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Eurodance reviews for 2013



As a proof that eurodance is still alive, many artists keep on releasing euro tracks nowadays. Here is the archive of the artists and groups who were promoted on our main page.

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- The Christmas Star

While supermarkets' shelf-displays fill up with chocolates and toys, while streets sparkle with thousands of lights, you just can't ignore that Christmas is coming back. And Christmas songs is a tradition that no artist should miss. So, shortly after Life Is Love and their first album, Free 2 Night release their new single The Christmas Star, an excellent rave/happy-hardcore track about this particular moment of the year.
Featuring soulful vocals by Ira Vain and raps by Viper, the result is a fast-paced track full of positive energy, with a great holiday sentiment. No cover, this is an original track. It comes along with 3 versions and it is definitely worth a buy.
So, rather than relying on the old (boring) standards, put on your dancing shoes, gather with good friends and capture the magic of Xmas.

1. The Christmas Star (Main Mix)    LISTEN
2. The Christmas Star (Da Mask Ho-Ho-Ho Remix)    LISTEN
3. The Christmas Star (Bright Stars Mix)    LISTEN


- Free Tonight (Deluxe X-mas Edition)

In less than 2 years, Free 2 Night trio (RealThing, Viper and Ira Vain) succeeded in becoming one of the best new generation eurodance projects. They proved that eurodance was not dead and still has a lot of things to say. After several brilliant singles, it was high time for their first album. Initially released in October, it got enriched with 3 additional tracks, including new single The Christmas Star. Now we have not less than 17 tracks, and each have a distinctive flair, sure to please Free 2 Night's growing fanbase.
Album opens with Stays The Same, which was their second official single. A superb song, containing everything a eurodance tracks needs.
Then comes Free Tonight, a stunning track that gets right to the point, on which Viper delivers a particulary amazing rap performance. One of my favourites.
Subseqently we have Lost Control, a great collaboration with BPM's rapper and producer Boris Pavlovic, already reviewed here.
Rise Up is a cool euro-reggae track conveying a positive message of hope and courage.
This was their first official single : Music in Your Mind is an amazing eurodance song with perfect synths and great beat.
Afterwards, Against the Wind introduces a touch of eurotrance reminding of projects such Milk Inc. Brilliant and uplifting, with powerful and sensual vocals by Ira Vain at her best, the result is impressive.
Then we have the Original mix Under the Sun, already reviewed here, with its exotic and mysterious flavor. Special mention to Viper's excellent rap performance.
Sweet Lies is also a very powerful song with a pull-you-onto-the-dancefloor rhythm and an uplifting melodic line which provide the platform for Ira's and Viper's voices
Memories is another fantastic, beautifully crafted song that will have you dancing in no time. And you will discover that Ira Vain knows how to rap too !
Power in Your Heart is a solid masterpiece with once again fantastic female vocals to die for and strong, exploding beats.
Then we have Life Is Love, a simply magnificent song with gorgeous synths, that was recently released as a single and already reviewed here. A real ear-candy you can't help singing along with.
Unity is a delightful euro-reggae song, a sunny summer track which will be perfect for your beach parties.
Album goes on with Extended Remix ofUnder the Sun, which really deserved to be on the album.
Hypothetic Remix of Rise Up completely revamps the track and the result is simply amazing. Eurodance in every sense of the word.
Da Mask Remix of Life Is Love fueled the song with even more energy. This is one of the album's highlights.
Eurodance Remix of Under the Sun with its breathtaking synths shall not be missed either.
Eventually we have the Main Mix of their new single The Christmas Star.
Many potential hits and no fillers, an outstanding release that every eurodance fan should have in his collection.

1. Stay the Same    LISTEN
2. Free Tonight    LISTEN
3. Lost Control (B.P. Special Mix)    LISTEN
4. Rise Up    LISTEN
5. Music in Your Mind    LISTEN
6. Against the Wind    LISTEN
7. Under the Sun    LISTEN
8. Sweet Lies    LISTEN
9. Memories    LISTEN
10. Power in Your Heart    LISTEN
11. Life Is Love    LISTEN
12. Unity    LISTEN
13. Under the Sun (Extended mix)  
14. Rise Up (Hypothetic Remix)    LISTEN
15. Life Is Love (Da Mask Remix)    LISTEN
16. Under the Sun (Eurodance mix)    LISTEN
17. The Christmas Star (Main Mix)    LISTEN


