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DWA Records   (Italy)

  label / records company
Added : 20/11/2001

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19/11/2020 : DWA Records released a collection of their eurodance artists' greatest hits in symphonic version (thanks to Pim)

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DWA Records biography

Their most famous productions are Corona , Double You , Ice MC , Alexia , Netzwerk , Black 4 White , Due , Fourteen 14 . They also created many projects : 2 Fragile, 303 Trance Factor, Alexia Cooper, Alibi, Arcana, Asix, Babyroots, Bale Mondonga, Bass Material, Black And White, C. Tronics, Cassiel, Contraddizione Posse, Crystal B, Cybernetica, Dama, Data Drama, Diditi, Disco Infinity, Donna, Eclipse, Elena Becker, Every Street, Fletch Two, Funkelectra, Galactica, Global Device, Gray Neve, Hobby k., Infinity feat. Sense, Jhava, Johnny Parker, K. Envelope, Kaas, KU, Larry Liver Lip, Larry Spinosa, Leader Of The Pack, Lorenz D., Lorenzo Galletti & Eddy Glamour, Lovetrip, Lucchetta, MOP#1, Mayabel, MC Morris, Mission, Momo B., Movemaster, Naomi Dee, Nell, Oneiric, Only Noise, Pacific, Panama, Papa Selector, Paul Mastered, Photo, Pianonegro, Po.Lo> , Prince Charming, Psycho, Raimundo Navarro, Razza Posse, S.D.P., Sandy , Savage, Scattt, Shade Of Love, Simona Jackson, Space Tribe, Stargo, Sunbrother, Susy Be, TF 99, Time Machine, Tity b., T-Move Experience, Tomix, Toro, Tuttifrutti, V.i.r.u.s. 666, Walt 93, Weepie, Willy Morales, Zero Phase, Zooo.

In 1980 Roberto Zanetti started his career as a composer writing songs in collaboration with Zucchero Fornaciari. In 1983 Roberto composed and produced the first 'dance' record, entitled Don’t Cry Tonight, sung by himself under the stage name 'Savage'.

The song became a great success first in Italy, then in the rest of Europe. After some years spent touring around the world, Roberto decided to step up his activity as a producer by buying recording studios (Casablanca recordings) first, and subsequently establishing his own record label (DWA Records).

This was in 1989 and the first record released was No Lo Hago Por Dinero by Raimunda Navarro, which became a club hit in Italy and England. the same year saw the first world-wide success under the DWA label: it was the single Easy by Ice MC. this song was followed by two other singles, Cinema and Scream, and the first album entitled Cinema.

Both the singles and the album met with outstanding success all over the world, and Ice MC became known everywhere. Between 1990 and 1991, DWA continued to release singles by new artists, among which the most important were: Pianonegro, Wareband feat. Tad Robinson, Scattt, Willy Morales. In 1992, the period of great world successes began. The first hit was Please don’t go by Double You, that launched the 'Covermania' phenomenon throughout the world. First, the song was released in Italy; then an English record label (known as Network) applied for the licence to release it in the UK. The answer from DWA was negative, because the song was already under licence to another company in that country, so network made a copy of Please Don’t Go, sung by the English group KWS. the copy came out before the Double You version and went to the top of the English and American charts, but Double You triumphed in the rest of the world selling more than four million copies.

Later, DWA won a court case against Network, who were ordered to pay damages. in the following years, DWA devoted itself to the Double You project, releasing new singles (We All Need Love and Who’s Fooling Who) and the first album (We All Need Love). among the few records made in this period, were those by Netzwerk, DJ Bobo, CB Milton.

Soon after, a new single by Ice MC, with the title Take Away The Colour, was released. The song didn’t have big sales, but it prepared the ground for the future production of the artist and it set the Eurodance fashion throughout Europe. Shortly afterwards, two other singles by Ice MC, Think About The Way and It’s A Rainy Day, were released. These two songs, together with the album Ice n’green, were to consolidate the artist’s fame all over the world. the album sold about 800.000 copies in Europe (250.000 in France alone), whereas the singles totalled more than two million copies. One of the singles was also to be part of the sound-track of the cult movie 'Trainspotting'.

At the end of 1993, the single The Rhythm Of The Night by Corona was released. in only two years, the artist was to sell about four million copies all over the world, reaching even the American top ten. In 1995 the singles by Double You Dancing With An Angel andBecause I’m Loving You were released, together with a special album created for only the Brazilian market. It sold more than 100.000 copies in that country.

