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Walden (George)
EuroDance Member


George R. Walden III was born in Houston, Texas. Under the scene name Homeboy, he contributed to the project Techno Cop (Stop The Police). Then he became rapper for eurodance project 3-O-matic under the name Wild Thang.

Artists and groups featuring Walden (George)

3-O-Matic - Hand In Hand (1995), Harder Like Stone (2014), Success (1994)



EuroDance Group



It's About Time (1995)

1.Intro, 2.Feel So Good, 3.It's About Time, 4.Party's Not Over, 5.Give Me Your Love, 6.Take Me Away, 7.No Drugs, 8.Be Bob A Lula, 9.Forever, 10.Our Love Is Coming Together, 11.Dancer's Theme, 12.It's About Time (Blue bubble remix), 13.Take Me Away (Cream Clinic jungle mix), 14.Be Bob A Lula (Optical 2 clubmix), 15.Outro,

The Riddle (1996)

1.Gimme Gimme, 2.Move Your Body, 3.The Look, 4.The Riddle, 5.Going To The Top, 6.Love Just Give It To Me, 7.Move Closer, 8.Ooh La La, 9.Cool Lover, 10.Shining Star, 11.Take Me Higher,


The Riddle ()
Forever (1995)
It's About Time (1995)
Give Me Your Love (1995)
Feel So Good (1995)
Be Bop A Lula (1995)
Move Your Body (1996)
The Look (1996)
Gimme Gimme (1996)
Feel So Good v2 (29th Feb 1996)
Ooh La La (1997)
Cool Lover (1997)
Fact The Fact (Mar 2003)
Yellow Sky (May 2003)

Waldo was born Marko Reijosen in 1967. This totally Finnish guy's Jamaican rap accent has left many people confused about his ethnic location. Forever was Waldo's first release, with 5 different versions of the title song. The virsionarys include MixMaster K (aka K. Kaivola), James Black and Charles Salter from the group 3rd Nation and Optical 2. Bubbling Bluebubble team was responsible for producing and mixing 3 tracks of Forever. The responsability for the other two mixes fall into the hands of the Swedish Birch & Chris and Solid Base.

The first album was composed and produced by Miikka Hillos, K. Kaivola, and J. Black. After many singles and 2 albums, Waldo joined a crew of several singers in order to create a new project : Waldo's People.

2009 : Waldo was featured by the radio NRJ project Aamupojat, along with Päivi from Movetron, and they recorded a single entitled Eurodance. It was released, as promo only, during summer

Artists and groups featuring Waldo

Aamupojat - Eurodance (2009)
Waldo's People - I Dream (1998), Lose Control (2009), New Vibration (2009)



Waldo's People
EuroDance Group



Waldo's People (1998)

1.U Drive Me Crazy, 2.I Dream, 3.Let's Get Busy, 4.Watcha Gonna Do, 5.Remind Me, 6.Rain, 7.Runaway, 8.Don't Stop Movin, 9.Give It Up, 10.Pray,

No Man's Land (2000)

1.No-Man's-Land, 2.Bounce (To The Rhythm Divine), 3.1000 Ways, 4.Wild Wild Thing, 5.Rock The World, 6.Remedy, 7.I'm Alive, 8.Mindblower, 9.Fire, 10.Disconnected, 11.No-Man's-Land (JS16 vs. Darude remix), 12.1000 Ways (JS16 vs. Darude remix),

Greatest Hits (11th Jun 2008)

1.Back Again, 2.Emperor's Dawn, 3.1000 Ways, 4.Bounce (To The Rhythm Divine), 5.No-Man's-Land, 6.U Drive Me Crazy, 7.I Dream, 8.Remedy, 9.Disconnected, 10.Wild Wild Things, 11.Feel So Good (2008 Version), 12.Move Your Body, 13.Cool Lover, 14.Give Me Your Love, 15.It's About Time,

Greatest Hits (11th Jun 2008)

1.1000 Ways (JS16 vs. Darude), 2.U Drive Me Crazy (JS16 Sound Design), 3.No-Man's-Land (JS16 vs. Darude), 4.I Dream (Screamer Mix), 5.Bounce (Subliner's Trance Edit), 6.Back Again (Extended), 7.Feel So Good (Optical 2 House Remix), 8.Move Your Body (JJ's Club Mix), 9.Ooh-La-La (Fatback Funk Remix), 10.Cool Lover (Soundfreak Late Night Mix),

Paranoid (4th Feb 2009)

1.See the Light, 2.Lose Control, 3.New Vibration, 4.Dangerous, 5.Ride the Tide, 6.World Empire, 7.Paranoid, 8.Fallen Angel, 9.Life, 10.I'll Be Waiting, 11.Emperor's Dawn (2009 Edit), 12.Back Again (2009 Edit),


U Drive Me Crazy (20th Mar 1998)
Let's Get Busy (20th Jun 1998)
I Dream (20th Oct 1998)
1000 Ways (7th Feb 2000)
No-Man's Land (8th May 2000)
Bounce (To The Rhythm Divine) (30th Aug 2000)
Back Again (19th May 2008)
Lose Control (25th Mar 2009)
New Vibration (8th Jun 2009)
I Wanna Be A Rockstar (May 2010)
Jackpot (17th Nov 2010)

Waldo's People consists of Waldo, who already had some success in a solo-career, and 4 singers : Charlie King, Monica and Jessica are from Sweden and Krista from Finland. The man that stands behind the project is the Finnish producer Ari Lehtonen who also stands behind the project Texmex (Crackcorn released in 1994).

U Drive Me Crazy, with Nirvana's famous guitar riff, was the first video from Waldo's People. It was the first Finnish video included in MTV Nordic's daily video-rotation. It was second in Nordic Top 5. U Drive Me Crazy video was also often played on ZTV the Swedish youth channel. The track was number one in Finnish Dance Chart and did great also in Swedish Dance Chart.

The band's first album, simply entitled Waldo's People had a lot of success in Finnish official album chart (it was among the best ten). Afterwards the album was released abroad.

I Dream was released in late 1998, produced by La Cream and with the male vocals performed by Charlie King.

The biggest success Waldo has gained by his solo career in Rumania in where he was performing as the leading artist in Golden Stag festivals with e.g. Diana Ross and Status Quo. Waldo admits his success in Rumania, but doesn't want to compare his success in Rumania and Finland. He also refuses to be considered as the headman of the project.

2008 : Waldo's People are back ! Their new single is entitled Back Again. Apart from Waldo, of course, the team includes vocalist Karoliina Kallio as well as the musicians Sami Lehto, Karl Sinkkonen, and Kimmo Nissinen.

2009 : they will be representing Finland at ESC 2009 with their song Lose control. In April, it went #1 in the national sales chart. The band is touring all over Finland.

Thanks to Klems

Artists and groups featuring Waldo's People

Fawni - Echo (2011)



Waldstädt (Bernd)
EuroDance Producer


German producer and remixer Bernd Waldstädt contributed to eurodance projects Magic Affair and Security. As a remixer, he did the Black Zone Remix for Fun Factory's hit Celebration and the Spanish Guitar Mix for Captain Jack's - Give It Up. He also took part to projects 2 Secure (in 1997, with performers Tina Harris and Will Williams) and 2 Dimensional.

Artists and groups featuring Waldstädt (Bernd)

Magic Affair - Omen III (1994), The Rhythm Makes You Wanna Dance (1995)
Security - I Can Make You Dance (1994)



Wallace (Rachel)
EuroDance Member



Tell Me Why (1st Jul 1992)

Rachel Wallace was born in 1971 and raised in Hoxton, Shoreditch (UK). She is 1,65m tall. Rachel scored some solo hits with I Feel This Way in 1991 and later Tell Me Why in 1994, which went #1 in the british dance charts in 1994. Rachel possesses a university diploma in marketing and management and worked until May 1995 in the British Ministry Of Agriculture. She did vocals for eurodance projects O-zone and Garfield.

Artists and groups featuring Wallace (Rachel)

Austin & Vinyl Junkies - Can't Go Back (2013)
Ben Mono - Don't Tell (2013)
Carl H & Paul Benjamin - Intoxicated (1998)
DJ Cuto & DJ Melo - Do I Really Want You Back (2009), Que Pasa (2009)
Garfield - Cool Cat (1995), Party Of Love (1995)
M&M - I Feel This Way (1992)
MC Skibadee - All of My Junglists (2009)
O-zone - Never (1993)
Sike - Lost In A Daze (2008), Lost In a Daze 2012 (2012)
Stereotyp Werk Hard - Pressure (2013)
Subplates 2 - Pressure (1992)
Twyce as Nyce - Why (1997)



EuroDance Group



Runaway From You (1995)

Wallalah features the female vocalist Laura Brandi and Antonella Abaldo as background vocalist. Runaway From You was written by Abamo and Pacini. Label : Five O'Clock

Thanks to Gianni



EuroDance Group



Ain't No Time To Waste (15th Oct 1994)

Wallshot is a project of Touch Records, licensed in the Netherlands under Dance Factory and in Italy under the label Up Down. Their single was re-released in 2000 under ZYX.

