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Bini Gianni

Bini (Gianni)   (Italy)

EuroDance producer
Added : 15/06/2012

House Lounged!
Mr. Nasty
Checkmate E.P. Vol. 1
Who's Afraid Of John?
Olympic Pressure EP
Back to My Roots
The Dance
Summer Rain
Take Control
Groove Is in the Heart
Nine Clouds
Do Your Thang
Things You Told Me
Funky Music
Like The Way You Work It
Back 4 More EP
Funk Dust
The Outlet EP
The City Of Free Love
The Boss
Waiting For
Keep You (Anyway I Can)
We Got Hugo
The Hip
Deputy of Love
A Night In Sofia
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Latest Gianni Bini news

02/03/2020 : Gianni Bini teamed with Samantha Iorio to release album A Lady In Soul

28/08/2019 : Gianni Bini is currently working on an album that will gather new versions from the greatest 90s hits of DWA records stars (Ice MC, Alexia, Double You, Simone Jay...)

25/05/2019 : New from Gianni Bini, single Keep You (Anyway I Can), a collaboration with The Rituals.

18/02/2019 : New Gianni Bini single will be entitled The Boss and it will feature Liz Hill.

04/10/2018 : Gianni Bini published the tracklisting of a forthcoming album entitled House Lounged!

07/04/2018 : Gianni Bini's next single will be entitled The City Of Free Love.

10/02/2017 : New from Gianni Bini, EP The Outlet.

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Gianni Bini albums

House Lounged! House Lounged! 19th Oct 2018


Gianni Bini singles

Reach Reach (presents Dublin) 2004  
Mr. Nasty Mr. Nasty (presents Dublin) 2006  
Checkmate E.P. Vol. 1 Checkmate E.P. Vol. 1 Nov 2007  
Who's Afraid Of John? Who's Afraid Of John? Apr 2008  
Olympic Pressure EP Olympic Pressure EP Sep 2008  
Back to My Roots Back to My Roots 24th Feb 2014  
The Dance The Dance (feat. MR) 18th Mar 2014  
Summer Rain Summer Rain (feat. Liz Hill) 29th Apr 2014  
Ride Ride (with Perry Michael Allen) 5th Aug 2014  
Take Control Take Control (with PJ D'Arpino feat Liz Hill) 9th Dec 2014  
Groove Is in the Heart Groove Is in the Heart (feat. Liz Hill) 30th Dec 2014  
Nine Clouds Nine Clouds 22nd Apr 2015  
Do Your Thang Do Your Thang 16th Oct 2015  
Things You Told Me Things You Told Me (vs Luca Bisori) 20th Nov 2015  
Funky Music Funky Music 4th Dec 2015  
Like The Way You Work It Like The Way You Work It (feat. Gambafreaks) 11th Mar 2016  
Back 4 More EP Back 4 More EP 27th May 2016  
Funk Dust Funk Dust 30th Sep 2016  
The Outlet EP The Outlet EP (vs Jonk & Spook) 24th Feb 2017  
S.T.A. EP S.T.A. EP (with the Rituals) 25th Aug 2017  
The City Of Free Love The City Of Free Love 20th Apr 2018  
The Boss The Boss (feat. Liz Hill) 1st Mar 2019  
Waiting For Waiting For 9th May 2019  
Keep You (Anyway I Can) Keep You (Anyway I Can) (with The Rituals) 24th May 2019  


Featurings and collaborations

We Got Hugo Francesca Faggella - We Got Hugo 12th Aug 2014  
The Hip Luca Bisori - The Hip 5th May 2015  
Deputy of Love John Stoongard - Deputy of Love 19th Jun 2015  
A Night In Sofia Luca Bisori - A Night In Sofia 5th Aug 2016  

Arrangement, recording, engineer

Memories Netzwerk - Memories 15th May 1995  


Baby Don't You Know Sharon S - Baby Don't You Know  
Passion Netzwerk - Passion 18th Oct 1994  
Memories Netzwerk - Memories 15th May 1995  
Stay (All Life Long) Inside Out - Stay (All Life Long) 22nd Dec 1997  


Gianni Bini biography

Italian DJ Gianni Bini started his carreer in the late 80s in clubs in Tuscany. In 1990 he created a small recording studio and met Fulvio Perniola. Together, they created the Fathers of Sound. With Marco Galeotti and Maurizio Tognarelli, they founded eurodance projet Netzwerk in 1992.

In 1994, the Renaissance, one of the most important organizations in the UK, called him to be part of their agency DJs. In 1996 he created with Paul Martini Ocean Trax label and House Of Glass Studios, which became one of the most important studies in the world. He did remixes for international artists such as Jamiroquai, Simply Red, Kylie Minogue, Whitney Houston, and Diana Ross.

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