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Lyrics are classified by artist name and by alphabetical order. Click on the letter of the artists' first name in the menu below to go to their lyrics list. Some lyrics were found by me, only by listening to the songs, so there may be some mistakes and gaps...

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N Brigade - It's Got You Groovin' (uncomplete)

N-Joy - Save Your Love (uncomplete)

N-Trance - D.I.S.C.O.
N-Trance - Da Ya Think I'm Sexy
N-Trance - Destiny
N-Trance - Do you wanna rock
N-Trance - Electronic pleasure
N-Trance - Forever
N-Trance - Gimme 1 2 5 4 5
N-Trance - I don't wanna lose your love... again
N-Trance - I will take you there
N-Trance - Just let it go
N-Trance - Set you free
N-Trance - Shake Ya Body
N-Trance - Softly (dragging me down)
N-Trance - Stayin' alive
N-Trance - That's all we need
N-Trance - Turn up the power
N-Trance - What is your pleasure

Nadat - Love, Don't Hate (uncomplete)

Nadia - Be The One
Nadia - Beatman
Nadia - Catch Me Baby
Nadia - Free Free
Nadia - Get over it
Nadia - Imagination
Nadia - Kiss Me Goodbye
Nadia - Live on love
Nadia - Shine on
Nadia - Show Me What You Got
Nadia - Take me up
Nadia - The fall
Nadia - What's The Problem
Nadia - Your Freedom

Naif - A Dream Today

Naked Dreams - Colors In The Sky (uncomplete)

Naked Eye - Dance All Night (uncomplete)

Nana - Believe In You (uncomplete)

Nance - Big Brother is watching you
Nance - Kiss it
Nance - Love Is...

Nancy S - God Only Knows (uncomplete)

Naomi - State Of Mind (uncomplete)

Naomie Dee - I Need Your Love
Naomie Dee - Shut Your Mouth

NAS Company - Ready To Give It (uncomplete)

NASA - I Wanna Fly (uncomplete)

Nation 2 Nation - Feeling High (uncomplete)

Nation 4 - Music Is My Life (uncomplete)

Native Sons - Indian Dreams (uncomplete)

Native Vision - Easy life

Natural Effect - Gimme Your Love

Natural Forces - Energy Of Love (uncomplete)

Natural Lee - Fire
Natural Lee - Rhythm Of Love

Natural Sonic - Land Of Fantasy (uncomplete)

Nature - It's Magic (uncomplete)

Nausikaa - Lessons In Loving
Nausikaa - Light My Fire

Navayah - Everybody Wants To Live Forever
Navayah - What About My Love

Needles - Fire (uncomplete)

Nell - Better Life

Nellow - Devotion

Nemorin - Mission of love

Nenetha - Make Me Love (uncomplete)

Neo Cortex - Don't You
Neo Cortex - Elements

Neon Light - Get Down Everybody

Netzwerk - Breakdown
Netzwerk - I Feel Love
Netzwerk - Memories
Netzwerk - Passion
Netzwerk - Send me an angel

Nevada - Don't You Bring Me Love
Nevada - Feels Like Heaven (uncomplete)
Nevada - I Dream Of You
Nevada - Take me to heaven

Never Look Back - Get Ready To Start
Never Look Back - I Need Your Love
Never Look Back - Lost In Magic Eyes
Never Look Back - Master Of Light
Never Look Back - Message Of Love
Never Look Back - Oooh, So Right
Never Look Back - Take Me High

Never Mind - Movin' On

Neverland - Come Into My Life (uncomplete)
Neverland - Everybody Dance (uncomplete)

New Limit - Every single day
New Limit - In my heart
New Limit - Lies
New Limit - Long ago
New Limit - Mentiras
New Limit - Mi oscuridad
New Limit - One sweet dream
New Limit - Scream
New Limit - Smile
New Limit - Surround me
New Limit - When I was young

New System - Angel Guy
New System - Let Me Take
New System - Let You Dance
New System - This is the night

Newborn 90s - I Feel Alive (uncomplete)
Newborn 90s - No Time Lost

Newton - Do you really want to hurt me
Newton - Sky High
Newton - Sometimes when we touch