Thanks to reBeL



Walser (Al)
EuroDance Member



Al Walser Comes 2 Life (29th Aug 2015)

1.Live It Up, 2.Ocd, 3.Am I Wrong, 4.The Unknown Rockstar, 5.I Want My Money Now, 6.I Think I'm Falling in Love, 7.Lunatic, 8.Super Drone, 9.Live It Up (Alternate Mix),


Midnight Party (1997)
Living Your Dream (28th Aug 2009)
All I Want Is You (2010)
Drunk Drunk Drunk (5th Aug 2011)
I Can't Live Without You (21st Sep 2012)
Drunk In Mallorca - Besoffen Auf Malle (24th May 2013)
I Want My Money Now (16th Sep 2013)
OCD (16th Jul 2014)

Alexander (sometimes wrongly called Alfonso) Walser was born July 16th, 1982 in Switzerland. He grew up in The Principality of Liechtenstein. His fathers side grandfather was the legendary Franco "Le Grand Maitre". When he was younger, he won several dance competitions, TV and radio shows, becoming the first radio personalty in his home country. In 1997, he became Fun Factory's new leadsinger, rapper and composer.

Al Walser today is a full fledged Grammy Voting and nominating member, a well connected European singer/personality that the US based Grammy academy is happy to call one of their own. He did a duet with Jermaine Jackson whom he is friends with.

1999 : he wrote the official Olympic Games song Lie Games '99.

2000 : Al made a contribution to Switzerland's Eurosong 2000 with the song Just For You, that reached #2 in music charts.

2001 : Al Walser received the legendary Euro Crystal Globe Award in Vienna, Austria.

2007 : Al Walser new music video African Queen just came out.

2008 : Al recorded a single called Naked. His new album should be released in September.

2009 : Al pre-released his new album. It included 17 tracks and a personal interview with Al. Tha Groove Junkeez feat. Al Walser released a 2009 RMX of their single Naked. In August, Al released his new single : it is called Living Your Dream. In December, he posted a sample of his upcoming 2010 song All I Want Is You, which is inspired by David Guetta. A new album was also planned for next year.

2010 : Al was featured by Tha Groove Junkeez on the single Flying Away.

European musical and cultural ambassador and Pop Renaissance man, he was also recognized in the USA for his humanitarian and cultural activism: this past year, he was awarded by Los Angeles “Sheriff Lee Baca” for his efforts in bridging Europe’s and America’s cultures.

Artists and groups featuring Walser (Al)

Fun Factory - Party With Fun Factory (1998), Sha-La-La-La-La (1999), Wish (1999)
Joelina Drews - Trendsetter (2011)
Tha Groove Junkeez - Flying Away (2010)
Touché - Kids In America (1999)



Walters (Sandra)
EuroDance Member


Move On (18th Apr 1996)

Sandra Walters was the female vocalist of eurodance projects Swag and Power Fun. She released a solo single, Move On, in 1996 under label Drohm. It was producer, arranged and mixed by Daniele Tignino, Riccardo Piparo and Vincenzo Callea.

Artists and groups featuring Walters (Sandra)

Dave Simon - Pretend
Power Fun - I Want (1993)
Swag - Temptation (1994)



Wand And Storm HQ
EuroDance Group



Do Ya Wanna Party (9th Oct 1995)

Music and lyrics were done by P. Masterson. The single was produced by Lombardoni. It featured Vikki S.

Thanks to reBeL



EuroDance Group



Cartas De Chica Misteriosa (1998)

1.Serás Tú, 2.Los Chicos, 3.Quién Sabe, 4.Dímelo, 5.Cartas De Chica Misteriosa, 6.Dulce Amor, 7.Días De Escuela, 8.Sofía, 9.Planeta Azul, 10.Siempre, 11.Cartas De Chica Misteriosa (Dance),


Serás Tú (1998)

Members: Gaby, Karla, Daniela, Grisell and Dany. Their first and only album was produced by Pablo Pinilla. The album contained some nice eurodance tracks, as well as some ballads.

Thanks to Abelito



Warm Up
EuroDance Group



Take Me Up (9th May 1995)

The team included Sabine Adu, Helena Paul and the rapper Mike Romeo, well-know for his contribution to the projects Le Click, DJ Company and 100%. Label: 4th Dimension

The single included a Radio Edit, an Extended Ragga mix, a Paradise Dub, a Clubmix and a Full Vocal Mix.

The team also remixed Eclipse's single Change Your Love.

Thanks to Eurodance rage and Serious Eurodance



Warren (Nikita)
EuroDance Member



I Need You (1991)
Touch Me (1992)
We Can Make It (1993)

Singer and music manager Nikita Warren, aka Anja Lukaseder, was born on May 3rd, 1967 in Würzburg (Germany). In the early 90s she started her career with the organisation, conception and choreography of various presentations, TV commercials, fashion shows for e.g. Adidas and Puma. She became a member of project Jam Tronik, and also released 3 solo singles.

From 1996 until 2001 Anja Lukaseder was working in the field of festival and concert management with artists such as Joe Cocker, Lionel Richie, Status Quo, Scorpions, Backstreet Boys, Chris de Burgh, The Beach Boys, Sasha, Lou Bega or Peter Maffay. Within the scope of the TV production “The Dome” she was responsible for the division “artist relations” during the first years.

From the year 2001 on she was manager of the band Bro'Sis as a member of label Cheyenne Records.

In 2005 she founded her agency Artists Only and took over tour management for artists like Jimmy Somerville, the Weather Girls and No Mercy.

Anja was a jury member during the 4th and the 5th seasons of the German version of the TV show Pop Idol (Deutschland sucht den Superstar 2007 and 2008 on channel RTL).

2010 : she is a jury member in the real-TV show Deutschlands bester Partyband.

She is 1.73m tall and has a little dog called Gina.

Thanks to Christian DTM Nolimits

Artists and groups featuring Warren (Nikita)

Jam Tronik - Another Day In Paradise (1989)



Washington (Sarah)
EuroDance Group



Careless Whisper (1993)
I Will Always Love You (1993)
Everything (1996)
Heaven (1996)
All I Need (1998)
Careless Whisper 2012 (Sep 2012)


Everything (A&G Mixes) (1996)
Heaven (Jazz'n'Groove / Fathers of sound mixes) (1996)

Label : Almighty Records. Produced by Martyn Norris and Richard Cottle. Her first single was a cover of George Michael's Careless Whisper. Her dance cover of Whitney Houston's classic I Will Always Love You was pretty succesful. It was licensed by labels across the globe, a music video was commissioned, and the song sped up the UK charts to #12 with the help from London's Capital Radio who supported the track with heavy rotation.

In 1996, Sarah got signed under major label AM:PM. She released 2 singles : Everything and Heaven. In 1998, she was featured by Dive on single Joy Is Free.

2006 : Almighty Records released a 11-mixes package of I Will Always Love You.

Thanks to Abelito
Almighty Records

Artists and groups featuring Washington (Sarah)

Dive - Joy Is Free (1998)



Washington (Tina)
EuroDance Group



The Album ()

1.The Season Of Love (Radio Version), 2.Love Me (Radio Version), 3.Love Is All Around (Dance Mix), 4.Conga (Piano Beat), 5.Sailing (Slow Version), 6.Love Me (RMX), 7.Eat The World (Extended), 8.Living A Dream (Dream Version), 9.Games People Play (Radio Version), 10.Baby, I Love Your Way (Radio Version), 11.The Season Of Love (Club Mix),

Mad About The Boy (2003)


What Is Love (1994)
Baby, I Love Your Way (1994)
Love Me (1995)
Washington EP (1995)
The Season Of Love (1995)
Games People Play (1995)
Love Is All Around (1996)

What Is Love was released under the label Magma Records. Love Is All Around, released in 1996, had been written by Reg Presley (originally it was sung by the Wet Wet Wet) and produced by Roby Benvenuto/Antonio Summa. It was licensed from Roby Benvenuto Productions, Italy. It had been released in Germany by Voices Music

The voice of the vocalist who can be heard on Love Me could be the same as Digilove (Touch Me), Soraya or Charlotte (Where We Are).

In 1995, an EP including 3 songs : Games People Play (a cover of a Joe South song), Love Is All Around and Baby I Love Your Way (a cover of Peter Frampton) was released.

Thanks to Alex S, BroderTuck and Tristan

Artists and groups featuring Washington (Tina)

House Of Love - (To The Land Of The) Day Dream (1995)



EuroDance Group



Run To The Future (1994)
Run To The Future Rmx 00 (2000)

The female vocalist for Run To The Future is named Nathalie Aarts, who also sung for the Soundlovers project. The single was released in 1994 under the label Bloom. It was arranged and produced by Arcayne and Capponi, recorded and mixed by Marcello Catalano and Roberto Zucchini.

A remixes CD was released in 2000.

