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ATB   (Germany)

EuroTrance group
Added : 13/08/2000

Movin' Melodies
Two Worlds - The World Of Movement
Dedicated bonus CD
Addicted to Music
No Silence
Seven Years
Future Memories CD 1
Distant Earth
Distant Earth Remixed
All the Best
In Motion
9 PM (Till I Come)
Don't Stop
The Fields Of Love
The Summer 
Let U Go
A Whiter Shade Of Pale
Hold You
You're Not Alone
I Don't Wanna Stop
Sunset Girl / In Love With The DJ
Long Way Home
Believe In Me
Let U Go Reworked
Summer Rain
Feel Alive
Wrong Medication
What About Us
9 PM Reloaded
Could You Believe
Twisted Love
Apollo Road
Move On
Never Give Up
In And Out Of Love
Face To Face
When It Ends It Starts Again
Raging Bull
Flash X
Sun Goes Down
Message Out To You
Never Without You
A New Life EP
Your Love (9PM)
Like That
Highs And Lows
That Feeling
Take A Moment
Future City (A Dreamstate Anthem)
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Latest ATB news

17/03/2024 : ATB's next single Future City will be the anthem for Dreamstate and it will be out on March 29th

10/08/2021 : ATB's new single is entitled Like That. Featuring Ben Samama, it will be out on August 13th

02/02/2021 : ATB teamed with Topic & A7S to release a new version of his hit Your Love (9PM)

03/11/2019 : ATB's next single will a EP entitled A New Life

09/03/2019 : ATB's new single is a collaboration with Markus Schulz entitled Heartbeat.

24/08/2018 : ATB's new will be entitled Body2Body. It will feature Conor Matthews & LAUR and will be out on August 31st

22/09/2017 : New from ATB, single Never Without You featuring Sean Ryan.

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ATB albums

Movin' Melodies Movin' Melodies 17th Jun 1999
Two Worlds - The World Of Movement Two Worlds - The World Of Movement 2 CDs 14th Nov 2000
Dedicated Dedicated 28th Feb 2002
Dedicated bonus CD Dedicated bonus CD 28th Feb 2002
Addicted to Music Addicted to Music 28th Apr 2003
Silence Silence 24th Aug 2004
No Silence No Silence 24th Aug 2004
Seven Years Seven Years 11th Oct 2005
Trilogy Trilogy 27th Apr 2007
Future Memories CD 1 Future Memories CD 1 2 CDs 1st May 2009
Distant Earth Distant Earth 2 CDs 29th Apr 2011
Distant Earth Remixed Distant Earth Remixed 16th Sep 2011
All the Best All the Best 21st Sep 2012
Contact Contact 3 CDs 24th Jan 2014
In Motion In Motion (Never released) 2016
NeXt NeXt 2 CDs 21st Apr 2017


