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Lyrics are classified by artist name and by alphabetical order. Click on the letter of the artists' first name in the menu below to go to their lyrics list. Some lyrics were found by me, only by listening to the songs, so there may be some mistakes and gaps...

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M and M - Don't Give Me Up (feat Infinity)

M and M Crew - Move On

M Dacal - Bizarre Love Triangle

M Gi M - Be Good To Me (uncomplete)

M-Pact - A Dream Come True (uncomplete)

M-System - I Can Fly (uncomplete)
M-System - Keep Right Now (uncomplete)
M-System - Let Me Feel the Groove (uncomplete)

Ma'radscha - Cuckoo 4 Your Luv
Ma'radscha - Right Now

Mac Project - Everybody (uncomplete)

Mach 7 - Alacazam
Mach 7 - Real Love
Mach 7 - United States of Japan

Mad - I Think Of You

MAD (2) - Living In A Dream (uncomplete)

Mad Bob - Nightmare (uncomplete)

Madame K - Stars (uncomplete)

Made 2 Fade - Love Explosion (uncomplete)

Madison - Borderline (uncomplete)

Maduar - Africa
Maduar - Afrika
Maduar - Anjel
Maduar - Born In A Ragga Ridim
Maduar - Dance Now
Maduar - Do It
Maduar - Every Man
Maduar - Hafanana
Maduar - Hello
Maduar - Hladam
Maduar - I Feel Good
Maduar - It's A Day
Maduar - La Chita
Maduar - Love Is On The Way
Maduar - Love Me
Maduar - Lucia
Maduar - Maduar Machine
Maduar - Mesacna Noc
Maduar - Move To The Trance
Maduar - Mystic Party
Maduar - Netreba
Maduar - Peace In My Soul
Maduar - Peace Love Unity
Maduar - Prosba
Maduar - Prva Dama
Maduar - Ragga Dansa
Maduar - Small Roulette
Maduar - Space
Maduar - Start It Up Again

Madura - Love Me (uncomplete)

Magdalena - Live To Tell

MJ Maggi - Destiny (uncomplete)
MJ Maggi - Passion And Feeling (uncomplete)

Magic Affair - Break these chains
Magic Affair - Can you feel it
Magic Affair - Carry on
Magic Affair - Energy of light
Magic Affair - Fire
Magic Affair - Give me all your love
Magic Affair - Homicidal
Magic Affair - In the middle of the night
Magic Affair - Love will find a way
Magic Affair - Magical love affair
Magic Affair - Make your mind up
Magic Affair - Miracle
Magic Affair - Omen (under Mysterious Art)
Magic Affair - Omen II (Karma) (under Mysterious Art)
Magic Affair - Omen III
Magic Affair - On the other side
Magic Affair - Take me away
Magic Affair - The rhythm makes you wanna dance
Magic Affair - Thin line
Magic Affair - Wait in vain
Magic Affair - Water of sin
Magic Affair - Wonderland
Magic Affair - World of freedom

Magic Motion - Calling For You
Magic Motion - Don't Wanna Lose You
Magic Motion - Far Away
Magic Motion - Lift You Up
Magic Motion - Move My World
Magic Motion - Mr Loverman
Magic Motion - Show Me Heaven
Magic Motion - Stay With Me
Magic Motion - Take a Ride
Magic Motion - Tell Me Why
Magic Motion - Wonderland

Magic Nation - Love Me (uncomplete)

Magic T Spark - Birthday (uncomplete)

Magic Vision - All I Have To Do Is Dream
Magic Vision - Have A Break (uncomplete)
Magic Vision - Here Comes The Hotstepper
Magic Vision - Nana Hey Hey (Goodbye) (uncomplete)
Magic Vision - Stay Another Day
Magic Vision - You're Breaking My Heart

Magik Force - Body & Soul

Magnetic Pulstar - Let Me Take You (uncomplete)
Magnetic Pulstar - Secret Love (uncomplete)

Magnolia - Turn Away (uncomplete)

Mahoney - Let's Go On Holiday (uncomplete)

Mainstream - I Want You Now (uncomplete)

