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Chambers (Sandra)   (UK)

AKA : Sandy Chambers, Sandy
EuroDance member
Added : 11/05/2000

Everybody's Dancing
Give It Time
Play My Music
This Is Me
Cloud 9
Brown Girl In The Rain
Movin' With Me
What A Feeling
Quello Che Tu Sei (You Are My Destiny)
Touching Me
Love Is In The Air
Gimme Some
Rock Your Baby
Dreamin' Stop
We All Need Love
Rock Me Baby
Send Me An Angel
Baby Don't Cry
Come On (Make My Day)
Another Love
Can U See
I Won't Change Your Mind
Keep Holding On
I'm Feeling
Every Night (Dada Am Bada Eh)
Never Stay Alone
The Sun
Words Of Love
Dreamin' On
I Pray
We Stay Together
Carry On (A Night Electric Rhythm)
What Can I Do
Cherry Lady
Let Me See You Dance
The Logical Song
I Feel The Time
Wanna Be With U
Stuff Of Dreams
Just Be
I Love You Baby
You Will Be Mine
Day By Day
Gotta Fever
I Wanna Lose My Mind
Powerful Love
Upside Down
Gimme All Your Love
Set Me Free
Set Me Free
Eye Of The Tiger
Hey Tommy !
I Want My Freedom
Baby Baby
You Know What I Want
High Energy
Dancing With An Angel
Try Me Out
Try Jah Love
Stay With Me
Born 2 Love U
Gonna Get A Moving
I Don't Wanna Be A Star
Every Day In Love
Send Away The Rain
Take A Chance
Gonna Be My Baby
I Want U To Want Me 2
This Feeling
Can't Let Go
Gimme All Your Love
You And I
Lyin' Eyes
Because I'm Loving You
I Can Fly
Stay Here In My Heart
My Radio
Evviva A Vida
All I Need Is Love
I Need Your Love
Evviva A Vida
Show Me The Way
Here In Paradise
Do You Want My Love
Only The Lonely
Everytime You Go
Stay With Me
Baby Stay
I Don't Look Back
Keep On Reaching Higher
Make Me Happy
I Got A Good Thing
Loving You
Don't Tell Me Lies
Love And Light
Welcome To My World
Get Up And Dance
A Love 4 U
Deep In The Night
Keep On Movin
Sing A Song Now Now
I Miss You
E-Mail Raiders
Deep Down
You And Me
Be My Babe
Lovin' It
La Playa Del Sol
Take Your Time
For Love
Dance Police
You Got Me Dancing
Rhythm Is Melody
Angel In The Night
It Take A Fool To Remain Sane
Do U Know ?
Do U Know (remix)
10 Years
Make The World Go Round
Hit My Heart
Ready For Love
Get Better
Baby Baby
Feel Alive
Get Hot
Get Out Of My Mind
Born To Be Free
Summer Of My Life
Catch Me Now
U Can
Illusion 2k15
Bad Boy
Break The Wall
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Latest Sandra Chambers news

26/03/2018 : Next Wednesday 28th, Sandy Chambers. will be interviewed on Italian station m2o radio during show Dual Core, with Dino Brown at 16:00 (Italian time).

23/05/2015 : Benassi Bros and Armano released a 2k15 version of Illusion, still featuring Sandy Chambers on vocals.

09/05/2015 : Sandra Chambers could be the voice featured on Soundsun U Can, released last February under D:Vision Records.

