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Stay-C - The interview



by Tavi Meran


Ready to put you down with my questions ? :-)

Bring it on!


Stay-C how did you start to work in this industry ?

I was born in a very musical family and there was always music in my home I played several instruments and my uncles all sang and played instruments music was the one thing to relax my mind…. so it was obvious.


The time passed and you still look amazing, I must say .. do you use some youth potion ? What's your secret ?

Haha! Thanks for the compliment Tavi! No I don't use anything. I'm just a very happy man, maybe that's why. And my 2 boys keep me young.


Are you an optimistic person?



Do you still keep in touch with Nance and Stella ?

Not that much infortunately
They both are very busy with their business, but we have contact through FB sometimes


Are they still doing music ?

No, Stella has a hosting company and Nance is a famous TV presenter.


Stay-C why did you take this break from Twenty 4 Seven till now ?

You mean the break from the 90's until 2010?



Ah well, the time with Nance was very hectic, I really needed to get out of the business for while, to spend some time with my boys and my wife.


Do you still live in Holland ?

Yes I do, but I am hardly home, my boys are big guys now and i am no longer with their mother, so I work, or i visit (girl)friends.


Being a dad is the hardest job?

No that's the most fun! not always easy, but very exciting, as you should know.


Tell me a little bit of your collaboration with Jeronimo, and who wrote the song ?

Jeronimo is managed by the manager we had in the 90's, the project is launched massive in the world and the manager wanted some experience next to him, since he is very young in a big and wild world called – showbizz, he wanted some cool vocals and muscles haha... and there I was!


So if I need help with girls I may call you to help me with I’m no Superman ?

No, Jeronimo is NO superman...
I AM! Haha


Tell me a little bit of Twenty 4 Seven : what are the future projects ?

Ruud van Rijen is actually Twenty 4 Seven.
He can exchange artists anytime like he also did in the past years.
He asked me to do the reloaded version of
Slave to the music, and we'll see what happen in the future.

But you still keep going with that project, right ?

If Ruud will ask me, I might


What is your favorite Twenty 4 seven song ?

My favourite song would be Is It Love.
What is yours?


There are so many …

Tell me.


Leave Them Alone, Keep On Tryin', Take me away, We are the world and Slave to the music .

Haha, that's a lot indeed.
But you know what the problem is, Tavi, it is very hard for a 90's act to reach todays public... That's what I want again .
Right now I’m working on a new solo album also, which will be out by the end of the year the style is like Usher, Chris Brown, Taio Cruz.


Are you still working for Lino Dordrecht ?

No not anymore. I sold all my shares and left, music is my life and I missed it a lot
I am very happy to be back working with different producers on different projects now very exciting!!! .


Cause you're an Aquarius that's why a very “libertine” person!

Very true! How do you know all this???


It’s a secret... :-) What do you think about this internet manipulation about UFO or Judgement Day ?

I don't believe in Judgement day, but UFO's could well be true, we just don't know, but there is much more possible than we can imagine that’s for sure.


Holland is a libertine country, drugs can be found easliy - what do you do to keep away your boys from this temptation !?

I do nothing. I tell them that it's bad and then it is up to them they're big boys now.
But I trust on them to stay alert and do what's best for them...


How do you feel when you see thousands of people still remember Twenty 4 Seven songs 10 years after ?

If I see that happening, I almost get emotional, it is a great feeling. I also wrote all the songs, so it has an extra effect…


If you could change one thing in your life, what would it be ?

I would never change a thing.


What is your message for our readers

Take life the way it comes and don't resist what IS. Love is the message and it's strength can conquer all in the end. And don't be a slave to alcohol or drug, stay a slave to the music!

Oh and don't forget to watch out for my solo single and album coming this year! Right now I am working on a great clubtrack with Dutch rising star DJ's and Producers Brothers in The Booth and Dominicus & Helguera. The song is called POSITIVITY and will be released this summer, slamming the clubs in the whole of Europe



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