- Feel It In My Heart

Düsseldorf-based Dj Maxx Fiesta teams with a eurodance legend, the multitalented Tony Dyer aka Tony T. Following his collaboration with RIO, Tony has become one of the most sought-after rappers and male vocalists of this decade.
The production was supervised by Tom Corea (known his contribution to DJ Antoine's Bella Vita), Craig Smart and Sherman de Vries from Ice Music Media.
Feel It in My Heart is a sunny, bouncy invitation to holidays with an uplifting electro beat which grooves infectiously. This track is shaped for the dancefloor and for your ears ! Coming along with a nice videoclip, this is a must-have to bring the sun back in the middle of the winter.
New remixes by big names of electronic scene such as Michael Fall, Enfortro and Randy Norton were just released, still under DMN Records. They take the original to totally new and diverse territory...

1. Feel It in My Heart (Radio Mix)  
2. Feel It in My Heart (Johnny Matrix, Marc Tian & Mario Black Club Mix)  


- Christmas Joy & Passion

DMN Records gathered the best of the best from the most famous names of eurodance, to celebrate Christmas in a modern way. On this 11-tracks collection of dancefloor jammers, we have outstanding original remixes such as an excellent version of Dirty Ztylerz Feat. Stay-C Can You Feel It Heeeey Yoooo, Regina Imaginaçao or Mr. Friso Feat. Lyane Leigh Bondage Boy. But also some great brand new songs for those special days, such as Free 2 Night's The Christmas Star. And eventually uplifting remakes of the classics Last Christmas by Ubbo Koenen and Oh, Hanukkah by Hype Blast.
With massive tunes ranging from classic eurodance to rave and handsup, this could be your perfect soundtrack to capture the Christmas spirit and celebrate all night long. A must-have to put under Xmas tree, to set your winter holidays parties on fire !


- Move It All

Pulse Of The Beat's third single Move It All features Lady B's catchy and sensual vocals combined with energetic raps by Svetoslav Yankov. The result is a real eurodance bomb with awesome synths and an irresistible bouncy beat. The first version was made mid-2012, but you would swear it was recorded in the 90s !
Single is a package of 5 previously unreleased versions, including mixes by Poison Beat (my favourite !) and Tom Payle. So get ready to lose yourself in a whirl of eurodance sounds. This is probably of the best releases of the year, really worth buying.
And don't forget to check also Sex Desire, a free bonus song with a colorful cartoon videoclip paying tribute to E-rotic.

1. Move It All (Single Version)    LISTEN
2. Move It All (Party Mix)    LISTEN
3. Move It All (Poison Beat Remix)    LISTEN
4. Move It All (Tom Payle Rework)    LISTEN
5. Move It All (Tom Payle Beachside Mix)    LISTEN


- Imagination

Remember their amazing eurodance song Crazy Boy ? L.A. Work are back with a new version of their single Imagination. In 1998, Alexander Louvet and female vocalist Iris l'Or released Imagination for the first time. 15 years later, as this track is still a success in parties, they bring back a remixed version, along with an original videoclip.
The result of this revamping is an updated and emotive trancy sound with soulful vocals. Imagination is an extremely catchy sounding track taking you on a musical trip. Pure delight ! So, get ready to be mesmerized by L.A. Work's beautiful vibes.

1. Imagination 2013 (Radio Edit)    LISTEN


- Life Is Love

Free 2 Night are back with another brilliant production, taken from their first album Free Tonight. Life Is Love is a smashing track, with superb vocals by Ira Vain, powerful raps by Viper and Boris Pavlovic from BPM, and amazing synths... in short this is pure classic eurodance in every tone and string that won't deceive the fans. And it is almost impossible to tell which of the 3 mixes is my favourite because they are all so well-crafted ! 2 thumbs up for this pure outstanding euro gem ! Free 2 Night is really a project to follow and support...

1. Life Is Love (Album Mix)    LISTEN
2. Life Is Love (Da Mask Remix)    LISTEN
3. Life Is Love (B.P. Special Mix)    LISTEN