Addicted To Music Addicted To Music 2003 DVD


ATB singles

9 PM (Till I Come) 9 PM (Till I Come) 30th Sep 1998  
Don't Stop Don't Stop 15th Mar 1999  
Killer Killer 1st Jun 1999  
The Fields Of Love The Fields Of Love (feat.York) 2000  
The Summer  The Summer  20th Apr 2000  
Let U Go Let U Go (feat Roberta Harrison) May 2001  
A Whiter Shade Of Pale A Whiter Shade Of Pale (remix for Sarah Brightman) 21st Aug 2001  
Hold You Hold You Nov 2001  
You're Not Alone You're Not Alone Aug 2002  
I Don't Wanna Stop I Don't Wanna Stop (feat Roberta Harrison) 2003  
Sunset Girl / In Love With The DJ Sunset Girl / In Love With The DJ 2003  
Long Way Home Long Way Home (feat Roberta Harrison) 13th Jun 2003  
Marrakech Marrakech (feat Tiff Lacey) 19th Mar 2004  
Ecstasy Ecstasy (feat Tiff Lacey) 18th Jun 2004  
Believe In Me Believe In Me (feat Jan Loechel) 2005  
Humanity Humanity 7th Jul 2005  
Let U Go Reworked Let U Go Reworked 7th Nov 2005  
Summer Rain Summer Rain Jun 2006  
Justify Justify (never released) Jan 2007  
Renegade Renegade Mar 2007  
Feel Alive Feel Alive 27th Jul 2007  
Wrong Medication Wrong Medication (with Jades) 2008  
What About Us What About Us May 2009  
Behind Behind Jul 2009  
9 PM Reloaded 9 PM Reloaded 2010  
Could You Believe Could You Believe 2nd Jul 2010  
Twisted Love Twisted Love Dec 2010  
Apollo Road Apollo Road 2011  
Gold Gold 29th Apr 2011  
Move On Move On (feat Jansoon) 16th Sep 2011  
Never Give Up Never Give Up (feat. Ramona Nerra) 8th Jun 2012  
In And Out Of Love In And Out Of Love (feat. Ramona Nerra) Sep 2012  
Face To Face Face To Face (feat. Stanfour) 24th Jan 2014  
When It Ends It Starts Again When It Ends It Starts Again 16th May 2014  
Raging Bull Raging Bull (with Boss and Swan) 22nd Jul 2014  
Flash X Flash X 14th Oct 2015  
Sun Goes Down Sun Goes Down 4th Dec 2015  
Connected Connected (with Andrew Rayel) 23rd Feb 2017  
Message Out To You Message Out To You (feat. RoBBin & JoNNis) 7th Apr 2017  
Pages Pages 16th Jun 2017  
Never Without You Never Without You 22nd Sep 2017  
Body2Body Body2Body 31st Aug 2018  
Heartbeat Heartbeat (with Markus Schulz) 8th Mar 2019  
A New Life EP A New Life EP 8th Nov 2019  
Your Love (9PM) Your Love (9PM) (with Topic & A7S) 15th Jan 2021  
Like That Like That (feat. Ben Samama) 13th Aug 2021  
The DJ EP The DJ EP 22nd Oct 2021  
Highs And Lows Highs And Lows (with Au/Ra x York) 3rd Mar 2023  
That Feeling That Feeling (with TRAVYP) 25th Aug 2023  
Run Run (with Nu Aspect feat. Orem) 29th Dec 2023  
Take A Moment Take A Moment (feat. David Frank) Feb 2024  
Future City (A Dreamstate Anthem) Future City (A Dreamstate Anthem) 29th Mar 2024  


ATB remixes

9 PM (Till I Come) 9 PM (Till I Come) 1998  
9 PM (Till I Come) (The U.K. Mixes) 9 PM (Till I Come) (The U.K. Mixes) 1999  
Don't Stop! Don't Stop! 15th Mar 1999  
Killer Killer 2000  
Pages Pages 4th Aug 2017  


Productions, co-production, executive production

Move On, Groove On Ironic Beat - Move On, Groove On 1st Mar 1995  

Arrangement, recording, engineer

Move On, Groove On Ironic Beat - Move On, Groove On 1st Mar 1995  

Remixes by ATB

What's Your Name Black Baron - What's Your Name 29th Aug 1994  


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ATB biography

André Tanneberger, who stands behing the ATB project, was born on the 26th Febuary1973 in Freiberg (Thüringen). In 1984 his parents moved to Herne, West Germany in order to find better opportunities. In the end of the 80s, Andre went almost every week-end to the Tarm Center in Bochum (where he works now as a resident-DJ) to listen to the DJ sets of Thomas Kukula (who would be well-known on the Eurodance scene for standing behind the General Base project). In 1992 he began to compose his own music in his bedroom, with the help of an Amiga computer and a small keyboard.

