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Basic Element   (Sweden)

EuroDance group
Added : 24/01/2000

Basic Injection
The Ultimate Ride
Star Tracks (Japanese release)
Star Tracks
The Earthquake
The Empire Strikes Back
The Truth
Move Me
The Promise Man
Leave It Behind
The Ride
The Fiddle
This Must Be A Dream
Queen Of Love
Take Me Up
Heaven Can't Wait Just For Love
Rok The World
Love 4 Real
This Must Be A Dream 2005
Raise The Gain
I'll Never Let You Know
To You
Touch You Right Now
Got You Screaming
Turn Me On
Someone Out There
Good To You
I'll Never Let You Know
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Latest Basic Element news

29/12/2016 : Linda Thelenius, Petrus' wife, will join project Basic Element. A new single is planned for Spring 2017.

10/06/2016 : Discover the videoclip for Basic Element feat Dr Alban's new single Good To You. It was directed by Lauri Laukkanen, produced by Mete Sasioglu.

25/05/2016 : Basic Element teamed with Dr Alban on single Good To You. (Thanks to Krasi)

12/02/2015 : New video megamix by DJ Crayfish is dedicated to Basic Element's 23 biggest hits.

22/10/2014 : Discover the videoclip for Basic Element's new single Someone Out There (thanks to Jonas)

31/08/2014 : Basic Element's forthcoming single will be entitled Someone Out There. They presented it during shows appearances during this summer's 90s festivals in Finland.

25/04/2012 : Basic Element's new single will be entitled Shades and will feature Max C (who also contributed to Axwell's hit I Found You).

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Basic Element albums

Basic Injection Basic Injection 1994
The Ultimate Ride The Ultimate Ride 4th Jun 1995
Star Tracks (Japanese release) Star Tracks (Japanese release) 1996
Star Tracks Star Tracks 1996
Earthquake Earthquake 1998
The Earthquake The Earthquake (Japanese release) 1999
The Empire Strikes Back The Empire Strikes Back 31st Jan 2007
The Truth The Truth 2009


Basic Element singles

Move Me Move Me 1993  
The Promise Man The Promise Man Nov 1993  
Touch Touch Mar 1994  
Leave It Behind Leave It Behind 15th Oct 1994  
The Ride The Ride 1st Jan 1995  
The Fiddle The Fiddle 16th Mar 1995  
This Must Be A Dream This Must Be A Dream 28th May 1995  
Queen Of Love Queen Of Love 6th Sep 1995  
Take Me Up Take Me Up 1996  
Shame Shame 24th Apr 1996  
Heaven Can't Wait Just For Love Heaven Can't Wait Just For Love Sep 1996  
Rok The World Rok The World Jun 1998  
Earthquake Earthquake Promo only 1999  
Love 4 Real Love 4 Real 1999  
This Must Be A Dream 2005 This Must Be A Dream 2005 15th Aug 2005  
Raise The Gain Raise The Gain Jan 2006  
I'll Never Let You Know I'll Never Let You Know 30th Aug 2006  
To You To You Promo only 2007  
Feelings Feelings Aug 2008  
Touch You Right Now Touch You Right Now 2009  
Got You Screaming Got You Screaming Promo only 2010  
Turn Me On Turn Me On 2011  
Shades Shades (feat. Max C) 14th May 2012  
Someone Out There Someone Out There 5th Sep 2014  
Good To You Good To You 20th May 2016  


Basic Element remixes

The Promise Man The Promise Man 1993  


Featurings and collaborations

I'll Never Let You Know Lion - I'll Never Let You Know 28th May 2021  


Basic Element biography

Female vocalists : Zetma Prenbo, Saunet Sparrell, Marie Fredrikson, Sabine, Andrea Myrander.

Original Basic Element included the rapper Peter Thelenius (Petrus), keyboardist Cesar Zamini and singer Zetma Prenbo.

Peter and Ceasar both come from Malmö, Sweden. They went to Holland to work and make some money, but with no success. So they decided to go back to Malmö and become popstars. They met the singer Zetma Prenbo through the employment office. Their first single Move Me was released under the EMI label in 1993, with the help of the producer Stefan Andersson. It was followed by the megahit The Promise Man which was one of the most played songs on the radio in early 1994 and went straight up to #1 at almost every dancecharts around Scandinavia. The first 2 singles's covers showed 2 girls : Zetma and another vocalist who had left the band before the release of the third single Touch.

The name Basic Element has a funny origin. Members had a hard time finding a good stage name, and while they was discussing about it Ceasar burned his hand on a radiator (a element in Swedish) so they decided to make a name whith 'element' in it.

In 1994 their first album was released. Entitled Basic Injection it gathered the singles The Promise Man, Move Me, and Touch and the forthcoming Leave It Behind. It sold in 35.000 copies in Sweden.

In 1995 Zetma who was pregnant was replaced by Saunet Sparrell whom they met in a supermarket. On the second album the producer Stefan became co-writer of the songs. They tried to create a house-track but this failed, and the result was The Ride, the first release from the second album and the first song with Saunet's voice (released with a Sex-ride remix and a Acappella version). From the second album entitled The Ultimate Ride were also released the singles The Fiddle, This Must Be A Dream and Queen Of Love.