- Reloaded

Eurodance legend DJ Bobo realized the accomplishment of a flawless carreer, remaining popular throughout all these years. He adapted to the new trends, without betraying the first years' fans nor getting the big head or losing his humor. This time, he teamed with various artists from 80s, 90s or current electro scene fame, to revisit his most well-known hits.
Album opens directly with the Remady mix of Somebody Dance With Me, featuring singer Manu-L, which was released as a single last April. The good idea was to keep the awesome original melody, and to combine it with some more up-to-date elements. Raps were a little bit refreshed too.
Next track is a the King & White Mix of Pray, a catchy rework ready to kill the dancefloors.
Then comes Take Control, a collaboration with Mike Candys, another famous Swiss DJ, whose musical influence is really perceptible. Once again, we discover some new rap verses. And I really love it when DJ Bobo raps ! The result is an electro house slammer...
New version of Everybody features amazing vocals by Romanian star Inna. Style is still euro-reggae, with an updated sound, giving a polynesian feel, perfect for next summer.
Afterwards, David May slams out a nice mix of Love Is All Around, originally a eurodance masterpiece from 1994, and this time, the original lyrics were kept.
80s star Kim Wilde joined the remake of I Believe, to make it an emotive moment where Kim and René's talents masterfully blend.
Subseqently we have a massive King & White Mix of There Is A Party, a banger with a catchy electro bass line.
German Rockabilly band The Baseballs were the guests on this happy vintage version of Chihuahua. You really feel they had a lot of fun on this one !
Then we have the King & White Mix of Freedom. Freedom is my favourite DJ Bobo song of all times, so I miss a little bit the original melody. Anyway, this is a very well-done rework.
Afterwards, turn up the bass and keep going wild, cause here comes once again a King & White Mix. This time, it is for Shadows Of The Night, which was one of the most beautiful DJ Bobo songs from World In Motion album.
The Bodybangers put their hands on What A Feeling to reinterpret this song with their typical and worldwide successful sound. Still featuring Irene Cara...
Great singer Jessica Folcker, famous for her contribution to many Swedish eurodance projects (Amadin, E-Type, Leila K...), visited this nice acoustic version Respect Yourself.
Then King & White did a mix of Let The Dream Come True. Once again, I would have preferred them to keep the original melody. Anyway, the result is is a catchy melodic electro smasher.
Album closes on a Megamix Radio Version of all the album's tracks.
I don't think this new album will disappoint the long-term fans, even if they may sometimes be surprised. Let's hope that DJ Bobo will also gain some new fans among the electro house addicts. So, don't miss this collection of dancefloor jammers !

1. Somebody Dance With Me 2013 (Remady Mix)  
2. Pray (King & White Mix)  
3. Take Control 2013  
4. Everybody (with Inna)  
5. Love Is All Around (David May Mix)  
6. I Believe (with Kim Wilde)  
7. There Is A Party (King & White Mix)  
8. Chihuahua (with The Baseballs)  
9. Freedom (King & White Mix)  
10. Shadows Of The Night (King & White Mix)  
11. What A Feeling (Bodybangers Mix)  
12. Respect Yourself (with Jessica Folcker)  
13. Let The Dream Come True (King & White Mix)  
14. Megamix Radio Version  


- Be My Man

The Soundlovers are back for good ! After a 2k13 remix of their hit Surrender, they finally release a brand new single. They remained faithful to the good old Italo style which made them famous, combining it with some modern elements. Single was composed by Molella and Roby Santini, written by Phil Jay, Roby Santini and Nathalie Aarts.
It includes 2 Mollymixes by Molella, 2 versions by RSDJ and J-Art and, to complete the package, a very up-to-date electro version by Glossed Guys (Stefano Iezzi and Luigi Di Virgilio). Be My Man comes along with a nice artistic video directed by Simone D'Angelo.
Nathalie's lovely vocals flow deliciously on accordion melodies and flawless bouncy beats. Atmosphere is dreamy and nostalgic, yet infectiously danceful. A potential hit and a real treat for fans as well. Get ready to be mesmerized !

1. Be My Man (Rsdj & J-Art Edit)    LISTEN
2. Be My Man (Mollymix Short)    LISTEN
3. Be My Man (Rsdj & J-Art Extended)    LISTEN
4. Be My Man (Mollymix Long)    LISTEN
5. Be My Man (Glossed Guys Remix)    LISTEN