For the whole of 1996, Double You were on tour in Brazil, performing more than 50 shows in various concert-halls. After this period of incredible successes, the manager of the label considered that it was time to reorganise the whole structure, so he gave orders to build new offices and recording studios.

But feelings among the artists were changing. in fact, some of them started to create problems, deteriorating the relationship based on friendship and co-operation that had been the key of DWA’s success since the beginning. so, in 1996, the company took a rest period to reorganise its own artistic staff, employing new people and renouncing to certain collaborations.

Among various changes, were the legal case against the rapper of the Ice MC project and the abandonment of the Corona project on the part of the DWA label. During 1996 very few singles were released, but, among them, we have to draw attention to those by Alexia. This artist held a good three consecutive first positions in the Italian charts and met with outstanding success all over Europe.

At the end of 1996, the recording of a new album by Alexia began, with a release date of spring 1997, together with a single and a videoclip. The song Uh la la la was a really great hit all over Europe and top ten quite everywhere, while the album Fan club was a really big seller in some territories. In Finland it sold more than 90.000 copies, in Brazil more than 160.000, while in Poland it sold 100.000 copies. At the beginning of 1998 the Fan Club project was still working and Uh La La La is entering the UK charts, while Number one was really strong in USA. The whole DWA record was working hard with Alexia : a new single and video, titled Gimme Love, was released at the end of March, while the new album was ready at the end of may. This new project was licensed to Sony for the whole world. No other projects had been scheduled to be released before summer 1998.

(From the DWA Records website)