Thanks to Denis



Waters (Tommy B)
EuroDance Group



Love (Without You) (1993)
Killer Queen (2004)

Single Love (Without You) was mixed by Fabio Serra and Johnny Mix, arranged by Donato Milano and Pierluigi Cerin, released in Italy under Megaton Records and in Spain under Max Music. It featured uncredited vocals by Gianni Laszlo Coraini, more well-known as Ken Laszlo.

Thanks to Andrew-FK



Wave Kid
EuroDance Group



Baby I Need Your Lovin' (1995)

Music and lyrics were written by Alex Christensen (U96 producer) and Tony Nunzio Catania (Scatman John producer) who both also did all the producing and arrangements for Tac-Enterprises.

Thanks to reBeL and Necronomic



We Dance You Crazy
EuroDance Group



Fly Away (1997)

Fly Away was engineered by Uwe Kepper, recorded at S+F studios, produced, written and composed by Lothar Schütze. Vocals were done by Susanne Schirrmacher. Label: Groovin' Beats



EuroTrance Group



Lovin' Times (3rd Nov 1999)
Like An Angel (15th May 2000)
Radio Heaven (22nd Jan 2001)
Mornings (9th Nov 2001)
The Love Of Yesterday (2003)
In Your Eyes (2006)

Web is a dance project created by the multitalented composer, writer, arranger, keyboard player, programmer and producer Pierluigi Giombini, aka Belonius. After 15 years of musical inactivity, apart from a contribution to the excellent eurodance project Echo Bass, he felt the need to create something for the trance music scene. As a result of this desire the Web project was born. 5 singles were released between 1999 and nowadays. Depending on the theme and melody, he chose different female vocalists, among them Melissa Bell. Lovin Times sold over 100.000 copies, and Like An Angel sold over 30.000 copies

Pierluigi had been introduced at an early age to the classics : he studied piano and composition at the conservatory. Meanwhile he started listening to 70's progressive rock groups. It was Wendy Carlos's Switched On Bach records that inspired him the synth sounds that he later used on the hit records he released in the 80s. He wrote, arranged and produced international successes such as I Like Chopin for Gazebo and Dolce Vita for Ryan Paris. His compositions could vary from rock to techno-dance, from experimental music to music for films, video, etc.

Thanks to Florent "v_uba" - EurohitMusic Web site
Giombini Music



Web (2)
EuroDance Group



Amazing (1995)

Amazing featured vocals by J. Cross and female singer Doreen Galea. Written by Edwin Balzan, F. Cachia and J. Salima, it was recorded and mixed by Andrea D.B. and Nuel Xerry at Wave Studio in Malta. Discomagic Records



Wedge (Cliff)
HiNRG Group



2:a Skivan (2000)

1.När Vi Möts Igen, 2.Do You Believe, 3.I Lose My Heart, 4.Lady Of The Night, 5.By Surprise, 6.With A Broken Heart, 7.Cocoa Beach, 8.Baby Blue, 9.A Night In Heaven, 10.Waiting For The Day, 11.Never Ever, 12.Angel Eyes, 13.Call My Name,

Back To The 80's (2009)


Angel Eyes (1999)
By Surprise (2001)
Love In Your Heart (2002)
Is This A Game (2003)
Only One Day (Aug 2007)
Touch Me (2009)

Magnus Kihlberg aka Cliff Wedge was born in Skene (Sweden). His first single Angel Eyes was featured on the compilation Italo Club Vol. 1.

Artists and groups featuring Wedge (Cliff)

Stockholm Nightlife - Stay One Day (2016)



Week end
EuroDance Group



Tell You Why (24th Jan 2000)

This single used the chorus of Ice MC's Run Fa Cover (with vocals of Alexia). The CD included a radio edit, a trancer club mix, and a club remix. It was prodced by R."Fab" Philly, mixed and arranged by Franklin Fischer, mastered by André Perriat.



Weeks (Michelle)
EuroDance Group



Don't Give Up (1st Jan 1993)
Step Out Of Faith (5th Mar 1999)
Can You Handle It (4th Feb 2000)
Gotta Keep Tryin (10th Mar 2000)
Follow Your Dreams (26th May 2000)
Rejoice (10th Oct 2000)
The Light (13th May 2002)
Movin On (2003)
Oh So Good (26th Sep 2014)
Resurgence (2016)
My Everything (8th Apr 2016)
Keep The Faith (12th Apr 2019)

Real name : Michelle Reynoso. She was born and raised in Brooklyn, NY and has been singing since the tender age of 4. At 5 years old, she won the prestigious Herman Stevens Award. A graduate of the famed LaGuardia School of Music & Art, Michelle went on to perform on Broadway – debuting in the musical, "The Tap Dance Kid". She also played starring roles in "Madhattan" (where she received rave reviews from stars like Ben Vereen, Debbie Allen & James Ingram); and the major motion picture, "Little Shop of Horrors" (alongside Tisha Campbell & Tichina Arnold).

Female vocalist for the Space Master project, her voice was also featured by DJ Dado (Give Me Love, Forever), Diva Convention (Never Leave You Lonely), House Traffic (Let The House Fall Down) and Bobby d'Ambrosio (Moment Of My Life).

During her solo carreer she released many house singles such as Can You Handle It which was produced by Kurtis & Daniel Platisa, the remixes were done by Rhythm Masters, varying from commercial to underground, to retro energy sounds. A pumping bass, big vocals with Cher-like effect and strong back-up vocals. Gotta Keep Tryin was produced by by Teddy Douglas &  Jay Steinhour. The perfect combination of the Basement Boy sound and Michelle`s heaven-bound vocals. Gritty vocals, big horns, killer organ and vibe solos, plus keen use of  samples from Pockets' Come Go With Me. Rejoice was produced by DJ Choco, Eddie Baez, Denny Tsettos, and Lord G. Released with 8 remixes it contained a rousing gospel flavored stomper with supercharged mixes (hard house, progressive and funk edged versions). Step Out Of Faith is a gospel house floor stomper complete with backing choir. Follow You Dreams is a lyrically uplifting smooth house groove with Michael Jackson samples.

2005 : Michelle Weeks released the single Life, that she recorded with Barbara Tucker, Dawn Tallman, Sabrynaah Pope, and Su Su Bobien under the name House Divas. She is also a member of Underground Dance Artists United For Life, a collective made up by Blaze.

In 2005 too, Michelle was featured by Jamie Lewis for the single Be Thankful.

Michelle lives in New York

Thanks to Ulrich Valtat

Artists and groups featuring Weeks (Michelle)

Andrea Paci - Big Mama (2010), Blowing In Me (2008)
Andrea Raffa - Higher & Higher (2008)
Andrew Hartley - My Deliverer (2013)
Andy & The Lamboy - The Inside (1998)
Antonello Ferrari and Aldo Bergamasco - Where Do We Go (2017)
Basement Boys Allstars - Holiday (1999)
Ben Mac - You've Got To (Believe) (2012)
Bobby d'Ambrosio - Moment Of My Life (1997), The Day (1998)
Byron Stingily - Stand Right Up (2000)
Cambis - Lift Me Up (2002)
Christian Cheval - Don't Stop (2017)
Code Red - A Purpose (2007)
Cookie Monsterz - Spread Love (2010)
Craig Mitchell - Step Out On Faith (2007)
DJ Dado - Coming Back (1997), Forever (1999), Give Me Love (1998)
DJ Disciple - Turn It Around (2006)
DJ Jorj - Back 2 Me (2009), Get Your Head Right (2010)
Danism & Jason Chance - Running (2012)
Danny Clark & Jay Benham - Hold On (2008)
Danny Clark - He Keeps Me (2014)
Darryl D'bonneau - You Got Me Spinning
Dave Anthony - In The Morning (2020)
Dawn Tallman - Joyful Noise (2003)
Deep Bros. - My Love Grows (1998), Victim Of Love (1998)
Diva Convention - Give It Love (1995), Never Leave You Lonely (1994)
Divine Soul - Shake That Ass!! (1997)
Don Carlos - Take Me Higher (2001)
Dunk N Aliens - Always (2013)
ER Inc - Keep Hope (2020)
Eclipse (3) - For Your Love (2004)
Eclipse - The Look Of Love
Fabio Tosti - Unconditional Love (2013)
Genetic Funk - Love Life (2016)
Greg Gauthier & Tony L - By Your Side (2001), Movin' On (2003)
Groove Trend - Don't Stop (1994)
Gusto - Let's All Chant (1996)
Hadu - Get It Rockin' (2015)
Halo & Kemal - Come Together (2008)
House Divas - Life (2005)
House Traffic - Let The House Fall Down (1998)
Ice MC - My World (album) (1991)
Interaction - Show 'Em How We Do It (1994), Show Em How It Works (2019)
Jamie Lewis - Be Thankful (2005), Respect (2014), Step Up (2013), Unity (2007)
Jason Chance - Looking Forward (2011), Mi Corazon Latiendo (2013), My House (2014)
Jezebel's Addiction - Believe In Love (2001)
Joey Musaphia - Heaven (2003)
Juan Kidd & DJ Jorj - Be Real (2013)
Juan Pacifico - Meant to Be (2014)
Kenny Bobien - Spread Love (Backing Vocals) (2004)
Kings Of Groove - You Have A Purpose (2007)
Kings Of Tomorrow - 10 Minute High (1995)
Klevakeys - Hold of Me (2012)
Luca Guerrieri - Fly Away (2010)
Made & Sax - I'm Coming Up (2005)
Mario Ferrini - You Are (2015)
Mario Marques - I Can't Let You Go (2014)
Memi P - Dance Disco Heat (2003)
Midnight Express - Carry On (2010), Treat Me Right (2010)
Moca - Nobody (2007)
Orienta-Rhythm - Peace (2009)
Pax - Movin' (2018)
Peter Macaluso - Love Rain (2015)
Pépé Bradock - Distorted Echoes (2003)
Ruben Mancias - My Change (Is Gonna Come) (2010)
Sam Skilz - He's Mine (2014), Release (2013)
Sam Walker and Teej - Keep Movin On (2013)
Samir Maslo - So Happy Together (2002)
Sandro Bani - Life (2016)
Scott Diaz - Praise Him (2014)
Seb Skalski & Masta P - Dancin' For My Life (2012)
Soulstar Syndicate - Love 4 Love (2008)
Space Master - Hold Me Baby (1997), Jumping To The Party (1993), World Of Confusion (1996)
Stefano Gamma Vs. Luis Radio - What Goes Around (2002)
TBC - Movin' Out (2005)
The 1200 Warriors - Da Jam (2011), Roder Ruder (2008)
The Jinks - Shame (2010)
The Steamdollz - Touch The Sky (2016)
The Str8jackets - Sunny With a Chance of Burning (2013)
Tina Arena - Chains (background vocals) (1996)
Tony Moran - La Musica (2012)
Voices - Can You See The Light? (1996)



