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Eurodance reviews for 2014



As a proof that eurodance is still alive, many artists keep on releasing euro tracks nowadays. Here is the archive of the artists and groups who were promoted on our main page.

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- Angel of My Life

Each on their side, they contributed to writing the most glorious pages of eurodance history. This is the very first time that Lane McCray (La Bouche) and Tanja Geuder (3-O Matic) collaborate together. They deliver a very romantic duet, fueled by classy piano and amazing soulful vocals. Angel of My Life will grip you from start to finish and won't leave your head in a while. Dance version if of course my favorite. As a bonus, you will also find 2 solo songs : If I Could Look Through Your Eyes by Lane, and a ballad version of Angel of My Life sung by Tanja alone.

1. Angel of My Life (Ballad Version)    LISTEN
2. Angel of My Life (Dance Version)    LISTEN
3. If I Could Look Through Your Eyes (Ballad Version)    LISTEN
4. Angel of My Life (Ballad Version)    LISTEN


- Come Vorrei

Come Vorrei is the new track from DJ Roby Pinna and if this doesn't make you want to get up and move your feet, then I don't know what would. This is a real eurodance track with a touch of Italo disco, which becomes pretty rare in 2014.
Come Vorrei means "How I would like to" in Italian. The melody is extremely catchy. A mesmerising bassline flows throughout the track and carries the groove and energy, while Sara Montesanto delivers beautiful vocals, full of emotion. A top quality release you should think about adding to your collection very soon.

1. Come Vorrei    LISTEN


- Micsoda Ejjel

Csabax is a new project created by Hungarian producer, remixer and songwriter Ladloo aka Csaba Kondor, featuring vocalist Beyya. Ladloo starting doing music back in 1995, contributing to dance projects Italo System, Mega Like, Discomax, Birizdo I Am to name a few.
Micsoda Ejjel is a very nice Italo disco track with great synths. It provides the groove, beat and energy to turn your party into one of happiness.


- Don't Break My Heart (remixes)

Last May, Michal Karpac and Lana from Pulse Of The Beat revealed a new song, a euro-reggae ballad entitled Don't Break My Heart, already reviewed earlier. Now, they release it along with 2 mouth-watering eurodance remixes that you will fall in love with, for sure ! A Dance remix (by Tom Payle) and a S.G. Soun'Diver remix (by Sorin Gabriel), both crafted with phenomenal skill and quality, brilliant 90s eurodance just as we love. Also available as instrumentals, these remixes are musts for every eurodance fan.
Michal & Lana deserve our heavy support !

1. Don't Break My Heart (Radio Mix)  
2. Don't Break My Heart (Dance Remix)  
3. Don't Break My Heart (S.G. Soun'Diver Remix)  
4. Don't Break My Heart (Radio Mix Instrumental)  
5. Don't Break My Heart (Dance Remix Instrumental)  
6. Don't Break My Heart (S.G. Soun'Diver Remix Instrumental)  


- Move it Mommy

Experience of Music teamed once again with a legend of the 90s. This time, it's the American hip-house duo The Outhere Brothers, famous for hits such as Boom Boom Boom and Don't Stop (Wiggle Wiggle). Malik and Hula remain faithful to their musical roots : heavy beat, deep and groovy bassline and explicit lyrics. Single comes along with many mixes, ranging from hard hitting bigroom to vocal house, all of them bringing their distinctive taste and style. My faourite is the Greg's Retro Radio Mix.
Even if it's definitely not eurodance, prepare to be smashed : Move it Mommy is a wave of electric energy hitting you right in the middle of the face. Out under ZYX on November 14th

1. Move it Mommy (Classic Vocal House Radio Mix)    LISTEN
2. Move it Mommy (Classic Vocal House Extended Mix)    LISTEN
3. Move it Mommy (Ghetto Mix Edit)    LISTEN
4. Move it Mommy (Ghetto Mix)    LISTEN
5. Work it Mommy (MJ Dub Remix)    LISTEN
6. Move it Mommy (FRRRANZ Remix)    LISTEN
7. Move it Mommy (Greg's Retro Radio Mix)    LISTEN
8. Move it Mommy (DJ Van Remix)    LISTEN


- Heartbeat

For every eurodance fan, La Bouche frontman Lane McCray needs no introduction.
His new, highly anticipated, solo single Heartbeat was written by Lane himself, with the help of Riko Morrisette and Ruben Martinez. It comes with a handful of remixes that offers something for everyone : Maestro Riko, Alexandra Damiani, DJ Blaine, Ben Johnson, Randy Norton, Enfortro, DJ Moriarti... most of them are modern electro. The most eurodance version is with no doubt the Real Thing version. It gives Heartbeat the depth and energy it deserves, as well as the 90s touch we are all after.
Lane's velvet voice sends chills up and down your spine with each verse. It glides over the perfectly polished beat and gets you into the groove. This song will make dance floors everywhere ignite with emotion.
Be sure not to miss this top notch package !

