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Lyrics are classified by artist name and by alphabetical order. Click on the letter of the artists' first name in the menu below to go to their lyrics list. Some lyrics were found by me, only by listening to the songs, so there may be some mistakes and gaps...

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T Walker - More Than I Can Tell You (uncomplete)

T'NT - There Is A Time

T-Beat - Love Is All Around

T-Spoon - A Part Of My Life
T-Spoon - Boom Boom
T-Spoon - Come And Get My Love
T-Spoon - Delicious
T-Spoon - F.O.O.T.B.A.L.L.
T-Spoon - Fly Away
T-Spoon - Got 2 Get U Back
T-Spoon - I Want To Be Your Man (uncomplete)
T-Spoon - I'll Be Missing You
T-Spoon - In Loving Memory
T-Spoon - Louise
T-Spoon - Make It Funky
T-Spoon - Mercedes Benz
T-Spoon - Nine Years From Home
T-Spoon - No Time 2 Waste
T-Spoon - One In A Million
T-Spoon - Open Up 2 U
T-Spoon - Rockstar
T-Spoon - Say No More
T-Spoon - See The Light
T-Spoon - Sex On The Beach
T-Spoon - Smiling
T-Spoon - Summer Love
T-Spoon - Take Me 2 The Limit
T-Spoon - Tom's Party
T-Spoon - Where R U Now

T-Zone - Body Rock
T-Zone - Don't Let Me... (uncomplete)
T-Zone - Movin Up And Down (uncomplete)
T-Zone - Reach Out

T42 - Children's Voices
T42 - Find Time
T42 - Melody blue
T42 - Run To You
T42 - Set Me Free

Taboo - I Dream Of You Tonight (uncomplete)

Taiga - The Sound Of Now (uncomplete)

Take Twice - It's True (uncomplete)

Tale - Sweet Nature (uncomplete)

Taleesa - Burning Up
Taleesa - I Found Luv
Taleesa - Internet love
Taleesa - Jambalaya
Taleesa - Let Me Be
Taleesa - Over You
Taleesa - You and me

Talia - Feel It (uncomplete)
Talia - My Destiny (uncomplete)
Talia - My Life Is House (uncomplete)

Talk 2 U - Bodytalk (uncomplete)

Tama Tata - Power Of Love

Tanaka - More More More

Tasha - Take You To The Top (uncomplete)

Tasja - Feed My Love (uncomplete)

Tatanka - Open Your Hands (uncomplete)

Tatjana - Ain't Gonna Cry
Tatjana - Boy I Know
Tatjana - Calendar Girl
Tatjana - Let's Go Round Again
Tatjana - Loving On My Mind
Tatjana - Nothing To Me
Tatjana - Santa Maria
Tatjana - Searching For You
Tatjana - Show Me
Tatjana - Sweet Sweet Smile
Tatjana - The First Time
Tatjana - Your Love Is Magic

Tatou - Wild (uncomplete)

TAXI - Get Ready 4 The Rhythm (uncomplete)

TBA - I Show You Secrets (uncomplete)

Tears N'Joy - Take My Life (uncomplete)
Tears N'Joy - You Take My Heart Away (uncomplete)

Techfile - Keep On Movin' Baby (uncomplete)

Technocity - Warm Me Up (uncomplete)

Technotronic - Are you ready
Technotronic - Can't live without you
Technotronic - I want you by my side
Technotronic - It's alright
Technotronic - It's just the way it is
Technotronic - Move it to the rhythm
Technotronic - Move this
Technotronic - Nowhere to run
Technotronic - Pump up the jam
Technotronic - Recall
Technotronic - Savin' all your love

Tee Green - Don't Hold Back (uncomplete)

Teem Woork - Light My Fire (uncomplete)

Teknol OG - I Want You (uncomplete)

Temperance - Let Me Take You Away
Temperance - Never Let You Go

Tempest - Keep The Secret (uncomplete)

Tempo - Everybody Get Up
Tempo - What's Going On (uncomplete)

Ten Minutes - It's Your Love
Ten Minutes - Love
Ten Minutes - Your Toy (uncomplete)

Tenax - You Got To Fight (uncomplete)

Tenessee - Let Me Love You For Tonight (uncomplete)
Tenessee - Tell Me (uncomplete)

Tequila - Dance Dance Dance (uncomplete)

Tess - Confusion
Tess - Crazy
Tess - Get The News
Tess - In My Dreams
Tess - Justify My Love
Tess - One Love
Tess - Stay
Tess - Story Of My Life
Tess - Viva L'Amor

Texture - Over the night
Texture - Power Of Love
Texture - Take A Chance On Me

TF 99 - Everybody Love

TFO - Give It To Me (uncomplete)
TFO - Magic (uncomplete)
TFO - Never (uncomplete)
TFO - Soul & Body (uncomplete)

TH Express - Angel Of Love
TH Express - Coming up
TH Express - Crazy for love
TH Express - I love to dance
TH Express - I'm on your side
TH Express - Love 4 liberty
TH Express - Love hate love
TH Express - Luv luv luv
TH Express - Missing in the rain
TH Express - Nite away
TH Express - Runaway train

The Beat Experience - I Wanna Feel The Music (uncomplete)

The Creatures - Believe In Yourself

The Dog - Come On Let's Go (uncomplete)
The Dog - Without You (uncomplete)