Bubble Gum Group



Sexygate (1998)

Sexygate was recorded and mixed at Crystal Recordings Studio (Italy), written by F Petrozzi , composed and arranged by Andrea De Antoni, Francesco Alberti and M. Gianfranceschi.

Thanks to Marian Stoica



Welch (Jason)
EuroDance Member



Get Up ()
(Let Me) See Ya Move (1996)

Canadian rapper Jason Welch aka TC contributed to many eurodance productions of the label Numuzik Inc such as Jefferson Project or Nadia. He was not always credited

Artists and groups featuring Welch (Jason)

5 Guys - R.E.R.E.O. (1996)
Jefferson Project - You Got Me (1995)
Nadia - Live On Love (1995), Shine On (1996)
Roxxy - I'll Never Stop (1995), We Can Touch The Sky (1996)



Welcome Records
EuroDance Company


Welcome is a division of Dancework s.r.l. Under this Italian records label were released singles of Nikita (Eterna Divina, La Bruja), Dynamic Base (Make Me Wonder), Arena (Into The Arena) or Venere (Fantasy).



Wells (Julie)
EuroDance Member


Take Me Away (1996)

Julie Wells (aka Julie Sapwell) contributed to eurodance projects Channel X and The Immortals. Her solo single Take Me Away appeared on some compilations under the name Voyageur feat. Julie Wells. Label : Antler-Subway records

Artists and groups featuring Wells (Julie)

Channel X - Love Is Everything (1995), Rhythm Of The Night (1996)
Voyageur - Take Me Away (1996)



EuroDance Group



Ni Tu Ni Nadie (1995)
Sienteme (1996)
Quiero Besarte (1996)
Like A Noise (15th Nov 2016)
Si Te Vas (24th Nov 2016)

Wen was a Spanish eurodance project of Carlos García Berlanga, Daniel Romero and Xavier Galvis Ramón. Wen released the singles Ni Tu Ni Nadie (Alaska & Dinarama's cover), Sienteme (Feel Me Now) and I Want To Kiss You (Quiero Besarte). Label: Moder Music.

Thanks to Ulysses



Wendy's Dream
EuroDance Group



Shouldn't Have To Be Like That (1995)

Wendy's Dream was a Spanish eurodance act produced by Piter and Ram-J (José Ramón López Fernández). It released the single "Shouldn't Have To Be Like That. Label: Liberty Music

Thanks to Ulysses



Wesley John
EuroDance Group



Lover Why (1996)
Words Of Humanity (1997)
Behind The Mask (1998)
I Can Love Forever (1998)


Lover Why (1996)

Label : Space Records/ Arcade Music. This eurodance project was built around the solo male vocalist John Wesley aka Jean-André Duperron. With Jean-Louis Milford, John Wesley was a member of 80s rock band Century, formed in Marseille in 1979. Century are probably best known for their single Lover Why from the album ...And Soul It Goes in 1986. The band also included Éric Traissard (guitar), Laurent Cokelaere (bass), Christian Portes (drums) and a second guitarist, Jean-Dominique Sallaberry. The lyrics of the band's early successeswere all written by Paul Ives. Century has sold over 10 million copies worldwide. The band split in 1989. However, Jean-Louis Milford teamed up with lyricist Francis Nugent Dixon, and they've been working together since then. In 2006 they produced double CD Timeless.

The single Lover Why was a new version of Century's biggest hit using some of the original song's elements. The vinyl contained 2 versions : Extended mix and a Single mix. It was produced by Jean-André Duperron and Laurent Chapin at Space Studio (in Puteaux, near Paris) for Space Records, released under label Bax Dance. It was licensed in Spain under CNR Music in Spain and Dance Street in Germany.

Meanwhile, he composed, write and produced TNT Beat's single Gonna Dance The Night Away.

Next single was released in 1997. Entitled Words Of Humanity, it was mixed, arranged and produced by Jean-André Duperron and Laurent Chapin at Space Studio for Space Records. It was licensed in Spain under Max Music.

I Can Love Forever was still produced by the same French team and recorded in France, but released in 1998 under Spanish label Max Music. The same year Behind The Mask came out.

2019 : Jean-Louis Milford performed his greatest hits at the Love the 90's Madrid 2019 and he revealed he was the singer of the eurodance project Jonh Wesley. He ended the show singing the 1996 version of the song Lover Why (the Vocal Dream Mix). Which leads to the conclusion that actually Jean-Louis Milford, John Wesley and Jean-André Duperron were one and only person.

Writing and arrangement

Century - Lover Why (1985), Jane (1986), Self Destruction (1986), Gone With The Winner/The Day The Water Dried (1986), This Way To Heaven/High On The Beam (1988), So Long (1992)
Dj Folies - Banana Split/I Want To Stop Dance (1994), Karpet Dance
Esteem - Sorry (2001) Hands Of Love - Dance To Dance (1986)
JPL - Partenaire Particulier (Remix 94) (1994)
Lune De Miel - Paradise Mi Amor (1982)
Roxane - Behind The Door (1988), Vamp Des Eighties (1988), The Right Side Of Life (1989)
T 128 - Techno Beats (My Pleasure) (1991)
TNT' Beat - Gonna Dance The Night Away (1995)
White Monster - Monster (1991)

Thanks to Alex Capilé and Andrew-FK

Artists and groups featuring Wesley John

TNT Beat - Gonna Dance The Night Away (1995)



West Coast
EuroDance Group



So I Shout (1995)

So I Shout was written by Massimo Zennaro. Label: Hex Sound Technology Research

Thanks to Gianni



West Company
EuroDance Group



Feel The Music (1996)

Feel The Music was produced by Enrico Plebani, written by M. Rizzi.



West Inc
EuroDance Group



Set Your Body Free (1993)
You Are My Lover (1994)
Rhythm Takes You Higher (14th Apr 1994)
I'm Gonna Get You (Anyway) (18th Nov 1994)
Mr Livingstone (7th Mar 1995)
Bright Eyes (5th Jul 1995)
Key Of Life (1996)
The Wonder (14th May 1998)


I'm Gonna Get You (Anyway) (1994)
Mr Livingstone (1995)

Producer: Erik "Stattik" Svensson. Members : Horpe (Henrik Westman), Doggy (Johan Eriksson), Barneth (Mikael Lindqvist) and Pärra (Stefan Persson).

Based in Märsta, they played Westcoast rock from 1991 to 1993. Then in 1994 female vocalist Mimmi Ziegel from Stockholm joined the group. The first single was released because the boys in the band got a contract with a records company. The first single to be recorded with Mimmi's voice was Rhythm Takes You Higher, a cooperation between EMI and Statikk, and shortly after, You Are My Lover. Videoclips were shot for both singles, as well as for I'm Gonna Get You (Anyway). Mimmi left the band in 1995 and was replaced by Marina. Her voice can be heard on the singles Bright Eyes, Key Of Life and The Wonder.

