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Ice MC


1996 18 tracks Viewed 1470 times

1 Give Me The Light  
2 New Style 2000  
3 The Vibe  
4 Skit 1 (Landlady)  
5 Music For Money  
6 In The Sun  
7 Freaky Flow  
8 Skit 2 (Tarzan)  
9 Tarzan  
10 Never Stop Believing  
11 Skit 3 (Supermarket)  
12 Tell Me  
13 Anything Can Happen  
14 Double Or Quits  
15 It's Up To You/Take Control  
16 On The Scene  
17 Nothin' But Time  
18 Skit 4 (Outro)  


lead vocals : Natascha Wrighton Freaky Flow

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