Next Block - Give You My Love

Next Generation - You Control Me (uncomplete)

Nexus - Keep On Jumpin' (uncomplete)

NFL Limited - Love Is A Fiction (uncomplete)

Nhose - Hunting High And Low

Nia - Hold On To Our Love (uncomplete)

Nice Device - Cool Corona (Could You Be Like E....)
Nice Device - Do You Believe It Now (uncomplete)
Nice Device - Hear The Music (uncomplete)

Nice Price - Rock My Body (uncomplete)

Nicol - Tonight It's Over (uncomplete)

Night Foundation - I Wanna Be Your Beat (uncomplete)

Night People - In The Night
Night People - Take Me Tonight (feat Renick)
Night People - We Want Good Sex Tonight

Night Rhythm - Move It Now

Nihil - Blue Fire (uncomplete)

Nikita - Eterna Divina (uncomplete)
Nikita - La Bruja

Nikka - On My Own

Nina - Can't Stop This Feeling
Nina - Sell Me Your Secrets
Nina - The reason is you
Nina - Until all your dreams come true

Nina (2) - Ja Sam Vlak
Nina (2) - Ja Za Ljubav Necu Moliti

Nina (3) - Dance The Night Away

Nine Hundred - Excessive Love

Nite Beat - Don't Walk Away

Nite Squad - Mr Dee Jay (uncomplete)

No Body Nine - Hypnotise Me

No Cindy Joke - Don't Make Me Cry (uncomplete)

No Line - Your Love (uncomplete)

No Name - Promise (uncomplete)

No Se Lo Digas A Mama - Yo Tengo Un Novio En Hawai

No Smoking - All My Love (uncomplete)

Noemi - In My Dreams
Noemi - When Angels Kiss
Noemi - Y.O.U.

Noise - Stop The Noise (uncomplete)

Noizefactory - Reach Out

Nomansland - Fantasy (uncomplete)
Nomansland - Seven Seconds

Non Verbal - All I Want (uncomplete)

Norad - Sending All My Love

Norma Ray - Crazy About U

Normal Generation - A Friend Needs A Friend
Normal Generation - August Summer Night
Normal Generation - Be
Normal Generation - Breathe You
Normal Generation - Captured
Normal Generation - Come On
Normal Generation - Confused
Normal Generation - Draw Me Closer
Normal Generation - Everbody
Normal Generation - Halleluja
Normal Generation - Heyo
Normal Generation - Hold On
Normal Generation - Let's Twist Again
Normal Generation - Long For You
Normal Generation - Lord I Lift
Normal Generation - Miracle
Normal Generation - More of God
Normal Generation - More Than Life
Normal Generation - My Love
Normal Generation - Pain
Normal Generation - Pierced
Normal Generation - Saved
Normal Generation - Somebody Like You
Normal Generation - Song To A Friend
Normal Generation - You And Me

North on 41 - You Came

North Side - In This World

Nova - Forever

Novaspace - All Through The Night
Novaspace - Beds Are Burning
Novaspace - Close To You
Novaspace - Come Out Of Your Darkness
Novaspace - Dancing With Tears In My Eyes
Novaspace - Gimme More
Novaspace - Guardian Angel
Novaspace - Homeless
Novaspace - It's Too Late
Novaspace - Never-Ending Love
Novaspace - Nightflight
Novaspace - One More Try
Novaspace - Paradise
Novaspace - Run To You
Novaspace - So Lonely
Novaspace - Summer Of Love
Novaspace - Taste My Love
Novaspace - Tears In May
Novaspace - Time After Time
Novaspace - To France
Novaspace - Wicked Game
Novaspace - Your Eyes

Now - Dance You Up

Noway - Come Back To Me (uncomplete)

NTN - Heartbeat

Nuvo Riche - Contact (uncomplete)
Nuvo Riche - The Rhythm of The Beat (uncomplete)
Nuvo Riche - Turn Your Body (uncomplete)

NY Thing - I'm With You (uncomplete)
NY Thing - Make Me Dance (uncomplete)

Nymphomania - I Want Your Body


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