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Eurodance reviews for Experience Of Music



As a proof that eurodance is still alive, many artists keep on releasing euro tracks nowadays. Here is the archive of the artists and groups who were promoted on our main page.

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- Get On The Floor!

To celebrate their 20 years since their first release, Experience Of Music gathered with love their latest songs on a brand new (and highly anticipated) album. Get On The Floor! is showcasing tracks already released as singles such as We Won't Stop, Electrical Madness, Beach Party and Get On The Floor (a Woman like you), but also some brand new ones - and future bangers -, such as Journey of Life (a potential hit, which is planned to be released as a single very soon !) and Flux. Which are my personal favourites, especially the 90s radio mix of Journey of Life...
Packed into Frank Winkelmann's and Gregor Schydlo's ever evolving and unique production style, Get On The Floor! is a fascinating journey of past, present and future. What makes it even more enjoyable, album welcomes many great names of eurodance as guests : T-spoon rapper Shamrock, Maxx singer Elyse, General Base rapper Michael K and late LOFT rapper Richie. Last but not least, album is also available as limited edition CD.
Once again, Experience Of Music bring the groove directly into your speakers... and we do hope you'll enjoy it !

1. We Won't Stop 2k18 (TN'T Party Zone Remix)    LISTEN
2. Get on the Floor (a Woman like you) (Radio Mix)    LISTEN
3. Planet Fun 2.0 (Doo Doop Doo Doop)    LISTEN
4. Get on the Floor (a Woman like you) (Quickmix Future House Club Remix)    LISTEN
5. Rock 'n' Roll    LISTEN
6. Journey of Life (90s Radio Mix)    LISTEN
7. Flux    LISTEN
8. Eat my Beat    LISTEN
9. Journey of Life (Bmonde 90s Dance Mix)    LISTEN
10. Free your Soul (let it flow) (Quickmix Remix Edit)    LISTEN
11. Electrical Madness (Jan Player Global Mix Edit)    LISTEN
12. We Won't Stop (Dancefloor Formation Piano Remake)    LISTEN
13. Beach Party (Original Radio Edit)    LISTEN


- Get On The Floor (A Woman Like You)

They are back ! This time, German duo Experience of Music teamed with the Godfathers of Dance, which is T-Spoon rapper Shalamon Baskin aka Shamrock's new project to deliver a groovy and fresh piece of work laced with catchy lyrics. This is not their first collaboration : Shamrock had already visited their single We Won't Stop.
Even if it is not really eurodance, Get On The Floor (A Woman Like You) is a knockout production tailored to be a flawless floor filler, unleashing sweet euphoria. This record is ready to take the clubs by storm and to delight every house music addict !
And if you are craving for more, have a listen at their delicious remixes package including 6 new versions, plus a Original Non-Vocal Club Mix of Hardhouse for the 25th anniversary of the track.

1. Get On The Floor (A Woman Like You) (Radio mix)    LISTEN
2. Get On The Floor (A Woman Like You) (Bmonde mix)    LISTEN
3. Get On The Floor (A Woman Like You) (Extended mix)    LISTEN
4. Get On The Floor (A Woman Like You) (Greg's radio mix)    LISTEN


- We Won't Stop 2k18 (TN'T Party Zone Remix)

5 years after Experience Of Music teamed with T-Spoon rapper Shamrock (aka Lightwarrior) and vocalist Luna Lobi to deliver single We Won't Stop, it was time for a fresh paint layer ! And the author of this rework is no one else than legendary T'N'T Party Zone, German eurodance project project founded by late Tillmann Uhrmacher and Nino Tielman. Remember T'N'T Party Zone ? They hit the charts in the 90s with singles such as Das Omen (Part 1) or their version of One Night In Bangkok. They also did remixes for many eurodance projects, such as Culture Beat, Masterboy, Cutoff, Funtime Club... When eurodance legends meet, the result can't be anything else than stunning. This seriously hot remix of We Won't Stop is even catchier than the original, with the extra 90s touch it deserved. This is a great and uplifting fresh version : in a nutshell, absolutely slamming.

