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2 Fabiola   (Belgium)

EuroTrance group
Added : 24/01/2000

Best Of For The Bigga And Bolda
The Milky Way
The Milky Way '92
Kunta Kinte
My Attitude
Mission Of Love
Play This Song
Lift U Up
I'm On Fire
Universal Love
Lift Me Up
Freak Out
Magic Flight
Sisters & Brothers
Feel The Vibe
New Years Day
Summer In Space
Straight 2 The Top
We Love The 90's
Blow Me Away
Lift U Up 2009
Release Your Soul
Push It Up
Don't Stop
Let The Music Play
Fire Inside
She's After My Piano
One Night In Dubai
House Of Doom
Rock iT
Doctor Disco
Me and U
Break Away
Call My Name
When The Lights Go Down
Believe In Me
Je Suis Là
We Will Meet Again
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Latest 2 Fabiola news

29/10/2022 : 2 Fabiola songs were featured on the soundtrack of 2 recent movies : "Zillion" and "Rewind" (in which Pat Krimson even appears)

18/06/2022 : 2 Fabiola's new single after a 4 years pause will be entitled Call My Name (Thanks to Gianni)

08/10/2021 : 2 Fabiola members will take part to upcoming season of TV show Liefde voor Muziek

29/11/2020 : Last Tuesday, 2 Fabiola members Pat Krimson and Loredana shot the videoclip for new song entitled You Never Rave Alone

15/03/2019 : DJ Effe published a video mix gathering 12 2 Fabiola songs.

06/05/2018 : The team from De Ideale Wereld temporarily renamed Leopold II-tunnel in Brussels, with participation of 2 Fabiola...

07/03/2018 : 2 Fabiola's next single will be entitled Break Away and is planned for March 9th.

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2 Fabiola albums

Tyfoon Tyfoon 2 CDs 1996
Androgyne Androgyne 2 CDs 2nd Dec 1998
Best Of For The Bigga And Bolda Best Of For The Bigga And Bolda 26th Jul 2012
Evolution Evolution 11th Nov 2016


2 Fabiola singles

The Milky Way The Milky Way 1989  
The Milky Way '92 The Milky Way '92 1992  
Kunta Kinte Kunta Kinte (feat Blackanova) 20th Nov 1992  
My Attitude My Attitude 1993  
Mission Of Love Mission Of Love 1993  
Play This Song Play This Song 7th Jun 1995  
Lift U Up Lift U Up 13th Jan 1996  
I'm On Fire I'm On Fire 26th Jun 1996  
Universal Love Universal Love Oct 1996  
Lift Me Up Lift Me Up 25th Nov 1996  
Freak Out Freak Out 18th Mar 1997  
Magic Flight Magic Flight 28th May 1997  
Flashback Flashback 31st Mar 1998  
Sisters & Brothers Sisters & Brothers 2nd Oct 1998  
Feel The Vibe Feel The Vibe 22nd Dec 1998  
New Years Day New Years Day 16th Nov 1999  
Summer In Space Summer In Space 5th May 2000  
Straight 2 The Top Straight 2 The Top 3rd Sep 2007  
We Love The 90's We Love The 90's (digital release only) 1st Apr 2008  
Blow Me Away Blow Me Away 23rd Jun 2008  
Lift U Up 2009 Lift U Up 2009 30th Mar 2009  
Release Your Soul Release Your Soul (Digital release only) 6th Dec 2009  
Push It Up Push It Up 5th Jul 2010  
Don't Stop Don't Stop 25th Feb 2011  
Let The Music Play Let The Music Play 22nd Jun 2012  
Fire Inside Fire Inside 26th Oct 2013  
She's After My Piano She's After My Piano 3rd Mar 2014  
One Night In Dubai One Night In Dubai 1st Sep 2014  
Beautiful Beautiful 8th Jan 2015  
House Of Doom House Of Doom 30th Mar 2015  
Rock iT Rock iT 1st Jun 2015  
Doctor Disco Doctor Disco 29th Jun 2015  
Me and U Me and U 21st Mar 2016  
Break Away Break Away 9th Mar 2018  
Call My Name Call My Name 15th Jul 2022  


