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Eurodance reviews for Pulse Of The Beat



As a proof that eurodance is still alive, many artists keep on releasing euro tracks nowadays. Here is the archive of the artists and groups who were promoted on our main page.

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- Party All Night

After several delays, the wait is over : Pulse Of The Beat finally deliver their long awaited debut album, full of real classic eurodance tracks. All the singles are present : Energy Of My Heart, Arrhythmic, Move It All and Try My Kisses. And all the other tracks could be potential hits too. That's what I call eurodance !

Party All Night is a collection of flawless masterpieces featuring heartfelt vocals and skillful raps. No cover, only original songs. And it's way too hard to pick a favourite here.

No intro, the album starts with a blast : Arrhythmic, an awesome eurodance track which will blow you away.
This was their first official single : second track is the ideally entitled Energy of My Heart, it's pure energy for sure !
After we have Sunshine, a pretty damn sublime song too, with synth lines which glisten between infectious and driving bassline.
Coming next, Move Move Move and its supremely catchy chorus. 2 thumbs up for this one !
Then, Lonely, a song for everyone who misses his beloved one, will enchant you with its dreamy vibe.
Official Lover goes full-throttle with speedy beats, you really can't stand still on this one. It's a wave of electric energy hitting you right in the middle of the face !
The album continues with Move It All, really brilliant with its powerful rhythm and Lady B's vocals peppering the track. A real smasher.
It is followed by Try My Kisses, a massive and exploding track featuring Lana on vocals. POTB at their absolute best !
Follow-up Where Is the Love is another gem whose perfectly polished beat grooves the dancefloor massively.
The album continues with Sex Desire, a fast-paced scorching track, a real banger in the vein of E-rotic's best releases, which will give you goosebumps.
Then we have a series of very well-crafted S.G. Soun'diver Remixes. Sorin Gabriel started with track Baby and made of it a pure outstanding euro gem. It will definitely have you running into the arms of the one you love. Afterwards he took good care of another previously unreleased track, Dr. Dream, creating an excellent euro-reggae number which will be perfect for the summer season. Sorin's version of Energy of My Heart is killing it, a real ear-candy you can't help singing along with. He also made a stunning version of Try My Kisses and you'll keep returning to it over and over.
Then we have a remix by Hungarian duet Lazybox for Sex Desire, a pure beauty with a richer melody and a slower beat than the original version.
And to finish, a very tasty Ultimate Megamix which gives a quick overview of all this excellent album's most representative tracks.

And last but not least, you can get the ringtones from our album for your phones for free on Pulse Of The Beat's Facebook.

Party All Night was really worth the wait and should be is the collection of every real eurodance lover. We need more releases like this one ! Pulse Of The Beat deserve our heavy support !

1. Arrhythmic (Album Version)    LISTEN
2. Energy of My Heart    LISTEN
3. Sunshine    LISTEN
4. Move Move Move    LISTEN
5. Lonely    LISTEN
6. Official Lover    LISTEN
7. Move It All    LISTEN
8. Try My Kisses    LISTEN
9. Where Is The Love    LISTEN
10. Sex Desire    LISTEN
11. Baby (S.g. Soun'diver Remix)    LISTEN
12. Dr Dream (S.g. Soun'diver Remix)  
13. Energy of My Heart (S.g. Soun'diver Remix)    LISTEN
14. Try My Kisses (S.g. Soun'diver Remix)    LISTEN
15. Sex Desire (Lazybox Remix)    LISTEN
16. Ultimate Megamix    LISTEN


- Don't Break My Heart (remixes)

Last May, Michal Karpac and Lana from Pulse Of The Beat revealed a new song, a euro-reggae ballad entitled Don't Break My Heart, already reviewed earlier. Now, they release it along with 2 mouth-watering eurodance remixes that you will fall in love with, for sure ! A Dance remix (by Tom Payle) and a S.G. Soun'Diver remix (by Sorin Gabriel), both crafted with phenomenal skill and quality, brilliant 90s eurodance just as we love. Also available as instrumentals, these remixes are musts for every eurodance fan.
Michal & Lana deserve our heavy support !

1. Don't Break My Heart (Radio Mix)  
2. Don't Break My Heart (Dance Remix)  
3. Don't Break My Heart (S.G. Soun'Diver Remix)  
4. Don't Break My Heart (Radio Mix Instrumental)  
5. Don't Break My Heart (Dance Remix Instrumental)  
6. Don't Break My Heart (S.G. Soun'Diver Remix Instrumental)  


- Don't Break My Heart.

Members of one of nowaday's finest and brightest eurodance project Pulse Of The Beat, producer Michal Karpac and vocalist Lana, joined forces and recorded euro-reggae single Don't Break My Heart. While Michal raps in Slovak, Lana delivers sweet choruses in English.
Produced by Thomas Bleicher and Michal Karpac, this is an incredibly heartfelt and endearing song with a seductive groove and an infectious piano driven melody. Enjoy !

1. Don't Break My Heart  


- Try My Kisses

They are one of today's new eurodance scene finest projects : Pulse of the Beat are back with a brand new massive eurodance stomper.
Featuring vocals by Lana Dittrich (who just released her first solo single) and raps by Svetoslav Yankov, it kicks off with a radio mix, overflowing with energy. A hooky melody and an infectious chorus that sticks in your head. Lips Version is a little bit darker, its beginning sounds to me like a tribute to Mortal Kombat. Voices and melody bind into a mesmerizing atmosphere.
This release is truly by fans for fans ! And we are waiting for the first album with great impatience... Will it be the biggest dancefloor explosion that the beginning of this new year will witness ?

1. Try My Kisses (Radio Mix)    LISTEN
2. Try My Kisses (Lips Mix)    LISTEN


- Move It All

Pulse Of The Beat's third single Move It All features Lady B's catchy and sensual vocals combined with energetic raps by Svetoslav Yankov. The result is a real eurodance bomb with awesome synths and an irresistible bouncy beat. The first version was made mid-2012, but you would swear it was recorded in the 90s !
Single is a package of 5 previously unreleased versions, including mixes by Poison Beat (my favourite !) and Tom Payle. So get ready to lose yourself in a whirl of eurodance sounds. This is probably of the best releases of the year, really worth buying.
And don't forget to check also Sex Desire, a free bonus song with a colorful cartoon videoclip paying tribute to E-rotic.

1. Move It All (Single Version)    LISTEN
2. Move It All (Party Mix)    LISTEN
3. Move It All (Poison Beat Remix)    LISTEN
4. Move It All (Tom Payle Rework)    LISTEN
5. Move It All (Tom Payle Beachside Mix)    LISTEN






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