The Flex - Robotic trance

The Free - Born crazy
The Free - Children of the Night
The Free - Dance the night away
The Free - Dream
The Free - Good Girls
The Free - Loveletter from space
The Free - Lover on the line
The Free - Shout

The Great Family - Somebody to love

The Gush - Stop This Dream (uncomplete)

The KLF - 3 A.M. Eternal
The KLF - America What Time Is Love
The KLF - Build A Fire
The KLF - Church Of The KLF
The KLF - Doctorin' The Tardis
The KLF - Hey, Hey We Are Not The Monkees
The KLF - It's Grim Up North
The KLF - Justified & ancient
The KLF - Last train to Trancentral

The League Of Love - Believe In Love (uncomplete)

The Lovers - Go Just Get It
The Lovers - Love Me To The Limit (Radio Edit)

The Master - The Master (uncomplete)

The Medicine Factory - Enjoy (uncomplete)

The Mins - Dreams (uncomplete)

The Musketeers - All For Love

The Neibhorts - Come Baby Come (uncomplete)

The Pik - Searchin' For Love (uncomplete)

The Project Of Rhythm - Juliet (uncomplete)

The Riders - Bang
The Riders - Bonkers (uncomplete)
The Riders - Burning Up (uncomplete)

The Right Thing - We All Need Love (uncomplete)

The Sensitives - Tell Me The Way (uncomplete)

The Sign - Rain Sun (uncomplete)

The Snatch - Dreams of My Life (uncomplete)

The Sound Runners - Nothing Can Stop (uncomplete)

The Square Sound - Runaway Horses

The Sun Company - In The Name Of Love (uncomplete)
The Sun Company - Looking For Love (uncomplete)

The Tatjana - Handle With Care (uncomplete)

Think 'N' Pink - Wonderwall

Melanie Thornton - Back on my feet again
Melanie Thornton - Forever
Melanie Thornton - Heartbeat
Melanie Thornton - I apologize
Melanie Thornton - I love how you love me
Melanie Thornton - I wish it was love
Melanie Thornton - Intoxicated
Melanie Thornton - It's alright
Melanie Thornton - Memories
Melanie Thornton - No tears
Melanie Thornton - Oooh Oooh (Talking About Love)
Melanie Thornton - Too late
Melanie Thornton - Walk on by
Melanie Thornton - Wonderful Dreams (Holidays Are Coming)

Time Spirits - The Palace

Timeshift - Dancing In The Sun
Timeshift - Don't U Feel The Beat
Timeshift - I wanna B

Tino - Come And Get It
Tino - Dance In The Rain

TMJP and Sheila K - Endless Love (uncomplete)

TOC - For Your Love

Tokia - Big In Japan
Tokia - Fax me

Tolupo - Let's Get This Party Groovin

Toni H - Enough Of Your Love

Tony - Fine (uncomplete)

Too Busy - Take My Heart

Tornado - Like Your Lover (uncomplete)

Toro - Give Me Ecstasy (uncomplete)

Toy-Box - 007
Toy-Box - Best Friend
Toy-Box - Cowboy Joe
Toy-Box - Dumm-diggy-dumm
Toy-Box - Earth, Wind, Water and Fire
Toy-Box - Eenie, Meenie, Miney, Mo
Toy-Box - ET
Toy-Box - Prince of Arabia
Toy-Box - Russian Lullaby
Toy-Box - SOS
Toy-Box - Super-duper-man
Toy-Box - Superstar
Toy-Box - The Sailor-Song
Toy-Box - Toy-Box Pictures Presents
Toy-Box - www.girl

TPFF - Keep On Doin'
TPFF - Nightlife

Tracy Anne - Tonight

Trade Of Passion - Why Can't You Give Me Your Love (uncomplete)

Trance Pose - On A Mission (uncomplete)

Treasure 2 - Deeper And Deeper (uncomplete)
Treasure 2 - Reality

Triadance - Feel The Power (uncomplete)

Trivial Voice - The Beat Of The Flamenco

Dana Tusk - Come On (Make My Day)

Tuttifrutti - Superboy

Twenty 4 Seven - Angel
Twenty 4 Seven - Are You Dreaming
Twenty 4 Seven - Breakin' up
Twenty 4 Seven - Free
Twenty 4 Seven - Friday Night
Twenty 4 Seven - Gimme more
Twenty 4 Seven - I Can't Stand It
Twenty 4 Seven - I wanna show you
Twenty 4 Seven - If you want my love
Twenty 4 Seven - Is it love
Twenty 4 Seven - Keep on trying
Twenty 4 Seven - Leave Them Alone
Twenty 4 Seven - Like Flames
Twenty 4 Seven - Music Is My Life
Twenty 4 Seven - Oh baby
Twenty 4 Seven - Paradise
Twenty 4 Seven - Runaway
Twenty 4 Seven - Slave to the music
Twenty 4 Seven - Take Your Chance
Twenty 4 Seven - We are the world
Twenty 4 Seven - What Time Is It
Twenty 4 Seven - You gotta be safe

Twist - El Se Muere Por Ti
Twist - Hello, Hello
Twist - Late Mi Corazón

Two 4 You - I'll Be In Your Dreams

Two For Love - Hold Me


All rights of the authors and composers reserved.

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