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Marie-Claire D'Ubaldo - The Rhythm Is Magic

D-cord - Another Day (uncomplete)

D-Factor - Give Me More (uncomplete)

D-Fame - The ABC Of Love (uncomplete)

D-Fresh - Tell me what you feel

D-Inspiration - I Want U To Want Me 2
D-Inspiration - Keep Me Going On (uncomplete)
D-Inspiration - Life Love & Soul (uncomplete)

D-Lies - Lies (Due Version)

D-mention - You're No Good (uncomplete)

D-Natural - Dr Beat

D-Odds - World Of Illusion (uncomplete)

D-phase - I Owe You Nothing
D-phase - Tell Me Why

D-Stressed - Fly To The Sun (uncomplete)
D-Stressed - Got To Give It Up (uncomplete)
D-Stressed - Let Me Hear the Music (uncomplete)
D-Stressed - Love Me Forever

D4S - Wild Wild West (uncomplete)

Da Blitz - I believe
Da Blitz - Let Me Be
Da Blitz - Movin' on
Da Blitz - Stay with me
Da Blitz - Take me back
Da Blitz - Take my way
Da Blitz - The light of love

Da Buzz - Do You Want Me
Da Buzz - Let Me Love You Tonight
Da Buzz - Paradise
Da Buzz - Slow It Down

Da Choice - Make That Move

Da Pampa - Call It (uncomplete)

Da Tune - Late In The Night (uncomplete)

Dabliu Effe - I Wanna Feel The Music (uncomplete)

Dad Jeans - Naked Dreams (uncomplete)

Daddy DJ - Daddy DJ
Daddy DJ - Over You (uncomplete)
Daddy DJ - The Girl In Red

Daddy K - Voulez-Vous Coucher Avec Moi (uncomplete)

Daffodil - Day After Day (uncomplete)
Daffodil - Only For You (uncomplete)

Dagoth - Angel
Dagoth - Father
Dagoth - Let It Be Loud
Dagoth - Nothing To Say
Dagoth - Start

Joanna Daik - Feel Me (uncomplete)

Daisy Chain - Don't Need Your Loving (uncomplete)
Daisy Chain - I Will Fly (uncomplete)

Daisy Dee - Angel
Daisy Dee - Crazy
Daisy Dee - Go Bazurk (uncomplete)
Daisy Dee - Headbone Connected (Try Me) (uncomplete)
Daisy Dee - Hey You (Open Your Mind)
Daisy Dee - I Got U
Daisy Dee - Just jump
Daisy Dee - Love is the answer

Daja - The Rythm Of America (uncomplete)

Dalmata - Do It (uncomplete)

Dama - Beautiful Ones
Dama - Singing

Damade - I Need Your Love (uncomplete)

Damage Control - Don't You Feel My Pain (uncomplete)
Damage Control - Trust (uncomplete)
Damage Control - You've Got To Believe

Damaye - Corps à Corps (uncomplete)

Danaeh - Gone Away (uncomplete)
Danaeh - Walk Away (uncomplete)

Dancation - Do What You Wanna Do (uncomplete)

Dance 2 Trance - Power of American Natives

Dance 4 Color - More Of The Hot Stuff

Dance 4 Joy - Tell Me The Reason (uncomplete)
Dance 4 Joy - You Gotta Love Me

Dance D-Vision - The Evolution (Make It Move) (uncomplete)

Dance Mission - Finally Free (uncomplete)

Dance Nation - Celebrate your life
Dance Nation - Dance
Dance Nation - Sunshine
Dance Nation - Words
Dance Nation - You Take Me Away

Dance Nature - Jungle Fever (uncomplete)
Dance Nature - Rhythm Of Love

Dance Or Die - Galaxy Of Love

Dance Politix - Can You Feel It (uncomplete)

Dance Revolution - Dreams (uncomplete)

Dancefloor Syndroma - Brand New Way (uncomplete)
Dancefloor Syndroma - Dancefloor Syndroma
Dancefloor Syndroma - Power Of Luv (uncomplete)

Dane - Mystery Girl (uncomplete)

