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Change Of Heart

Peter Wilson

Double album

Sep 2019 21 tracks Viewed 438 times

CD 1

1 Take Me To The Sun  
2 Never Let A Good Love Die  
3 Don't Break My Heart Again  
4 Take A Little Time  
5 Change Of Heart  
6 The Touch  
7 All I Want Is You  
8 Don't Call Me Angel  
9 Calling Out My Name  
10 Grand Finale  

CD 2 Change Of Heart

1 Another One To Love  
2 Addicted To Your Heartbeat  
3 In The Arms Of A Stranger  
4 I Don't Wanna Dance  
5 Something In Your Eyes  
6 Emptiness Remains  
7 Soli Nella Notte  
8 All I Wanna Do  
9 Just Can't Stop My Heart  
10 Light In The Dark  
11 Goodbye  

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