- Undercover

Beginning of January, Milk Inc recorded some cover songs in their own style for Ornelis en Rogiers Showtime, a radio show on Belgian station Q Music (the previous year, it was the turn of the band Within Temptation). Every Friday at 7:45 one song was revealed.
After more than 15 years of flawless carreer, Milk Inc have nothing to prove, and they can afford doing a covers album.
The playlist is huge : not less than 21 songs on the CD. And there’s simply not a wasted second.
Album opens with an short but cool intro entitled Uncovered
Then we have Last Night a Dj Saved My Life, originally released by Indeep, which score a huge hit, even in France where amnesic radio DJs suddenly rediscovered Milk Inc.
Next song is Wicked Game, a song of Chris Isaak. Milk Inc fueled the track with all the energy that the original lacked.
Then comes Sweet Child O' Mine originally released by Guns N' Roses, which really deserved this little electro update.
Imagination is a cover of a Prayers song, which was released today as a single.
Afterwards, we have Your Friend , a nice cover of a 2010 song by Gregor Salto feat. Chappell, a song which I had never heard before.
Then comes Ready To Fly which was a song initially sung by eurodance artist Rozalla.
Next is Bette Davis Eyes , a very emotional cover of Kim Carnes' classic.
Fairytale Gone Bad initially performed by Sunrise Avenue is probably one of my favorite covers of the album.
I Just Died In Your Arms Tonight by Cutting Crew (already covered by Co-Ro in the 90s)
Scared of Yourself is a very interesting cover of Zornik aka Koen Buyse, who had collaborated with Regi on his single Punish.
On We Found Love, a cover of a Rihanna song, Linda unleashes her vocals skills.
The album continues with The Fear a cover of a song by Ben Howard released in 2011. Another song that I discover thanks to Milk Inc, who succeeded in creating a punchier and more uplifting version.
Touch Me , a cover of Rui Da Silva, is a trip definitely worth taking.
Next track is a powerful cover of Ride Like the Wind, originally released by Christopher Cross and already covered by East Side Beat and the Masterboy.
Rain Down On Me was at first sung by a Dutch rock band called Kane. Milk Inc's version brings more power without betraying the original.
Broken Strings was originally released by James Morrison in 2008. This new version is a duet of Linda with Rich Knight, one of the members of Skylight, Filip Vandueren and John Miles Jr's current band. Quite more energetic than the original.
Subsequently we have La Vache 2013, the hit that started it all. 2013 seems to be a good year to release updated versions. Eurodance artists who released 2013 remixes are countless : among them DJ Bobo, Jam & Spoon, Banaroo, Rozalla, Rebeca, Whigfield, Lasgo, Look Twice, Captain Jack, and soon 2 Unlimited. When it comes to eurodance, I always prefer the original. But this time, Linda adds the vocals that missed in the first version.
Then we have Miracle, an original song, which premiered during Regi's wedding last year, and won Eurodance Web Awards 2012.
Yes was originally recorded by Merry Clayton for the Dirty Dancing soundtrack. This is the only ballad on the album.
Album closes with the outro Covered Up.
Strangely, Milk Inc did not include their cover of Ultravox's Dancing With Tears In My Eyes nor the cover of Gloria Gaynor's I Will Survive.
As a conclusion, Milk Inc delivers a head-and-shoulders-above covers collection. According to Linda, this album is even better than the previous one. I don't know... Maybe it sounds a little too bit electro and not enough euro-trance to me. But it is for sure an excellent release, a must-have for every Milk Inc fan. And once again they did it : album already topped the Belgian charts.

1. Uncovered (Intro)  
2. Last Night a Dj Saved My Life  
3. Wicked Game  
4. Sweet Child O' Mine (Radio Edit)  
5. Imagination  
6. Your Friend  
7. Ready To Fly  
8. Bette Davis Eyes  
9. Fairytale Gone Bad  
10. I Just Died In Your Arms Tonight  
11. Scared of Yourself  
12. We Found Love  
13. The Fear  
14. Touch Me  
15. Ride Like the Wind  
16. Rain Down On Me  
17. Broken Strings  
18. La Vache 2013 (Radio Edit)  
19. Miracle  
20. Yes  
21. Covered Up (Outro)  


- Summerlove

Eurodance legend T-Spoon are back, and this is already their second single of the summer. In collaboration with another big name of the 90s, Jaydee (Plastic Dreams), they redesigned their euro-reggae single Summerlove originally released in 1999, to give a more modern feel, and they did a very nice job. The result of this revamping is a bouncy, refreshing, summer infused song with a perfect club feel and sound
It comes along with a bunch of very danceable house remixes, packed with good vibes. It is very hard to pick a favourite mix. A must-have for every beach or pool party.

