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SEX Appeal

Double album
Thailand only
Aug 2007 24 tracks Viewed 811 times

CD 1

1 Sensuality  
2 Let Me Feel Your Sexappeal  
3 Livin A Lie  
4 Love 2 Love  
5 Fly Away  
6 Love Me Or Leave Me  
7 Skin 2 Skin  
8 Fragile Love  
9 Kids In America  
10 Megamix v2.0  
11 Send Me A Message  
12 Do You Love Me  

CD 2 Sensuality

1 Let Me Feel Your Sexappeal (Cc.K & ClubBazZ Remix)  
2 Fly Away (S.e.x.tended Version)  
3 Fragile Love (Spooky Dee/ Tom Razzle Remix)  
4 Livin' A lie (S.e.x.tended Version)  
5 Do You Love Me (Radio House Remix)  
6 Let Me Feel Your Sexappeal (S.e.x.tended Version)  
7 Kids In America (Freestyle Mix)  
8 Love 2 Love (S.e.x.tended Version)  
9 Fragile Love (Dub Mix)  
10 Send Me A Messsage (S.e.x.tended Version)  
11 Do You Love Me (S.e.x.tended Version)  
12 Kids In America (Extended Freestyle Mix)  

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