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Lyrics are classified by artist name and by alphabetical order. Click on the letter of the artists' first name in the menu below to go to their lyrics list. Some lyrics were found by me, only by listening to the songs, so there may be some mistakes and gaps...

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Nathalie Page - This Is The Time

Panama - I Will Be

Pandora - A Little Bit
Pandora - A Love Like This
Pandora - Anything
Pandora - Come on and Do It
Pandora - Don't Worry
Pandora - Don't You Know
Pandora - Everybody's Living It up
Pandora - Girl In A Daydream
Pandora - Goin' On
Pandora - Great Life
Pandora - I Feel Alive
Pandora - I Feel Free
Pandora - I Welcome You
Pandora - I'll Be There For you
Pandora - If This Isn't Love (What Is It)
Pandora - If You Want It (Come On Get It)
Pandora - Kitchy Kitchy
Pandora - Let It Go
Pandora - Love And Glory
Pandora - Mr Right
Pandora - Never Give Up
Pandora - One Of Us
Pandora - Shout It Out
Pandora - Show Me What You Got
Pandora - Single Life
Pandora - Smile 'n' Shine
Pandora - Tell The World
Pandora - The Love Of My Life
Pandora - The Naked Sun
Pandora - The Sands Of Time
Pandora - This Could Be Heaven
Pandora - Trust Me
Pandora - Waves Of Memories (Epilogue)
Pandora - Why
Pandora - You Drive Me Crazy

Panel 4 - Say Dance!

Pann Dora - Do You Remember

Panoramic - In The Midnight (uncomplete)

Helena Paparizou - Anapadites Kliseis
Helena Paparizou - As Long As You Are Mine
Helena Paparizou - Baby It's Over
Helena Paparizou - Carpe Diem
Helena Paparizou - Deja Vu
Helena Paparizou - Don't Hold Back On Love
Helena Paparizou - Enough
Helena Paparizou - Gigolo
Helena Paparizou - Haide
Helena Paparizou - Heroes
Helena Paparizou - It's Gone Tomorrow
Helena Paparizou - Katse Kala
Helena Paparizou - Let Me Let Go
Helena Paparizou - Let's Get Wild
Helena Paparizou - Love Me Crazy
Helena Paparizou - Mambo
Helena Paparizou - Mr Perfect
Helena Paparizou - OK
Helena Paparizou - One Life
Helena Paparizou - Seven Days
Helena Paparizou - Somebody's Burning
Helena Paparizou - Survivor
Helena Paparizou - Teardrops
Helena Paparizou - The Game Of Love
Helena Paparizou - The Groove Is The Solution
Helena Paparizou - Voulez-vous
Helena Paparizou - You Are The Only One
Helena Paparizou - You Set My Heart On Fire

Parade - Change Your Mind (uncomplete)

Paradise - Do I Do (What I Do For Love) (uncomplete)

Paradisio - Bailando
Paradisio - Samba del diablo
Paradisio - Vamos a la Discoteca

Paradygma - Stay With Me (uncomplete)

Parametric - Dream On (uncomplete)

Paris Underground - Set Me Free

Park 40 - Way Out

Parkhouse - No Parking On The Dancefloor (uncomplete)

Parodya - Naughty Girls (uncomplete)

Cristian Parreno - You Are In My Feeling (uncomplete)

Party Nation - Machine Gun

Partyfloor - Immer Bum Bum (uncomplete)

Passion Club - Gotta Give My Heart (uncomplete)

Passion Wave - Tell Me Why

Passpar-2 - Here We Go
Passpar-2 - My Fantasy

Paternoster - On Earth As It Is In Heaven (uncomplete)

Patric - Love Me (uncomplete)

Patricia - Listen To Your Heart
Patricia - Thief Of Heart

Patrizia - Voices In My Head

Paul-Ice - Pistol In My Pocket

Paula - Spend The Night (uncomplete)

Pearl (1) - Celebrate

Pearl (2) - Kissing Like A Virgin
Pearl (2) - Summer holiday

Pearl (3) - Go Higher

Pech - Blinded By The Light
Pech - Smile On Your Face (uncomplete)

Pegasus - Satellite Of Love (uncomplete)

Pelican - Don't U Know (uncomplete)

Penelope - Take A Chance (uncomplete)

Pentagon Spies - Lonely People (uncomplete)

Regi Penxten - I Fail
Regi Penxten - Night and Day
Regi Penxten - No Music
Regi Penxten - Punish

People From Mars - Run Away (uncomplete)

People Of The World - In Heaven No Limit (uncomplete)

Perfect Beat - Perfect Beat (uncomplete)

Perfect Image - Make Love In Liberty (uncomplete)

Perfection - Save Me (uncomplete)

Perla - Feel The Rhythm (uncomplete)

Perrone - Life (uncomplete)

PFL Department - Tell It To My Heart (uncomplete)

PFP - Give Me Your Love (uncomplete)

Phantasia - Everytime (You Touch Me)
Phantasia - Hold Me Now

Pharao - Back home again
Pharao - Beautiful flower of the bad
Pharao - Christmasland
Pharao - Dance of the snake
Pharao - Dreams on golden wings
Pharao - Eternity
Pharao - Gold in the pyramid
Pharao - I can't wait
Pharao - I Show You Secrets
Pharao - It's a wonder
Pharao - It's your way
Pharao - King pharao
Pharao - Love is a miracle
Pharao - Once upon a time
Pharao - Pick me up
Pharao - Rainmaker
Pharao - Rave like an Egyptian
Pharao - Silence is golden
Pharao - The temple of love
Pharao - There is a star
Pharao - We got the key
Pharao - Wish I could fly
Pharao - World of magic
Pharao - You are my man

