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Lyrics are classified by artist name and by alphabetical order. Click on the letter of the artists' first name in the menu below to go to their lyrics list. Some lyrics were found by me, only by listening to the songs, so there may be some mistakes and gaps...

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C-12 - I'm Gonna B Your F
C-12 - Life (uncomplete)
C-12 - Satisfaction

C-Ya - Believe
C-Ya - I'm Feeling

Cabballero - Dancing with tears in my eyes
Cabballero - Hymn

Fanny Cadeo - I Want Your Love

Calabash - Crazy Little Walker (uncomplete)

Camarco - Boom Boom (Let's Go Back To My Room)

Camelot - Get In My Life
Camelot - Rhythm Of Love

Camena - Gimme Your Heart (uncomplete)

Camilot - Radio Moon

Candy Girls - I Want Candy

Candyman - Fallin'
Candyman - Neverending
Candyman - Push

Cantalupe - The Real Thing

Capital Sound - Desire
Capital Sound - Feel The Rhythm
Capital Sound - Give A Little Love
Capital Sound - Higher love
Capital Sound - In the night
Capital Sound - Love Comes Around
Capital Sound - On And On (Show Your Love)
Capital Sound - The Land Of Thousand Pleasures
Capital Sound - Your love is my energy

Cappella - Ain't no sunshine when he's gone
Cappella - Angel
Cappella - Back in your life
Cappella - Be my baby
Cappella - Busted up
Cappella - Can you feel it baby
Cappella - Come on up and dance
Cappella - Do you run away now
Cappella - Don't be proud
Cappella - Enough is enough
Cappella - Gimme the power
Cappella - Hey paluppa
Cappella - I don't need another you
Cappella - I need your love
Cappella - Move it up
Cappella - Move on baby
Cappella - Music and harmony
Cappella - Shake your body
Cappella - Stay with me
Cappella - Take me away
Cappella - Tell me the way
Cappella - The big beat
Cappella - Throwin' away
Cappella - Turn It Up and Down
Cappella - U & me
Cappella - U got 2 know
Cappella - U got 2 let the music
Cappella - U took my heart
Cappella - U tore my world apart
Cappella - Walking away
Cappella - War in heaven
Cappella - What I gotta do
Cappella - You turn me on

Captain GQ - Come On And Dance
Captain GQ - Don't Be Afraid
Captain GQ - It's Now Or Never
Captain GQ - Somebody's Watching Me
Captain GQ - Take A Chance

Captain Hollywood - Intro
Captain Hollywood - The Afterparty

Captain Hollywood Project - All I want
Captain Hollywood Project - Find another way
Captain Hollywood Project - Flying High
Captain Hollywood Project - Impossible
Captain Hollywood Project - Love and Pain
Captain Hollywood Project - More and more
Captain Hollywood Project - Only with you
Captain Hollywood Project - The Afterparty

Captain Jack - Another One Bites The Dust
Captain Jack - Captain Jack
Captain Jack - Centerfold
Captain Jack - Cosmic evolution
Captain Jack - Dancing Pompokolin
Captain Jack - Don't You Just Know It (Don't Ha Ha)
Captain Jack - Dream A Dream
Captain Jack - Drill instructor
Captain Jack - Follow Me
Captain Jack - Get Up
Captain Jack - Give It Up
Captain Jack - Go West
Captain Jack - Hai Hai Hai
Captain Jack - Holiday
Captain Jack - Iko Iko
Captain Jack - In The Navy
Captain Jack - Jack in da house
Captain Jack - Little boy
Captain Jack - Magic In You
Captain Jack - Only You
Captain Jack - Robotman on holiday
Captain Jack - Secret Agent
Captain Jack - Sing A Song
Captain Jack - Sir Yes Sir
Captain Jack - Soldier soldier
Captain Jack - Summersun
Captain Jack - Sunny Side Of Life
Captain Jack - Take Me Out To The Ballgame
Captain Jack - Take on me
Captain Jack - The Race
Captain Jack - Together And Forever
Captain Jack - Turn It Up
Captain Jack - What Goes Around