DWA Records biography was last updated Wed, January 6th 2021

DWA Records catalog

Artist Title Date Label
2 Fragile L.O.V.E. 1992 DWA 00.58
303 Trance Factor S.L.E.E.P. Tonight 1991 DWA 00.40
A. Surdi e Tony de Piscopo I Tammuri 1993 DWA 01.12
Alexia Me And You 1995 DWA 01.73
Alexia Me And You remix 1995 DWA 01.80
Alexia Summer Is Crazy 1996 DWA 96.01
Alexia Summer Is Crazy remix 1996 DWA 96.04
Alexia Number One 1996 DWA 96.06
Alexia Number One - Happy Remix 1996 DWA 96.08
Alexia Number One - Remix 2 1996 DWA 96.09
Alexia Number One remix 1996 DWA 96.10
Alexia Uh La La La 1997 DWA 97.02
Alexia Fan Club LP 1997 DWA 97.03
Alexia Uh La La La f.o.s. remix 1997 DWA 97.04
Alexia Uh La La La - Remixes 1997 DWA 97.08
Alexia Gimme Love 1998 DWA 98.01
Alexia The Party LP 1998 DWA 98.03
Alexia The Music I Like 1998 DWA 98.04
Alexia The Music I Like (double vinyl limited edition) 1998 DWA 98.05
Alexia Keep On Movin 1998 DWA 98.06
Alexia Goodbye 1999 DWA 99.01
Alexia Happy 1999 DWA 99.02
Alexia Goodbye remix 1999 DWA 99.03
Alexia Happy 1999 DWA 99.04
Alexia Ti Amo Ti Amo 2000 DWA M0.01
Alexia The Hits LP 2000 DWA M0.02
Alexia Cooper Gotta Be Mine 1991 DWA 00.35
Alexia Cooper Let You Go 1992 DWA 00.50
Arcana Space Party People 1994 DWA 01.27
Artisti Vari Delirio Compilation 1992 DWA 00.51
Babyroots No Woman No Cry 1990 DWA 00.21
Babyroots Rock Your Baby 1992 DWA 00.64
Babyroots Gimme Some 1992 DWA 00.69
Bale Mondonga Freedom 1990 DWA 00.25
Black And White Do You Know 1994 DWA 01.44
C. Tronics Love For Love 1992 DWA 00.49
CB Milton It's A Loving Thing 1994 DWA 01.28
CB Milton Hold On 1994 DWA 01.40
CB Milton Open Your Heart 1994 DWA 01.54
CB Milton it' s my loving thing 1994 DWA 01.55
Contraddizione Posse Contraddizione EP 1992 DWA 00.63
Corona The Rhythm Of The Night 1993 DWA 01.07
Corona The Rhythm Of The Night - Remix 1994 DWA 01.31
Corona The Rhythm Of The Night - Re-remixes 1994 DWA 01.38
Corona The Rhythm Of The Night 1994 DWA 01.39
Corona The Rhythm Of The Night - Uk Remixes 1994 DWA 01.50
Corona Baby Baby 1995 DWA 01.61
Corona The Rhythm Of The Night 1995 DWA 01.65
Corona Try Me Out 1995 DWA 01.70
Corona Try Me Out - Remixes 1995 DWA 01.71
Corona I Don't Wanna Be A Star 1995 DWA 01.77
Corona Megamix 1996 DWA 96.03
Creavibe Wonderful Life 2005 DWA M5.01
Crystal B I Don't Wanna Be 1994 DWA 01.45
Cybernetica I Wanna Be With You 1994 DWA 01.30
Data Drama The Rain 1991 DWA 00.37
Data Drama Close Your Eyes 1992 DWA 00.55
DFB Nessun Dorma 1990 DWA 00.20
Digilove Let The Night Take The Blame 1993 DWA 00.80
Digilove Give You Love 1993 DWA 01.06
DJ Bobo Somebody Dance With Me 1993 DWA 00.82
DJ Bobo Somebody Dance With Me remix 1993 DWA 00.97
DJ Bobo Keep On Dancing 1993 DWA 01.01
DJ Bobo Dance With Me 1993 DWA 01.09
DJ Bobo Take Control 1993 DWA 01.14
Dj Bobo Take Control - Remix 1994 DWA 01.34
DJ Bobo Everybody 1994 DWA 01.36
Double You Please Don't Go 1992 DWA 00.46
Double You Please Don't Go remix 1992 DWA 00.59
Double You We All Need Love 1992 DWA 00.61
Double You We All Need Love 1992 DWA 00.67
Double You We All Need Love remix 1992 DWA 00.68
Double You Who's Fooling Who? 1992 DWA 00.70
Double You Double mix 1992 DWA 00.74
Double You We All Need Love LP 1992 DWA 00.75
Double You We All Need Love LP 1992 DWA 00.76
Double You With Or Without You 1993 DWA 00.81
Double You Missing You 1993 DWA 00.94
Double you Missing You (red vinyl) 1993 DWA 00.95
Double You Missing You - Remixes 1993 DWA 00.98
Double You Parttime Lover 1993 DWA 01.05
Double You Parttime Lover - Remix 1993 DWA 01.13
Double You The Blue Album 1994 DWA 01.19
Double You Heart Of Glass 1994 DWA 01.20
Double You Run To Me 1994 DWA 01.42
Double You Dancing With An Angel 1995 DWA 01.67
Double You Because I'm Loving You 1995 DWA 01.78
Double You Somebody 1997 DWA 97.06
Double You Somebody f.o.s. remix 1997 DWA 97.07
Due Under The Same Sun 1994 DWA 01.26
EYE feat. Alexia Virtual Reality 1997 DWA 97.01