Thanks to a good friends of his, he became acquainted with Thomas Kukula, who was amazed at André's first attempts and offered him to mix and give the final touch to his first tracks in his studio. There André was able to use a lot of equipment, among which a Synthesizer Sequential Pro One, to which he owes its first project's name Sequential One. In February 1993 the first Sequential One single entitled Dance was released. Gradually, André began to build up his own small recording studio.

Sequential One are the exotic Morpha who does vocals, Spacekid, the Dutch DJ weirdo Woody and Andre as creative brain and rapper. Their first big hit was My Love Is Hot, a progressive dance track from 1997. This track was followed by the great tracks I Wanna Make U and Dreams. In 1998 Sequential One released Imagination, which was not very successful. After that the album Energy was finally released. Meanwhile released the solo-singles Fiestas in Mallorca and Time Now. With the release of the album a new single was released, entitled Inspiration Vibes, without Morpha, but with the typical Sequential One sound. The latest single is Angels, a great trance track.

The real break-through for Andre was the track 9 PM (Till I Come), released in 1998 under Kontor records. The catchy rhythms, the pitch slide effects and the little sonar effect turned out to be very popular. They became the main characteristics of ATB's next releases and of some of his (re)mixes. The tracks origin is that he was showing a girlfriend around his new studio at his home and he started to turn on his instruments and play them. He started to show off and got carried away. He was playing with the synthesizer and an amazing sound came out, (which is now the guitar riff on 9PM). He forgot about his girlfriend and started playing the insruments and created the track. 3 hours later, at 9PM he finished the track. That's where the title '9PM' came from. The 'till I come' bit(s) in the song were the 'till I come' in the title. The success was huge all over the world, the single was even # 1 in Israel.

With his second single entitled Don't stop André entered all the most  important charts, for example it reached position # 3 in Israel. This two hits allowed him to have his talents recognized and to release his first album Movin' Melodies (which was also released under different names, such as Dolphin's Mind and varying contents). The lady who sings in Don't Stop and 9PM (Till I Come) is called Yolanda Rivera, and the man whose voice is featured in Killer is Drew Williams.

In 1999, he contributed to the welfare project United DJs from Central America with the single Too Much Rain.

Meanwhile, André had became well-known as a remixer : he did remixes for Eurodance artists such as General Base, Fun Factory , Black Baron , Haddaway , U96 , Sash! , Bass Bumpers , Real McCoy , 666 , Damage Control , Thea Austin and more recently Blank & Jones, Enigma, William Orbit, Texas, A-Ha, Future Breeze,  Miss Jane, Kosmonova, Ayla and the United Deejays For Central America (Too Much Rain). Some of his remixes were gathered on CDs such as Dream Collection '99 and Music So Wonderful. He also kept on DJ`ing in many clubs such as the Riu Palace (Mallorca).

The third single to be released was Killer. It was a cover-version of a track by Seal/Adamski initially released in the early 90s. This track contained some captivating beats and basslines and combinates the orginal sounds with some new ones. It peaked # 4 in UK. In June 2000 ATB took part to the Essential Festival in Brighton (UK) with many other techno stars such as Fatboy Slim or Armand van Helden. He also picked up the award for the best single and the best newcomer in the1st Dancestar Awards (organzied by World Online).

The following single to be released was entitled The Summer, from the second album Two Worlds (a double album, which contained 21 tracks, out in September). The following single was called The Fields Of Love, it was a co-production with York (the project of Jörg and Torsten Stenzel). Collaboration with two such greats from the dance scene meant that the new song was a guaranteed hit. Effectively it quickly already reached # 3 in Israel and was # 16 in UK. The follow-up was Let You Go, reaching #34 in UK and #9 in Israel.

Followed the single Hold You, released in November 2001. The new album was set to be released on January 28th 2002. It was called Dedicated and it included the latest single-release You're Not Alone (an remake of Olive's former hit) which peaked # 21 in Israel.

2002 : ATB took part to the Dance United project, created to help the victims of the floodings in Germany. They released a single called Reach Out on the 30th of September.