1. Summerlove (Radio Mix)    LISTEN
2. Summerlove (Thom Eduardo & Dirty House Bastards Radio Mix)  
3. Summerlove (Grande Vue Radio Mix)  
4. Summerlove (90's Forever Dj's Mix)    LISTEN
5. Summerlove (Thom Eduardo & Dirty House Bastards Club Mix)  
6. Summerlove (Grande Vue Club Mix)  
7. Summerlove (On The Beach Mix)  


- Drunk in Mallorca (Besoffen auf Malle)

Grammy nominee Al Walser (who used to be a member of Fun Factory 2nd generation) joined forces with The Glamour Girls, a trio of very sexy DJanes, to deliver this happy party song. A catchy chorus, a powerful pounding rhythm, this infectiously enjoyable track is shaped to storm every summer dancefloor. Sure that nobody can sit still on this one... And it won't be long before you are singing along !
Remixers Turnyboy, Denny Fabian, J. Worthy, RainDropz! vs. AlexKea, Marq Aurel & Major Tosh completely unleashed their creative skills to deliver 9 versions to fit every party animal's taste.

1. Drunk in Mallorca (Remakeit Edit)    LISTEN
2. Drunk in Mallorca (Extended Original Remakeit Mix)    LISTEN
3. Drunk in Mallorca (Turnyboy Extended Dance Mix)    LISTEN
4. Drunk in Mallorca (Extended Rico Bernasconi Mix)    LISTEN
5. Drunk in Mallorca (Denny Fabian Huettenmix)    LISTEN
6. Drunk in Mallorca (Marq Aurel & Major Tosh Spring Break Mix)    LISTEN
7. Drunk in Mallorca (J. Worthy Trap Mix)    LISTEN
8. Drunk in Mallorca (RainDropz! vs. AlexKea Hands Up Mix)    LISTEN
9. Drunk in Mallorca (The Electrolyzer Mix)    LISTEN


- Feel The Rhythm

Brazilian duo Jair & Vanise are back with new smooth as silk, sweet as candy songs. Single includes 2 versions : a Eurodance Mix and an Original Mix, plus 2 B-sides : Original Mix of I Just Wanna Dance and Acoustic Pop Mix of Crazy for You. Deep and soulful, all perfectly arranged, this irresistible package creates a unique atmosphere and will embark you on a musical journey full of uplifting feelgood vibes.

1. Feel The Rhythm (Eurodance Mix)    LISTEN
2. Feel The Rhythm (Original Mix)  
3. I Just Wanna Dance (Original Mix)    LISTEN
4. Crazy For You (Acoustic Pop Mix)  


- Love Is On the Dancefloor

Albanian singer Brihans Gjini is the son of famous singer Gramoz Gjini (Ensemble Tirana, Projekt Jon). At the age of 6, he won Albania's kids biggest festival, becoming "the little singer of Albania". But his breakthrough came in 2011, when he participated in Belgian Music Idol with his younger sister Laura, passed effortlessly through the first rounds, and was spotted by jury-member and producer Wouter Van Belle.
Love Is On the Dancefloor is his first single. With its catchy melody and powerful pounding rhythm, this pumping track filled with energy is a must-have for every dancefloors and of course for your ears. Let's wish a lot of luck to this young and promising singer !


- Flame (Hart Remix Edition)

Bulgarian singer and songwriter Ivan Dimov started his career during the 90s. Let’s Fly and its videoclip were his biggest success. Nowadays, he is back under scene name Shilton to rock the neo-eurodance era with the singles Flame and Don't Stop Your Dreams. Flame was a big charts and radio success in Shilton's home country, and will be presented on an international song contest. In 2013, Shilton releases new remixes for Flame, along with a video featuring this time Kristina Petrova, a blond beauty on the beach (2011 videoclip featured a beautiful brunette hitchhiking on the countryside).
Allying silky male vocals to an infectious groove, this gem is a real shaker. All remixes are very enjoyable. If I told you that my favourite versions are the eurodance mixes, would you be surprised ? Single also includes a Handz Up Extended Mix of his second single Don't Stop Your Dreams.

1. Flame (Hart Remix Radio Edit)    LISTEN
2. Flame (Hart Remix Extended Mix)  
3. Flame (Eurodance Radio Mix)    LISTEN
4. Flame (Eurodance Extended Mix)  
5. Don't Stop Your Dreams (Handz Up Extended Mix)  


- She's All I Need

DJ and producer Michael Fall comes from Belgium. He has already worked with famous artists like Fatman scoop. Singer Barry Tone aka John Harris is from Brooklyn, USA. He previously worked on collaborations with Frontliner (Halos), Koen Groeneveld and Coll Selini.
His new single She's All I Need is a nice uptempo electro love song, really worth listening to. This infectiously danceable track is shaped for the dancefloor...
Michael Fall's first full album will be available from June 30th


- Energy

DJ and producer DJ X Face (Kilian Pont) and Pi Base (Pesche Zurbrügg) comes from Switzerland. They are also known as Project X.
Coming in 3 different elegant and emotional versions, their second single Energy is a very nice instrumental trance track. The kind of song you want to play at a trance party, wtih laser beams all over the space. Get mesmerized by Dj X Face & Pi Base's hypnotic beats !


