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Lyrics are classified by artist name and by alphabetical order. Click on the letter of the artists' first name in the menu below to go to their lyrics list. Some lyrics were found by me, only by listening to the songs, so there may be some mistakes and gaps...

You can also access the lyrics archive via the discography of the artists in the Encyclopaedia. There's also a search engine.

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K Da Cruz - I'm on fire
K Da Cruz - Love is lifting me higher
K Da Cruz - Take Me To The Stars (Give Me Your Love)

K Lizard - Why Don't You Love Me

K Love - Gimme Some Love (uncomplete)

K-box - Do You Want My Love (uncomplete)

K-Lee - Get Away (uncomplete)
K-Lee - Love Has To Be My Eye (uncomplete)
K-Lee - Someday (uncomplete)

K-Mono - Take My Body (uncomplete)

K-pital - As Vrea
K-pital - Hei!
K-pital - In Fiecare Seara
K-pital - Intr-o noapte
K-pital - Iubirea Mea
K-pital - Nu Poti Sa Stai Deoparte
K-pital - Undeva
K-pital - Vibratii

K2 - Am Anfang
K2 - Auf 'M Hausl
K2 - Dann Schau I Zum Himmel
K2 - Der Berg Ruft
K2 - Die Nachtigall Singt
K2 - Gesprach Der Eingeborenen
K2 - Gradaus
K2 - Hold Me Close (In Der Steilwand)
K2 - Horst Mi
K2 - I Mog Jetzt Tanzen
K2 - Keep on dancing
K2 - Marschlied
K2 - S' Beste
K2 - Zillertaler Hochzeitsnacht

Kaala - Sound Of Infinity (uncomplete)

Kabuki - Coconut (uncomplete)

Kaira - Don't Wanna Be Close To You

Kaleidos - Take Me To The Limit

Kaleidoscope - Happy house

Kaline - For Love (uncomplete)

Kalura - Pay For Love (uncomplete)

Kamara - Gimme Give Me (uncomplete)

Kamasya - Going Away (uncomplete)

Kangaroo - Feel So Right
Kangaroo - Promises

Karen B - Not The End (uncomplete)

Karina - Let Me Care Of You (uncomplete)

Karma - Budi Prvi
Karma - Kukuriku
Karma - Mirne Duse
Karma - Molitva
Karma - Nema problema
Karma - Od Subote do Petka
Karma - Pa-Pa
Karma - Puca Glava
Karma - Rio
Karma - Subota
Karma - Uzmi Ili Idem
Karma - Zena macka

Kate Project - A Better World (uncomplete)
Kate Project - Baby You Can Help Me
Kate Project - Ecstasy Of Flight
Kate Project - Heart And Soul (uncomplete)
Kate Project - I Don't Wanna Believe
Kate Project - I got to believe
Kate Project - If You Can Say Goodbye
Kate Project - No More I Love You's
Kate Project - Time After Time
Kate Project - Wuthering Heights
Kate Project - You Can (uncomplete)

Kate Ryan - Alive
Kate Ryan - All For You
Kate Ryan - Another Day
Kate Ryan - Babacar
Kate Ryan - Broken
Kate Ryan - Can You Fix This
Kate Ryan - Désenchantée
Kate Ryan - Driving Away
Kate Ryan - Ella Elle L'a
Kate Ryan - Evidemment
Kate Ryan - Free Your Mind
Kate Ryan - Goodbye
Kate Ryan - Got To Move On
Kate Ryan - Hands Up
Kate Ryan - Hard To Reveal
Kate Ryan - How Many Times
Kate Ryan - Hurry Up
Kate Ryan - I Like The Way
Kate Ryan - I Surrender
Kate Ryan - Je lance un appel
Kate Ryan - Je t'adore
Kate Ryan - La Promesse
Kate Ryan - Libertine
Kate Ryan - Lift Me Higher
Kate Ryan - Light In The Dark
Kate Ryan - LILY
Kate Ryan - Magical Love
Kate Ryan - Mon Coeur Resiste Encore
Kate Ryan - Ne Baisse Pas La Tête (Head Down)
Kate Ryan - Nos Regards Qui M'enflamment (In Your Eyes)
Kate Ryan - One Happy Day
Kate Ryan - Only If I
Kate Ryan - Scream And Shout
Kate Ryan - Scream For More
Kate Ryan - So In Love
Kate Ryan - Start Me Up
Kate Ryan - Tapping On The Table
Kate Ryan - The Promise You Made
Kate Ryan - The Rain
Kate Ryan - Through Your Eyes
Kate Ryan - UR (My Love)
Kate Ryan - Voyage Voyage
Kate Ryan - We Belong Together
Kate Ryan - Why Imagine
Kate Ryan - Wonderland