2003 : after the track I Don't Wanna Stop, ATB's new CD-maxi was released in June under the label Kontor. It was entitled Long Way Home. It included remixes from Steve Murano (who has just released a remake of Passion), among others.

2004 : ATB's new single Marrakech was released on the 19th of March. New album of ATB will be called No Silence. In July, ATB's new single single Ecstasy was out. It peaked #1 in the German DJ playlist, while the previous single Marrakech reached #14 in the US Billboard Hot Dance Music.

ATB will become the first German artist to release a single exclusively as a download. Here With Me, the third track to come off the Top 10 album No Silence, will be out on 4 October. After the first two singles were sold as regular physical products, the artist and record company have agreed to use only the digital sales route for the third single. "This is the age of download shops and we simply want to show the way. I believe it's very old hat to curse technology. Instead we should use it to our advantage," commented Andre Tanneberger on his decision.

From 4 October 2004, Here With Me will be available both as a bundle (incl. single, two club mixes and the bonus track IntenCity) and as a single track. Incidentally, Here With Me also heralds the new ATB mix compilation ATB – The DJ (In The Mix) 2 that goes on sale on 15 November. Club mixes of Here With Me are, of course, also available on vinyl for DJs.

2005 : ATB contributed to the collective welfare project Dance United Help Asia, for the victims of the flooding. He released in the single Believe In Me featuring the voice of Jan Loechel.

The follow-up single was Humanity. It was at first released as 2 vinyl, the first one being released on July 6th, containing a Rank 1 remix, the track Funaki (Woody Van Eyden remix), and an Alex Morph remix. 2 days later, a second vinly was released, this time containing the Original club mix, Energy mix and Album Finished mix.

Humanity was included on the best of album Seven Years.

2007 : ATB released a new single featuring Heather Nova entitled Renegade. The forthcoming new album was entitled Trilogy. ATB's next single Feel Alive was in stores on July 27th 2007

2008 : ATB's next album (the 8th from his carreer) won't be launched before Spring 2009, because is very busy with the concerts in the USA au Australia. The album will contain new style and sounds

2009 : ATB's new album was called Future Memories and it's a double CD. The album containted several featurings of artist bringing back their remade songs : My Saving Grace featuring Aruna Abrams was a trancy re-recording of her song Saving Grace (a pop-rock track originally released in 2005 on Aruna's album Running Red Lights). His new single was entitled Behind, featuring the Italian project Flanders (who once again were the original authors of the song). The video was shot in Paris.

2010 : his new compilation The DJ 5 in the mix was released on January 1st. His new single Could You Believe was released in June. He said to be planning a new album for 2011. The DJ in the mix 6 was out on December 31st, 2010. His new single was entitled Twisted Love.

2011 : ATB's new album will be entitled Distant Earth and contained more than 22 tracks. It was released on April 29th 2011. His new single Apollo Road was a collaboration with Dash Berlin. In September, ATB released a remixed version of his current album Distant Earth.

Eurodance songs remixed by ATB :

Bass Bumpers : Running '97 (1997)
Black Baron : What's Your Name (1994),
Damage Control : You've Got To Believe (1993)
Fun Factory : Pain (1994), I Wanna B With U (1994)
General Base : Apache (1993), Poison (1993), Base Of Love (1993), I See You (1993), Thank You (1995), On & On (1997),
Haddaway : Fly Away (1995),
Sash! : Colour The World (1999),
Real McCoy : One More Time (1997),
666 : Alarma (1997)
Thea Austin : Magic Touch (1994), Let Go (1996)
U 96 : Movin' (1995)

ATB Music
Kontor Records
ATB The Big One
ATB Movin Melodies
Eurodance 'N Other Stuff
Thanks to Shimon O'Hana for the charts positions
Thanks to Duck, Denis "DJ Hooligan" Zhabkin, Gabriel Álvarez, Carver, Eva Sipkova and Nicolas for the latest informations

ATB biography was last updated Wed, January 6th 2021




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