini & Lucas Black - Waiting 11th Jul 2018  
Circle McEndoz - Circle 28th Jul 2018  
Le Tue Mani McEndoz - Le Tue Mani 3rd Aug 2018  
Entwined By The Moon McEndoz - Entwined By The Moon 20th Oct 2018  
I'll Never Fall Again McEndoz - I'll Never Fall Again 26th Jan 2019  
One More Chance Jean Clemence - One More Chance 4th Apr 2019  
Fall In Down Matteo Sala - Fall In Down 18th Apr 2019  
Endless Summer 2k19 Oceana - Endless Summer 2k19 2nd Aug 2019  
Time For Summer Two Mad Bros - Time For Summer 27th Aug 2019  
Hit My Heart DNF - Hit My Heart 20th Mar 2020  
Believe Roby Montano - Believe 29th Jul 2020  


Go On JK - Go On 20th Jul 1998  
Quiero Respirar Dhany - Quiero Respirar 1999  
You Got Me Dancing JK - You Got Me Dancing 28th Nov 2000  


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Dhany biography

Dhany's real name is Daniela Galli. She was born in Reggio Emilia on October 23rd 1972 or 1979. She went to university for a while to study literature but she realized that her real vocation was music. She began performing live around Italy, first in an acoustic duo called Twin Duo, then in an acid-jazz group called Dr Groove. After experimenting with various genres, she met the producer Larry Pignagnoli, with whom she began a fruitful collaboration.

Dhany is described as an enterprising and sociable girl who likes spending her free time with friends or playing volley-ball. Her favourite colour is black, like the music she loves most. Her favourite singers include Whitney Houston and Aretha Franklin. She goes crazy for Chinese food, Mercedes and Paris where her favourite clubs are.

KMC's Somebody To Touch Me (including a Classic Mix, a Goetz Remix, a Hi-Lux Remix and a Original Mix), Street Life, and more recently I Feel So Fine featured her voice. In 1998, Dhany did backing vocals also on Mietta's Album La Mia Anima.

Meanwhile, Dhany's producers decided to work on a solo album project for her. They are concocted a highly personal club-soul sound designed to bring out the unique style and temperament of one of the most promising new singers on the scene. Her first solo single Dha Dha Tune (with dazzling video to match) became a pan-European clubland must and is a modern classic. Her second single One Day In Paradise / Quiero Respirar showed the "caliente" soul of this superb performer. In 2000, Dhany guested on I Wanna Be Free, the debut single by Mumm. Her third solo single Shut Up was also released to international dance-floor acclaim.

In 2000, a first album was released. Entitled Quiero Respirar, it was only available in Mexico.

2001: Dhany created the group Links. Their first single was entitled Liberamente. Her voice also appeared on Dakka's single Ready To Fly and KMC's I Feel So Fine (#1 Club Charts in the UK)

2002: Dhany's Italian group Links, come out with their first album: Pioggia Di Polvere. Another single called Seguimi (including dance remix) was released from this album. Dhany's also appeared on Al.Ben - Run To Me (a project of Alessandro Benassi) and Mystic Diversions - Song From The Love Dance, (an Italian chillout project).

2004 : Dhany was featured on Benassi Brothers' very succesful single Hit My Heart (oiginally sung by JK).

2005 : the collaboration with the Benassi Bros went on. Dhany appeared on the 4 tracks of the new album ...Phobia. Among them, the 3 singles Make Me Feel (once again a JK cover), Every Single Day, and Rocket In The Sky. Dhany also appeared on Aeroplani Italiani's single Unioni Fragili.

2008 : Dhany's new single is entitled U&I . "It’s very emotional and it talks about a true story", Dhany says. She also recorded a duet with Sandy Chambers produced by Benassi Bros called Break The Wall. We performed together in live and that was great, so we thought it could be a good idea to make it also on a record and luckily the record company agreed", she explains

Dhany will appear as a guest on the album of an Italian ensemble called Kikkombo, that's going to be released soon in Italy.

2011 : Dhany visited DJ Micro's single On Your Road. She was also featured on Leave This Club Alone, a track on Benny Benassi's new album Electroman. In August, DJ Micro's single On Your Road was released . In November, Dhany did vocals on Mike Crystal's The Hottest Emotion. In December, Dhany and Karl Wolf were featured on Marc Mysterio's Everything Is All Wrong.

2012 : In April, Dhany was featured on Matteo Sala & Stylus Robb's new single Only You. Then she recorded vocals for DJ Aldo's Dancing In The Twilight. In July she was featured on Dayro Phonix's new single What If. In September, she sung for Martin Silence's new single Live & Take Control. In October, she was featured by Gil Foster And Roby Montano on the single I Won't Surrender

2013 : Dhany was featured on Roby Montano - Runaway Getaway, Marco Frattini - Universe, Matteo Sala - Travel from my heart, Krist Van D - Hangover, Giulia Regain & Daresh Syzmoon - My Memories, Alex Berti & Ceedes' - New Horizon, The Matt Project - Never.

2014 : Dhany did vocals on Andrea Ferrini's new single As One.

Songs co-written by Dhany

Ally & Jo : Nasty Girl
Ann Lee: 2 Times, Top Of The World
Benny Benassi: Able to Love, Love is Gonna Save Us, No Matter What You Do
In-Grid: You Promised Me, Souvenir D'été
JK : Make Me Feel, You Got Me Dancing
Mietta: Angeli Noi, Una Strada Per Te, Musica Che Scoppia, Un Passo Falso, Ancora Insieme A Te
Whigfield: Doo Whop, Givin All My Love, Unbelievable

Thanks to Kizoo, Alessio Primavesi, Tavi Meran, Alexander Pavlov and TanYa
Dhany Russian website

Dhany biography was last updated Sat, January 13th 2018




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