West Inc made some tours, for example in Sundsvall where the radio station SR P3 (which is largest public service network in this country) recorded a live-concert given at Club Pipeline on the 3rd of February 1995. During this concert, they sung the songs Rhythm Takes You Higher, 2 versions of I'm Gonna Get You, Mr. Livingstone, as well as 3 previously unreleased songs : Vision In Your Hand, The Voice, and Principal Sense.

After West Inc they changed their name to Dominoo but has now ceased with all music production.

Thanks to Mikoo and EuroBoy



West Stream
EuroDance Group



Steppin' Out (1994)

Label : Flying Records. Steppin' Out was produced by Elvio Moratto, written by D. Pinelli, E. Moratto and O. Johnson and featured a solo male vocalist.



Westdijk (Richard)
EuroDance Producer


Dutch music producer Richard Westdijk stood behind eurodance projects Dance Mission, M-Pact, Phantasia and Wonderland

Artists and groups featuring Westdijk (Richard)

Dance Mission - Finally Free (1995)
M-Pact - Dreams (1997)
Phantasia - Everytime You Touch Me (1996), Hold Me Now (1997)
Wonderland - Never Let You Go (1998)



EuroDance Group



Lizten 2 Mee (1995)
XTC : Love] (1996)

Listen To Me, usually spelled Lizten2Mee, was produced, played, recorded, arranged, sequenced and mixed by Jack Fronczek in Hitpoint Studio Vienna. It was written and composed by Jack Fronczek, Roland Schmid and Thomas Zechner. Label : Dance Pool

Second single XTC : Love] featured vocals by Romina. She was the daughter of the project's manager Roland Colerus. Jack Fronczek, Thomas Zechner and DJ Omega composed, wrote and produced the song. It included a B-side called Broken Dreams.

Afterwards, project split up and Romina later became member of project Twister.



EuroDance Group



Love Really Hurts Without You (2001)

Vocals were done by Italo-German singer Nadia Scaricamazza. Song was a cover of a song by Billy Ocean, already covered by the Bad Boys Blue. Label: Dance Factory



Wetmore (Kimberley)
EuroDance Member


Kimberley Wetmore is a Canadian singer who started out singing at the age of 9, and did her first live performance at 12.

She became a member of the group Outta Control with Barry Harris and Rachid Wehbi. Together they released a debut album in 1996 Outta Control. Afterwards they broke up, but Rachid and Kimberley formed a new group called  E-Magine. They have released many songs on compilations. Kimberley also provides the vocals for the song Time After Time which can be found on the Boomtang Boys' album. She also did vocals for JK Gulley.

She signed a contract with Renegade Productions and turned to funk and R & B. She teamed up with the musicians Rich Levesque (bass, vocals), Greg Anzelc (drums, vocals) and Sil Simone (guitar, vocals)

Roberto Campos - Canadian Eurodance

Artists and groups featuring Wetmore (Kimberley)

Outta Control - One of Us (1997)



Wetzel (Nicole)
EuroDance Member


Nicole Wetzel was Activate's very first female vocalist. After doing vocals for the single Let The Rhythm Take Control, she left the proejct for personal reasons. In 1996, she did vocals on Eddy N.'s Just Be Good To Me (another Detert-Griesheimer project).

Artists and groups featuring Wetzel (Nicole)

Activate - Let The Rhythm Take Control (1994)
Eddy N - Just Be Good To Me (1996)



WH Records
EuroDance Company




EuroDance Group



Whigfield (12th Jun 1995)

1.Think Of You (Radio Edit), 2.Another Day (Nite radio mix), 3.Don't Walk Away, 4.Big Time, 5.Out of Sight, 6.Close To You, 7.Sexy Eyes, 8.Ain't it Blue, 9.I Want To Love, 10.Saturday Night (Radio Mix), 11.Megamix, 12.Think Of You (David Club mix), 13.Another Day (Club Remix),

Let's Whiggy Dance (Sep 1995)

1.Think Of You, 2.Another Day, 3.Don't Walk Away, 4.Big Time, 5.Out Of Sight, 6.Close To You, 7.Sexy Eyes, 8.Ain't It Blue, 9.I Want To Love, 10.Saturday Night, 11.Another Day (Club Remix),

Whigfield Megamixes (1996)

1.Intro, 2.Saturday Night (Nite mix), 3.Think Of You (Extended Mix), 4.Another Day (Vocal Flav Mix), 5.Another Day (French Mix), 6.Saturday Night (DeepNite mix), 7.Close To You (DownTown Remix), 8.Big Time (Summer Zone Remix), 9.Big Time (Intoxication Mix), 10.Think Of You (DMC Mix), 11.Saturday Night (Dida Mix), 12.Big Time (Dancing Divaz Mix), 13.Last Christmas, 14.Another Day (U, 15.Sexy Eyes (Extended LP Vers, 16.Ricks Mega Mix (Single Vers, 17.I Want To Love (Yakoo Boyz 7 Mix),

Sexy Eyes - The Album (1996)

1.Don't Walk Away, 2.Big Time, 3.Out Of Sight, 4.Close To You, 5.Sexy Eyes, 6.Ain't It Blue, 7.I Want To Love, 8.Saturday Night, 9.Another Day (Nite Mix), 10.Think Of You (Diva 2 Club Mix), 11.Last Christmas,

Super Box - Super Hits (1997)

1.Think Of You, 2.Another Day, 3.Big Time, 4.Close To You, 5.Sexy Eyes, 6.Ain't It Blue, 7.Saturday Night, 8.I Want To Love, 9.It's Alright, 10.Last Christmas, 11.Junto A Ti, 12.Gimme Gimme,

Super Box - Remix Collection (1997)

1.Another Day (Nite Mix), 2.Think Of You (Divaz Club Mix), 3.Saturday Night '97 (Club Mix), 4.Gimme Gimme (Gimme Extended Mix), 5.Sexy Eyes (David's Epic Experience), 6.I Want To Love (Extended Original Mix), 7.Close To You (Down Town Remix),

Whigfield II (10th Nov 1997)

1.Givin' All My Love, 2.No Tears To Cry, 3.Baby Boy, 4.Tenderly, 5.What We've Done For Love, 6.Lover, 7.Gimme Gimme, 8.Whiggy Wiggle, 9.Forever On My Mind, 10.Through The Night, 11.Summer Samba, 12.Saturday Night '97, 13.Last Christmas, 14.Mega Ricks Mix Whigfield Remixes,

Whigfield Remixes (1998)

1.Intro, 2.Saturday Night (Nite Mix), 3.Think Of You (Extended Mix), 4.Another Day (MS Whigfield Mix), 5.Another Day (French Mix), 6.Saturday Night (Deep Nite Mix), 7.Close To You (Downtown Remix), 8.Last Christmas, 9.Big Time (Summer Zone Remix), 10.Big Time (Intoxication Mix), 11.Think Of You (DMX Mix), 12.Saturday Night (Diva Mix), 13.Big Time (Dancin'divaz Mix), 14.Last Christmas (remix), 15.Another Day,

Whigfield III (7th Sep 2000)

1.Be My Baby, 2.Much More, 3.Unbelievable, 4.Lost In You, 5.Makin' My Day, 6.Outside, 7.Upon A Star, 8.All Your Love, 9.Mi Amor, 10.Waitin' For Saturday, 11.Doo Whop (album), 12.Whigfield Megamix,

Greatest Hits (2001)

1.Saturday Night, 2.Sexy Eyes, 3.Another Day, 4.Think Of You, 5.Big Time, 6.Much More, 7.No Tears To Cry, 8.Be My Baby, 9.Baby Boy, 10.Gimme Gimme, 11.Tu Seras Mi Baby, 12.Doo-Whop, 13.Making My Day, 14.Whigfield Megamix,

Eurodance (Canada only) (2001)

1.Much More, 2.Doo-Whop, 3.Sexy Eyes, 4.Givin' All My Love, 5.Baby Boy, 6.Lover, 7.Gimme Gimme, 8.Forever On My Mind, 9.Be My Baby, 10.All Your Love, 11.Lost In You, 12.Waitin' For Saturday Night, 13.Unbelievable, 14.Upon A Star, 15.Mi Amor, 16.Mega Mix 2000, 17.Doo-Whop (Rivaz Tune Remix), 18.Much More (Echotest Radio Remix),

Whigfield III CD 1 (23rd Feb 2001)

1.Be My Baby, 2.Much More, 3.Unbelievable, 4.Lost In You, 5.Makin´ My Day, 6.Outside, 7.Upon A Star, 8.All Your Love, 9.Mi Amor, 10.Waitin For Saturday, 11.Doo Whop (Abm),

Whigfield III (Asian Edition) CD 2 (23rd Feb 2001)

1.Doo Whop (Abm Extended - Original), 2.Doo Whop (Rivaz Tune Club), 3.Doo Whop (G. Side Extened), 4.Be My Baby (Edit House Mix), 5.Be My Baby (Extended House Mix), 6.Be My Baby (B.O.S. Mix), 7.Be My Baby (Tequila Dub), 8.Tu Seras Mi Baby (Spanish Version), 9.Whigfield Megamix (Think Of You, Another Day, Saturday Night, Sexy Eyes & Be My Baby),