Major T - Dicky Down (uncomplete)
Major T - I Can Only Give You My Heart (uncomplete)
Major T - Keep the frequency clear
Major T - Tell Me Why (uncomplete)

Mali - Set Me Free (uncomplete)

MAN - Down Under
MAN - Stay

Manico - Dance (uncomplete)
Manico - I Don't Know
Manico - Turn Me On (uncomplete)

Many More - Dream On

Marasma - Let's Get It (uncomplete)

Marc Z - Time Is On My Side (uncomplete)

Marco Polo - Living For Fantasy (uncomplete)
Marco Polo - Oporticus (uncomplete)

Maria Lisa - Let It Hit Ya (uncomplete)
Maria Lisa - You Make Me Feel

Marina - Best friend for life
Marina - Dreamlover
Marina - Gotta new love
Marina - Kyrie
Marina - Limit of love
Marina - Love is a way of life
Marina - She knows you're lyin'
Marina - Stay away too long
Marina - Strut
Marina - Try some love
Marina - Um lotty da

Mars Plastic - Find The Way
Mars Plastic - Model With Me

Martine - Tough Girl

Marvellous Melodicos - Over The Rainbow
Marvellous Melodicos - Sing Oh
Marvellous Melodicos - The Sun + The Moon

Mary Hola - Automatic Lover

Mary Jay - Hey, Call Me Now

Marzal Digital Project - Dreams & Dreams

MASH! - Let's Spend The Night Together
MASH! - You Don't Have 2 Say U Love Me

Masquerade - It's My Love
Masquerade - Sailing
Masquerade - Square Room

Master and Seven - The Power Of Dreams (uncomplete)

Master Mind DJ - It's A Party

Masterboy - And I need you
Masterboy - Anybody (moving on)
Masterboy - Are You Ready (We Love The 90s)
Masterboy - Baby let it be
Masterboy - Children of the night
Masterboy - Different dreams
Masterboy - Do you wanna dance
Masterboy - Energy
Masterboy - Everybody needs somebody
Masterboy - Feel the fire
Masterboy - Feel the force
Masterboy - Feel the heat of the night
Masterboy - Generation of love
Masterboy - Get it on
Masterboy - Give me your love
Masterboy - I got to give it up
Masterboy - I want to break free
Masterboy - Is this the love
Masterboy - Just for you
Masterboy - La ola hand in hand
Masterboy - Land of dreaming
Masterboy - Mister Feeling
Masterboy - Ocean Bizarre
Masterboy - Porque te vas
Masterboy - Show me colours

Paul Mastered - Come With Me

Masterjam - I wanna know
Masterjam - Rhythm's In Your Mind

Masters Of Vision - Good Thing

Mata Hari - Spy In The Name Of Love (uncomplete)

Matchboxx - Love Peace And Harmony (uncomplete)

Matilda - Give Me Your Love (uncomplete)

Matisse - I Wanna Lose My Mind

Mato Grosso - Mistery
Mato Grosso - Moai (uncomplete)
Mato Grosso - Pyramid

Matrix - Can You Feel It
Matrix - Take A Piece Of Your Heart (uncomplete)

Max Impact - Love And Desire

Max Mad Feat KS25 - Don't Let Me Down

Maxima - You Set My World On Fire

Maxplane - In Your Eyes (uncomplete)

Maxx - Fight
Maxx - Get-a-way
Maxx - Heart of stone
Maxx - I can make you feel like
Maxx - I want you
Maxx - Intro
Maxx - Maxximum extacy
Maxx - Move Your Body
Maxx - No more (I can't stand it)
Maxx - Power of love
Maxx - Ritmo de la casa
Maxx - Should I stay, should I go
Maxx - Suddenly
Maxx - Voodoo child
Maxx - You can get it

Maxxima - No More Chances (uncomplete)

Mayabel - Run Out Your Life

Kym Mazelle - No More Tears (Enough Is Enough) (with Jocelyn Brown)

MC Erik and Barbara - Be happy
MC Erik and Barbara - Forever friends
MC Erik and Barbara - Hideaway
MC Erik and Barbara - I love this game
MC Erik and Barbara - I wish an another day
MC Erik and Barbara - I'm free
MC Erik and Barbara - It's Your Day
MC Erik and Barbara - Let the party go on
MC Erik and Barbara - My dream
MC Erik and Barbara - Save the jungle
MC Erik and Barbara - Summer nights '95
MC Erik and Barbara - When love is calling
MC Erik and Barbara - You can't stop