- Don't Break a Heart

Friso Schaap aka Mr Friso is a Dutch producer, singer, clarinetist and songwriter who started his career in the 90s as a DJ. In 2011 his single Darbuka Trance reached the top 5 of the Dutch reverbnation list. Since 2012 he collaborated with different famous singers as Tracy Bagnall, Kate Lesing, Katia Garcia, Big J Beezy and more recently Lyane Leigh. His current single contains 3 songs featuring eurodance diva's vocals in all its glory : Don't Break a Heart, I Can't Believe and Bondage Boy. And all of them are great dance tracks, with bouncy beat and a superb sweet melody which fit perfectly Lyane's vocals. Don't Break a Heart, I Can't Believe are beautifully melancholic, Bondage Boy really reminds of SEX Appeal and E-rotic. These are instant floor-fillers.

1. Don't Break A Heart (Radio Mix)  
2. I Can't Believe (Radio Mix)  
3. Bondage Boy (Radio Mix)  


- We Won't Stop

Did it already happen to you, while listening to an instrumental track, to tell yourself "Wow, this would sound so good with some lyrics in it !". So Experience Of Music took their recent single After Spring and invited former T-Spoon rapper Shamrock (aka Lightwarrior) and his vocalist Luna Lobi to add some raps and vocals to it. The result ? A great synergy and a very nice package. One of my favourite versions is the Original Vocal Mix.
Experience Of Music are known for their collaboration with many eurodance artists, from Lyane Leigh to Michael K (General Base) and Richard Williams (LOFT). After Spring had a lot of success into European Dance-Charts hits, so let's hope that this new version will be as big !

1. We Won't Stop (Radio Edit)    LISTEN
2. We Won't Stop (Crazy-Lectro Radio Edit)    LISTEN
3. We Won't Stop (B.M Project Remix)    LISTEN
4. We Won't Stop (NaXwell Remix)    LISTEN
5. We Won't Stop (Original Vocal Mix)    LISTEN
6. We Won't Stop (Instrumental Version)    LISTEN


- Under The Sun

Free 2 Night delivers once again a superb eurodance gem. They are always getting better and better, thus confirming their status of one of them most promising projects of nowadays' eurodance scene. Outstanding rap performance and superb emotive vocals contribute in making it sounding like a big classic. This simply brilliant single comes along with 4 equally appealing versions.
Free 2 Night did it again !

1. Under The Sun (Radio Edit)    LISTEN
2. Under The Sun (Original Mix)    LISTEN
3. Under The Sun (Extended Mix)  
4. Under The Sun (Eurodance Mix)    LISTEN


- Eurodance Evolution 2013

Rising label DMN Record's new compilation Eurodance Evolution 2013 presents the very best of nowadays' REAL eurodance productions. You'll find Encyclopaedia-promoted artists such as Ice MC, Free 2 Night, Alex, J&V, Experience Of Music, Pulse Of The Beat (their new track Move It All is gorgeous), as well as many more superb tracks, which you already heard of through the news or that you will discover with pleasure. Such as the Real Thing Remix of Dr. G's amazing track Hajde Vrati Se which is a real bomb ! In short, this is he most exciting compilation of this year's beginning by far. Real ear candy for every eurodance fan.


- Intuition

It seems like ages since we last heard from him... It was worth the wait : Alex is back with a long-awaited, massive eurodance single. Fans will be delighted : Intuition is in the unique great Alex style, with brilliant synths which twist and turn throughout the track, and perfect bouncy beats. And Marwa is still a part of the team ! Her outstanding and soulful vocals combine perfectly with Alex's inspired ragga-rap. It is hard to chose between the 4 remixes included on the maxi, since they are all equally well-crafted.
Intuition is a killer eurodance track, real shaker, the essential song to warm dancefloors all winter.