Whigfield III (Asian Edition) Video CD (23rd Feb 2001)

1.Video Be My Baby, 2.Video Givin´ All My Love, 3.Video Baby Boy, 4.Video No Tears To Cry, 5.Video Gimme Gimme, 6.Video Sexy Eyes, 7.Video Big Time, 8.Video Saturday Night, 9.Video Close To You, 10.Video Another Day, 11.Video Think Of You, 12.Video Last Christmas,

Whigfield IV (13th May 2002)

1.Gotta Getcha, 2.Amazing And Beautiful, 3.Beep Beep, 4.Boys Boys Boys, 5.Fantasy, 6.Candy, 7.I Knew People, 8.My Love Is Gone, 9.Get Get Get, 10.Take Me to The Summertime, 12.Welcome To Fun, 13.Fun Fun, 14.Every Single Day And Night, 15.Tomorrow,

Was A Time (2004)

1.Was A Time, 2.Amazing And Beautiful, 3.Beep Beep, 4.Boys Boys Boys, 5.Fantasy, 6.Candy, 7.I Knew Before, 8.My Love's Gone, 9.Get Get Get, 10.Take Me To The Summertime, 11.Outside Life, 12.Welcome To Fun, 13.My My, 14.Every Single Day And Night, 15.Tomorrow, 16.Gotta Getcha,

Waiting for Saturday - Her Greatest Hits (26th Apr 2004)

1.Saturday Night, 2.Another Day, 3.Sexy Eyes, 4.Summer Samba, 5.Through The Night, 6.Be My Baby, 7.Doo Whop, 8.Gotta Getcha, 9.Amazing And Beautiful, 10.Get Get Get, 11.My My, 12.Tenderly, 13.Close To You, 14.Tomorrow, 15.Waitin' For Saturday,

X-Tremely Fun - Workout with Whigfield (9th Aug 2004)

1.Was A Time, 2.Sexy Eyes, 3.Saturday Night, 4.Gotta Getcha, 5.Another Day, 6.Waitin' For Saturday, 7.Tomorrow, 8.Be My Baby, 9.I Want To Love, 10.Much More, 11.Think Of You, 12.Summer Samba,

Greatest Remix Hits (26th Apr 2006)

1.Saturday Night (Abigail's Party Remix), 2.Was A Time (Favretto Remix), 3.Gimme Gimme (American Cut), 4.Think Of You (David Remix), 5.No Tears To Cry (Original Extended), 6.Sexy Eyes (David's Epic Experience), 7.Givin' All My Lovin' (Alesis Extended Mix), 8.Gotta Getcha (Extended), 9.Much More (DJ Nukk Extended), 10.Whigfield Megamix, 11.Close To You (Downtown Remix), 12.Doo Whop (Rivaz Tune Club), 13.Gimme Gimme (Original Vox Extended), 14.Was A Time (Yagor Mix),

All In One (Oct 2007)

1.Think Of You, 2.Another Day, 3.Right In The Night, 4.Was A Time, 5.Close To You, 6.Saturday Night, 7.Rainbow, 8.Gotta Getcha, 9.No Tears To Cry, 10.Sexy Eyes, 11.Givin' All My Love, 12.Out Of Sight,

W (28th Sep 2012)

1.Stay In My Head (Original), 2.4Ever (Original), 3.Jeg Kommer Hjem (Original), 4.As I go (Original), 5.Devil Called Love (Original), 6.Just Because You're Beautiful (Original), 7.Behind the Sun (Original), 8.C'est Cool (Right Version),

W (extra edition) (14th Dec 2012)

1.Stay in my head (La Maison Derriere Version), 2.4Ever (Battini & Favretto Version), 3.Jeg Kommer Hjem (Battini Version), 4.As I Go (Savva Version), 5.Devil Called Love (Pocho Version), 6.Just Because You're Beautiful (2 Speck & Pocho Version), 7.Behind the sun (Battini Version), 8.C'est Cool (Left Version),

Best of (X-Mas Edition) (17th Dec 2013)

1.Last Christmas, 2.Close to You (Down Town Remix), 3.Be My Baby, 4.Sexy Eyes, 5.Saturday Night (Radio Edit), 6.Another Day, 7.Think of You, 8.Givin' All My Love, 9.Gotta Getcha, 10.Was a Time (Radio Edit), 11.Last Christmas (David Remix), 12.Tu Seras Mi Baby (Be My Baby),

Saturday Night...Best Of Whigfield (5th Jun 2015)


It's Allright ()
Saturday Night (21st May 1994)
Another Day (29th Aug 1994)
Don't Walk Away (1995)
Think Of You (5th May 1995)
Megamix (5th May 1995)
Big Time (17th Jul 1995)
Close To You (Nov 1995)
Last Christmas (10th Nov 1995)
I Want To Love (28th Feb 1996)
Sexy Eyes vol 1 (29th Mar 1996)
Sexy Eyes vol 2 (29th Mar 1996)
Gimme Gimme (11th Nov 1996)
Baby Boy (23rd Jul 1997)
No Tears To Cry (17th Oct 1997)
Summer Samba (1998)
Givin All My Love (Jul 1998)
Be My Baby (3rd May 1999)
Doo Whop (13th Apr 2000)
Much More (6th Dec 2000)
My Love's Gone (2002)
Gotta Getcha (27th May 2002)
Amazing And Beautiful (23rd Sep 2002)
Saturday Night 2003 (13th Feb 2003)
The Battle Mix (2nd Nov 2003)
Was A Time (Apr 2004)
Think Of You 2007 (10th Dec 2007)
Right In The Night (May 2008)
Saturday Night (KLM Music Remixes) (13th Jan 2009)
No Doubt (9th Dec 2009)
C'est Cool (3rd Jun 2011)
4Ever (7th Sep 2012)
Jeg Kommer Hjem (30th Nov 2012)
Saturday Night 2013 (15th Feb 2013)
How Long (23rd Dec 2015)
In The Morning (17th Aug 2016)
Saturday Night 2k17 (13th Oct 2017)
Boys On Girls (11th Apr 2018)
Suga (30th Mar 2020)


Saturday Night Holiday remixes (1994)
Another Day (1994)
Saturday Night remix '94 (1994)
Think Of You (The Dance Mixes) (1995)
Sexy Eyes (1998)

Producers : Davide Riva, A. Pignagnoli

Sannie Charlotte Carlson (the name Whigfield is a tribute to Mrs. Whigfield, her piano teacher) was born on 11th of April 1970 in Skaelskar (Denmark), Her father is an engineer. Her parents moved a lot : she lived in Ivory Coast, Algeria, Nigeria and made her studies in French schools. Therefore she speaks danish, spanish, italian, english and french. She began her musical career as a vocalist in the band where his brother was playing as guitarist. She also did some modelling. She likes swimming, dancing, music cinema, shopping, and italian cooking. She's been living in Bologne (Italy) for 3 years, after what she moved to Spain in order to follow her (now ex-) boyfriend, the rapper Paco Pil. She now lives 10 km in the North of Barcelona. She has 3 dogs named Beppe, Flipper and Horse.

Always with a different hair colour, Sannie has been appearing on charts and magazines since that Saturday Night became a hit all over Europe. After being welcomed very coldly by her future interpret, then by Italian dancefloors, Saturday Night became a hit in Spain in 1993, where it remained number one in the Charts for 3 months. This song owed her success to the DJs of Ibiza. Over 2 million copies of this song were sold. The producers team even got sued by a project which had released a similar record some years ago and asked for copyright. It was alleged that the track ripped off both Rub A Dub Dub by the Equals and Fog on the Tyne by Lindisfarne. Both claims were dismissed. Black Duck (another X-energy project) sampled Saturday Night in theirr single Whiggle In Line.

In her first live appearances, in order to expand her repertoire, Whigfield sung covers of Haddaway's What Is Love and Ace Of Base's All That She Wants. She became a very good friend of both ex-members of Cappella. As proof of her success in France, Whigfield's photo was featured on the cover of the very popular French compilation Dance Machine 5.

The follow-up singles Another Day and Think Of You (which is also her favourite song) entered both the top 10 in Germany, the Netherlands and in many other European countries (such as Sweden where it was released on the 8th of May 1995). Another Day drew accusations of plagiarism because the melody was very similar to the 1970 song In the Summertime by Mungo Jerry. This led to an out-of-court settlement being paid by the producers to Mungo Jerry, as they agreed that there was a similarity but maintained it was unintentional.

Then Whigfield's debut album, simply entitled Whigfield was released. During the summer of 1996, the song Sexy Eyes was released and entered the highest positions of the charts in Spain, Germany, Austria, Switzerland and in South America. Sexy Eyes even hit the #1 in Australia.

The same year, Whigfield released an album called Mega Mixes which included many brilliant mixes of her biggest hits so far.

