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Relax Edition 9

Blank and Jones

Double album

17th Jul 2015 24 tracks Viewed 737 times

CD 1

1 Morning Of The Earth  
2 A Drop Of Rain  
3 Summer Wind  
4 C'est Beau La Vie  
5 Midnight Blue  
6 Sweet Lullaby (RELAX Mix)  
7 Interstellar  
8 Blue Pacific  
9 The Breeze  
10 Slowness  
11 Sehnsucht (RELAX Mix)  
12 Healin' Feelin'  

CD 2 Relax Edition 9

1 Illusion  
2 Watch The Sunrise  
3 Go Slow (with Zoe Dee)  
4 Tropical  
5 Let It Go  
6 Real Love  
7 Sunny (Summer Vibe Mix) (with Boney M.)  
8 Soulmate  
9 Southern Sun  
10 Lovelee Dae (with Jason Caesar)  
11 Floatation  
12 Diamonds & Pearls (with Zoe Dee)  

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