1. Intuition (Radio Edit)  
2. Intuition (Extended Version)  
3. Intuition (94' Eurohouse Mix)  
4. Intuition (Higher State Of Mind Mix  


- Eternally - The new remixes

HI-NRG legend Ernest Kohl is back with Eternally, originally a ballad from current eponymous album. A timeless and mesmerizing release, to listen from dancefloor to lounge.
Ernest's smooth as silk vocals beautifully glide over the synths to create a dreamy yet dancefull atmosphere, slightly hypnotic. Maxi includes not less than 16 top notch remixes, from Emerald Coast, Steel Fist UK, Porl Young, Pied Piper and Womack. One of my favourites are the Emerald Coast remixes and their catchy eurodance-like melody.
Maxi closes with a surprise live version recorded during The Concert For Help For Victims of Hurricane Sandy "Concert For The Cure" in NYC during which Ernest did a special guest appearance. Waco is an American pop rock group who had several huge hit during the 90's (such as Dark Lady)

1. Eternally (The New York Radio Remix)    LISTEN
2. Eternally (The Full New York Masterpiece Remix) (Version 1)    LISTEN
3. Eternally (The Full New York Masterpiece Remix) (Version 2)    LISTEN
4. Eternally (The Emerald Coast Radio Remix)    LISTEN
5. Eternally (The Emerald Coast Club Remix)    LISTEN
6. Eternally (The Steel Fist UK Radio Remix)    LISTEN
7. Eternally (The Steel Fist UK Extended Club Remix)    LISTEN
8. Eternally (The Porl Young Radio Remix)    LISTEN
9. Eternally (The Porl Young Extended Club Remix)    LISTEN
10. Eternally (The Pied Piper Radio Housefunk Mix)    LISTEN
11. Eternally (The Pied Piper Extended Housefunk Mix)    LISTEN
12. Eternally (The Womack Radio Edit Club Mix ReWork)    LISTEN
13. Eternally (Womack Club Mix ReWork)    LISTEN
14. Eternally (Womack DJ Club Mix ReWork)    LISTEN
15. Eternally (Original Album Version)    LISTEN
16. Eternally (The Live Surprise Version - With Waco)    LISTEN


- Erotic Secrets

Acting Lovers are back with a long-awaited third album gathering their most recent singles as well as potential hits... Since they picked up the torch from E-rotic, they kept on producing excellent eurodance tracks, with the classic sexual innuendoes (but without the making love sounds) and never deceived their fanbase.
Album features soulful vocals by Kathryn McCunningham and powerful raps by Danny Ciccone, as well as intelligent, well-written lyrics. There are not just tracks to dance to, every track is a story on its own. And there are only original tracks, no cover !
Album opens with a superb fast eurodance track, A.N.A.L. (an acronym meaning Alex Needs A Lover), a real gem.
Then comes the Radio Edit of the lovely Curtain Falls, another killer tune tainted with nostalgy
It is followed by When Love Dies, an uptempo rupture song. Sadness in the lyrics is balanced by the pounding rhythm and sizzling melody
Then comes Radio edit of exciting Euro-reggae single Summertime, sunny and joyful, a real summer anthem.
Afterwards we have Unforeseen, a sweet, sultry and romantic ballad.
Next track is Radio Edit of Cam 2 Cam, which combines a modern sound, slightly trancy, and irresistible beats
Then comes the classy If You Need Me Tonight, which will have your bodies rocking all night long
You And Me is one of the project's oldest songs : Patrick Thomson composed in 2001 and Davis O'Flynn wrote the lyrics one year later. Breath-taking and fast-paced, with amazing synths, pure classic eurodance in every tone and string.
Back to euro-reggae with the superb song Don't Lie To Me, where Kathryn spits all her anger against the liar who cheated her.
10th track from the album is the Radio Edit of Angels Never Come Back. Originally written in 2009, it is another brilliant track
Stay (Female Version) is another well-crafted ballad
Next track is smashing fast-paced euro-reggae track Robbie. The group presented it as the "sequel" of Ray's Way Is Gay from previous album Burning Temptations
It is followed by The Power Of Good Bye, a massive, pure eurodance to die for, one of my favourites (and it was not easy to chose, since all tracks are sooo good !)
Album ends with extended versions of You And Me and If You Need Me Tonight.
Acting Lovers prove once again they don't just copy the E-rotic style, they perpetuate the tradition with as much talent as Brandes team used to. Erotic Secrets is a must-have for every eurodance fan !