Katty B - Love Shine A Light
Katty B - Take On Me
Katty B - Where Do You Go

KC Linn - Got to Get It On
KC Linn - Look At Me Now
KC Linn - Move

KC Spirit - Dancing In The Rain Now (uncomplete)

Keenya - Waiting For Your Love

Kelly-O - Follow your heart

Johnny Kelvin - Satisfaction Guaranteed (uncomplete)

Ken-D - The 7 Jump (Radio Version)

Kenny Gold Jr - You To Me Are Everything

Ketty DB - Drive
Ketty DB - You Can Take Me

Key Club - To The Top (uncomplete)

Key Motion - Automatic Love
Key Motion - Let The Music
Key Motion - No Chance

Key Word - Naked In The Rain (uncomplete)

Khaky - Flying With The Angels (uncomplete)

Kick 99 - All My Love

Kikka - Don't take my heartbeat
Kikka - I need you tonight
Kikka - I Say No More (uncomplete)
Kikka - Love me tonite

Killer Shadows - Don't You Want Me Babe
Killer Shadows - Golden Dreams
Killer Shadows - Jackie
Killer Shadows - The Sun Always Shine On TV

Kina - 7 Days

King Lajo and Joan - Come On (uncomplete)

King Of Paradise - Give Me Your Love (uncomplete)
King Of Paradise - One Night Stand

Kiss The Beat - Power People (uncomplete)

KLJ - Fly Away With You

KM - Dance (uncomplete)

KM Passion - Needles And Pins

KMC - Somebody To Touch Me

Koke - Love To You

Koko - Open Your Eyes

Kol'lu - Calling Me (uncomplete)

Kontesa - Skies Are Blue

Kora - Night Is Alive

Koral - Forever More

Korg - Only Thing Is Love (uncomplete)

Kraski - A Serdechko Plachet
Kraski - Chuzhaya Bol'
Kraski - Devochka Tantsuyet
Kraski - Ekzameny
Kraski - Fanat
Kraski - Gde-to Daleko
Kraski - Gorod
Kraski - Khochesh'
Kraski - Letnyaya Pesnya
Kraski - Leto
Kraski - Lyubov' Obmanchiva
Kraski - Malchik
Kraski - Mamochka Moya
Kraski - Meteli
Kraski - Minutu Nazad
Kraski - Mne Domoy Pora
Kraski - Mne Segodnya Grustno
Kraski - Naydi Menya
Kraski - Ne Govori
Kraski - Ne Poluchayetsya
Kraski - Nu Chto Zhe Sdelala Ty
Kraski - On Ne Znayet Nichego
Kraski - Oranzhevoye Solntse
Kraski - Patsany
Kraski - Raz-dva-tri-chetyre
Kraski - S Dnem Rozhdeniya, Papa!
Kraski - S Neba Snezhinki!
Kraski - Segodnya K Mame Ya Priyekhala Domoy
Kraski - Solntse Moye
Kraski - Starshiy Brat
Kraski - Starshiy Brat 2
Kraski - Taksi
Kraski - Te, Kto Lyubit
Kraski - Tishe Myshi
Kraski - Tri Cherepakhi
Kraski - Tuchi
Kraski - Ty Dolzhen Znat'
Kraski - Ty Nikogo Ob Etom Bol'she Ne Prosi
Kraski - Ty Pishesh' Mne Pis'mo
Kraski - Ubegay
Kraski - V Gorode Zima
Kraski - V Nashem Gorode Sneg
Kraski - Vesna
Kraski - Vse, Chto Zhdu
Kraski - Vsego 15 Let
Kraski - Ya Budu Zhdat'
Kraski - Ya Lyublyu Tebya Sergey
Kraski - Ya Ne Ponimayu
Kraski - Zdravstvuy
Kraski - Znayu

Pat Krimson - Break Away
Pat Krimson - Summer Vibe

Kriss - Strangers (uncomplete)

KU - For Your Love

KU Minerva - Crying For You
KU Minerva - Dejame Sonar
KU Minerva - Llorando Por Ti


All rights of the authors and composers reserved.

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