2 Fabiola remixes

Kunta Kinte Kunta Kinte 1992  
Play This Song Play This Song 1995  


Aliases - Records released under other names

When The Lights Go Down Pat Krimson & Loredana - When The Lights Go Down 4th Apr 2022  
Silence Pat Krimson & Loredana - Silence 11th Apr 2022  
Believe In Me Pat Krimson & Loredana - Believe In Me 18th Apr 2022  
Cowboys Pat Krimson & Loredana - Cowboys 25th Apr 2022  
Je Suis Là Pat Krimson & Loredana - Je Suis Là 2nd May 2022  
We Will Meet Again Pat Krimson & Loredana - We Will Meet Again 9th May 2022  
Skyward Pat Krimson & Loredana - Skyward 16th May 2022  


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2 Fabiola biography

In 1988 Patrick Claesen, aka Pat Krimson was hired as promotion boy at Antler-Subway Records in Aarschot, Belgium. At that time nobody could have dreamed that this man from Limburg would become one of the driving forces behind this company. He set up a successful record label called Dance Opera and founded the popular Flemish band Leopold 3. Patrick wanted to get his share of the dance hype and therefore began to produce dance products on his own label. One of these products was The Milky Way, the first production under the name of 2 FABIOLA (another tribute to the Belgian royal family). Second single was Kunta Kinte, featuring Blackanova, followed by My Attitude featuring Johnny Kelvin. It was not until 2 years later that another record of 2 Fabiola was released, Play This Song. This extremely catchy dance track soon turned out to be a mega formula for their success on the Spanish and Italian music market. The results were 4 weeks #1 and for about 6 months a ranking in the official Spanish top 10. This Mega formula didn't pass unnoticed in the Italian charts either: #15 in the official Italian charts.

Meanwhile, 2 Fabiola came to be a real band, gradually conquering the European continent with its extravagant looks and strong live-act. 2 Fabiola wanted to be extravagant in different ways : the way they dressed, they way they talked, the way they acted. They didn't want to shock anyone, they just wanted to be different.

The group hired singer and bellydancer Zohra, who performed a nunchako dance on stage, integrated in a beautiful choreography elaborated by herself and the sexy go-go dancer Fabio Ponenté (who stayed with the group until the single Magic Flight).  Apart from this duo, Pat Krimson was on stage too as keyboard man. This trio put on a stunning 40 minutes show, making the audience wildly crazy. Andrès Romero, a well-known Belgian producer/composer/remixer from Spanish origin (who also did some remixes for Twenty 4 Seven), also took part to the creation of many hits.

Singer Carine Boelaerts recorded the early songs in studio, for instance Lift U Up which was made before Zohra became a member of the project. First 2 Fabiola singles were mostly instrumental, so Zohra's first role was mostly to perform choreographies during weekend parties in Spain. This is how rumors spread that Zohra only lipsynced on her voice. Actually, Zohra revealed that she really sung live on stage, with Carine's voice as background at the beginning.

The successor record Lift U Up became a huge success once again in Spain and Italy, and this time the Belgian charts didn't let this second success formula go by unnoticed: 5 weeks number 1, both in the Ultratop 30 and the VTW Super 50. And on the top of that, Lift U Up won an award for best Belgian production. The Golden record resulting from these magnificent sales figures, was presented on Friday, June 21, 1996 at club RIO in St.-Katelijne Waver in Belgium. The band hadn't expected this kind of success.

In October 1996 the band launched a X-mas single, the  ballad Universal Love, for the Belgian market only, and a debut double album were released. The Tyfoon album, including the hits I'm On Fire, Lift U Up, Play This Song and many more, sold gold in Belgium. And while the album was selling like hot cakes, Freak Out, the new single, was being bought on a massive scale too. This up-tempo track with a squelching beat, ecstatic pizzicato tune and summery raga elements is well on its way to become the smashing hit of the spring.

Before Flashback was released, the group decided to make a pause, during which Zorah released her first solo single I Hate 2 Love U. Fabio left the group to concentrate on giving dance lessons. Pat produced some songs like Taboo Bells, My Playground,  and Paranoid In Moscow.

Flashback was a highly futuristic number, somewhere between an authentic underground club record and a hypercommercial radio hit. With a combination of genuine trance sounds, along with melancholic melodies and the vocals, Pat, together with her producer Oliver Adams, was again on the trail of the ultimate number one hit. The choreography and dress, the brand-new Manga look the group has taken on, was yet another of Zohra's achievements.

