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Eurodance reviews for Free 2 Night



As a proof that eurodance is still alive, many artists keep on releasing euro tracks nowadays. Here is the archive of the artists and groups who were promoted on our main page.

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- The Message

About 1 year and a half, this is how long we had to wait to see a new single from one of today's eurodance scene most promising acts. Fans won't be deceived. The Message is a massive eurodance stomper, with a hooky piano melody, strong, exploding beats, and an infectious chorus that sticks in your head. If this doesn't make you want to get up and move your feet, then I don't know what would.
Single comes along with several mixes by S.G. Soun'diver, Dreambuster and Remundo. The Message is a real eurodance ear-candy you should think about adding to your collection very soon.

1. The Message (Radio Mix)    LISTEN
2. The Message (S.g. Soun'diver Remix)  
3. The Message (Dreambuster's Summer Remix)    LISTEN
4. The Message (Remundo Remix)  


- The Christmas Star

While supermarkets' shelf-displays fill up with chocolates and toys, while streets sparkle with thousands of lights, you just can't ignore that Christmas is coming back. And Christmas songs is a tradition that no artist should miss. So, shortly after Life Is Love and their first album, Free 2 Night release their new single The Christmas Star, an excellent rave/happy-hardcore track about this particular moment of the year.
Featuring soulful vocals by Ira Vain and raps by Viper, the result is a fast-paced track full of positive energy, with a great holiday sentiment. No cover, this is an original track. It comes along with 3 versions and it is definitely worth a buy.
So, rather than relying on the old (boring) standards, put on your dancing shoes, gather with good friends and capture the magic of Xmas.

1. The Christmas Star (Main Mix)    LISTEN
2. The Christmas Star (Da Mask Ho-Ho-Ho Remix)    LISTEN
3. The Christmas Star (Bright Stars Mix)    LISTEN


- Free Tonight (Deluxe X-mas Edition)

In less than 2 years, Free 2 Night trio (RealThing, Viper and Ira Vain) succeeded in becoming one of the best new generation eurodance projects. They proved that eurodance was not dead and still has a lot of things to say. After several brilliant singles, it was high time for their first album. Initially released in October, it got enriched with 3 additional tracks, including new single The Christmas Star. Now we have not less than 17 tracks, and each have a distinctive flair, sure to please Free 2 Night's growing fanbase.
Album opens with Stays The Same, which was their second official single. A superb song, containing everything a eurodance tracks needs.
Then comes Free Tonight, a stunning track that gets right to the point, on which Viper delivers a particulary amazing rap performance. One of my favourites.
Subseqently we have Lost Control, a great collaboration with BPM's rapper and producer Boris Pavlovic, already reviewed here.
Rise Up is a cool euro-reggae track conveying a positive message of hope and courage.
This was their first official single : Music in Your Mind is an amazing eurodance song with perfect synths and great beat.
Afterwards, Against the Wind introduces a touch of eurotrance reminding of projects such Milk Inc. Brilliant and uplifting, with powerful and sensual vocals by Ira Vain at her best, the result is impressive.
Then we have the Original mix Under the Sun, already reviewed here, with its exotic and mysterious flavor. Special mention to Viper's excellent rap performance.
Sweet Lies is also a very powerful song with a pull-you-onto-the-dancefloor rhythm and an uplifting melodic line which provide the platform for Ira's and Viper's voices
Memories is another fantastic, beautifully crafted song that will have you dancing in no time. And you will discover that Ira Vain knows how to rap too !
Power in Your Heart is a solid masterpiece with once again fantastic female vocals to die for and strong, exploding beats.
Then we have Life Is Love, a simply magnificent song with gorgeous synths, that was recently released as a single and already reviewed here. A real ear-candy you can't help singing along with.
Unity is a delightful euro-reggae song, a sunny summer track which will be perfect for your beach parties.
Album goes on with Extended Remix ofUnder the Sun, which really deserved to be on the album.
Hypothetic Remix of Rise Up completely revamps the track and the result is simply amazing. Eurodance in every sense of the word.
Da Mask Remix of Life Is Love fueled the song with even more energy. This is one of the album's highlights.
Eurodance Remix of Under the Sun with its breathtaking synths shall not be missed either.
Eventually we have the Main Mix of their new single The Christmas Star.
Many potential hits and no fillers, an outstanding release that every eurodance fan should have in his collection.

1. Stay the Same    LISTEN
2. Free Tonight    LISTEN
3. Lost Control (B.P. Special Mix)    LISTEN
4. Rise Up    LISTEN
5. Music in Your Mind    LISTEN
6. Against the Wind    LISTEN
7. Under the Sun    LISTEN
8. Sweet Lies    LISTEN
9. Memories    LISTEN
10. Power in Your Heart    LISTEN
11. Life Is Love    LISTEN
12. Unity    LISTEN
13. Under the Sun (Extended mix)  
14. Rise Up (Hypothetic Remix)    LISTEN
15. Life Is Love (Da Mask Remix)    LISTEN
16. Under the Sun (Eurodance mix)    LISTEN
17. The Christmas Star (Main Mix)    LISTEN


- Life Is Love

Free 2 Night are back with another brilliant production, taken from their first album Free Tonight. Life Is Love is a smashing track, with superb vocals by Ira Vain, powerful raps by Viper and Boris Pavlovic from BPM, and amazing synths... in short this is pure classic eurodance in every tone and string that won't deceive the fans. And it is almost impossible to tell which of the 3 mixes is my favourite because they are all so well-crafted ! 2 thumbs up for this pure outstanding euro gem ! Free 2 Night is really a project to follow and support...

1. Life Is Love (Album Mix)    LISTEN
2. Life Is Love (Da Mask Remix)    LISTEN
3. Life Is Love (B.P. Special Mix)    LISTEN


- Under The Sun

Free 2 Night delivers once again a superb eurodance gem. They are always getting better and better, thus confirming their status of one of them most promising projects of nowadays' eurodance scene. Outstanding rap performance and superb emotive vocals contribute in making it sounding like a big classic. This simply brilliant single comes along with 4 equally appealing versions.
Free 2 Night did it again !

1. Under The Sun (Radio Edit)    LISTEN
2. Under The Sun (Original Mix)    LISTEN
3. Under The Sun (Extended Mix)  
4. Under The Sun (Eurodance Mix)    LISTEN


- Lost Control

When 2 big names of eurodance new scene unite, we can hope that the result can't be else than awesome. Free 2 Night's third single unites sweet vocals by Ira Vain and powerful raps by Viper (Victor Plotnikov) and Boris Pavlovic, well-known for being BPM's rapper and producer. Author of all lyrics is Victor Plotnikov. Release includes 4 version, my favourite being of course the eurodance mix. Awesome synths, perfect bouncy beats, a pure classic eurodance track just as we like it.
Free 2 Night and BPM prove that it is still possible to release real classic eurodance in the 21st century. A must-have for every eurodance addict, so don't hesitate to support them !

1. Lost Control (Eurodance Mix)    LISTEN
2. Lost Control (B.M Project Dance Radio Mix)    LISTEN
3. Lost Control (B.M Project Club Mix)    LISTEN
4. Lost Control (Adrian White Remix)    LISTEN






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