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Lyrics are classified by artist name and by alphabetical order. Click on the letter of the artists' first name in the menu below to go to their lyrics list. Some lyrics were found by me, only by listening to the songs, so there may be some mistakes and gaps...

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B and W - Hello (uncomplete)

B Master J - Dreaming In Your Eyes (uncomplete)
B Master J - People All Around (uncomplete)

B-Cap - Send Me An Angel

B-Charme - Forever young
B-Charme - I belong to you
B-Charme - I couldn't find a way
B-Charme - Never give up
B-Charme - Summer has gone
B-Charme - The dream
B-Charme - The wind
B-Charme - The Wind Of July
B-Charme - This is my world
B-Charme - Up Side Down
B-Charme - Wake me up

B-West - Let Me Tell You (uncomplete)
B-West - Ordinary World

B5 - Listen To Your Heartbeat (uncomplete)

BA Original - If I Can't Have You

Babilonia - Too Easy

Back 2 Bass - I Wanna Be With You (uncomplete)
Back 2 Bass - The Beating Of My Heart (Live To Tell)

Bad Boys Blue - Blue moon
Bad Boys Blue - Charlene
Bad Boys Blue - Come back and stay
Bad Boys Blue - Dance the night away
Bad Boys Blue - Don't leave me now
Bad Boys Blue - Don't leave me now
Bad Boys Blue - Don't let me go
Bad Boys Blue - Don't take away my heart
Bad Boys Blue - Don't walk away Suzanne
Bad Boys Blue - Don't walk away Suzanne
Bad Boys Blue - Gimme gimme your lovin' (Little lady)
Bad Boys Blue - Hot girls, bad boys
Bad Boys Blue - I live
Bad Boys Blue - I remember Mary
Bad Boys Blue - I wanna hear your heartbeat
Bad Boys Blue - I'm not a fool
Bad Boys Blue - If you call on me
Bad Boys Blue - Inside of me
Bad Boys Blue - Kiss you all over baby
Bad Boys Blue - Kisses and tears
Bad Boys Blue - L.O.V.E. in my car
Bad Boys Blue - Lady blue
Bad Boys Blue - Lady in black
Bad Boys Blue - Lonely weekend
Bad Boys Blue - Love don't come easy
Bad Boys Blue - Love don't come easy
Bad Boys Blue - Love is no crime
Bad Boys Blue - Love really hurts without you
Bad Boys Blue - Lovers in the sand
Bad Boys Blue - Mon amie
Bad Boys Blue - No regrets
Bad Boys Blue - One night in heaven
Bad Boys Blue - People of the night
Bad Boys Blue - Pretty young girl
Bad Boys Blue - Rain in my heart
Bad Boys Blue - Someone to love
Bad Boys Blue - Till the end of time
Bad Boys Blue - Victim of your love
Bad Boys Blue - Why
Bad Boys Blue - You're a woman

Carol Bailey - I Can't Make You Love Me

Dan Balan - Funny Love
Dan Balan - Hold On Love
Dan Balan - Justify Sex

Bambee - Amigo
Bambee - Baby Baby
Bambee - Bam Bam Bam
Bambee - Boom Digi Da
Bambee - Bumble Bee
Bambee - Candy Girl
Bambee - Caribbean Blue
Bambee - Cowgirl
Bambee - Do It Like You Do
Bambee - Dr Doolittle
Bambee - Fairytales
Bambee - I Wanna Be Wild
Bambee - Il Ritmo Dell' Amore
Bambee - Let The Sunshine In
Bambee - Online
Bambee - Paradise
Bambee - Red, Yellow, Green & Blue
Bambee - Seventeen
Bambee - Spaceman
Bambee - Supermodel
Bambee - Typical Tropical
Bambee - Watch Out
Bambee - Wham Bam Boogie
Bambee - You Are My Dream

Bamble B - Coming through the light
Bamble B - Crime of passion

Banaroo - Be My Satellite
Banaroo - Dubi Dam Dam

Bandido - All Night Long (uncomplete)
Bandido - California Dreaming
Bandido - For sale
Bandido - Get Into The Groove
Bandido - I drove all night
Bandido - I Wanna Dance With Somebody
Bandido - Like The Way I Do
Bandido - Vamos Amigos (uncomplete)
Bandido - Wanna dance with somebody
Bandido - Wouldn't It Be Good

Bang - You know, I know

Barcode Brothers - SMS

Barnet - Gimme All Your Love

Base Project - Feel The Power
Base Project - I Remember You
Base Project - I Want To Be
Base Project - Love In The Night