1. We Won't Stop 2k18 (TN'T Party Zone Remix)    LISTEN


- Move it Mommy

Experience of Music teamed once again with a legend of the 90s. This time, it's the American hip-house duo The Outhere Brothers, famous for hits such as Boom Boom Boom and Don't Stop (Wiggle Wiggle). Malik and Hula remain faithful to their musical roots : heavy beat, deep and groovy bassline and explicit lyrics. Single comes along with many mixes, ranging from hard hitting bigroom to vocal house, all of them bringing their distinctive taste and style. My faourite is the Greg's Retro Radio Mix.
Even if it's definitely not eurodance, prepare to be smashed : Move it Mommy is a wave of electric energy hitting you right in the middle of the face. Out under ZYX on November 14th

1. Move it Mommy (Classic Vocal House Radio Mix)    LISTEN
2. Move it Mommy (Classic Vocal House Extended Mix)    LISTEN
3. Move it Mommy (Ghetto Mix Edit)    LISTEN
4. Move it Mommy (Ghetto Mix)    LISTEN
5. Work it Mommy (MJ Dub Remix)    LISTEN
6. Move it Mommy (FRRRANZ Remix)    LISTEN
7. Move it Mommy (Greg's Retro Radio Mix)    LISTEN
8. Move it Mommy (DJ Van Remix)    LISTEN


- Free Your Soul (Let It Flow)

Experience Of Music already worked with the biggest names of eurodance : Lyane Leigh from E-Rotic, Michael Kassner from General Base, Richard Williams from LOFT, to name a few. This time, they feature vocals by Elyse aka Linda Meek, who used to be the frontlady of eurodance legendary project Maxx.
The wait is over : their much anticipated new single is entitled Free Your Soul (Let It Flow) and it hits the stores on October 31st.
With Free Your Soul (Let It Flow), Experience Of Music deliver an ethereal yet bouncy, hands-in-the-air number, tailored for the clubs. It's a clever and delicate alliance between modern electro sounds and 90s feeling. With an anthemic chorus performed in grand style by Elyse's hypnotizing and soulful voice. And each remix has its own vibe and flavor.
A very compelling track, gloriously catchy and refreshing. Experience Of Music at their best !

1. Free Your Soul (Let It Flow) (Dance radio mix)    LISTEN
2. Free Your Soul (Let It Flow) (Karaoke mix)  
3. Free Your Soul (Let It Flow) (Greg's Radio mix)    LISTEN


- We Won't Stop

Did it already happen to you, while listening to an instrumental track, to tell yourself "Wow, this would sound so good with some lyrics in it !". So Experience Of Music took their recent single After Spring and invited former T-Spoon rapper Shamrock (aka Lightwarrior) and his vocalist Luna Lobi to add some raps and vocals to it. The result ? A great synergy and a very nice package. One of my favourite versions is the Original Vocal Mix.
Experience Of Music are known for their collaboration with many eurodance artists, from Lyane Leigh to Michael K (General Base) and Richard Williams (LOFT). After Spring had a lot of success into European Dance-Charts hits, so let's hope that this new version will be as big !

1. We Won't Stop (Radio Edit)    LISTEN
2. We Won't Stop (Crazy-Lectro Radio Edit)    LISTEN
3. We Won't Stop (B.M Project Remix)    LISTEN
4. We Won't Stop (NaXwell Remix)    LISTEN
5. We Won't Stop (Original Vocal Mix)    LISTEN
6. We Won't Stop (Instrumental Version)    LISTEN


- After Spring

Cologne-based duet Experience of Music continues to shake up the electro dance music scene with the release of their newest master-fusion of trancy melody and danceable rhythm. Release, available on DMN Records, includes not less than 6 versions, among them a remix by NaXwell. Get ready to be mesmerized by their beautiful soulful vibes. To be listened without limitation, not only after spring...

1. After Spring (Anglemanís Club Mix)  
2. After Spring (NaXwell DubStep Remix)  
3. After Spring (Extended Mix)  
4. After Spring (Anglemanís Dance Edit)  
5. After Spring (Short Mix)  
6. After Spring (Extended Piano Dream Version)  


- Electrical Madness

Experience Of Music's new single features a rapper whose voice will sound familiar to any eurodance addict, since Michael K aka MIC used to rap on General Base's Base Of Love and I See You. Electrical Madness is a very classy house tune, which blends electro, handsup and trancy sound, taking you on a magical musical trip. Michael K hasn't lost his flow. And his rap combine perfectly with Kim's lovely smooth and sensual vocals. The release includes not less than 10 remixes by Chris Repulse feat. HouseArrest, Aerotrancer, Miguel Cortesano, John Done, Polarbear and more. Electrical Madness will be warming dancefloors all winter for sure.

1. Electrical Madness (Radio Version)    LISTEN
2. Electrical Madness (Original Club Mix)    LISTEN
3. Electrical Madness (Polarbear Remix)    LISTEN
4. Electrical Madness (Polarbear Remix Edit)    LISTEN
5. Electrical Madness (Jan Player Global Mix)    LISTEN
6. Electrical Madness (Miguel Cortesano Remix)    LISTEN
7. Electrical Madness (Aerotrancer Remix)    LISTEN
8. Electrical Madness (John Done Remix)    LISTEN
9. Electrical Madness (Chris Repulse feat. HouseArrest Remix)    LISTEN


- Second Level

Experience Of Music's long awaited second album is out. Second Level includes all the recent singles plus some previously unreleased mix versions. Only original tracks, no cover.