Caramell - Caramelldansen
Caramell - Du Och Jag
Caramell - Efter Plugget
Caramell - Explodera
Caramell - Gummibat
Caramell - Har E Jag
Caramell - I Drommarnas Land
Caramell - I Min Mobil
Caramell - Jag Ser Pa Dig
Caramell - Kom Hall Om Mig
Caramell - Luftballong
Caramell - Mr Cowboy
Caramell - Om Du Var Min
Caramell - Ooa Hela Natten
Caramell - Saw You Standin' There
Caramell - Simsalabim
Caramell - Som En Saga
Caramell - Spelar Ingen Roll
Caramell - Vad Heter Du
Caramell - Vild Och Galen
Caramell - Vingar

Caramella Girls - Venezia

Cardenia - Desire
Cardenia - Living on video
Cardenia - Passion

Carmen - Only 4 Luv

Carmine - Magic (uncomplete)

Carol - I'm Your Lady

Carousel - Save Your Love (uncomplete)

Cartouche - Feel The Groove
Cartouche - Feel The Rain
Cartouche - Runnin' Up That Hill
Cartouche - Shame (uncomplete)
Cartouche - Touch The Sky (uncomplete)

Casablanca - The Truth

Casalla - Everybody (uncomplete)
Casalla - In The Rain
Casalla - Paradise (uncomplete)
Casalla - Sometimes Your Love (uncomplete)

Cascada - A Neverending Dream
Cascada - Another You
Cascada - Au Revoir
Cascada - Bad Boy
Cascada - Because The Night
Cascada - Blink
Cascada - Breathless
Cascada - Could It Be You
Cascada - Dangerous
Cascada - Draw The Line
Cascada - Endless Summer
Cascada - Enemy
Cascada - Evacuate The Dancefloor
Cascada - Everytime I Hear Your Name
Cascada - Everytime We Touch
Cascada - Faded
Cascada - Fever
Cascada - Glorious
Cascada - He's All That
Cascada - Hold On
Cascada - Hold Your Hands Up
Cascada - How Do You Do
Cascada - I Will Believe It
Cascada - Just Like A Pill
Cascada - Kids In America
Cascada - Last Christmas
Cascada - Love Again
Cascada - Madness
Cascada - Miracle
Cascada - Night Nurse
Cascada - One More Night
Cascada - Perfect Day
Cascada - Pyromania
Cascada - Ready For Love
Cascada - Ready Or Not
Cascada - Runaway
Cascada - San Francisco
Cascada - Sk8er Boi
Cascada - Summer of Love
Cascada - The World Is In My Hands
Cascada - Truly Madly Deeply
Cascada - What About Me
Cascada - What Do You Want From Me
Cascada - What Hurts The Most
Cascada - Who Do You Think You Are
Cascada - Why You Had To Leave
Cascada - Wouldn't It Be Good

Cascade - Don't Stop The Music (uncomplete)

Cassiel - Day After Day

Cat - I Will Fly (uncomplete)

Catalana - The Summer Of Love

Caymen - Games That We Play (uncomplete)

CB Milton - A real love
CB Milton - Asking For Trouble
CB Milton - Carry on
CB Milton - Don't stop
CB Milton - Get into my life
CB Milton - Hold On (If You Believe In Love)
CB Milton - I need your love
CB Milton - If I Stumble, If I Fall
CB Milton - If you say high
CB Milton - It's A Loving Thing
CB Milton - Living in a dreamworld
CB Milton - Money
CB Milton - No One Else
CB Milton - No, Nobody Knows
CB Milton - Open Your Heart
CB Milton - Redemption song
CB Milton - Secret
CB Milton - Send Me An Angel
CB Milton - So Much Emotion
CB Milton - Stand And Deliver
CB Milton - Tell Me Something
CB Milton - This love is real
CB Milton - We are the one
CB Milton - What about me
CB Milton - Whatever You Say
CB Milton - You've Got The Very Best Of Me