Phase Generator - Nevermind

Phase One - One More Night

Alexia Phillips - Be My Baby
Alexia Phillips - You

Photogenic - Nattens Anglar (The Angels Of The Night)
Photogenic - Singing The Blues (We Say Goodbye)

Phutura - Tell Me Like It Is

Phuture Rhyme - New Phuture

Roby Pinna - Lei Balla Sola

Piropo - Our Life Our Nature (uncomplete)

Planarium - Love and Passion

Playahitty - 1 2 3 (Train with me)
Playahitty - I love the sun
Playahitty - The summer is magic

Plaza People - Layla

Pleasure Beat - First time

PMC - Show Me Love Show Me The Way (uncomplete)

Poco Loco Gang - Come Along
Poco Loco Gang - Let's Go To The Party
Poco Loco Gang - Tropical Paradise

PoLo - I want you
PoLo - Together forever

Gabry Ponte - A Silvia
Gabry Ponte - Che Ne Sanno I 2000
Gabry Ponte - Crazy
Gabry Ponte - Depends On You
Gabry Ponte - La Bambolina
Gabry Ponte - La Danza Delle Streghe
Gabry Ponte - Le Voyage
Gabry Ponte - Make Love To You
Gabry Ponte - My Butterfly
Gabry Ponte - Now And Forever
Gabry Ponte - Pump Up The Rhythm
Gabry Ponte - Radioattività
Gabry Ponte - Rocksteady Beat
Gabry Ponte - Terra Libera
Gabry Ponte - The Man In The Moon
Gabry Ponte - The Point Of No Return
Gabry Ponte - Time To Rock
Gabry Ponte - Tu Sei
Gabry Ponte - You Will Believe

Positive - Peace Love & Happiness (uncomplete)

Positive Connextion - Abacadabra

Positive Division - Don't Let Me Down (uncomplete)
Positive Division - Got To Move It (uncomplete)
Positive Division - Movin' On (uncomplete)

Positivity - Night Of Desire (uncomplete)

Power Process - Satisfaction

Powermaster - Lonely

Powersound - Freedom forever

Powerzone - Africa

Prezioso - Back to life
Prezioso - Emergency 911
Prezioso - Goodbye girl
Prezioso - I hear voices
Prezioso - I wonder why
Prezioso - Let me stay
Prezioso - Let's Talk About A Man
Prezioso - Right Here Waiting
Prezioso - Rock The Discothek
Prezioso - Send Me An Angel
Prezioso - Somebody
Prezioso - Survival
Prezioso - Sweet love
Prezioso - Tell me why
Prezioso - The First Picture Of You

Alison Price - For Your Heart

Jamie Price - Lies

Roxanne Price - Free

Alexandra Prince - Rising High

Prince Ital Joe feat Marky Mark - Babylon
Prince Ital Joe feat Marky Mark - Happy People
Prince Ital Joe feat Marky Mark - Life In The Streets
Prince Ital Joe feat Marky Mark - United

Princessa - (You Just) Believe In You
Princessa - A Better Man
Princessa - Again & Again
Princessa - Anyone But You
Princessa - Baila Al Ritmo
Princessa - Baila para mí
Princessa - Calling You (A Message From Love City)
Princessa - Calor De Amor
Princessa - Demasiado Tarde
Princessa - Desnudare
Princessa - Do You Wanna Be Loved
Princessa - Dos Almas y un Destino
Princessa - Duerme Junto A Mi
Princessa - Ensalza tu Amor
Princessa - Estuvo bien
Princessa - Grand Design
Princessa - He's On The Phone
Princessa - I Do What You Want Me To Do
Princessa - I Wanna Live With You
Princessa - I Was Wrong
Princessa - I Won't Forget You
Princessa - It Just Begun
Princessa - Like A Nun
Princessa - Mar y Sol
Princessa - Me Duelen Tus Mentiras
Princessa - Once In A Lifetime
Princessa - Pasión
Princessa - Que te quiero
Princessa - Rojo y Llanto
Princessa - Rompete
Princessa - Seven Days A Week
Princessa - Shut Up And Kiss Me
Princessa - Si no te decides
Princessa - Snowflakes
Princessa - So Many People
Princessa - Summer Of Love
Princessa - Tell Her
Princessa - The Night
Princessa - The Way The Story Goes
Princessa - Try To Say I'm Sorry
Princessa - Tú estás Loco
Princessa - Vende tu Alma
Princessa - Vivo

Prinz Amaho - Rhythm In My Life (uncomplete)

Priority - Time To Unite (uncomplete)

Project P - I Give You All My Love (uncomplete)
Project P - Time after Time

Promise - The Promise

Prophet - It's Gonna Be The Night

Provocation - We Stay Together

PTB - Tell Me Why (uncomplete)

Public Art - I Wanna Feel The Music (uncomplete)
Public Art - River

Public Sun - Let's Do It (uncomplete)

Pulse Of The Beat - Arrhythmic
Pulse Of The Beat - Baby
Pulse Of The Beat - Dr Dream
Pulse Of The Beat - Energy Of My Heart
Pulse Of The Beat - Lonely
Pulse Of The Beat - Move It All
Pulse Of The Beat - Move Move Move
Pulse Of The Beat - Official Lover
Pulse Of The Beat - Sex Desire
Pulse Of The Beat - Sunshine
Pulse Of The Beat - Try My Kisses
Pulse Of The Beat - Where Is The Love


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