1. Heartbeat (Maestro Riko Radio Edit)    LISTEN
2. Heartbeat (Alexandra Damiani Edit)    LISTEN
3. Heartbeat (Alexandra Damiani Remix)    LISTEN
4. Heartbeat (DJ Blaine Edit)    LISTEN
5. Heartbeat (DJ Blaine Remix)    LISTEN
6. Heartbeat (Ben Johnson Pure Elevation Remix)    LISTEN
7. Heartbeat (Randy Norton House Edit)    LISTEN
8. Heartbeat (Randy Norton House Remix)  
9. Heartbeat (Enfortro Edit)    LISTEN
10. Heartbeat (Enfortro Remix)    LISTEN
11. Heartbeat (Real Thing Remix)    LISTEN
12. Heartbeat (DJ Moriarti Deep Step Remix)    LISTEN
13. Heartbeat (Cyclopz Mike's Tekhop Mix feat. Down South)  
14. Heartbeat (Cyclopz Mike's Video Edit feat. Down South)    LISTEN
15. Heartbeat (Randy Norton Club Edit)    LISTEN
16. Heartbeat (Randy Norton Club Remix)    LISTEN
17. Heartbeat (Sal Negro Solidarity Remix)    LISTEN


- Lie Machine

For her first solo single, Lasgo frontlady and Jim TV VJane Jelle Van Dael chose a powerful urban-pop ballad. Absolutely not the usual Lasgo style. A song for everyone who's been disappointed or let down. Jelle captures a sense of true emotionality in a song that journeys through some powerful lyrics and bursts into a guitar-driven chorus. Gentlemen, be cautious if your beloved one suddenly wants to tie you to your car's bumper.
This is a very good first single, definitely worth a second listen or more. Anyway, let's hope the follow-up will be a little more dance.

1. Lie Machine    LISTEN
2. Lie Machine (Radio Edit)  


- Free Your Soul (Let It Flow)

Experience Of Music already worked with the biggest names of eurodance : Lyane Leigh from E-Rotic, Michael Kassner from General Base, Richard Williams from LOFT, to name a few. This time, they feature vocals by Elyse aka Linda Meek, who used to be the frontlady of eurodance legendary project Maxx.
The wait is over : their much anticipated new single is entitled Free Your Soul (Let It Flow) and it hits the stores on October 31st.
With Free Your Soul (Let It Flow), Experience Of Music deliver an ethereal yet bouncy, hands-in-the-air number, tailored for the clubs. It's a clever and delicate alliance between modern electro sounds and 90s feeling. With an anthemic chorus performed in grand style by Elyse's hypnotizing and soulful voice. And each remix has its own vibe and flavor.
A very compelling track, gloriously catchy and refreshing. Experience Of Music at their best !

1. Free Your Soul (Let It Flow) (Dance radio mix)    LISTEN
2. Free Your Soul (Let It Flow) (Karaoke mix)  
3. Free Your Soul (Let It Flow) (Greg's Radio mix)    LISTEN


- Monotone 2014

15 years ago, Monotone feat. L.A. Work Monotone was released for the first time. Written, composed and produced by Alexander Louvet, success was massive : track was signed on over 100 compilations only in Belgium, 1,3 million copies were sold and topped Club Hit in Belgium.
Alexander felt it was time for a little rework. He delivers this 2014 version along with a futuristic video. This nice updated version is fueled by a hypnotic, hair-raising melody and a powerfully pumping bass line which takes you into a trance trip.
This beautifully crafted new version is ready to make dance floors everywhere ignite with emotion !

1. Monotone 2014 (Radio Edit)  


- Secret Love

For their second single, new eurodance collective Unlimited Friends collaborated with Kuwait-born DJ and remixer Paul Van Hyden. Irene Dee is still on vocals. Secret Love continues down the path set by inaugural release 90s Never End. Punchy beats and irresistible groove bring high energy from the first beat, tempered with a great dreamy melodies, while Irene's vocals pepper the track. Summer is not over yet and this single is sure to rock many dancefloors.

1. Secret Love (Radio Mix)    LISTEN
2. Secret Love (Extended Mix)    LISTEN
3. Secret Love (Instrumental Mix)    LISTEN
4. Secret Love (Basic Mix)    LISTEN


- Summer

After 3 years in a school to learn making music in Amsterdam, Dutch DJ and producer Rudi Refex obtained his diploma as bachelor producer and mastering engineer. In 2008 he worked as a club DJ and produced his first single Let It Go.
This year, he is back with Summer a hi-octane handsup stomper with a strong touch of vocal trance in collaboration with DJ Ferre. Single includes 2 versions and will be out on August 6th under DMN Records. A must-have for every beach or pool party.
A full album is also awaiting to be released.