Alana Dante - Disco Suppa Girl
Alana Dante - Get ready for the sunsand
Alana Dante - The life of the party
Alana Dante - They Say It's Gonna Rain
Alana Dante - Think Twice
Alana Dante - Vakantie

Danuma - I Wish I Could Fly (uncomplete)
Danuma - Look At Your Man (uncomplete)
Danuma - Summertime (uncomplete)

Darkize - Without You (uncomplete)

Darkness - In my dreams

Patty Dart - Angel (uncomplete)
Patty Dart - Breakin' Up
Patty Dart - Frederick
Patty Dart - Leave Me Or Love Me
Patty Dart - You Make Me Wanna Cry (uncomplete)

Datura - Devotion
Datura - Eternity
Datura - Mystic motion
Datura - Passion
Datura - Voo-Doo believe

Dav Isa - Planet Earth (uncomplete)

Daydream - Through The Night

Daze - Antonio
Daze - Be my lover
Daze - Call girl
Daze - In the middle of the night
Daze - Land Of The Living
Daze - Sea of love
Daze - Sky is blue
Daze - Superhero
Daze - Tamagotchi
Daze - Tic toc
Daze - Toy boy

DBP - Come On And Dance (uncomplete)
DBP - I Wanna Be With You (uncomplete)

DC Mark - Baby Love (uncomplete)

DC Project - Mary's Prayer

DD King - Come To Me (uncomplete)

DD Why - Take Me Over (uncomplete)

DDF System - Face Of Love (uncomplete)

De' Ja Vue - Soul To Soul (uncomplete)

Dea - Pleasure (uncomplete)

Debbie K - Danger (uncomplete)

Decadance - Bailemos
Decadance - Save my soul

Decibella - Nowhere Girl

Dee Dee - Forever
Dee Dee - I Want You Back
Dee Dee - In My Heart
Dee Dee - Pour toujours
Dee Dee - The Chosen
Dee Dee - The One

Deely-B Dine - Love Me Hold Me (uncomplete)

Deep Kenley - Call Me

Deep Obsession - One and Only

Deep Sound Six - Sport Is Magic (uncomplete)

Deep Vision - Sometimes (uncomplete)

Def Dames Dope - Ain't Nothin' To It
Def Dames Dope - Changes
Def Dames Dope - Don't Be Silly
Def Dames Dope - Feel Free
Def Dames Dope - Full Time Lover
Def Dames Dope - Havin' a Good Time
Def Dames Dope - Hungry For My Lovin'
Def Dames Dope - I'm Gonna Show You
Def Dames Dope - I've Got The Hots For U
Def Dames Dope - It's OK, All Right
Def Dames Dope - Join The Party
Def Dames Dope - More! More!
Def Dames Dope - Never Giving In
Def Dames Dope - Obsession
Def Dames Dope - Out Of My Mind
Def Dames Dope - Show Me What U Got
Def Dames Dope - Take It As It Comes
Def Dames Dope - Take Your Time
Def Dames Dope - That's Not Enough
Def Dames Dope - You've Got It Wrong

Defect - Let Me Go

Definition of Joy - Stay With Me 4 Ever

Delegation - Searching
Delegation - Wanna Be The Winner

Delicious Love - Love Of My Life (uncomplete)

Anita Dels - Enter Love, Delete The Hate
Anita Dels - Every Little Step
Anita Dels - I'm Not Your Fool
Anita Dels - I've Given You Everything
Anita Dels - Lifting Up My Life
Anita Dels - Lovin' Every Day
Anita Dels - Now Is The Time
Anita Dels - Only You
Anita Dels - Open Up My Eyes
Anita Dels - Say What You Mean
Anita Dels - This Is Reality
Anita Dels - Universe (Believe In Yourself)
Anita Dels - Virtual Love
Anita Dels - Why Should I Lie

Delta - U Love Me (uncomplete)

Demiro - My House (uncomplete)
Demiro - Touch My Body (uncomplete)

Denine - Baby I Love You
Denine - Fall In Love Tonight
Denine - I Only Wanted To Love You
Denine - I Remember You
Denine - I'll Never Be The Same
Denine - Love Of A Lifetime
Denine - Tearshed

