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Eurodance reviews for 2007



As a proof that eurodance is still alive, many artists keep on releasing euro tracks nowadays. Here is the archive of the artists and groups who were promoted on our main page.

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- Back 2 Back

Young Fire, one of the most interesting projects on today's eurodance scene, is back with their sophomore album. To my opinion as good as the previous one, maybe better.

The album contains 10 tracks ranging from eurodance to break beats, as well as two ballads. Only original songs, no covers ! It starts with their current single Hello (#1 on radio stations and charts on its first weeks release). There are many other excellent dance tracks to be mentioned, such as the very energetic It's Love, This Time and its mesmerizing synths, 7 Days 7 Nights, and the amazing A Fool In Love, my favourite. At every track, you get caught once again by the magic of the combination between vocals, beats and synths. A very good released in the whole, worth buying.

1. Hello    LISTEN
2. It's Love    LISTEN
3. Stay Away From Me    LISTEN
4. I'll Be Your Man    LISTEN
5. A Fool In Love    LISTEN
6. I'm For Real    LISTEN
7. 7 Days, 7 Nights    LISTEN
8. O Teu Amante Amigo    LISTEN
9. This Time    LISTEN
10. Goodbye    LISTEN


- Like Flames

Probably one of the most awaited come back of a eurodance project. After more than 8 years of silence, Twenty 4 Seven are back. The new single Like Flames (a cover of a song originally sung by Berlin) combines the real Twenty 4 Seven seven sound (and the "na na nas" without which a Twenty 4 Seven song would not be a real one) and a hands-up strong beat. The purists will maybe miss the presence of Nance and Stay C. But the new Twenty 4 Seven voice Elle, delivers powerful vocals.


- Hello

Youngfire are back with a powerful new single, Hello which conbine's Ricardo's velvet voice with an uplifting euro melody. One of their most beautiful songs so far. Their second album Back 2 Back should soon follow.

1. Hello    LISTEN


- Happy Day

Yumm Yumm blasts on to the scene with their first official debut release. Happy Day blends the traditional bubble-gum sound with a strong touch of hands-up. The CD includes not only 8 remixes but also the video clip. I particularly recommend the Kompulsor Radio Mix, a very powerful version reminding of Cascada. Worth a buy !

1. Happy Day (Vasco & Millboy Video Mix)  
2. Happy Day (The Shining Radio Mix)  
3. Happy Day (Kompulsor Radio Mix)  
4. Happy Day (Doctor No HardFloor Radio Mix)  
5. Happy Day (Freeloader Electro Mix)  
6. Happy Day (Vasco & Millboy Extended Mix)  
7. Happy Day (MikeBilla Radio Mix)  
8. Happy Day (Pop Rock Edit)  


- A Little Closer

Groove Enforcers combine vocals by Lyck (who had success in Germany as Central Seven's vocalist a few monthes ago) with a strong dancefloor sound. The Kajagoogoo classic deserved this cleanup and has never been so powerful.


- (Do You Think It's) Magic

Here is Experience Of Music's latest offering. This time, they remastered their classic in a hands-up flavour, still featuring Lyane Leigh's (E-rotic, SEX Appeal) charming voice, a little computerized but as catchy as before. It will be available from October 5th on all legal mp3 portals.

1. (Do You Think It's) Magic? 2.7 (Handz Up 2.7 Cut)    LISTEN
2. (Do You Think It's) Magic? 2.7 (Handz Up Original)  
3. (Do You Think It's) Magic? 2.7 (GSX Version)  
4. (Do You Think It's) Magic? 2.7 (Instrumental Dream)  


- Run To You

Roby Pinna's new single features English and Italian vocals by Keyra (aka Kiara K) and LaPlanche. The CDM includes four remixes. The sound reminds of Gigi d'Agostino's best releases. You just can't resist this excellent and catchy tune, it could become a summer club anthem... at least that's what we can wish for it !

1. Run to you (Roby Pinna Radio Version)  
2. Run to you (Andrea Raffa Radio Version)  
3. Run to you (Roby Pinna Long Version)  
4. Run to you (Andrea Raffa Long Version)  


- Digital Love

After the excellent Shiny Day, the next Experience of Music is called Digital Love. This time, the main trend is trance, without female vocals, in a style that could remind of JM Jarre. An invitation to a magic space travel.

1. Digital Love (Gregor's Vocal Cut)  
2. Digital Love (Gregor's Version)  
3. Digital Love (Frank's Vocal Edit)  
4. Digital Love (Experience of music Club Mix)  


- Lift Me Up

Everyone remembers their amazing eurodance anthem Come Into My Life. JLM are back ! Their brand new single Lift Me Up, a very nice trancy track featuring Ariel, was released. They were signed through an international licensing company to the most important major and independants labels in more than 90 countries. You can discover their new song on their official website

1. Lift Me Up (Original Radio Edit)  
2. Lift Me Up (Tektonik Radio Edit)  
3. Lift Me Up (Original Extended Mix)  
4. Lift Me Up (Tektonik Extended Mix)  
5. Lift Me Up (Misja Helsloot Extended Mix)  
6. Lift Me Up (Sylver Jones Mix)  
7. Lift Me Up (Misja Helsloot Mix)  
8. Lift Me Up (Sylver Jones Soft Extended)  


- Be My Baby

Annerly comes from Germany. Her inspirations are Whigfield, Ann Lee and Alex Party.
Her first single is entitled Be My Baby and it's a very good happy pop-dance track. The radio version reminds somhow of Cascada and I really wish she'll have the same success. 2 other songs should be included, both very uplifting : Take Me To Your Heaven and Maybe Maybe Maybe. The CD should be released this summer.

1. Be My Baby  








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