Basic Element - Another day
Basic Element - Feelings
Basic Element - How to Come Close To U (uncomplete)
Basic Element - I want U (uncomplete)
Basic Element - I'll Never Let You Know
Basic Element - Leave It Behind
Basic Element - Life in vain
Basic Element - Lights N Fire (uncomplete)
Basic Element - Meant to be
Basic Element - Move Me
Basic Element - Not With You
Basic Element - Promise man
Basic Element - Queen Of Love (uncomplete)
Basic Element - Respect
Basic Element - Rock the world
Basic Element - Rule your world
Basic Element - Shame
Basic Element - Spit it out
Basic Element - The Bitch
Basic Element - The fiddle
Basic Element - The ride
Basic Element - This must be a dream
Basic Element - To You
Basic Element - Touch
Basic Element - Touch You Right Now
Basic Element - Turn Around
Basic Element - Turn Me On
Basic Element - Vision Of My Mind (uncomplete)
Basic Element - You're Gone

BASP - Boom Boom My Heart
BASP - New Life
BASP - Summernight City

Bass 6 - Move Your Body

Bass Bumpers - Runnin'
Bass Bumpers - The music's got me

Bass Culture - Love The Life

Bass Expanders - Beats Go (uncomplete)
Bass Expanders - Bounce (uncomplete)
Bass Expanders - Party All Night (uncomplete)

Bass Reflex - Fall In Love

Batziba - Hold On

BBW - Don't Let Go (uncomplete)

Beach Party - Night To Remember

Beat Company - I Know

Beat Control - Dance With Me
Beat Control - Dancing Madness

Beat Pressure - For My Love
Beat Pressure - For My Love
Beat Pressure - On The Dancefloor
Beat Pressure - Rhythm (uncomplete)
Beat Pressure - Something On Mind (uncomplete)

Beat Society - Feel The Beat

Beat System - Dance Romance
Beat System - Feelings
Beat System - For You
Beat System - Fresh
Beat System - Reggae Night
Beat System - Set Me Free
Beat System - She's Mine
Beat System - Stay with me
Beat System - Voices
Beat System - What's Going On (In Your Mind)

Beat System (2) - Lights of America

Beatific - Passion

Beatrice - I Feel The Passion
Beatrice - Shakin' My Heart (uncomplete)

Beats And Pieces - Beatcontrol (Move)

Laura Becker - Day By Day

Bed And Breakfast - Afraid Of The End
Bed And Breakfast - Baby You're The One
Bed And Breakfast - Don't Turn Away
Bed And Breakfast - Everytime
Bed And Breakfast - Falling In Love
Bed And Breakfast - Forever My Girl
Bed And Breakfast - I Will Follow You
Bed And Breakfast - I'll Be There For You
Bed And Breakfast - If I Could Change The World
Bed And Breakfast - If You Were Mine
Bed And Breakfast - Let My Dreams Come True
Bed And Breakfast - Love Will Find A Way
Bed And Breakfast - Never Give Up
Bed And Breakfast - No More Good-Byes
Bed And Breakfast - Nobody
Bed And Breakfast - Save My Heart
Bed And Breakfast - Stay Together
Bed And Breakfast - There Is No Time
Bed And Breakfast - When I Think Of You
Bed And Breakfast - With Every Beat Of My Heart
Bed And Breakfast - You And Me

Bed and Breakfast - You Made Me Believe In Magic

Bed And Breakfast - You Said

Bee-Fun - Night Creature (uncomplete)

Belstar - Stars

Ben8 DJ Team - You Don't Love Me (uncomplete)

Melanie Bender - Burning Up For You
Melanie Bender - Don't Play With Fire
Melanie Bender - Dreamlover
Melanie Bender - Emergency
Melanie Bender - Hey Mother
Melanie Bender - I Just Got To Be Free
Melanie Bender - I Want It All
Melanie Bender - One More Time
Melanie Bender - You just want sex

Betty Blue - I Feel The Passion (uncomplete)

BFI - Light For My Love

BG the Prince of Rap - Shine (uncomplete)
BG the Prince of Rap - The colour of my dreams
BG the Prince of Rap - This Beat Is Hot

Bianca - Until The Night

Big Time - Oh My God
Big Time - Summertime is Crazy
Big Time - Superman
Big Time - Together

Bimbha - I Love You

Bingo Boys - Sugar Daddy

Bit Max - Speed Life To The End

Bitmachine - Any kind of vision
Bitmachine - Breakout for your freedom
Bitmachine - For your love
Bitmachine - Get a move
Bitmachine - It's time
Bitmachine - Looking for more
Bitmachine - Love will ask for more
Bitmachine - Nowhere
Bitmachine - Somebody real