30/04/2011 : Sandra Chambers posted pics of a recording session she did this month. (Thanks to Eurodance Blog)

18/01/2011 : Recently, Italian label d:vision released a new version of Benassi Bros feat. Sandra Chambers's hit Illusion. The new version was made in collaboration with DAB. (Thanks to Tavi Meran)

19/10/2010 : Sandra Chambers was interviewed on Italian Radio Zerosei. She opened a canto school in Brescia. Meanwhile, she is working on her first solo album, "and I will continue to do what I love the most doing : dance music", she explained. (Thanks to Tavi Meran)

27/07/2010 : A small part of Sandra Chambers featurings carreer was summarized in this very well-made megamix of 11 min (Thanks to Tavi Meran)

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Sandra Chambers singles

Everybody's Dancing Everybody's Dancing 1994  
Give It Time Give It Time 2005  
Play My Music Play My Music Apr 2007  
This Is Me This Is Me 15th May 2009  
Cloud 9 Cloud 9 2nd Jun 2010  


Featurings and collaborations

Brown Girl In The Rain Sara Clay - Brown Girl In The Rain  
Movin' With Me Ozone - Movin' With Me  
What A Feeling Haire - What A Feeling  
Quello Che Tu Sei (You Are My Destiny) Piersante - Quello Che Tu Sei (You Are My Destiny)  
Oggi Piersante - Oggi  
Touching Me Rhonda - Touching Me  
Love Is In The Air AB Melody - Love Is In The Air 1992  
Gimme Some Babyroots - Gimme Some 1992  
Rock Your Baby Babyroots - Rock Your Baby 1992  
Dreamin' Stop Mag's Proud feat Sandra Chambers - Dreamin' Stop 1992  
We All Need Love Double You - We All Need Love 30th Jun 1992  
Rock Me Baby Babyroots - Rock Me Baby 17th Jul 1992  
Send Me An Angel Netzwerk - Send Me An Angel 17th Oct 1992  
Together Carin McDonald - Together 1993  
Believe Dynamic Power - Believe 1993  
Breakdown Netzwerk - Breakdown 2nd Oct 1993  
Baby Don't Cry Blackmaster - Baby Don't Cry 1994  
Positively Voltage - Positively 1994  
Come On (Make My Day) Dana Tusk - Come On (Make My Day) 1994  
Trouble K.A.M.A. - Trouble 1994  
Another Love Further Out feat Holy Higgins - Another Love 1994  
Can U See Vangelo - Can U See 1994  
I Won't Change Your Mind Newmill - I Won't Change Your Mind 1994  
Keep Holding On Chambre - Keep Holding On 1994  
I'm Feeling Charles Shaw - I'm Feeling 29th Jul 1994  
Every Night (Dada Am Bada Eh) Blume - Every Night (Dada Am Bada Eh) 1995  
Never Stay Alone LaNotte - Never Stay Alone 1995  
The Sun Joyce - The Sun 1995  
Words Of Love Sandy C - Words Of Love 1995  
Dreamin' On Seven Seas - Dreamin' On 1995  
I Pray Backside - I Pray 1995  
Reaction AAA - Reaction 1995  
We Stay Together Sunkry - We Stay Together 1995  
Carry On (A Night Electric Rhythm) Alexia (2) - Carry On (A Night Electric Rhythm) 1995  
What Can I Do Toy - What Can I Do 1995  
Cherry Lady Charisma (2) - Cherry Lady 1995  
Let Me See You Dance Swap! - Let Me See You Dance 1995  
Survive The Bishops - Survive 1995  
The Logical Song X-Value - The Logical Song 1995  
I Feel The Time The Highlanders - I Feel The Time 1995  
Wanna Be With U Jinny - Wanna Be With U 1995  
Stuff Of Dreams Ka-Ma - Stuff Of Dreams 1995  
Just Be Erika - Just Be 1995  
I Love You Baby Unsex - I Love You Baby 1995  
You Will Be Mine Ancorah - You Will Be Mine 1995  
Day By Day Angel Ice - Day By Day 1995  
Gotta Fever Charles Shaw - Gotta Fever 1995  
I Wanna Lose My Mind Matisse - I Wanna Lose My Mind 1995  
Powerful Love Red Zone - Powerful Love 1995  
Upside Down Chambre - Upside Down 1995  
Gimme All Your Love Barnet - Gimme All Your Love 1995  
Set Me Free Barbara Ann - Set Me Free 1995  
Set Me Free Barbara Ann ft. Sandra Chambers - Set Me Free 1995  
Maybe BUS - Maybe 1995  
Eye Of The Tiger Haire - Eye Of The Tiger 1995  
Hey Tommy ! Lola J - Hey Tommy ! 1995  
I Want My Freedom Sasha (2) - I Want My Freedom 1995  
Baby Baby Corona - Baby Baby 17th Mar 1995  
You Know What I Want Fa-Ta - You Know What I Want 24th Mar 1995  
High Energy Groove Dealer - High Energy 12th Apr 1995  
Dancing With An Angel Double You - Dancing With An Angel 22nd Apr 1995  
Try Me Out Corona - Try Me Out 3rd Jul 1995  
Try Jah Love Robey B - Try Jah Love 4th Sep 1995  
Stay With Me Aladino - Stay With Me 16th Oct 1995  