Afterward they released their single Sisters & Brothers, which was not a big success because they changed their musicstyle to disco, followed by the single Feel The Vibe and the second album Androgyne. Their latest single called Summer In Space and it was featuring Medusa (who is actually Evy Goffin, who later became the leadsinger of the Lasgo project).

In 1999 Pat Krimson started a new project with Nunca, renamed Nunca Brothers in 2001. This same year, the song Es Cubells was released under Pat Krimson's name.

In September 2000 Pat Krimson moved to Ibiza with his girlfriend Ann Vervoort (ex Milk Inc frontlady), which marked the end of 2 Fabiola and Nunca. Pat started a dance record label called Benimusa Records named after the village they were living in.

In 2001, Zohra who had gone solo as Punk City (together with producer Kris Vanderheyden behind the scenes) released her first single The Mission.

2007 : After 7 years of silence, 2 Fabiola were back. Their new single Straigth 2 The Top was released on September 3rd. It did not feature Zohra who was busy with her model, DJ, TV-series actress and TV-presentor carreer, but Katie Michaelson. The single was written by K. Michaelson, S. Lovchyld, Underscore, Pat Krimson and K. Herme, produced by Pat Krimson and Kristof Herme.

2008 : in April, 2 Fabiola were among the artists who took part to the I Love The 90s concert in Hasselt. Pat was on stage with 2 new singers Viola Furleo (who previously contributed to Basheeba and Indiana) and Loredana De Amicis. They sung some of their former hits, but also We Love the 90s, a new song composed for the party, which was released on April 1st along with a videoclip.

The new single Blow Me Away was released on June 23rd with a new video.

2009 : they had planned to release a new album in October this year, but nothing came out. In December, they released digitally a new single entitled Release Your Soul.

2010 : 2 Fabiola's new single was entitled Push It Up. It was released on July 5th. The video, shot in Ibiza, premiered on July 7th. It introduced a new face : Tamara Reynders (a vocalist from Bilzen), who replaced Loredana. The Push It Up tour started on July 17th.

2011 : 2 Fabiola's new single was entitled Don't Stop.

2013 : Pat Krimson announced that he was working on a new 2 Fabiola single, planned for end of May. But nothing came out...

2014 : 2 Fabiola qualified for Eurosong 2014 semi-final to represent Belgium at this year's Eurovision Song Contest. Title of their song was She's After My Piano. It was finally not selected for ESC, but went viral on the web in no time. Videoclip was directed by Tim Strauwen and shot in Circus Rose Marie Malter and premiered end of April. In August, it was certified gold and won Radio 2 Zomerhit 2014. Because of She's After My Piano's success, next single One Night In Dubai was postponed to September.

2015 : follow-up single was announced to be a song entitled House Of Doom, but it was not officially released, just used as an anthem for I Love The 90s concert. Next single was entitled Rock It. They won BEA Music Airplay Award 2014 for their hit She's After My Piano. Then they released Doctor Disco

2016 : 2 Fabiola's new single was called Me & U. Then came album Evolution

2018 : fans had to wait 2 years for a new single, the song Break Away. Then Pat and Loredana, while still touring as 2 Fabiola, focused on their solo carreers.

2022 : their new single after a 4 years pause was entitled Call My Name.

Remixes done by 2 Fabiola

2 Brothers On The 4th Floor - Mirror Of Love (1996), There's A Key (1996)
Paradisio - Bailando (1997)
Pat Krimson - Tapas Chichi (1996)
Vanessa-Mae - Storm (1997)

2 Fabiola homepage
Antler-Subway Dance Site
M's 2 Fabiola Page
2 Fabiola at Dancevibes Belgium
Thanks to Anton "MC Kasper" Skaletsky, Ubaldo, Paris Gayzine and John

2 Fabiola biography was last updated Wed, January 6th 2021

Charts (singles)

Belgium Italy Spain
Play This Song #15 #1
Lift U Up #1
I'm On Fire #2
Universal Love #19
Freak Out #2
Magic Flight #3
Flashback #3
Sisters & Brothers #17
Feel The Vibe #25
New Years Day #12
Summer In Space #28
Straight 2 The Top #30
Blow Me Away #33
She's After My Piano #6




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