MC Fixx it - Set me on fire

MC Major - Show Me The Way (uncomplete)

Carin McDonald - Together

Me and My - Baby Boy
Me and My - Can't Forget The Past (Da Dap)
Me and My - Close
Me and My - Crazy
Me and My - Dub-I-Dub
Me and My - Fly high
Me and My - Fly high goodbye
Me and My - I Belong To You
Me and My - If I was your lover
Me and My - La la superstar
Me and My - Lion Eddie
Me and My - Magic Love
Me and My - No way
Me and My - Secret garden
Me and My - Show Me
Me and My - Show Your Love
Me and My - Sleeping my day away
Me and My - So Many Men
Me and My - So Many Times
Me and My - Take my heart
Me and My - The sweetest melody
Me and My - Touch Of Your Love
Me and My - Waiting
Me and My - What am I gonna do
Me and My - You and I

Carol Medina - One Day Of Kisses
Carol Medina - Secret Fantasy (uncomplete)
Carol Medina - Tell Me You Love Me

Megatronic - Into The Fire (uncomplete)
Megatronic - Power Of Dancing

Melodie MC - Bomba deng
Melodie MC - Climb Any Mountain
Melodie MC - Dum Da Dum
Melodie MC - Embrace The Power (uncomplete)
Melodie MC - Give It Up (For The Melodie) (uncomplete)
Melodie MC - Give Me Back Your Love (uncomplete)
Melodie MC - I wanna dance
Melodie MC - Lose Control (uncomplete)
Melodie MC - Melody (uncomplete)
Melodie MC - Move On (uncomplete)
Melodie MC - No! (uncomplete)
Melodie MC - Real Man (uncomplete)
Melodie MC - Walking Thru Fire (uncomplete)

Melomania - A flash in the night

Memory Of Sound - Maniac

Men Behind - Feel The Life (uncomplete)
Men Behind - How Can I

Mephisto - Mystery Of Love
Mephisto - You Got Me Burnin' Up (uncomplete)

Mesopotamia - Show Me Your Body (Gimme Some)
Mesopotamia - Vaffanculo

Metrix - Slow Down

MGM - I Want You (uncomplete)

Miani - Kriminal Love

Mig29 - 4 My Love

Miisa - Get Ready

Mike - We Can Make It (uncomplete)

Miko Mission - How Old Are You
Miko Mission - I Believe
Miko Mission - I Can Fly
Miko Mission - One Step To Heaven
Miko Mission - The World Is You
Miko Mission - Toc Toc Toc
Miko Mission - Two For Love

Milcor Mind - Dancing In The Dark

Robert Miles - Everyday life
Robert Miles - Fable
Robert Miles - Freedom
Robert Miles - Full moon
Robert Miles - One And One

Milk Inc - Answer Me
Milk Inc - Blackout
Milk Inc - Blind
Milk Inc - Boy meets girl
Milk Inc - Breakin'
Milk Inc - Breathe Without You
Milk Inc - Chasing The Wind
Milk Inc - Closer
Milk Inc - Don't cry
Milk Inc - Fiction
Milk Inc - For no reason
Milk Inc - Forever
Milk Inc - Free your mind
Milk Inc - Go To Hell
Milk Inc - Goodbye Says It All
Milk Inc - Guilty
Milk Inc - I Don't Care
Milk Inc - If You Only Knew
Milk Inc - In my eyes
Milk Inc - Inside of me
Milk Inc - Invisible
Milk Inc - It's Over
Milk Inc - Land of the living
Milk Inc - Live Her Life
Milk Inc - Livin A Lie
Milk Inc - Losing love
Milk Inc - Maniac
Milk Inc - Maybe
Milk Inc - Morning Light
Milk Inc - Never again
Milk Inc - No Angel
Milk Inc - Nothing To You
Milk Inc - November
Milk Inc - Oceans
Milk Inc - Ouch Damn
Milk Inc - Perfect Lie
Milk Inc - Promise
Milk Inc - Race
Milk Inc - Remember
Milk Inc - Run
Milk Inc - Secret
Milk Inc - Shine On
Milk Inc - Sleepwalker
Milk Inc - Storm
Milk Inc - Summer Rain
Milk Inc - Sunrise
Milk Inc - Sweet surrender
Milk Inc - Tainted Love
Milk Inc - The Sun Always Shines On Tv
Milk Inc - Things Change
Milk Inc - Time
Milk Inc - Tonight
Milk Inc - Walk on water
Milk Inc - Waste Of Time
Milk Inc - Whisper
Milk Inc - Wide awake
Milk Inc - Wish
Milk Inc - With You

