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Time Machine

Silicon Dream


1988 13 tracks Viewed 587 times

1 Time Machine (You Are The Master Of Time-Age)  
2 Jimmy Dean Loved Marilyn - Film Ab (The Hollywood-Age)  
3 Corleone Speaking (The Chicago-Age)  
4 Holiday In St. Tropez - Eating Pizza In Ibiza (The Cola-Age)  
5 Marcello The Mastroianni (The Fellini-Age)  
6 Space Intro (The Age Of The First Cosmic Steps)  
7 Andromeda (The Space-Age)  
8 Albert Einstein - Everything Is Relative (The Age Of The Inventors)  
9 Primaballerina (The Romantic-Age)  
10 Don't Break My Heart (The Age Of Love)  
11 Marcello The Mastroianni (Monster Mix)  
12 Albert Einstein - Everything Is Relative (Russian Mix)  
13 Jimmy Dean Loved Marilyn - Film Ab (Mix Cinemascope)  

Versions & labels (2)

Blow Up INT 145.531 (LP, Album) Germany
Blow Up INT 845.531 (CD, Album) Germany

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