Fletch Two Pump The Rhythm 1991 DWA 00.41
Fourteen 14 Don't Leave Me 1994 DWA 01.53
Galactica Music Is My Life 1994 DWA 01.37
Gray Neve I Need Your Love 1993 DWA 00.79
Hendrickx Sophie Keep Our Love Away 1992 DWA 00.77
Humantronics The Sound Of Afrika 1990 DWA 00.22
Ice MC Easy remix 1989 DWA 00.02
Ice MC Easy House remix 1990 DWA 00.08
Ice MC Scream 1990 DWA 00.09
Ice MC Cinema 1990 DWA 00.10
Ice MC Cinema LP 1990 DWA 00.11
Ice MC Scream remix 1990 DWA 00.15
Ice MC Ok Corral 1990 DWA 00.17
Ice MC Megamix 1990 DWA 00.19
Ice MC Happy Weekend - Remix 1990 DWA 00.26
Ice MC Rainy Days 1992 DWA 00.48
Ice MC Take Away The Colour 1993 DWA 01.02
Ice MC Take Away The Colour remix 1993 DWA 01.11
Ice MC Think About The Way 1994 DWA 01.32
Ice MC Think About The Way 1994 DWA 01.49
Ice MC It's A Rainy Day 1994 DWA 01.51
Ice MC Ice 'n' Green 1994 DWA 01.52
Ice MC It's A Rainy Day remix 1994 DWA 01.58
Ice MC It's A Rainy Day - Christmas Remix 1994 DWA 01.59
Ice MC Take Away The Colour - '95 Remix 1995 DWA 01.60
Ice MC Ice 'N' Green the remix album 1995 DWA 01.63
Ice MC Ice 'n Mix - Triple Set Remixes 1995 DWA 01.64
Ice MC It' s A Miracle 2005 DWA M4.01
Johnny Parker Baby I Need Your Loving 1993 DWA 00.89
KC And The Sunshine Band 20th Anniversary Megamix 1993 DWA 00.84
KC And The Sunshine Band Oh Yeah 1993 DWA 00.85
KC and the Sunshine Band Give It Up 1993 DWA 01.04
Krymu Polskie Beat 1989 DWA 00.07
Larry Liver Lip CHALLOWA 1992 DWA 00.60
Larry Spinosa Guitar 1992 DWA 00.52
Larry Spinosa The Guitar EP N°2 1993 DWA 00.87
Lovetrip Face To Face 1989 DWA 00.05
Meeting Plays House From The World 1989 DWA 00.03
Mike L.G. I Totally Miss You 1994 DWA 01.18
Momo B Be Happy 1991 DWA 00.34
Netzwerk Send Me An Angel 1992 DWA 00.71
Netzwerk Breakdown 1993 DWA 01.03
Netzwerk Passion 1994 DWA 01.56
Netzwerk Passion remix 1995 DWA 01.62
Netzwerk Memories 1995 DWA 01.68
Netzwerk Memories remix 1995 DWA 01.74
Pianonegro Pianonegro 1990 DWA 00.13
Pianonegro Pianonegro remix 1990 DWA 00.18
Pianonegro In Africa 1996 DWA 96.05
PoLo I Want You 1995 DWA 01.69
Psyco Confusion 1992 DWA 00.53
Raimunda Navarro No Lo Hago Por Dinero 1989 DWA 00.01
Raimunda Navarro No Lo Hago Por Dinero - Remix 1990 DWA 00.12
Raimunda Navarro Jungle Fever 1990 DWA 00.24
Raimunda Navarro James Brown Has Sex 1991 DWA 00.39
Razza Posse Razza 1992 DWA 00.62
Red Zone (2) Use Your Voice 1992 DWA 00.78
Sandy Bad Boy 1995 DWA 01.75
Savage Don't Cry Tonight remix 1991 DWA 00.27
Savage Strange Love 1993 DWA 00.90
Savage 12 remixes vol. 1 1994 DWA 01.23
Savage 12 remixes vol. 2 1994 DWA 01.24
Savage Don't Cry 1994 DWA 01.25
Savage Don't You Want Me 1994 DWA 01.41
Scattt Vocalize 1991 DWA 00.29
Scattt Scat And Bebop 1992 DWA 00.43
SDP You Make Me Feel 1993 DWA 00.96
Shade Of Love Together 1989 DWA 00.06
Simona Jackson Love Is The Key 1993 DWA 00.00
Soul Boy Typical 1990 DWA 00.14
Soulemotion Soulemotion 1990 DWA 00.16
Space Tribe Better Be Alright 1994 DWA 01.29
Stadio Sesso O Amore remix 1993 DWA 00.91
Stargo Live Is Life '89 1989 DWA 00.04
Stargo Senza Una Donna 1991 DWA 00.30
Stargo Albachiara 1991 DWA 00.31
Stargo Sugar Baby Love 1993 DWA 00.86
Sunbrother Tell Me What 1997 DWA 97.05
Super fly Is It Love 1994 DWA 01.17
Terra W.A.N. Caramba (Dance 2 Dis) 1993 DWA 00.88
Terra WAN The Puta Madre 1992 DWA 00.44
TF 99 Everybody Love 1994 DWA 01.16
Timeshift Don't U Feel The Beat 1994 DWA 01.43
Tity B Jumbo 1991 DWA 00.28
Tuttifrutti Superboy 1998 DWA 98.02
VIRUS 666 Don't Stop The Movie 1992 DWA 00.45
Walt 93 Can You Hear Me 1992 DWA 00.54
Wareband Feat.Tad Robinson Party Children 1990 DWA 00.23
Wareband Feat.Tad Robinson Party Children remix 1991 DWA 00.33
Wareband Feat.Tad Robinson A Better Day 1991 DWA 00.36
Wareband Feat.Tad Robinson A Better Day garage remix 1992 DWA 00.56
Willy Morales Going Back / Last Train To London 1992 DWA 00.42
Zero Phase The Wind 1991 DWA 00.38
Zooo You And I 1993 DWA 00.99




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