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I Need A Love

Le Voyage


26th Feb 1995 6 tracks Viewed 945 times

1 I Need A Love (Radio Edit)  
2 I Need A Love (Dub Version)  
3 I Need A Love (Extd Edit)  
4 I Need A Love (Maxi Remix)  
5 I Need A Love (Radio Remix)  
6 I Need A Love (This Is mix)  


production, songwriting : Mike Staab
production, songwriting : Uwe Wagenknecht
co production : Ulli Brenner
co production : Amir Saraf
lead vocals : Martin Jones
lead vocals : Deidra
production : Volker Lindner
production : Ronald Baehr
songwriting : Claudio Mingardion Russian Roulette
songwriting : Gianluca Vivaldion Russian Roulette
songwriting : Riccardo Salanion Russian Roulette

Versions & labels (1)

Shift Music SFT 0104-12 (12") Germany

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