Born 2 Love U Cobra - Born 2 Love U 26th Oct 1995  
Gonna Get A Moving Barcode - Gonna Get A Moving 26th Oct 1995  
I Don't Wanna Be A Star Corona - I Don't Wanna Be A Star 27th Nov 1995  
Every Day In Love 2wo Shell - Every Day In Love 1996  
Send Away The Rain Double You - Send Away The Rain 1996  
Take A Chance Dream Project - Take A Chance 1996  
Gonna Be My Baby Double You - Gonna Be My Baby 1996  
I Want U To Want Me 2 D-Inspiration - I Want U To Want Me 2 1996  
This Feeling Esa Masea - This Feeling 1996  
Can't Let Go DJ Pills - Can't Let Go 1996  
Runaway Orange Blue - Runaway 1996  
Tonight Kathy Read - Tonight 1996  
Say Set Up And Dance - Say 1996  
Gimme All Your Love Double You - Gimme All Your Love 1996  
You And I Luna - You And I 1996  
Lyin' Eyes Sheenah Toy - Lyin' Eyes 1996  
Because I'm Loving You Double You - Because I'm Loving You 15th Jan 1996  
I Can Fly M-System - I Can Fly 29th Jan 1996  
Stay Here In My Heart Systematic - Stay Here In My Heart 5th Feb 1996  
My Radio JK - My Radio 5th Mar 1996  
Woman Elena Becker - Woman 28th Nov 1996  
Evviva A Vida Sefe - Evviva A Vida 1997  
All I Need Is Love Celine - All I Need Is Love 1997  
Fuego Garrasco - Fuego 1997  
I Need Your Love Fiona - I Need Your Love 1997  
Miracle Sasha (2) - Miracle 1997  
Evviva A Vida Sasha (2) - Evviva A Vida 1997  
Show Me The Way Jhava - Show Me The Way 1997  
Here In Paradise Amya - Here In Paradise 1997  
Do You Want My Love K-box - Do You Want My Love 1997  
Only The Lonely Syrte - Only The Lonely 1997  
Everytime You Go Andromeda - Everytime You Go 20th Feb 1997  
Stay With Me Trivial Voice - Stay With Me 5th May 1997  
Somebody Double You - Somebody 9th Jun 1997  
Paradise Sefe - Paradise 1998  
Baby Stay Infinity (2) - Baby Stay 1998  
I Don't Look Back Garrasco - I Don't Look Back 1998  
Keep On Reaching Higher K Jay - Keep On Reaching Higher 1998  
Make Me Happy The Skill ft. Barbara Evans - Make Me Happy 1998  
I Got A Good Thing Robey B - I Got A Good Thing 1998  
Loving You Sabrina F - Loving You 1998  
Weekend Joy (2) - Weekend Jan 1998  
Don't Tell Me Lies Jhava - Don't Tell Me Lies 20th Apr 1998  
Love And Light Bit Max - Love And Light 1999  
Welcome To My World O.C.P. feat Robey B. - Welcome To My World 1999  
Get Up And Dance Tama - Get Up And Dance 1999  
A Love 4 U Jhava - A Love 4 U 25th May 1999  
Deep In The Night JK - Deep In The Night 2nd Jul 1999  
Keep On Movin Alexia - Keep On Movin 16th Nov 1999  
Sing A Song Now Now A.C. One - Sing A Song Now Now 17th Nov 1999  
I Miss You Mimmo M - I Miss You 2000  
E-Mail Raiders Raiders - E-Mail Raiders 2000  
Deep Down U-Nik - Deep Down 2000  
Mama Asira - Mama 2000  
You And Me Baby Dee - You And Me 2000  
Be My Babe Flyawards feat Juliet Chey - Be My Babe 2000  
Lovin' It Kyma - Lovin' It 2000  
La Playa Del Sol Sundae - La Playa Del Sol 2000  
Take Your Time Tama - Take Your Time 2000  
Weekend Tantra - Weekend 2000  
For Love A.T. Tomix feat Salimah - For Love 2000  
Dance Police Houseless feat KTN - Dance Police 2nd Jun 2000  
You Got Me Dancing JK - You Got Me Dancing 28th Nov 2000  
Rhythm Is Melody Odette Ravage - Rhythm Is Melody 2001  
Angel In The Night Chloe - Angel In The Night 2001  
It Take A Fool To Remain Sane Rouge - It Take A Fool To Remain Sane 2001  
Do U Know ? Shaba - Do U Know ? 2001  
Do U Know (remix) Shaba - Do U Know (remix) 2001  
10 Years Banco De Gaia - 10 Years 2002  
Make The World Go Round Pussy Dub Foundation - Make The World Go Round 2002  
Hit My Heart JK - Hit My Heart 18th Nov 2002  
Ready For Love Sara Clay - Ready For Love 2003  
Get Better KMC - Get Better 20th Mar 2003  
Illusion Benassi Bros - Illusion 2004  
Baby Baby Sunblock - Baby Baby 2006  
Feel Alive Benassi Bros - Feel Alive May 2006  
Get Hot Diego Donati vs F&A Factor - Get Hot 2007  
Get Out Of My Mind Favretto - Get Out Of My Mind 8th Dec 2008  
Brighter Pocho - Brighter 1st Jul 2009  
Born To Be Free La Maison Derriere - Born To Be Free 18th May 2010  
Summer Of My Life Mood Velvet - Summer Of My Life 3rd Jun 2010  
Catch Me Now Pro-Hunters - Catch Me Now 10th Jun 2010  
U Can SoundSun - U Can 20th Feb 2015  
Illusion 2k15 Benassi Bros and Armano - Illusion 2k15 11th May 2015  