- Don't Break My Heart.

Members of one of nowaday's finest and brightest eurodance project Pulse Of The Beat, producer Michal Karpac and vocalist Lana, joined forces and recorded euro-reggae single Don't Break My Heart. While Michal raps in Slovak, Lana delivers sweet choruses in English.
Produced by Thomas Bleicher and Michal Karpac, this is an incredibly heartfelt and endearing song with a seductive groove and an infectious piano driven melody. Enjoy !

1. Don't Break My Heart  


- Wanna Be Free

Regina's brings us this driving tribal-house collaboration with his fellow countryman Rafael Lelis from São Paulo, a very respected DJ in his country. They composed together this cutting edge electronic production, fueled by heavy hypnotic beats reminding of Reel 2 Real, which style out classic tribal chanting latin percussion. Tribal house at its finest ! Regina's vocals are awesome, as usual.
Coming with exciting remixes for everyone, from Altar, Ranny, Guto Rodrigues, Edson Pride, Prevale from m2o Radio and Fernando Malli, that create electronic sound scape like no other. A release sure to be jammed by many prime time club DJs, it will make the dance floor sweat !

1. Wanna Be Free (Party Time Radio Edit)  
2. Wanna Be Free (Club Anthem Radio Edit)  
3. Wanna Be Free (Club Anthem Mix)  
4. Wanna Be Free (Club Anthem Dub)  


- Ghost in My Speaker

Shalamon Baskin (aka Shamrock, T-spoon's rapper) delivers his third single under stage name Lightwarrior, and this time it is a collaboration with Mr. Smiths (aka Dutch rapper Gart Smits) & Rob Noble.
Shamrock makes great use of Luna Lobi nice vocals, adding powerful raps alongside a deep electro house sound blended with some old skool influences. A very modern sound, with punchy, dancefloor-driven drums. Single comes along with 4 tasty remixes by Randy Norton and Dirty Principles.
A very interesting track with tons of dancefloor potential, out in April. Electro fans with definitely need this.

1. Ghost in My Speaker (Ghost Mix)  
2. Ghost in My Speaker (Dirty Principles' Ghost in My Edit)  
3. Ghost in My Speaker (Randy Norton Electro Remix)  
4. Ghost in My Speaker (Dirty Principles's Ghost in My Remix)  


- Harder like Stone

This is probably one of this year's biggest surprises : 3-O-Matic are back ! Vocalist Tanja Geuder and rapper George Walden (aka Wild Thang) join forces again, without Nancy Baumann who is currently quite busy touring with her husband DJ Bobo. That's why you will have to call them now 2-O Matic.
They collaborated with Boris Pavlovic and Thomas Hauser from BPM on a terribly exciting new version of Harder like Stone, a song which was originally released by BPM in 2007. George Walden's new raps are a wink at their hit Success which topped the charts almost 20 years ago. Tanja Geuder delivers flawless and soulful vocals. The result is a fantastic, mesmerizing and infectious release, bringing back the good old days... In a nutshell : the stunner of a eurodance track !
Release includes remixes soulfully crafted by Da Mask, Randy Norton, Mark Horner, Enfortro, BM Project and Chun Jeffrey.
April will see the release of this new masterpiece from 32-O Matic. Don't miss it !

1. Harder Like Stone (B.M. Project vs. Enfortro Radio Edit)  
2. Harder Like Stone (Da Mask Europower Radio Edit)  
3. Harder Like Stone (Randy Norton Radio Edit)  
4. Harder Like Stone (Mark Horner Remix)  
5. Harder Like Stone (Da Mask Europower Remix)  
6. Harder Like Stone (Randy Norton Remix)  
7. Harder Like Stone (Siulok vs. Jeffrey Remix)  


- Answer My Call

German project Flash Point, founded last year by Eurodance Riff Contest 2013 winner Mike Hoffmann, prove once again that classic eurodance is still alive. Their second single Answer My Call is a fantastic uplifting dancefloor stomper, you would swear it was composed in the mid-90s ! Powerful beat, superb synths, and a refined level of authenticity. A playground on which Laura delivers her soulful vocals while rapper Chris' unleashes his lyrical ability.
It also includes 2 new remixes of their first excellent single Follow Me. Two thumbs up for this new offering which is sure to please their growing fanbase. Enjoy !

