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Blank and Jones

Double album

22nd Mar 2004 17 tracks Viewed 815 times

CD 1

1 Monument  
2 hat You Need  
3 City Of Angels  
4 Mind Of The Wonderful  
5 Zero Gravity  
6 A Forest  
7 Stars Shine Bright  
8 Perfect Silence  
9 Flowtation  
10 Waiting For The Light  
11 Urban Hymn  
12 That's Right  

CD 2 Monument

1 A Forest (RvdB & Exor Remix/B&J Vocalised Edit)  
2 Zero Gravity (Envio Remix)  
3 Mind Of The Wonderful (Martin Roth Remix)  
4 Waiting For The Light (Kyau vs. Albert Remix)  
5 Flowtation (Duderstadt Remix)  

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