In 1995 Ceasar and Peter started to argue about many things. Finally, Cesar Zamini left the band. Peter won the rights of the name 'Basic Element' in court and he, Saunet and Stefan worked on. Single Queen Of Love doesn't have Ceasar's photo on it.

Their third album, named Star Tracks, was released. SingleShame, the first to be released from the album, was totally different from the earlier production. One day when Stefan was playing a little whith the keyboards he made it sound like the 70s disco, just for fun. So they got the idea to make a disco-song. Star tracks album also included some ballads and some drum'n'bass influenced tracks. Only Rule Your World was pure Eurodance.

During a break in 1997, Petrus released a solo album. Basic Element came back in 1998 with Earthquake, an album released under Universal Records, and a new female vocalist, because Saunett left the band. Petrus heard Marie Fredriksson (no relationship with the Roxette singer) by chance while she was in the studio. She sounded like Saunett, and she agreed when he asked her to join the band. As for Saunet, she is now on ZTV and Swedish TV3 on a single chart program called Toppen. 2 singles were released from the Earthquake album : Rok The World and Love 4 Real. With their last album Basic Element is succeeding at least in Finland. 2002 : Basic Element are back ! The new vocalist of the project is called Sabina, the record companies they signed with is Zomba (Holland), Stockholm Records and Minnestry of sound (England).

2003 : In March they started their Eurodiscotour. They gave their first live performance in the city of Linkoping (Sweden), During 45 minutes, they played all their old hits. The new single adn the new album planned for release were entitled Out of This World. But nothing came so far...

When contacted in November, Teijo Agélii-Leskelä, managing director of the Swedish records company Plugged Records, explained that their collaboration with Basic Element was finished since this summer. He was unable to tell anything about Basic Element and Peter Thelenius' future plans.

"We took a one-year break between 2000 and 2001, but otherwise we have been doing live performances almost every weekend. While in studio, we haven’t worked on new Basic Element material, but done songs for other artists. We also established our own company, called Stockhouse. It’s mostly a booking agency, but we also release albums. Earning our living with Basic Element was really difficult, so we also need our regular day jobs", Petrus says.

2004 : they performed live on the 2nd of July Linköping at a place called Blue Ribbon. They appeared live at "Mejeriet" in Värnamo (Sweden) on the 23rd of October.

2005 : Basic Element has once again, performed live in Linköping. The concert was held at a club called BK (Bar & Kök).

Peter has been chosen to participate in the Swedish pre-eliminatory contest for the Eurovision. He will join a project called B-Boys International feat. Paul M. The song is called One Step Closer. The song has been written by no one else than D-Flex (Rob'n'Raz).

In August, Basic Element released a new version of their hit This Must Be A Dream. "We didn’t know what the people would think about our comeback. The single was a success in Sweden, made it to Top Ten on the Swedish chart and the people also started to get even more interested in our gigs. This fuelled up our ambitions and we decided to give it a try", Petrus recalls

Between the 25th and the 27th, Basic Element took part to a boat trip between Stockholm and Helsinki. They performed live along with other artists such as September, Infernal or Kayo.

2006 : Basic Element's new single was entitled Raise The Gain. It featured vocals by Charlie King. Then in August came its follow-up I'll Never Let You Know, which entered the Swedish charts at #13 in September.

2007 : Basic Element were nominated to the Finnish NRJ Radio Awards but they did not win. They released a promo single entitled To You, featuring once again Charlie King, and some raps by Petrus. Their brand new album was entitled The Empire Strikes Back.

2008 : in March, they announced that they would go back to studio to work on a new album. Their next single was a great track called Feelings, out in August. They performed it at Sopot Hit Festiwal. Their next single's title was revealed in October : it would be entitled Touch You Right Now. It featured rapper D-flex.

2008 : Basic Element's new album was entitled The Truth. "It’s very important, that our music can be downloaded from the net, whether it’s legal or not, as it’ll draw more new faces to our gigs then. Of course, it’s better if people really buy our album, Petrus mentions, but gives still praise to the free Internet downloads.". The new Basic Element vocalist is called Andrea Myrander.

2010 : Basic Element recorded a new single entitled Got You Screaming. It was included on the digital compilation Absolute Dance Summer 2010. Vocalist Andrea left the project. The remaining members are currently in studio recording new tracks for a future album.

2011 : Basic Element's new single is entitled Turn Me On.

2012 : in April, Basic Element signed a record deal with Swedish dance records label Family Tree. They released a new single called Shades and featuring Max C.

2014 : Basic Element's new single was entitled Someone Out There

2016 : in May, Basic Element teamed with Dr Alban on single Good To You. End of year, it was announced that Petrus' wife Linda Thelenius would join the project and that a new single was planned for Spring 2017

Thanks to Anders Lennartson, Klems, Yef, Dancing City, Ruurd, Anton “MC Ka$per” Skaletsky, Vision, Denis "DJ Hooligan" Zhabkin and reBeL
Thanks to Rune Svensson and EuroSwede for the latest informations

Basic Element biography was last updated Sat, February 4th 2017

Charts (singles)

Finland Netherlands Sweden
The Promise Man #3
Touch #3
Leave It Behind #11
The Ride #2
The Fiddle #5
This Must Be A Dream #10
Queen Of Love #13 #27
Shame #8 #23
Rok The World #13
This Must Be A Dream 2005 #7
Raise The Gain #35
I'll Never Let You Know #7 #5
Touch You Right Now #25 #10



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