CC Catch - 'Cause you are young
CC Catch - Are you man enough
CC Catch - Are you serious
CC Catch - Baby, I need your love
CC Catch - Back girl
CC Catch - Backseat of your Cadillac
CC Catch - Big time
CC Catch - Born on the wind
CC Catch - Can't catch me
CC Catch - Dancing in shadows
CC Catch - Don't be a hero
CC Catch - Don't wait too long
CC Catch - Feels like heaven
CC Catch - Fire of love
CC Catch - Give me what I want
CC Catch - Good guys only win in movies
CC Catch - Hear what I say
CC Catch - Heartbeat city
CC Catch - Heartbreak Hotel
CC Catch - Heaven and hell
CC Catch - Hollywood nights
CC Catch - I can lose my heart tonight
CC Catch - I'm gonna miss you
CC Catch - If I feel love
CC Catch - Jump in my car
CC Catch - Like a hurricane
CC Catch - Little by little
CC Catch - Love away
CC Catch - Midnight gambler
CC Catch - Midnight hour
CC Catch - Night in Africa
CC Catch - Nothing but a heartache
CC Catch - Nothing's gonna change our love
CC Catch - One night's not enough
CC Catch - Picture blue eyes
CC Catch - Smokey Joe's café
CC Catch - Soul survivor
CC Catch - Stay
CC Catch - Stop dragging my heart around
CC Catch - Strangers by night
CC Catch - Summer kisses
CC Catch - Tears won't wash away my heartache
CC Catch - V.I.P. (They're calling me tonight)
CC Catch - Wild fire
CC Catch - You can be my lucky star tonight
CC Catch - You can't run away from it
CC Catch - You shot a hole in my soul

Censor - Dance (Till Ya Dance No More)

Centory - Girl, you know it's true
Centory - Take it to the limit
Centory - The point of no return

Chak - Summer Party

Chakka Boom Bang - Tossin' And Turnin'

Sandra Chambers - Give It Time

Chambre - Keep Holding On
Chambre - Upside Down

Champagne - One Night In Motion
Champagne - Problem Of My Heart (uncomplete)
Champagne - Save Me (uncomplete)

Channel 1 - Wake Up From Your Trance (uncomplete)

Charles - Rap O Klap O

Charlotte - Where We Are (uncomplete)

Chart Houz - Take Your Love Away

Chase - Love For The Future (uncomplete)
Chase - Take My Soul

Cherry Moon - Everybody Get Down

Cherryland - Draama Kuninganna
Cherryland - Huuled Kallis
Cherryland - Kirgedesaar
Cherryland - Loomulik Blondiin
Cherryland - Lummatud Meel
Cherryland - Mind Sa Ei Saa
Cherryland - Nüüd Annan End
Cherryland - Ootan Sind Veel
Cherryland - Tahan Tantsida Veel

Cheyenne - The money man

Chic Desire - Say ! Say ! Say ! (I'm Your Number One) (uncomplete)

Chica - Layla (uncomplete)

Chicks Inc - So Many Males So Few Men (uncomplete)

Chipz - 1001 Arabian Nights
Chipz - 4 Who U R
Chipz - Bang Bang
Chipz - Captain Hook
Chipz - Carnival
Chipz - Chipz in Black
Chipz - Christmas Time Is Here
Chipz - Cowboy
Chipz - Gangstertown
Chipz - Happy Song
Chipz - Haunted House
Chipz - High School Love
Chipz - Holiday
Chipz - I Wanna See
Chipz - In The Game (The Football Song)
Chipz - It's So Easy
Chipz - Jungle Beat
Chipz - Kiss Me
Chipz - Kung Fu Beat
Chipz - Milky Way
Chipz - Moviestar
Chipz - One Day When I Grow Up
Chipz - One Two Three
Chipz - Rhythm Of The World
Chipz - Rockstar
Chipz - Say I'm Ur No 1
Chipz - Slay Slay
Chipz - Studio 54
Chipz - Superhero
Chipz - The Happy Hook
Chipz - Waikiki Beach

