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Eurodance reviews for E-Bomber



As a proof that eurodance is still alive, many artists keep on releasing euro tracks nowadays. Here is the archive of the artists and groups who were promoted on our main page.

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- Vaccine Of Dance

Almost 3 years after Tell Them To Call Me Dr Dance, E-Bomber aka Michal Karpac is back on the saddle and in the zone with a long-awaited new summer album. After a great intro in which I have the honor to be credited, Vaccine Of Dance gathers the (new) radio mixes of his most recent singles (Russia, Deep Deep Love, Forced To Dance, Drunk Natashka, Daddy Likes Apples...) as well as a batch of very good unreleased sizzlers. Some tracks are rather slow-paced (Don't Break My Heart, Lyrical), some others are very energetic (White Noise, Mr Romantic). Mostly instrumental tracks alternate with songs mixing Michal raps with ear-grabbing vocal samples.
E-Bomber's distinctive style brilliantly reinvents the classic eurodance sound : powerful basslines laced in happy, atmospheric synth layers infused with a tiny 80s touch, a winning combination you'll get mesmerized by. This result is killing it all the way to the end. This new album is perfect for either listening or getting your groove on, so what are you waiting for ?

1. Intro Thank You    LISTEN
2. Russia (Radio mix)    LISTEN
3. Eric Erectus (Radio mix)    LISTEN
4. Don't Break My Heart (Radio Mix)    LISTEN
5. Deep Deep Love (Radio mix)    LISTEN
6. Julie (Radio mix)    LISTEN
7. This Is Dance Music (Radio mix)    LISTEN
8. Ragga (Radio mix)    LISTEN
9. White Noise (Radio mix)    LISTEN
10. Lyrical (Radio mix)    LISTEN
11. Forced To Dance (New radio mix)    LISTEN
12. Drunk Natashka (New radio mix)    LISTEN
13. Play It Louder (New radio mix)    LISTEN
14. Love Me Tonight (New radio mix)    LISTEN
15. Daddy Likes Apples (New radio mix)    LISTEN
16. Mr Romantic (New radio mix)    LISTEN
17. Dancefloor (New radio mix)    LISTEN
18. Don't Break My Heart (Piano mix)    LISTEN
19. Don't Break My Heart (Alternative mix)    LISTEN


- Forced To Dance

After one year of pause during which he focused on his other project DJ Sonic Elite, E-Bomber is back with an incredibly uplifting eurodance song which won't disappoint the fans. Enjoy this refined, hooky melody and punchy drums ! An addictive song with boundless energy and minimal, easy to remember lyrics that kidnaps from the very first listening and will set the dancefloors alight. If this doesn't make you want to get up and move your feet, then I don't know what would...

1. Forced To Dance (Radio Mix)    LISTEN
2. Forced To Dance (Extended Mix)    LISTEN


- Love Me Tonight

Last week we reviewed the version of E-Bomber's Love Me Tonight performed by Giuseppe Alicata. And here is, this time, the version sung by Michal Karpac himself. Taking full advantage of his creative freedom, he completes perfectly the other version. Every Blue System will have spotted the tilted square on the sleeve, a nod to one of Michal's favourite bands ! Unleashing sweet euphoria like real music should, this song is effortlessly stunning. Will you prefer the version or the Giuseppe Alicata one ? The choise is yours. You can of course grab both !

1. Love Me Tonight    LISTEN


- Love Me Tonight (feat. Giuseppe Alicata)

Maybe you already discovered this track last year on compilation Eurodance Club Volume 1. E-Bomber aka Michal Karpac teamed with Italian singer Giuseppe Alicata to deliver a nice Hi-NRG song entitled Love Me Tonight. A hooky, ethereal yet bouncy melody and an infectious chorus that sticks in your head, performed by a smooth voice : the tribute to Blue System is obvious. This is a deliciously sensuous and emotionnally charged track, very self-assured, that you should think about adding to your collection very soon...