After lots of shows to promote her first album, 'Whiggy' came back with a new single called Gimme Gimme which announced the forthcoming new album. It sounded just like the others, the kind that makes you want to stand up and shake your body. And it becaume a hit in Australia, Europe and South Africa.

At this time it was almost sure that, at least on the very first releases, Whigfield's real voice was Annerly Gordon, a vocalist who also worked on many eurodance projects with Davide Riva (such as Ally & Jo) and Mauro Farina. Annerly had contributed to some of the songwriting work, too.

1999 : Whigfield appeared on the album of Portuguese dance music group SantaMaria : she took part to the song Happy Maravilha '99.

A new single was released in 2000 : Doo Whop, which was a huge hit in Spain. After almost three years since her last album was released the Danish diva came back with a brand new album, entitled III. It contained 11 tracks and a megamix. The first track on this album is a cover of Be My Baby originally by Sixties (it originally appeared on the soundtrack of Dirty Dancing movie). This track was released as a single the previous year and became quite a popular tune. This time Whigfield decided to make an album with many diversfied dance tracks. You will find some hi-NRG oriented tunes such as Much More (next single to be released, becoming a smash-hit in Canada and Mexico) or Unbelievable, with an updated  sound and some interesting synth works. Makin' My Day has a style that could remind the Vengaboys. One of the most dynamic and  energetic songs in this album is unquestionably Waitin' For Saturday, a powerful Eurodance track. The album was closed by the Whigfield Megamix (with her previous hits Think of  You, Another Day, Saturday Night or Sexy Eyes) .

2002 : a live gig was planned in Germany in March but was finally cancelled. She released a new single entitled Gotta Getcha, released in 2 versions (the first CD acontained the album version, the second CD included remixes and a new version of Saturday Night). In July she took part to the Europride 2002 In Cologne. The new album, Whigfield IV, will be released on 22nd July 2002...

The next Whigfield single was a double-a-side including Amazing & Beautiful and the ballad My My. It was released in Germany in September 2002. It included many different music styles : UK Garage, 2-Step, R&B, House, Dance-techno and, of course, some tracks in her typical style.

2003 : following the "2003 remixes" trend, Whigfield released Saturday Night 2003. The remixes were done by the German producer team "Villa Productions". It finally entered the official German-DJ-Playlist and ranked #87. It was pretty much succesful in Denmark where, in July, the single hit Top 20, and even more in Czech Republic, where it reached # 3 in the Official Czech Dance Charts.

2004 : Whigfield's new single was released in April. It is said to be a great tune. It's on heavy rotation all around the world, let's hop it bring her back into the charts! A best of album entitled Waiting for Saturday - Her Greatest Hits will be released in Germany on the 26th of April. A compilation was released under ZYX music, including some of her greatest hits, especially recorded for fitness workout

2005 : Sannie Charlotte Carlson used the name "Naan" when writing the lyrics for two songs with the Benassi Bros. on their album ...Phobia (one of them was Rocket In The Sky, which was released as single). She also contributed to the songwriting on In-Grid's single Mama Mia, to Malomodo's song Come A Little Closer (songwriting and vocals), and to Favretto's song Yes U R.

2006 : The next Whigfield album will be a collection of remixed versions of her hits, chosen after a vote of her fans. In July, her hit single Saturday Night was re-released in Spain, featuring King Africa. It was included in the compilation Caribe 2006 mixing reggaeton and latin sound..

2007 : Sannie Carlson was quite busy with her songwriter carreer. She wrote a song called Porque, included on Pochill's album Nothing But The Hill, among other songs co-written by Sannie.

In October, Whigfield's new album All In One was released. In December, the first single from the new album was out : it was a new version of Think Of You, including remixes by SunLoverz, Gabry Ponte, F&A Factor, Mathieu Bouthier & Muttonheads and Favretto & Yanz.

2008 : in March, Whigfield was working on a new video, coming out in May. The title was kept secret. It could be a video for Think Of You 2007... or a brand new song. In May, the title was revealed, it was actually a cover of Jam & Spoon's Right In The Night. As she was staying in Ghana at her father's, she gave birth prematurely to her baby, who unfortunately did not survive.

2010 : Whigfield is back with a brand new single entitled No Doubt, a slow song for Christmas. She was working on her new album. She was featured on Pochill's songs By And By and Discipline on same-titled album.

2011 : Whigfield starred in Oral Tunerz' next single To Feel Alive. Her next single C'est Cool was released in June.

2012 : in March, Whigfield's next single was announced to be entitled Devil Called Love. Then in September, it was renamed to Love 4ever. Final title was 4ever. It was followed by a new album called W. In November, she released next single Jeg Kommer Hjem (I'm coming home). In december, W was released as physical CD, and an Extra Edition (with versions by the original arrangers for each song) followed. This year, she got married with her producer Larry Pignagnoli.

2013 : Whigfield released a new version of her hit Saturday Night, featuring German rapper Carlprit

Whigfield Online - Whigfield German unofficial site -
Thanks to Ivan, Hughes, Klems, queequeg, Ricar, Anders Bøgh, Anton "MC Kasper" Skaletsky

Artists and groups featuring Whigfield

Oral Tunerz - To Feel Alive (2011)



Whisky Risky
EuroDance Group



Pandiero (20th Oct 1992)
Take It To The Limit (1994)

Theoir first single Pandiero was released in 1992, it included as B-side 2 version of Beat Vox Eden Life.

Take It To The Limit was written by Antonello Angeli and Luca Murialdo. It featured a female vocalist and a rapper. The Kardsex mix was done by Bruno Le Kard. Label: Up Down.



White (Andy)
EuroDance Producer


Andy White was the producer of the project HR Beat. As he was a member of Hawk Records, he has also contributed as songwriter to BASP and Mach 7. He created with Lars Lungren the project Double Vision.

He also did remixes for other artists, such as a track on The Mobile Home's album Meanwhile entitled Hurt.

Thanks to reBeL

Artists and groups featuring White (Andy)

Angelique - Come On And Jump (1998)
BASP - Boom Boom My Heart (1996), In Case Of Emergency (1994), Party Express (1993)
Double Vision (2) - Free Your Mind (1995)
Kate - High Stepping (1995), I'm Ready For The Night (1995)
Mach 7 - Dangerous (1994), Real Love (1994)
Next Generation - You Control Me (1993)



White (Jessica)
EuroDance Group



Gimme More (1994)

Jessica White is more well-known for her model career. Her single Gimme More was released under WEA Records. It was produced by Gerd Rochel and Candy Music, co-produced by Tro Team. Music and lyrics by G. Roach & J. Schmidt. Raps were done by MC Smooth.
Two mixes were done by "3 nuts" a.k.a. Tom Jacques G. Coin, J.D. Wood & Skinny B.

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White (Leanna)
EuroDance Group


Move To The Rhythm (1996)

Move To The Rhythm was featured on Portuguese compilation Dance Mania 96.



White (Ron)
EuroDance Group



Fly Like An Eagle (1990)
Heartache (1993)
Keep On Running (1996)

Ron's first single was entitled Fly Like An Eagle (a cover of a song originally released by the Steve Miller Band) and was released in 1990 under German label Eurostar.

Keep On Running was released under Dutch label Zavoy Records. It was arranged and written by Ron White himself and Didi Hamann, Mario Slijngaard, producer by Didi Hamann and Mario Slijngaard, mastered by Maarten De Boer.



White Widow
EuroTrance Group



I Love The World (1997)
Another World (1997)
Spy (9th Dec 1998)
I Am Leaving You (2005)

I Love The World was produced and mixed by Wim Perdaen, Alex D'hont, Heith Burton, and Patrick De Meyer. It featured the voice of Ashley Joy. It was released under SUB Records / CNR Music.

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Who's Eddie
EuroDance Group



Take Me Up (1996)
Hot Stuff (Jun 1998)

Who's Eddie are the Molloy family : three sisters (Dara, Orla and Jacqui) and one brother (Keith), with backing band. Take Me Up was released under UK Polydor. Hot Stuff was produced by Phil Harding & Ian Curnow

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EuroDance Group



Don't Give It Up (1995)
Holiday (1998)

Whykiky (sometimes spelled Whykiki) featured a female vocalist called Cristina. The vinyl of Don't Give It Up contained 4 versions: Original mix, Reggae mix, Club mix and Radio mix. It was produced and arranged by A. Bertapelle and G. Soemi, written by A. Bertapelle and B. Rosellini, mixed by A. Bertapelle at Dr. Albert's Studio (Italy). It was released in 1995 under the label Great Dance Records.

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Wicked and Wild Records
EuroDance Company




Wicked Rhythm Records
EuroDance Company


Italian label.