The album opens with the BM radio version of Summer Of Freedom. Very eurodance and handsup in approach, featuring Kitty's catchy and sensual vocals, it's one of the album's best tracks.
Then we have the radio edit of I'm Losing Control, a superb piece of music with Kitty's sweet voice carried by lovely ethereal synths.
After Spring is a wonderful instrumental dream-dance track, somehow hypnotic, a real trip leading to serenity.
The album continues with Search For Happiness a very melodic extended track which creates a carefree atmosphere that will put one in a good mood.
You'll be losing yourself in the entrancing pulse of Summer Dream. Soothing and full of energy at the same time.
Then there's Space Cruiser with its brilliant, airy and cristalline melodies, flowing like a sci-fi soundtrack, worthy of some J.-M. Jarre classics.
The Special Radio edit of Digital Love will let you rediscover the majestic sound of this track from their previous album.
The album continues with the very interesting Gregor's Break Da Beat Mix of I'm Losing Control. Gregor Schydlo revisited the song with a more low-tempo, breakbeat ryhthm.
Back to dance with the driving synthlines and powerful rhythm of No Man's Land that will make you move your feet in no time.
Afterwards comes the Gregor's Vocal Trance Remix of Summer Of Freedom, with strong beats and a mesmerizing, cool catchy melody. A superb eurotrance track.
Closing the album, as a bonus, the Eurorap Edit of I'm Losing Control, an upbeat, bouncy dance piece in which Kitty duets with a male rapper.
An exceptionally serene and well-produced album. Whether you're new to eurodance genre or a devoted fan, this album is a must-have. Support Experience Of Music for them to continue keeping eurodance alive.

1. Summer Of Freedom (BM radio version)  
2. I'm Losing Control (Radio edit)    LISTEN
3. After Spring    LISTEN
4. Search For Happiness    LISTEN
5. Summer Dream    LISTEN
6. Space Cruiser    LISTEN
7. Digital Love (Spacial Radio edit)    LISTEN
8. I'm Losing Control (Gregor's Break de Beat mix)  
9. No Man's Land    LISTEN
10. Summer Of Freedom (Gregor's Vocal Trance remix)    LISTEN
11. I'm Losing Control (Eurorap edit)    LISTEN


- Iím Losing Control

This is Experience of Music's new single, a superb eurodance track with a trancy touch. When EOM mixes classic sound of the 90s with contemporary sounds, the result is always magical. The digital maxi comes with 3 mixes : Radio Edit, Atmosphere Radio Mix and Gregor's Break Da Beat Mix. Fueled by Kitty's voice, which nicely blends with cool synths, it will be out in October.

1. I'm Losing Control (Radio Edit)    LISTEN
2. I'm Losing Control (Atmosphere Radio Mix)  
3. I'm Losing Control (Gregor's Break da Beat Mix)    LISTEN


- Summer of Freedom

Experience of Music finally come back with a new track ! Featuring vocals by Kitty, their new vocalist, this is an uplifting and very sunny song, perfect for a summer hit. The B.M Radio Version brilliantly combines eurodance and handsup. The BM Club mix really sounds like 90s eurodance. One of the best tracks of 2010 so far. Out on 26 March 2010.


- (Do You Think It's) Magic

Here is Experience Of Music's latest offering. This time, they remastered their classic in a hands-up flavour, still featuring Lyane Leigh's (E-rotic, SEX Appeal) charming voice, a little computerized but as catchy as before. It will be available from October 5th on all legal mp3 portals.

1. (Do You Think It's) Magic? 2.7 (Handz Up 2.7 Cut)    LISTEN
2. (Do You Think It's) Magic? 2.7 (Handz Up Original)  
3. (Do You Think It's) Magic? 2.7 (GSX Version)  
4. (Do You Think It's) Magic? 2.7 (Instrumental Dream)  


- Digital Love

After the excellent Shiny Day, the next Experience of Music is called Digital Love. This time, the main trend is trance, without female vocals, in a style that could remind of JM Jarre. An invitation to a magic space travel.

1. Digital Love (Gregor's Vocal Cut)  
2. Digital Love (Gregor's Version)  
3. Digital Love (Frank's Vocal Edit)  
4. Digital Love (Experience of music Club Mix)  


- Shiny Day

A brilliant new single featuring vocals by Sue, who already collaborated to LOFT and Reunion of Dance, and an uplifting melody. A beautifully crafted combination that deserves all our attention.

1. Shiny Day (No Space For Grind Edit)  
2. Shiny Day (No Space For Grind Extended)  
3. Shiny Day (Pop Cut)  






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