1. Love Me Tonight    LISTEN


- Tell Them To Call Me Dr. Dance

E-Bomber, the brainchild of Slovak producer Michal Karpac (known for his contribution to Pulse Of The Beat), is back with a brand new album. And once again, the E in the project's name is a kept promise : every track is pure classic eurodance just for your ears, with superb dreamy synths and lush beats, propelling deliciously subversive lyrics.
Record's history is pretty interesting as this sophomore album was a succession of choices. At first, Michal planned to record a freestyle album, but then changed his mind, keeping only the song Freestyle Generation. The album was intended to be recorded in Russian, but Michal considered that his Russian skills were not good enough, so he changed his plans : the only remainder from this time is the song Ekaterina. Another idea was to compose songs based on fairy tales : this is how Pippi made its way in the tracklisting. Despite this somehow chaotic journey, Tell Them To Call Me Dr. Dance delivers a remarkable unity in sound and style, firmly rooted in the 90s, a hot pack of bouncy and refreshing songs that eurodance fans will enjoy for sure.
No doubt, this catchy and delectable album is here to move your body and free your mind !

1. I Want You My Baby    LISTEN
2. Ekaterina    LISTEN
3. Goodbye My Dear    LISTEN
4. Play It Louder    LISTEN
5. Family    LISTEN
6. Game Of Love    LISTEN
7. Pippi    LISTEN
8. Freestyle Generation    LISTEN
9. Mr. Romantic (New Vocal Version)    LISTEN
10. Daddy Likes Apples (New Vocal Version)    LISTEN


- Drunk Natashka

Drunk Natashka is the third single from Slovak producer Michal Karpac's new project, and once again it's a massive eurodance stomper ! You would swear it was composed in the mid-90s. It comes with not less than 7 top quality versions (don't miss the Eurofire and the Acting Lovers remixes !), among which it is pretty hard to chose a favourite. There is even a house version by Randy Norton, for those of you who enjoy a more up-to-date style.
Will it be the biggest euro-dancefloor explosion that the beginning of this new year will witness ? Anyway, if you love eurodance as much as I do, you should think about adding to your collection very soon...

1. Drunk Natashka (Radio Mix)    LISTEN
2. Drunk Natashka (Fanateek Remix)  
3. Drunk Natashka (Acting Lovers Remix)  
4. Drunk Natashka (S.g. Soun'diver Remix)  
5. Drunk Natashka (Eurofire Remix)  
6. Drunk Natashka (Randy Norton Remix)  
7. Drunk Natashka (Extended Dance Remix)  


- Enjoy The Ride

Michal Karpac's new project E-Bomber continues down the path set by inaugural release. This sophomore single is a real eurodance track (which becomes pretty rare in 2016), mostly instrumental, with an atmospheric trancy touch. Released under Dmn Records on May 30th, it was written and composed by Michal Karpac. Executive producer is Krasi Krastev. Patrick Thomson from Acting Lovers also contributed with a brillant remix.
As B-side, it comes along with 2 new mouth-watering remixes for song Daddy Likes Apples that you will fall in love with, for sure : Juicy RMX was carved by Michal Karpac, while Fanateek RMX was crafted by Stefan Cvetkovic.

1. Enjoy The Ride (Radio Mix)    LISTEN
2. Enjoy The Ride (Acting Lovers RMX)    LISTEN
3. Daddy Likes Apples (Juicy RMX)    LISTEN
4. Daddy Likes Apples (Fanateek RMX)    LISTEN


- Daddy Likes Apples

New eurodance project E-Bomber was founded by Slovak producer Michal Karpac, known for contributing to Pulse Of The Beat and Floor Action. E-Bomber isn't Michal's pseudonym, even if he composes lyrics and melody, but only the project's name. E-Bomber name is also a wink to eurodance legend E-rotic. E-Bomber's debut single Daddy Likes Apples is a smooth ear-candy you can't help singing along with, brilliant 90s eurodance just as we love. So scorching hot that lyrics have even been rated explicit ! And don't forget : an apple a day...

1. Daddy Likes Apples    LISTEN






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