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Eurodance reviews for DJ Bobo



As a proof that eurodance is still alive, many artists keep on releasing euro tracks nowadays. Here is the archive of the artists and groups who were promoted on our main page.

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- Circus

Only a few months after his Reloaded album, in which he revisited all his hits, eurodance megastar DJ Bobo strikes again with a brand new album, paving the way to the new amazing tour. For those who were lucky enough to attend the premiere shows in Europa Park in December, some songs will sound already familiar.
Album opens with a very uptempo pop-rock track entitled Are You Ready To Party, a very good choice even if Welcome To My Crazy Circus would also have been perfect for a start.
Then comes the very electro Good Life, and it's always a great pleasure to hear a track on which DJ Bobo raps.
Next is sunny Fiesta Loca, a song in Spanish shaped for a summer hit or for your weekly zumba course as well.
Album continues with Welcome To My Crazy Circus, based on the famous Entry Of The Gladiators circus theme, and with female sung parts which will make you shiver with pleasure.
After we have a sweet ballad, For Once In My Life.
Album goes on with a pop-rock song Try Try Try, an inspirational track full of hope to give courage and boost people who are going through hard times : "You gotta try, don't give up, From the bottom, the bottom, of your heart"
Then comes the shinily produced Summertime , a very nice feel-good dance song with a touch of electro.
Afterwards we have The Soundtrack Of Our Lives, another excellent dance track with a very up-to-date sound reminding of Moldavian stars such as Akcent or Edward Maya.
Follow-up is the excellent Fly With Me, launched by a countdown and fueled by superb choruses.
After, another very romantic love ballad, Born To Love You.
Subsequently comes a cover of the Gipsy Kings classic Volare, which was previously only released as B-side on 2012 single La Vida Es.
Album closes with a suberb track, Love Is Killing Me, which won't disappoint the fans.
Eurodance fans who have been following DJ Bobo since the early years will probably regret the little number of eurodance songs. In any case, it will leave you smiling just like you've just attended a wonderful circus show.
CD comes along with a bonus DVD which contains a Making of the Show, a Behind The Scenes and 4 live videos shot in berlin during Dancing Las Vegas tour.

1. Are You Ready To Party  
2. Good Life  
3. Fiesta Loca    LISTEN
4. Welcome To My Crazy Circus  
5. For Once In My Life  
6. Try Try Try  
7. Summertime    LISTEN
8. The Soundtrack Of Our Lives  
9. Fly With Me  
10. Born To Love You  
11. Volare  
12. Love Is Killing Me  


- Reloaded

Eurodance legend DJ Bobo realized the accomplishment of a flawless carreer, remaining popular throughout all these years. He adapted to the new trends, without betraying the first years' fans nor getting the big head or losing his humor. This time, he teamed with various artists from 80s, 90s or current electro scene fame, to revisit his most well-known hits.
Album opens directly with the Remady mix of Somebody Dance With Me, featuring singer Manu-L, which was released as a single last April. The good idea was to keep the awesome original melody, and to combine it with some more up-to-date elements. Raps were a little bit refreshed too.
Next track is a the King & White Mix of Pray, a catchy rework ready to kill the dancefloors.
Then comes Take Control, a collaboration with Mike Candys, another famous Swiss DJ, whose musical influence is really perceptible. Once again, we discover some new rap verses. And I really love it when DJ Bobo raps ! The result is an electro house slammer...
New version of Everybody features amazing vocals by Romanian star Inna. Style is still euro-reggae, with an updated sound, giving a polynesian feel, perfect for next summer.
Afterwards, David May slams out a nice mix of Love Is All Around, originally a eurodance masterpiece from 1994, and this time, the original lyrics were kept.
80s star Kim Wilde joined the remake of I Believe, to make it an emotive moment where Kim and René's talents masterfully blend.
Subseqently we have a massive King & White Mix of There Is A Party, a banger with a catchy electro bass line.
German Rockabilly band The Baseballs were the guests on this happy vintage version of Chihuahua. You really feel they had a lot of fun on this one !
Then we have the King & White Mix of Freedom. Freedom is my favourite DJ Bobo song of all times, so I miss a little bit the original melody. Anyway, this is a very well-done rework.
Afterwards, turn up the bass and keep going wild, cause here comes once again a King & White Mix. This time, it is for Shadows Of The Night, which was one of the most beautiful DJ Bobo songs from World In Motion album.
The Bodybangers put their hands on What A Feeling to reinterpret this song with their typical and worldwide successful sound. Still featuring Irene Cara...
Great singer Jessica Folcker, famous for her contribution to many Swedish eurodance projects (Amadin, E-Type, Leila K...), visited this nice acoustic version Respect Yourself.
Then King & White did a mix of Let The Dream Come True. Once again, I would have preferred them to keep the original melody. Anyway, the result is is a catchy melodic electro smasher.
Album closes on a Megamix Radio Version of all the album's tracks.
I don't think this new album will disappoint the long-term fans, even if they may sometimes be surprised. Let's hope that DJ Bobo will also gain some new fans among the electro house addicts. So, don't miss this collection of dancefloor jammers !

1. Somebody Dance With Me 2013 (Remady Mix)  
2. Pray (King & White Mix)  
3. Take Control 2013  
4. Everybody (with Inna)  
5. Love Is All Around (David May Mix)  
6. I Believe (with Kim Wilde)  
7. There Is A Party (King & White Mix)  
8. Chihuahua (with The Baseballs)  
9. Freedom (King & White Mix)  
10. Shadows Of The Night (King & White Mix)  
11. What A Feeling (Bodybangers Mix)  
12. Respect Yourself (with Jessica Folcker)  
13. Let The Dream Come True (King & White Mix)  
14. Megamix Radio Version  






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