Together Carin McDonald - Together 1993  
Every Night (Dada Am Bada Eh) Blume - Every Night (Dada Am Bada Eh) 1995  
Dreamin' On Seven Seas - Dreamin' On 1995  
Reaction AAA - Reaction 1995  
Let Me See You Dance Swap! - Let Me See You Dance 1995  
I Love You Baby Unsex - I Love You Baby 1995  
Change The Way Real Dream - Change The Way 10th Jul 1995  
Heaven Connie Nice - Heaven 9th Oct 1996  
Evviva A Vida Sefe - Evviva A Vida 1997  
Evviva A Vida Sasha (2) - Evviva A Vida 1997  
Angel Don't Cry Basic Connection - Angel Don't Cry 1998  
You Are My Love Basic Connection - You Are My Love 1999  

Aliases - Records released under other names

Toy Sandy C - Toy  
Bad Boy Sandy - Bad Boy 1995  
Break The Wall Sandy - Break The Wall 2008  


Sandra Chambers biography

Sandra Chambers was born in Birmingham (UK) on11th of April 1967. Her musical career began at an early age, when she and her brothers took part in talent contests all over the country, singing songs by the Jackson Five, Doobie Brothers, Three Degrees... She moved to Pisa, Italy in April 1992 to improve her Italian, during the last year of a degree course in Italian studies at the University of Lancaster, and sung in bars during her free time. After having successfully completed this degree, she stayed in Italy and kept her bars singer carreer. That's how producer Robyx spotted her and asked her to come to DWA studios because he needed a background vocalist. She read "Savage" on the business card he gave her and she wondered what kind of name is it... The first recording was We All Need Love by Double You. At that time, she did not even know what musical team she was working with...