Bizarr - Jane Is Calling

BKS - Take control

BL Lover - Time 4 Love (uncomplete)

Black 4 White - So I Love You Baby

Black and White - Do You

Black Baron - Girl I Love You So (uncomplete)
Black Baron - What's Your Name (uncomplete)

Black Box - A positive vibration
Black Box - Be what you want
Black Box - Don't give in
Black Box - Everybody everybody
Black Box - Fall into my love
Black Box - Fantasy
Black Box - Hold on
Black Box - I don't know anybody else
Black Box - Native New-Yorker
Black Box - Not anyone
Black Box - Open your eyes
Black Box - Ride on time
Black Box - Rockin' to the music
Black Box - So long
Black Box - Strike it up
Black Box - The beat of your heart
Black Box - Think it over
Black Box - What is love

Black Diamond - Let Me Be

Black Force - Never Give Up (Radio Edit)

Black Kiss - Jump On The Floor

Black Label - Don't You Want My Love (uncomplete)
Black Label - Givin You My Love (uncomplete)

Black Rose - Born To Be Loved (uncomplete)
Black Rose - If I could only be with you
Black Rose - Melody
Black Rose - People On The Move

Black Spaghetti - Change The Future (uncomplete)
Black Spaghetti - Fight For Your Right (uncomplete)
Black Spaghetti - That's The Way The Rhythm Goes (uncomplete)

Black Think - Be My Lover

Blackmale - Yeah yeah (Influence)

Blackmaster - Baby Don't Cry
Blackmaster - The Way I Want You

Andy Blackwood - I'm Gonna Get To You (uncomplete)

Blind Date - I Wanna Have Fun

Bliss Team - Go
Bliss Team - Hold On To Love
Bliss Team - How Can We Survive
Bliss Team - Living on a prayer
Bliss Team - Love is forever
Bliss Team - People Have The Power
Bliss Team - U Take Me Up
Bliss Team - With Or Without You
Bliss Team - You Make Me Cry

Blizzard - It's only love
Blizzard - Living In The Night
Blizzard - Without you

Blondes - Magic Love Affair
Blondes - Open Your Heart
Blondes - Volare Cantare (Love Generation)

Blue Heart - Singing I'm happy

Blue System - Heartache no.9
Blue System - Hello America
Blue System - I like your sexy body
Blue System - I will Survive
Blue System - Laila
Blue System - Love Is Such A Lonely Sword
Blue System - Romeo & Juliet
Blue System - Satellite to satellite
Blue System - Unfinished rhapsodie
Blue System - Vampire
Blue System - Wonderful world

Blue Zone - So Beautiful
Blue Zone - Too Beautiful

Blume - Every Night (Dada Am Bada Eh)

Blunero - Dreams

BM (High Volume) - Put Me In A Trance

BODY - Who's The Man

Body Of Evidence - Aladdin

Body Parts - Body To Body
Body Parts - Love In The 1st Degree
Body Parts - Without You

Body Parts (2) - Body To Body

Bodytalk - Princess of the night

Bonanza Techno Ska - I'm Waiting For You Honey

Boobytrax - Don't Go

BPM - Catwalk To Heaven
BPM - High Enough To Dream
BPM - No End No Limit
BPM - Rock Your Body on the Floor (uncomplete)
BPM - Shocking The Dancefloor
BPM - What Can I Do (X -Mas) (uncomplete)

Brainbeat - You Can Call Me Brain

Brainstorm Project - Confusion (uncomplete)

Brooklyn Bounce - Bass, Beats & Melody
Brooklyn Bounce - Born 2 Bounce
Brooklyn Bounce - Bring It Back
Brooklyn Bounce - Contact
Brooklyn Bounce - Get Ready To Bounce
Brooklyn Bounce - Loud And Proud
Brooklyn Bounce - The Theme (Of Progressive Attack)
Brooklyn Bounce - X2X (We Want More)

Laura T Brooks - Luv You 4 Ever (uncomplete)

Jocelyn Brown - No More Tears (Enough Is Enough) (with Kym Mazelle)

Bump - My Name Is Revolution
Bump - Play It Again (uncomplete)

BUS - Maybe

Randy Bush - Foreign Affair
Randy Bush - I Love To Love
Randy Bush - Sounds Like A Melody

Bushman - No 1 Else

Butterfly - Salvation

BWX - Can You Feel It


All rights of the authors and composers reserved.

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