Chiron - I Show You All My Lovin

Chorale - Heart Is Waiting
Chorale - Lomalla
Chorale - Retroperjantai

Chris - All Nite Long (uncomplete)
Chris - La Pinga (uncomplete)
Chris - Over The Sky
Chris - Venus

Chupito - Kick Your Leg In The Air

Cicero - Heaven Must Have Sent You Back To Me
Cicero - Love Is Everywhere
Cicero - Summertime

CJ Anderson - Strange Way To Love

Debbie Clark - Virtual Lover

Rozlyne Clarke - Dancin' is Like Makin' Love
Rozlyne Clarke - Doin' It
Rozlyne Clarke - Eddy Steady Go
Rozlyne Clarke - Faithful To You
Rozlyne Clarke - Finally Respectable
Rozlyne Clarke - Givin' Up Givin' In
Rozlyne Clarke - Gorgeous (uncomplete)
Rozlyne Clarke - Hold On Tight
Rozlyne Clarke - I Wanna See You
Rozlyne Clarke - Knockin' Me Out
Rozlyne Clarke - Run To Me
Rozlyne Clarke - Take My Hand
Rozlyne Clarke - The Wizard Of Roz
Rozlyne Clarke - Word Of A Lie

Class X - Find A Way

Clay - Day After Day (uncomplete)
Clay - Where Is My Life (uncomplete)

Cleo And Marcus - I've Got The Music In Me (uncomplete)

Clipps - Sleeping In My Car

Clock - Blame It On The Boogie
Clock - C'mon Everybody
Clock - Don't go away
Clock - Everybody
Clock - Everybody Jump Around
Clock - Fly Away
Clock - Gave You My Love
Clock - Holding On 4 You
Clock - It's Over
Clock - Keep The Fires Burning (uncomplete)
Clock - Oh What A Night
Clock - On The Beach
Clock - September
Clock - The Finest
Clock - The Rhythm (uncomplete)
Clock - U Sexy Thing
Clock - Whoomph! (There It Is)
Clock - You Give Me Love

Club B4 - Queen Of Rain (uncomplete)

Club Factory - I Think I Wanna Rock
Club Factory - Love 4 Lovin (uncomplete)
Club Factory - Lovergirl

Clubhouse - All By Myself
Clubhouse - Light My Fire (uncomplete)
Clubhouse - Nowhere Land

Clubmen - All We Need is Love

Co-Ro - Because the night
Co-Ro - Dorian Gray
Co-Ro - For your love
Co-Ro - Get over it
Co-Ro - I break down and cry
Co-Ro - I just died in your arms tonight
Co-Ro - Mirror man
Co-Ro - Over and over
Co-Ro - Temptation
Co-Ro - There's something going on
Co-Ro - Was it so bad for you

Coast 2 Coast - Run Baby Run

Cobra - Born to love you

Coco - I Had A Dream

COD - I Believe (In Dancing Through The Night)
COD - I Want Your Love (uncomplete)

Silvia Coleman - All Around The World (uncomplete)
Silvia Coleman - Allright (uncomplete)
Silvia Coleman - Feeling Now The Music (uncomplete)
Silvia Coleman - Get On Up (uncomplete)
Silvia Coleman - Into The Night (Taira Taira) (uncomplete)
Silvia Coleman - Take My Breath Away (uncomplete)

Colour - Heat Of The Night

Combayah - Barbados
Combayah - Fantasy dreamworld (uncomplete)
Combayah - Sweet kisses

Comic - I Surrender To Your Love

Comico Base - Chico's Dream

Concept Of Sound - Share A Piece Of Your Heart
Concept Of Sound - Take Me Away (uncomplete)

Confideance - It's Magic Away

COP - Amazing (uncomplete)

Copernico - I Believe
Copernico - I'm Your Memory (uncomplete)

