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Scooter Forever


Double album

1st Sep 2017 25 tracks Viewed 992 times

CD 1

1 Foreplay  
2 In Rave We Trust  
3 Bora! Bora! Bora!  
4 My Gabber  
5 Wall Of China (See The Light)  
6 Shooting Stars (Move It To The Left)  
7 When I'm Raving  
8 Scooter Forever  
9 As The Years Go By  
10 Wild And Wicked  
11 The Roof  
12 Kiss Goodnight  
13 Kill The Cat (Scooter & Dave202)  
14 The Darkside  
15 Always Look On The Bright Side Of Life  

CD 2 Scooter Forever

1 Universal Nation  
2 Symmetry C  
3 Unfuture  
4 The First Rebirth  
5 Sacred Cycles  
6 Burning Phibes  
7 Lost In Love  
8 The House Of House  
9 Lost In Space  
10 Tales Of Mystery  

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