Derby - In The Colour

Devotion - Fadin' Away

Dhama - Keep On Movin' (uncomplete)

Dhany - Dha Dha Tune
Dhany - I Wanna Be Free
Dhany - Let It Go
Dhany - One Day In Paradise
Dhany - Quiero Respirar
Dhany - Shut Up
Dhany - Street Life

Dhiadema - Love Song (uncomplete)

Dhonna - You're My Babe

Di Bronx and Natali - Alexandra
Di Bronx and Natali - Balalaika
Di Bronx and Natali - Dva Serdza
Di Bronx and Natali - Dvigaisya
Di Bronx and Natali - Energia Lyubvi
Di Bronx and Natali - Fight 2 Right
Di Bronx and Natali - Find The Feelings
Di Bronx and Natali - Izo Vseh Sil
Di Bronx and Natali - Jivesh Tolko Dvajdy
Di Bronx and Natali - Na Linii Ognya
Di Bronx and Natali - Ne Ostanavlivai Menya
Di Bronx and Natali - Pochuvstvui Ritm
Di Bronx and Natali - Pokolenie Svobody
Di Bronx and Natali - Poliet - World of XTC
Di Bronx and Natali - Trance Dance
Di Bronx and Natali - Tvoya Zvezda
Di Bronx and Natali - Ulitsy Bronksa
Di Bronx and Natali - Vozvrashchayas' V Te Dni
Di Bronx and Natali - Ya Khochu Byt Zvezdoi
Di Bronx and Natali - Ya Lyublyu Lyubit' Teba
Di Bronx and Natali - Zemlya Mechti

Digilove - Give You Love
Digilove - Touch me

Dinah Nah - Make Me (La La La)
Dinah Nah - One More Night
Dinah Nah - Taste Your Love

DIP - Give me your lovin

Dis-Cover - Never Let It Go (uncomplete)
Dis-Cover - We Don't Talk Anymore

Disco - Move On Now

Discover - Never Gonna Say Goodbye (uncomplete)
Discover - Thinkin' About You (uncomplete)

Divina - Around My Heart
Divina - Free 4 love
Divina - In The Night (uncomplete)
Divina - Time To Go (Que Basilon) (uncomplete)
Divina - Tweedle Dee Tweedle Dum