Mimania - Amores De Hoy
Mimania - Cuando Late Más Fuerte
Mimania - Dos Amigas
Mimania - La Fórmula De Amor
Mimania - Las Mil Y Una Noches
Mimania - Más Despacio
Mimania - Muñeca Rota
Mimania - Nunca Se Sabe
Mimania - Rezo Una Oración
Mimania - Volver A Morir De Amor

Mimosa - It's So Cool
Mimosa - To The Top

Mind Affair - Love Is All Around

Mind Control - Feel The Rhythm (uncomplete)
Mind Control - I'm Gonna Wait For Love

Mind's Eye - Get In My Mind
Mind's Eye - Hey Boy
Mind's Eye - Sunshine Forever (uncomplete)

Ministry Of Sound - Let's All Chant
Ministry Of Sound - Nobody (uncomplete)

Minneapolis - Don't Wait (uncomplete)
Minneapolis - Dreamworld (uncomplete)

Minnesota - I Feel Love (uncomplete)

Miracle Base - Show Me The Way

Miracle Of Sound - People (uncomplete)

Miranda - Bamba
Miranda - Eldorado
Miranda - Vamos A La Playa

Mirror - Don't You Leave Me Now (uncomplete)
Mirror - Where Is The Love (uncomplete)

Miss Blondie - Desire (Don't Stop The Fire) (uncomplete)

Missing Heart - A heart will pass by
Missing Heart - Charlene
Missing Heart - Fly away
Missing Heart - Hearts of ice
Missing Heart - In Aeternum
Missing Heart - Intro
Missing Heart - Moonlight shadow
Missing Heart - Nights in heaven days in hell
Missing Heart - Prison of passion
Missing Heart - Save the last dance for me
Missing Heart - Tears in May
Missing Heart - The last kiss

Miura - Insensitive

Modern Talking - All I Have
Modern Talking - Anything Is Possible
Modern Talking - Arabian Gold
Modern Talking - Atlantis Is Calling
Modern Talking - Avec toi
Modern Talking - Blinded By Your Love
Modern Talking - Brother Louie
Modern Talking - Can't get enough
Modern Talking - Can't let you go
Modern Talking - Cheri Cheri Lady
Modern Talking - China in her eyes
Modern Talking - China in her eyes (Rap version)
Modern Talking - Cosmic girl
Modern Talking - Diamonds Never Made A Lady
Modern Talking - Don't Give Up
Modern Talking - Don't let me go
Modern Talking - Don't Worry
Modern Talking - Fight for the right love
Modern Talking - Fly to the moon
Modern Talking - Geronimo's Cadillac
Modern Talking - Girl out of my dreams
Modern Talking - Heaven Will Know
Modern Talking - How you mend a broken heart
Modern Talking - I Will Follow You
Modern Talking - I'll never fall in love again
Modern Talking - I'm not guilty
Modern Talking - It's your smile
Modern Talking - Jet Airliner
Modern Talking - Just close your eyes
Modern Talking - Just Like An Angel
Modern Talking - Let's Talk About Love
Modern Talking - Like A Hero
Modern Talking - Love Don't Live Here Anymore
Modern Talking - Love is forever
Modern Talking - Love is like a rainbow
Modern Talking - My lonely girl
Modern Talking - No face no name no number
Modern Talking - Operator Give Me 609
Modern Talking - Part time lover
Modern Talking - Romantic Warriors
Modern Talking - Rouge et noir
Modern Talking - Sexy, sexy lover
Modern Talking - Taxi girl
Modern Talking - There's Too Much Blue In Missing You
Modern Talking - Time is on my side
Modern Talking - Walking in the rain of Paris
Modern Talking - We Still Have Dreams
Modern Talking - We Take The Chance
Modern Talking - Why Did You Do It Just Tonight
Modern Talking - Wild Wild Water
Modern Talking - Win The Race
Modern Talking - With A Little Love
Modern Talking - You are not alone
Modern Talking - You Can Win If You Want
Modern Talking - You're My Heart, You're my Soul

