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The Best Of

Milk Inc

Double album

29th Sep 2007 34 tracks Viewed 872 times

CD 1

1 Sunrise  
2 Run (Radio Edit)  
3 Never Again (Single Mix)  
4 Whisper (Radio)  
5 Walk On Water (H2o Radio Mix)  
6 Time  
7 Breathe Without You  
8 Inside Of Me (Full Vocal Radio Edit)  
9 Sleepwalker (Radio Edit)  
10 Livin' A Lie (Video Mix)  
11 The Sun Always Shines On Tv (Radio Edit)  
12 Land Of The Living (Radio Edit)  
13 In My Eyes (Radio Edit)  
14 Blind (Radio Edit)  
15 Promise (Radio Edit)  
16 I Don't Care  
17 Tainted Love (Radio)  
18 Oceans (Uht Radio Mix)  
19 No Angel (Radio Album)  
20 La Vache (Praga Khan 7 Vocal Version)  
21 Go To Hell (Radio Edit)  

CD 2 The Best Of

1 W.O.O.W.  
2 Cowmen  
3 Positive Cowstrophobia  
4 Inside Of me (DJ Philip, Wout & Jan Remix)  
5 In My Eyes (DJ Philip Radio Edit)  
6 Oceans (Pulsedriver remix)  
7 Walk on water (Peter Luts remix)  
8 Never again (Penxten vs Vandueren remix)  
9 Wide awake (Kevin Marshall remix)  
10 Sleepwalker (DJ Philip remix)  
11 The Sun Always Shines On TV (Vanduren & Vanhoyland remiks)  
12 Whisper (Deep mix)  
13 Saxy Motion  

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