DJ Bobo - 1000 Miles
DJ Bobo - Amazing Life
DJ Bobo - Angel
DJ Bobo - Another night without you
DJ Bobo - Are You Ready To Party
DJ Bobo - Around the world
DJ Bobo - Beautiful
DJ Bobo - Because Of You
DJ Bobo - Believe
DJ Bobo - Best of my life
DJ Bobo - Black rain
DJ Bobo - Blood On Fire
DJ Bobo - Born To Love You
DJ Bobo - Bye Bye Bye
DJ Bobo - Celebrate
DJ Bobo - Celebration
DJ Bobo - Change The World
DJ Bobo - Chihuahua
DJ Bobo - Colors of life
DJ Bobo - Colour of freedom
DJ Bobo - Come take my hand
DJ Bobo - Creatures Of The Night
DJ Bobo - Dame tue mano
DJ Bobo - Dance Into The Light
DJ Bobo - Dancing Through the Night
DJ Bobo - Dangerous
DJ Bobo - Dead Or Alive
DJ Bobo - Deep in the jungle
DJ Bobo - Do you believe
DJ Bobo - Do You Remember
DJ Bobo - Don't break my heart
DJ Bobo - Don't stop the music
DJ Bobo - Dreaming of you
DJ Bobo - Everybody
DJ Bobo - Everybody's Free
DJ Bobo - Everybody's Gonna Dance
DJ Bobo - Everything has changed
DJ Bobo - Fiesta Loca
DJ Bobo - Fly With Me
DJ Bobo - For now and forever
DJ Bobo - For Once In My Life
DJ Bobo - Freedom
DJ Bobo - Freedom Is...
DJ Bobo - Garunga
DJ Bobo - Get On Up
DJ Bobo - Ghost Ship
DJ Bobo - Gira el mundo
DJ Bobo - Give Peace A Chance
DJ Bobo - Give yourself a chance
DJ Bobo - Good Life
DJ Bobo - Good Time
DJ Bobo - Gotta Go
DJ Bobo - Happy birthday
DJ Bobo - Hard to say I'm sorry
DJ Bobo - Here comes tomorrow
DJ Bobo - Hey Nanana
DJ Bobo - Heyamama
DJ Bobo - Hypnotic
DJ Bobo - Hypnotized
DJ Bobo - I Believe
DJ Bobo - I feel it
DJ Bobo - I know what I want
DJ Bobo - I Love My Radio
DJ Bobo - I Need Your Love
DJ Bobo - I want you back
DJ Bobo - I want your body
DJ Bobo - I'll be there
DJ Bobo - I'll be waiting
DJ Bobo - I'm Crazy
DJ Bobo - I'm Living A Dream
DJ Bobo - I'm Living To Love You
DJ Bobo - Indestructible
DJ Bobo - Intro (Dance with me)
DJ Bobo - Intro (Technology)
DJ Bobo - Invincible
DJ Bobo - It's a wonderful world
DJ Bobo - It's my life
DJ Bobo - It's time for Christmas
DJ Bobo - Jealousy
DJ Bobo - Keep on dancing
DJ Bobo - La Vida Es
DJ Bobo - Last day of 1999
DJ Bobo - Let Me Be The One
DJ Bobo - Let me feel the love
DJ Bobo - Let the dream come true
DJ Bobo - Let the party begin
DJ Bobo - Let's come together
DJ Bobo - Let's Come Together (We Are Family)
DJ Bobo - Let's groove on
DJ Bobo - Lies
DJ Bobo - Life Goes On
DJ Bobo - Like A Bird
DJ Bobo - Lonely 4 You (feat Tone)
DJ Bobo - Love is all around
DJ Bobo - Love Is Killing Me
DJ Bobo - Love is the price
DJ Bobo - Love Never Dies
DJ Bobo - Love of my life
DJ Bobo - Love Will Lead The Way
DJ Bobo - Man in the mirror
DJ Bobo - Merry Christmas
DJ Bobo - Moscow
DJ Bobo - Music
DJ Bobo - Music is my life
DJ Bobo - Music Is My Passion
DJ Bobo - Mystasia (The land beyond your dreams)
DJ Bobo - Mystorial
DJ Bobo - Never Stop Dreaming
DJ Bobo - Nightfly
DJ Bobo - No Matter What People Say
DJ Bobo - Now or Never
DJ Bobo - Olé Olé
DJ Bobo - One Night In Heaven
DJ Bobo - One Vision One World
DJ Bobo - Open your heart
DJ Bobo - Party Delight
DJ Bobo - Pirates Of Dance
DJ Bobo - Pray
DJ Bobo - Pura Pasion
DJ Bobo - Radio ga ga
DJ Bobo - Respect yourself
DJ Bobo - Return to silence
DJ Bobo - Robin Hood
DJ Bobo - Rock My World
DJ Bobo - Rock The Night
DJ Bobo - Roll Up
DJ Bobo - Say it again
DJ Bobo - Shadows of the night
DJ Bobo - Somebody dance with me
DJ Bobo - Summertime
DJ Bobo - Superstar
DJ Bobo - Take control
DJ Bobo - Take My Breath Away
DJ Bobo - Tell me when
DJ Bobo - Tell me why
DJ Bobo - The Last Vampire
DJ Bobo - The Soundtrack Of Our Lives
DJ Bobo - The Sun Will Shine On You
DJ Bobo - The Sun Will Shine On You
DJ Bobo - The Voice Of Freedom
DJ Bobo - There is a party
DJ Bobo - There's a paradise
DJ Bobo - This Is My Time
DJ Bobo - This world is magic
DJ Bobo - Time Machine
DJ Bobo - Time to turn off the light
DJ Bobo - Together
DJ Bobo - Too many nights
DJ Bobo - Top of the world
DJ Bobo - Try Try Try
DJ Bobo - Vampires Are Alive
DJ Bobo - Vampires Celebrate
DJ Bobo - Visions
DJ Bobo - Viva Las Vegas
DJ Bobo - Way to your heart
DJ Bobo - We are children
DJ Bobo - We Are What We Are
DJ Bobo - We Gotta Hold On
DJ Bobo - Welcome To Eternal Youth
DJ Bobo - Welcome To My Crazy Circus
DJ Bobo - What a feeling
DJ Bobo - What about my broken heart
DJ Bobo - Where is your love
DJ Bobo - World in motion
DJ Bobo - You belong to me
DJ Bobo - You Drive Me Crazy
DJ Bobo - Your Heart Is My Home

