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The 20th Anniversary the Remixes



15th Sep 2016 10 tracks Viewed 492 times

1 20th Anniversary Intro (2016 Album Version)  
2 Everywhere (low round Club mix 2016)  
3 Game Over (EDM DUP Mix 2016)  
4 Catwalk to Heaven (Pop Ballade 2016)  
5 Rock Your Body on the Floor (Party Hit Mix 2016)  
6 Harder like Stone (Hands up Mix 2016)  
7 No End No Limit (Bongo Mania Mix 2016)  
8 High Ernough to Dream (Pit Dog Club Mix 2016)  
9 Music Rides The Sky (Club Mix 2016)  
10 DJ MegaMix 20 Years (B.P.M - the 20th Anniversary)  

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