1. Follow Me (Single Mix)    LISTEN
2. Answer My Call (Radio Mix)    LISTEN
3. Follow Me (Long Night Mix)    LISTEN
4. Answer My Call (Extended Mix)    LISTEN


- Circus

Only a few months after his Reloaded album, in which he revisited all his hits, eurodance megastar DJ Bobo strikes again with a brand new album, paving the way to the new amazing tour. For those who were lucky enough to attend the premiere shows in Europa Park in December, some songs will sound already familiar.
Album opens with a very uptempo pop-rock track entitled Are You Ready To Party, a very good choice even if Welcome To My Crazy Circus would also have been perfect for a start.
Then comes the very electro Good Life, and it's always a great pleasure to hear a track on which DJ Bobo raps.
Next is sunny Fiesta Loca, a song in Spanish shaped for a summer hit or for your weekly zumba course as well.
Album continues with Welcome To My Crazy Circus, based on the famous Entry Of The Gladiators circus theme, and with female sung parts which will make you shiver with pleasure.
After we have a sweet ballad, For Once In My Life.
Album goes on with a pop-rock song Try Try Try, an inspirational track full of hope to give courage and boost people who are going through hard times : "You gotta try, don't give up, From the bottom, the bottom, of your heart"
Then comes the shinily produced Summertime , a very nice feel-good dance song with a touch of electro.
Afterwards we have The Soundtrack Of Our Lives, another excellent dance track with a very up-to-date sound reminding of Moldavian stars such as Akcent or Edward Maya.
Follow-up is the excellent Fly With Me, launched by a countdown and fueled by superb choruses.
After, another very romantic love ballad, Born To Love You.
Subsequently comes a cover of the Gipsy Kings classic Volare, which was previously only released as B-side on 2012 single La Vida Es.
Album closes with a suberb track, Love Is Killing Me, which won't disappoint the fans.
Eurodance fans who have been following DJ Bobo since the early years will probably regret the little number of eurodance songs. In any case, it will leave you smiling just like you've just attended a wonderful circus show.
CD comes along with a bonus DVD which contains a Making of the Show, a Behind The Scenes and 4 live videos shot in berlin during Dancing Las Vegas tour.

1. Are You Ready To Party  
2. Good Life  
3. Fiesta Loca    LISTEN
4. Welcome To My Crazy Circus  
5. For Once In My Life  
6. Try Try Try  
7. Summertime    LISTEN
8. The Soundtrack Of Our Lives  
9. Fly With Me  
10. Born To Love You  
11. Volare  
12. Love Is Killing Me  


- Try My Kisses

They are one of today's new eurodance scene finest projects : Pulse of the Beat are back with a brand new massive eurodance stomper.
Featuring vocals by Lana Dittrich (who just released her first solo single) and raps by Svetoslav Yankov, it kicks off with a radio mix, overflowing with energy. A hooky melody and an infectious chorus that sticks in your head. Lips Version is a little bit darker, its beginning sounds to me like a tribute to Mortal Kombat. Voices and melody bind into a mesmerizing atmosphere.
This release is truly by fans for fans ! And we are waiting for the first album with great impatience... Will it be the biggest dancefloor explosion that the beginning of this new year will witness ?

1. Try My Kisses (Radio Mix)    LISTEN
2. Try My Kisses (Lips Mix)    LISTEN


- You Know What

Dance diva Lori Glori really needs no introduction : she is well-known for her contributions to the finest eurodance projects : Intermission, DJ Bobo, Centory, Loft, Powersound... Now Lori is back with a brand new, long-awaited single, written from the heart and for the heart, on which she has free hands to show her outstanding vocal skills.
Packaged perfectly with something for every discerning taste, single comes with 5 versions. Eurodance fans, rush on the Real Thing remixes, they are pure eurodance, 2 real gems built lovingly upon layers of superb synths and beats. They feature additional raps by Viper, who is RealThing's usual Free 2 Night talented partner-in-crime, which delightfully complete these 2 amazing versions. A great ear-grabbing release which will move dancefloors around the world for sure !

1. You Know What (Radio Mix)    LISTEN
2. You Know What (Randy Norton Edit)    LISTEN
3. You Know What (Randy Norton Remix)    LISTEN
4. You Know What (Real Thing Remix)    LISTEN
5. You Know What (Real Thing Sharp Remix)    LISTEN


- Buongiorno Principessa

Roby Pinna comes back with a romantic and dreamy single featuring vocals in English and Italian by young singer Sara “Sarah” Montesanto and Roby himself. A timeless and mesmerizing song, where voices deliciously unite to the beat to create a unique atmosphere.
Written by Roby Pinna and Paolo Cogorno, single is supported by a lovely videoclip directed by Paolo Petrillo and Andrea Bertero (who both already contributed to some previous Roby Pinna videoclips), telling a nice story. But "Buongiorno Principessa" is also a reference to the movie "Life Is Beautiful". CD single is offered as a gift with every box of Buongiorno Principessa nail enamel kit by Crystal Nails. Because, as Roby says, "every woman is a princess"...

1. Buongiorno Principessa    LISTEN








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