DJ Carlos - End of the Road

DJ Company - Can you feel the spirit
DJ Company - Cybersex Lovegame
DJ Company - Fly Away
DJ Company - Forever young
DJ Company - Hey everybody
DJ Company - Hey everybody rap
DJ Company - Hold Me Now Forever
DJ Company - Holiday in the land of love
DJ Company - The rhythm of love
DJ Company - The rhythm of love remix

DJ Dado - Give me love
DJ Dado - Ready or not
DJ Dado - The Same

DJ Martin - More And More

DJ Miko - Forever Young
DJ Miko - Hot Stuff
DJ Miko - My Sharona
DJ Miko - Ruby Tuesday
DJ Miko - Sky High
DJ Miko - What's Up

DJ Panda - Dreaming of fantasy
DJ Panda - It's a dream

DJ Play - I Wanna Dance All Night
DJ Play - Memories (uncomplete)
DJ Play - Song For Me

DJ Sonic - Turn On The Music

DJ Space'C - Could It Be Magic
DJ Space'C - Cruel summer
DJ Space'C - Deep Inside
DJ Space'C - Don't Break My Heart
DJ Space'C - I Feel The Earth Move
DJ Space'C - Love 4 liberty
DJ Space'C - Stop
DJ Space'C - The sun always shines on TV
DJ Space'C - Through The Clouds

DJ Spy - Go To Your Heart

DJ Tururu - Calm The Rage (with Karry)
DJ Tururu - Countdown

DJ Valium - Doin it again
DJ Valium - Omen III
DJ Valium - Spirits of yesterday

DJH - My Body
DJH - We Love It

Djumbo - Boya Boya Bay
Djumbo - Bye Bye Bye
Djumbo - Dit Is Real
Djumbo - Eyahe
Djumbo - Get Out
Djumbo - Going Up
Djumbo - Hide And Seek (Pak Me Dan)
Djumbo - Know My Name
Djumbo - Made To Love You
Djumbo - Party On
Djumbo - The Djumbo Jump
Djumbo - Time-Out
Djumbo - Undercover

Doctor Soul - It's Gonna Be (uncomplete)

Dolphin Crew - The Light Is (uncomplete)

Domarx - I Hear Voices
Domarx - Reach For The Stars

Dominoes - Can't Give Up

Dominoo - Doctor
Dominoo - Island Girl
Dominoo - Kangaroo
Dominoo - My Hero
Dominoo - Popit
Dominoo - Run Run Away
Dominoo - Tutanchamon

Donna J - One Night One Lover
Donna J - One Night One Lover

Double AA - Dancers In The Night

Double Active - Hocus pocus

Double Dare - We Belong

Double Divine - Your Loving (uncomplete)

Double Fox - Nice Life (uncomplete)
Double Fox - Party Lions

Double U Fresh - Music Non Stop (uncomplete)

Double Vision - Alright
Double Vision - Knocking

Double X - Stay By Me

Double You - Because I'm loving you
Double You - Dancing with an angel
Double You - Drive
Double You - Going back
Double You - Gonna be my baby
Double You - Got to love
Double You - Heart of glass
Double You - I gave you all
Double You - Looking at my girl
Double You - Missing you
Double You - Part time lover
Double You - Please don't go
Double You - Rebel rebel
Double You - Run to me
Double You - She's beautiful
Double You - Somebody
Double You - Walking on the Chinese wall
Double You - We all need love
Double You - What did you do
Double You - Who's fooling who
Double You - Why
Double You - With or without you
Double You - Wonderful world
Double You - You are my world
Double You - You are the one