1. A.N.A.L.    LISTEN
2. Curtain Falls (Radio Edit)    LISTEN
3. When Love Dies    LISTEN
4. Summertime (Radio Edit)    LISTEN
5. Unforeseen    LISTEN
6. Cam 2 Cam (Radio Edit)    LISTEN
7. If You Need Me Tonight    LISTEN
8. You And Me    LISTEN
9. Don't Lie To Me    LISTEN
10. Angels Never Come Back (Radio Edit)    LISTEN
11. Stay (Female Version)    LISTEN
12. Robbie    LISTEN
13. The Power Of Good Bye    LISTEN
14. You And Me (Extended Version)    LISTEN
15. If You Need Me Tonight (Extended Version)    LISTEN


- Not Just A Game

Never2Loud is the project created by former 2 Unlimited 3rd generation James Giscombe and Débora Remagen. Not Just A Game was initially recorded in 2010 as Never2Loud featuring Pelé, for soccer World Championship. Pelé is Débora's uncle. Now released under DMN Records, it comes along with 4 versions. This is a sweet latin-flecked uptempo soccer anthem, featuring the classic background crowd sounds, Pelé's voice samples and sexy raps by James and Débora, which nicely combine to a beat that can't fail to move your feet.

1. Not Just A Game (Radio Mix)  
2. Not Just A Game (Extended Mix)  
3. Not Just A Game (Club Mix)  
4. Not Just A Game (Dub Mix)  


- U Can Light My Love

James Allan Giscombe is known for fronting 2 Unlimited 3rd generation, along with Brazilian dancer Débora Remagen. With this solo release, he proves to the world he is not only a lipsyncer, but a real artist, quite a good singer and rapper (and did you know he has an Electrical and Electronic Engineering Diploma and a MBA in Music Management too ?). U Can Light My Love is a cool pop dance track with a touch of RnB, a nice combination of free-flowing lyrics and catchy chorus.

1. U Can Light My Love (Original Mix)  


- Ooh Yes !

Lightwarrior is the name chosen by T-spoon rapper (and very active songwriter) Shalamon Baskin for his new project. Ooh Yes ! features another T-spoon rapper as background vocalist : Greg Dillard ! This tasty and irreverent single comes along with a hot video showing a smily Shamrock in striped gangster suit surrounded by sexy female dancers. 4 remixes are included : 2 by Dirty Principle Vs Enfortro, one by Mr. Smith and an Original Radio Mix. Not really eurodance, but a quality production and a perfect floor filler. Coming in February under DMN records...

1. Ooh Yes (Dirty Principle Vs Enfortro Club Edit)  
2. Ooh Yes (Dirty Principle Vs Enfortro Crazy Edit)  
3. Ooh Yes (Mr. Smith's Remix)  
4. Ooh Yes (Original Radio Mix)  


- Out Tonight

Eurodance legend Ice MC is back with a brand new original single, Out Tonight, and an updated electro sound. Released under DMN Records, it was specially remixed by Enfortro & Dirty Principle, and featured on Dance It Up compilation. It features great, soulfoul vocals by Giula Gal, Ice MC's new vocalist who also appears at his sides during stage appearances. Ice MC's vocoded's raps, with some wicked electro loops thrown in to great effect, will probably surprise the early hour's fans. Out Tonight grooves infectiously and, from warm up to main set, will move any dancefloor.

1. Out Tonight (Enfortro & Dirty Principle Edit)  
2. Out Tonight (Enfortro & Dirty Principle Mix)  
3. Out Tonight (Enfortro & Dirty Principle Club Mix)  


- Sweet Dreams Fulfilled, The Melanie Thornton Story

No eurodance fan ever forgot diva Melanie Thornton, brillant frontlady of La Bouche (and also the voice of many other eurodance projects such as Le Click, 100%, Orange Blue, Comic, Men Behind...), gone too soon on a tragic night of November 2001.
Lois Chisolm, her older sister, portrays an amazingly generous and relentless person and a great, unique personality.
From the childhood of 2 American girls (from the time when kids were well-educated, proving to the new generation one can survive without iPads and cell-phones) to the reconstitution of Melanie's last moments, this is a moving testimony filled with previously unreleased private pictures, sad or funny anecdotes and revelations, which helps us know better who has now become an icon of the 90s. The book's title of course refers to by La Bouche's first hit single...
It reveals some of Melanie's hidden talents as well : she was also a gifted clothes designer and decorator. It also contains some very interesting parts unveiling secrets about musical show-business : for instance, you will understand why studio singers would rather remain studio singers.
If I had to raise one criticism, it would be that it lacks a comprehensive list of every Melanie vocal contributions.
For the moment only available as an eBook on Amazon. A publication you will devour.








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