COR - Paradise

Corona - Angel
Corona - Baby I need your love
Corona - Baby, baby
Corona - Beat and Shake
Corona - Beating
Corona - Black Cinderella
Corona - Do you want me baby
Corona - Don't go breaking my heart
Corona - Don't wanna be a star
Corona - Fly Away
Corona - Get up and boogie
Corona - Gimme Love
Corona - I Can't Wait
Corona - I gotta keep dancin'
Corona - I want your love
Corona - In the name of love
Corona - My Song (Lai Lai Lai)
Corona - Saturday
Corona - The power of love
Corona - The rhythm of the night
Corona - Try me out
Corona - Welcome
Corona - When I give my love
Corona - You gotta be movin'

Count 3 - Partygroove (uncomplete)
Count 3 - Walk Down (uncomplete)

Tina Cousins - Angel
Tina Cousins - Breathless
Tina Cousins - Forever
Tina Cousins - Killin' Time
Tina Cousins - Nothing to fear
Tina Cousins - Pray
Tina Cousins - The fool is me
Tina Cousins - Until the day

CPU - Power Generator

Creador - Arriba (uncomplete)

Crispy - Kiss Me Red
Crispy - Licky Licky
Crispy - Love Is Waiting
Crispy - Lover On The Line
Crispy - Mr Dinosaur
Crispy - Secret

Crossfire - Free Of Loneliness
Crossfire - Night Of Silence

Crosstalk - (Baby, Baby) Let The Sunshine In
Crosstalk - Always Be With You
Crosstalk - Det Gäller Dej Och Mej
Crosstalk - Goodbye Little Angel
Crosstalk - Holding On For You
Crosstalk - Let Your Love Be Free
Crosstalk - Love Is The Reason
Crosstalk - Love Somebody
Crosstalk - Mary Had A Little Baby
Crosstalk - Movin' On
Crosstalk - Play With Me

Crystal Lake - Ready to Go

Cube - Can't Get You Off My Mind (uncomplete)

Culture Beat - Adelante
Culture Beat - Anything
Culture Beat - Black flowers
Culture Beat - Blue Skies
Culture Beat - Can't Go On Like This
Culture Beat - Crying in the rain
Culture Beat - Der Erdbeermund
Culture Beat - Do You Really Know
Culture Beat - Electrify Me
Culture Beat - Faith In Your Heart
Culture Beat - Got to get it
Culture Beat - Guardian Angel
Culture Beat - I like you
Culture Beat - Insanity
Culture Beat - Inside out
Culture Beat - It's too late
Culture Beat - Language Of Love
Culture Beat - Mr Vain
Culture Beat - No deeper meaning
Culture Beat - One good reason
Culture Beat - Pay no mind
Culture Beat - Pray For Redemption
Culture Beat - Rendez-vous
Culture Beat - Serious
Culture Beat - Take Me Away
Culture Beat - Tell me that you wait
Culture Beat - The hyped affect
Culture Beat - This Is My Time
Culture Beat - Under My Skin
Culture Beat - World in your hands
Culture Beat - You belong

Culture Traxx - Cyber Sound (uncomplete)

Cut'n'Move - Give It Up
Cut'n'Move - I'm Alive
Cut'n'Move - Upside Down

Cutoff - Don't Stop (uncomplete)
Cutoff - Give It Up
Cutoff - Gonna Lose My Mind (uncomplete)
Cutoff - Life Is A Game (uncomplete)
Cutoff - Move (La La La) (uncomplete)
Cutoff - Power And Energy (uncomplete)

CUVA - The Rhythm Of The Dance (Is Gotta Move To The Trance) (uncomplete)

Cyber Force - Get On Board (uncomplete)
Cyber Force - Jump! (uncomplete)

Cyber Funk - Black Body (uncomplete)

Cyberbeat - Merkaba

Cybermattik - Round & Round (uncomplete)

Cybernetica - I Wanna Be With You

Cycle Mode - Hey You (uncomplete)

Cymurai - Let Go
Cymurai - Vibe (Sending Messages) (uncomplete)

Cynthia - Don't Say Goodnight (uncomplete)


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