DPR - Call Me

Dr Alban - Alabalaba
Dr Alban - Away from home
Dr Alban - Awilla willa willa hey
Dr Alban - Because of you
Dr Alban - Born In Africa
Dr Alban - Enemies
Dr Alban - Feel like making love
Dr Alban - Feel the rhythm
Dr Alban - Fire
Dr Alban - Free up Soweto
Dr Alban - Gimme dat loven
Dr Alban - Go see the dentist
Dr Alban - Hallelujah Day
Dr Alban - Hard pan di drums
Dr Alban - Hello Afrika
Dr Alban - Home sweet home
Dr Alban - I believe
Dr Alban - I feel the music
Dr Alban - I said it once
Dr Alban - It's my life
Dr Alban - Let the beat go on
Dr Alban - Long Time Ago
Dr Alban - Look who's talking
Dr Alban - Mr. DJ
Dr Alban - No coke
Dr Alban - One Love
Dr Alban - Plastic smile
Dr Alban - Rich man poor man
Dr Alban - Riddle Of Life
Dr Alban - Rock Steady
Dr Alban - Rock the woman shake it
Dr Alban - Sing hallelujah
Dr Alban - So Long
Dr Alban - Sweet little girl
Dr Alban - Then I fell in love
Dr Alban - This Time I'm Free
Dr Alban - What do I do

Dr Iggy - Bicu tu (uncomplete)
Dr Iggy - Da Li Znas
Dr Iggy - Da Si Tu
Dr Iggy - I Ove Noci
Dr Iggy - Ja Ne Mogu Bez Tebe
Dr Iggy - Jednom Kad Ostanes Sam
Dr Iggy - Jos Ovu Noc
Dr Iggy - Kad Volim
Dr Iggy - Kada Dode Kraj
Dr Iggy - Kada Reci Nisu Potrebne
Dr Iggy - Kada Spavam
Dr Iggy - Kao pre
Dr Iggy - Kazi Mi
Dr Iggy - Ko Sam Ja
Dr Iggy - Koliko Puta
Dr Iggy - Ljubavi
Dr Iggy - Ljubis Me
Dr Iggy - Navika
Dr Iggy - Ne Zelim
Dr Iggy - Nikad
Dr Iggy - Oci boje duge
Dr Iggy - Plasim Se
Dr Iggy - Pusti Me Da Zivim
Dr Iggy - Sada Odlazim
Dr Iggy - Sada Sve Je Nevazno
Dr Iggy - Samo Ti
Dr Iggy - Svakog Dana
Dr Iggy - Sve
Dr Iggy - Svet Bez Tebe
Dr Iggy - Tragovi Ljubavi
Dr Iggy - Trazim Te
Dr Iggy - Trebas Mi Ti
Dr Iggy - Tvoj Dodir
Dr Iggy - Uzalud Se Trudis
Dr Iggy - Voli Me
Dr Iggy - Volim Te
Dr Iggy - Zadnji Trag Nade
Dr Iggy - Zasto Ja
Dr Iggy - Zbog tebe

Dr T - Do You Feel It (uncomplete)
Dr T - Down On The Road

Dragana - Taxi Fantastique (uncomplete)
Dragana - Up And Down

Dream Age - Your Paradise

Dream Squad - Flow With The Fantasy (uncomplete)
Dream Squad - Relax Yourself (And Come With Me)

Dreamland - Anything For U

Dreamland (2) - Indian Power (uncomplete)

Jill Dreski - Let Me Know
Jill Dreski - This Is My Time

DS Pee - My Grandmother

DSP Project - Freedom

Due - Love is not the same

Tony Dyer - Way To Rio

Dymension - Can't Fight The Feeling
Dymension - Give In To Me
Dymension - I'm the One You Need
Dymension - Move Into the Rhythm

Dynamic Work - Show Me

Dynamo (2) - Party People (Jump)


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