This collaboration with the DWA Recording Company really launched her carreer on a professional level. She worked on Double You's first two albums We All Need Love (1992) and The Blue Album (1993). The project gave rise to two singles: Rock Your Baby (1992) and Gimme Some (1992), she also appears on the track I Gave You All.

She later went on to join the dance project Netzwerk, which found success with Send Me An Angel or Breakdown. She also sung as Jhava (Don't Tell Me Lies), Infinity featuring Sense (Baby Stay duet with William Naraine), Babyroots (Gimme Some, Rock Your Baby, Rock Me Baby), Tuttifrutti (Superboy duet with Alexia). She collaborated to the Corona project as studio vocalist (except for the first hit The Rhythm Of The Night) and that she also contributed to JK (her voice can be heard on My Radio). During 1993 and 1994 her musical experience widened with her embarkment into the field of jazz and also into the field of jingles - backing vocals for television and radio. After many other collaborations and recording sessions in and around Milan, in May 1995 she had the opportunity of working once again alongside Double You, on the chart-topping track Dancing With An Angel.

Her solo career started in 1994, when she recorded a single under her own name for Lupomannaro label : Everybody's Dancing. Then came Bad Boy under the name of Sandy, released in 1995 under DWA. The song reached the top 20 in Italy and was also released in many other countries. It was even covered by a project named Underground Hammer Man !

Her passion for singing and music in general is due to having been raised listening to Aretha Franklin, Marvin Gaye, Luther Vandross, Freddie Jackson... Her favourite contemporary singers are : Lisa Stanfield, Patty Labelle, Take 6... Her other passions, apart from music, are languages and dialects. She loves the arts in general and she is a very avid reader, especially for topics concerning psychology. She is not keen on any sport in particular and she describes herself as a very lazy person, who sleeps at least ten hours a night ! With regard to fashion, she tends to lean towards the "Hip hop american street wear" trend and she is also very keen on sportswear (adidas and nike), although not on sport...

In 1998, she did backing vocals for Alexia's song Bad Boy. Then she had a baby and stopped her collaboration with the Corona project. However, the new millennium resurrected her interest to dance music...

Sandra launched a new career in jazz music, and did commercials for TV and radio (she recorded I Can See Clearly Now for AXA in 2002, You Don't Have To Say You Love Me for Cornetto Algida, and did a duet with F.ArnÚ for the song Someday, for the Chrysler PT Cruiser in 2004). Sandra started working for Roby Benvenuto's company, recording many dance tracks for other markets than Italy. Then she signed a contract with X-energy records.

2003 : Sandra contributed as vocalist to KMC's single Get Better.

2004 : Sandy's voice was featured on Marco "Benny" Benassi's huge hit Illusion. Sandra's contributions to TV commercials were featured on an Italian compilation entitled Spot Grammy.

2005 : Sandy Chambers, took part to a 13-tracks album entitled Boney M remix 2005, along with Bobby Farrell the original leader of the project.

2006 : Sandy re-recorded Feel Alive, the new Benassi Bros.' single taken from the album ...Phobia.

2008 : Sandy Chambers recorded a duet with Dhany produced by the Benassi Bros, called Break The Wall.

2010 : In May, she recorded a song entitled Born to be free for the project La Maison Derriere. In June, she was featured on Mood Velvet's single Summer Of My Life and on Pro-Hunters's single Catch Me Now. Her next solo was entitled Cloud 9.

2011 : in April, Sandra Chambers posted pics of a recording session she did that month. But nothing came out do far...

2017 : since many years, she's been running a school in Brescia Vocal Project Comboni (formerly known as Accademia Franciscanum).

A top Italian producer once said to her "Sandy, you have a lucky voice. Everything you sing turns to gold!"

DWA Records
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