Mondano - Feeling Good

Monni - Can You Feel My Heart

Morgan - In the Heat Of Love

Morgana - A sign
Morgana - Boys And Girls (uncomplete)
Morgana - Can I help you Baby
Morgana - Colours of my dream
Morgana - Feel The Night Away
Morgana - Just Like A Game (uncomplete)
Morgana - Melodies (uncomplete)
Morgana - Never Gonna Make
Morgana - Now And Ever
Morgana - On The Run (uncomplete)
Morgana - Stop Loving You
Morgana - Take A Look (uncomplete)
Morgana - To my heart
Morgana - When I Dream Of You

Morhotronic - Fire In My Heart
Morhotronic - Say Yeah

Clara Moroni - La vita non si ferma mai
Clara Moroni - Ricomincerò
Clara Moroni - Sei
Clara Moroni - Sono quello che sono
Clara Moroni - Vola

Motiv8 - Break The Chain
Motiv8 - Rockin' For Myself
Motiv8 - Searching For The Golden Eye

Movetron - 4-rivinen
Movetron - 7-Alto
Movetron - Alla koivupuun
Movetron - Eden
Movetron - Mita mielessa liikkuu
Movetron - Nousin kyytiin
Movetron - Nyt On Jatkot
Movetron - Ristinolla
Movetron - Romeo and Juliet
Movetron - Romeo Ja Julia
Movetron - Santa Maria
Movetron - Valkoinen valhe
Movetron - Voikukkaseppele

Mr Black - Two Can Play That Game

Mr French Junior - I Feel So Good (uncomplete)

Mr John - It's not too late
Mr John - Take Me Away
Mr John - Time Is Ticking Away

Mr President - 4 on the floor
Mr President - All In The Game
Mr President - Close to you
Mr President - Close To Your Heart
Mr President - Coco Jamboo
Mr President - Don't you ever stop
Mr President - Easy Come
Mr President - Every Little Move I Make
Mr President - Everybody
Mr President - FBI
Mr President - Forever & One Day
Mr President - Give A Little Love
Mr President - Gonna get along (without ya now)
Mr President - Goobye, lonely heart
Mr President - Got To Get It
Mr President - I Believe
Mr President - I give you my heart
Mr President - I love the way you love me
Mr President - I love to love
Mr President - I Would Die For You
Mr President - I'll follow the sun
Mr President - Intro
Mr President - Jack In The Box
Mr President - Jippijaeo
Mr President - JoJo Action
Mr President - Keep It Up
Mr President - Let's Get It On
Mr President - Love, Sex & Sunshine
Mr President - Lovezone
Mr President - Never Leave Me
Mr President - Olympic dreams
Mr President - On And On
Mr President - On My Mind
Mr President - Outro
Mr President - Scream
Mr President - Show Me Love
Mr President - Show me the way
Mr President - Side to side
Mr President - Simbaleo
Mr President - Smile
Mr President - Sweet Lies
Mr President - Take Me To The Limit
Mr President - Turn it up
Mr President - Up'n away
Mr President - Watch Out For The Summer
Mr President - Where Do I Belong
Mr President - Where the sun goes down
Mr President - You Are The Sun
Mr President - You can get it
Mr President - You're The One For Me

Mr Six - Take My Love (uncomplete)

MRX - All I Need (uncomplete)
MRX - Let's Go (uncomplete)

MS Klang - Whatever (uncomplete)

MT Production - Emergency (uncomplete)

MXM - B - All Right (uncomplete)

Mysterya - Lasting In Love

Mystic - Spirit of Ibiza

Mystic Minds - Forever You


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