EuroDance Group



Black Velvet ()
Runaway ()
Gimme Love Again (1st May 1993)
Victim (11th Sep 1993)
Only One (1994)
You Came (1994)
Come Into My Life (17th Feb 1995)
Future (14th Jun 1995)
In The Name Of Love (9th Sep 1997)
Little Angela (12th Feb 1998)
Fire On The Moon (8th Jun 1998)
Looking For Love (8th Dec 1998)
Tell Me What To Do (22nd Oct 1999)
I Can Hear Your Heartbeat (1st Aug 2000)
Kind Of Magic (6th May 2008)
One Vision (6th May 2008)
Here Comes The Rain (2nd Dec 2008)
Only You (9th Dec 2008)
Situation (9th Dec 2008)
Invisible Touch (9th Dec 2008)
Searchin (9th Dec 2008)
Stand Back (21st Jan 2009)
Edge Of Seventeen (28th Apr 2018)

Records company :   SAIFAM Publishing Group (label 21st Century)

There were several female vocalists taking part to this projects : among them, Annerly Gordon for the first hits (Victim, Only One, You Came). Fire On The Moon was a cover of a song originally sung by Aleph. I Can Hear Your Heartbeat is a cover of a song by Chris Rea.

Wienna's official biography described the frontlady as a great music fan who always bought records since she was a kid. The first time she sung was at a party in Portobello Road, the area where she lived for two years while she was studying English. This was due to pure chance in 1992. The P.R. of the club asked her to performance for 4 week-ends. She enjoyed the feeling of singing that she decided that it was the thing for her, and she has continued that profession ever since.  Travelling around the world, she saw that Italian producers were very appreciated, especially for the commercial dance and so, coming back to Italy, where she nowadays lives, she tried to meet the producers Farina and Crivellente. This is how she became an artist of SAIFAM Publishing Group.

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Wienna biography on SAIFAM website



Wild Card
EuroDance Group



Get Back (1994)

This German project, also known as Wildcard, features the voice of Chantal. The single was released under the label Wow. The vinyl contained 3 different tracks : Can You Feel The Magic and Get Back were excellent eurodance tracks. Wild Love was RnB.

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Wild Pink
EuroDance Group



Stay On These Roads (1995)

Spanish eurodance act that was arranged by J.C. Solá, Mario Abad and Una O’Connor. Single Stay On These Roads (A-Ha's cover hit) included on B-Side track Sweet Babe. Label: Prodisc.

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Wild (Tanya)
EuroDance Group



I Remember My Life (1994)

The single I Remember My Life was produced, arranged and mixed by Gianni Bragante & Michele Morabito at Music Design Studio (Italy). Sound Engineer was the B.V.M. Team. Label: Meet Records

Thanks to Klems, Gianni and EuroRama



Wilde (Phil)
EuroDance Producer



It's A Loving Thing (2011)
Redemption (10th Feb 2012)
Straight To My Heart (19th Oct 2012)
Out Tonight (Nov 2012)
I Need To Know (7th Dec 2012)
Take Me To Your Rhythm (16th Jan 2018)

Producer of the group 2 Unlimited, Def Dames Dope and for CB Milton, he also contributed to AB Logic.

Phil Wilde started his career as a professional DJ in the late 80's. From there, he worked his way up as a songwriter and producer. Together with Peter Bauwens he formed their music company Soundsational Productions & Songs. It was the start of a successful career with best known productions and songwriting credits include several international Pop hits and albums for 2 Unlimited, Def Dames Dope and CB Milton. Songs like No Limit, Tribal Dance, Wanna Get Up all list Phil as both songwriter and producer. Commercial successes have always been his specialty, as built up a long list of hits in Europe and abroad. He also has done several remixes for groups like Technotronic and Soulsister, among others. Space Jam, the film, also credits him as producer and writer for the song Get Ready For This, which was used in the movie. Not only producing pop hits, but also adult contemporary or R& B projects.

After many successful years Soundsational still keeps with the time and continues to have a great deal of susses both domestically and internationally. Many newborn projects and artists like The Oh!, Kate Ryan, MDiva & Infini-T are constantly the results of Phil & Peter hard working.

2005 : Phil Wilde co-produced with AJ Duncan some tracks of DJ Bobo's album Pirates Of Dance.

2012 : Phil released a single in collaboration with Toby Traxx entitled Redemption. It was featured on Kontor House Of House Vol. 14.

Soundsational webpage

Artists and groups featuring Wilde (Phil)

2 Unlimited - Faces (1993), Get Ready For This (1991), Let The Beat Control Your Body (1994), Maximum Overdrive (1993), No Limit (1993), Nothing Like The Rain (1995), The Magic Friend (1992), The Real Thing (1994), Twilight Zone (1992), Workaholic (1992)
AB Logic - Get Up (Move Boy Move) (1992), The Album (album) (1992)
Black Kiss - Orgasm (1988)
CB Milton - It's A Loving Thing (1994), No One Else (1993), Open Your Heart (1994), Send Me An Angel (1993)
Def Dames Dope - Ain't Nothin To It (1993), Don't Be Silly (1994), Feel Free (1995), Full Time Lover (1994), Having A Good Time (1993), It's OK, All Right (1992), Join The Party (1996), Out Of My Mind (1994), Show Me What U Got (1995), Take Your Time (1995)
Ironic Beat - Move On, Groove On (1995)
Michele - Love Is History (1994)
Pearl (3) - Go Higher (1996)
Sylver - Why (2006)



Wilds (Rachel)
EuroDance Group



By Your Side (1997)
What's Going On (1997)

Executive producer for By Your Side was Carlos Cáceres. It was written by C. Cáceres and I. Malavia. Label : Glass Records

Second single What's Going On was written and composed by Rachel Wilds herself, mixed by Louis M'Bomio, produced and arranged by Louis M'Bomio and Rachel Wilds.

Thanks to Gianni



EuroDance Group



2 Become 1 (28th Jan 1998)

1.2 Become 1, 2.In My Arms, 3.Dance Into The Light, 4.My Body (Special duet with Cristina Dori), 5.When I Hear You, 6.One Of Us, 7.Love Makes Me Higher (with Tameka), 8.New Light (Special duet with Cristina Dori), 9.I Wanna See The Sun, 10.2 Become 1 (Alviz House Mix), 11.In My Arms (Factory Team Mix), 12.Wildside's Megamix,


Love Makes Me High (8th May 1993)
New Light (1994)
My Body (7th Jan 1994)
Heartbeat (Be My Baby) (18th Sep 1995)
I Wanna See The Sun (1996)
One Of Us (21st May 1996)
Dance Into The Light (10th Dec 1996)
2 Become 1 (28th May 1997)
In My Arms (30th Sep 1997)
Open My Door (13th Jul 1998)
Take A Chance (12th Jan 1999)
Nothing To Loose (14th Jun 1999)
Babe I Love Your Way (5th Oct 1999)
In My Heart In My Soul (11th May 2000)
Queen Of Love (2001)
Forever Forever Forever (11th Jan 2001)
The Winner Takes It All (Feb 2002)
Irresistiblement (26th Feb 2002)
Superstar (10th Mar 2004)
I'll Be Your Light (2006)
Qué Será Será (15th Jul 2008)
Kisses Of Fire (22nd Jul 2008)
I Surrender (To The Spirit Of The Light) (26th Nov 2008)
I Believe (24th Dec 2008)
Heaven Is A Place On Earth (5th Feb 2009)
Speed Japan (6th Mar 2009)
Take A Chance On Me (1st Apr 2009)
Nothing's Gonna Stop Me Now (8th Apr 2009)
I Know There's Something Going On (10th Jun 2009)
Freak The Freak Out (9th Jul 2011)
I Will Never Let You Down (15th Jul 2014)
Easy Lady (28th Oct 2014)
Body On Me (10th Oct 2015)
Here With Me (1st May 2019)
I Don't Wanna Lose You Tonight (22nd Jun 2019)
Because You Loved Me (29th Feb 2020)
Cuz I Love You (21st Apr 2020)

Wildside was created by SAIFAM Publishing Group. First Wildside single Love Makes Me High featured Livin' Joy vocalist Tameka Starr. She was credited and her face even appeared on the record's sleeve. The same year, a duet with MCD entitled Give Me Your Love was released.

Then came single My Body in 1994. It was written by M. Artusi, A. Stecca and D. Cirelli and featured vocals by Barbara Evans. Next single New Light was out in the same year. It was produced by brothers Fabrizio and Marcello Smania with R. Stecca and vocals were probably done by Cristina Dori.

In 1995, Wildside released 2 singles : Heartbeat (Be My Babe) (written by F. Serra, M. Farina and R. Stecca, probably featuring raps by TH Express rapper Ramses) and I Wanna See The Sun produced and written by F. Turatti and M. Farina.

In 1996, they decided to stop recording original songs and to start making covers. In May, One Of Us (Joan Osborne cover) was released. It was licensed in many countries such as UK, Australia and Spain. Then came Phil Collins' cover Dance Into The Light featuring Thomas (actually Vittorio Fraja ).

In 1997, Spice Girls cover 2 Become 1 was released. A performers duet (Italian male dancer Willy and Russian female dancer Tatj) was hired for live appearances and sleeves pics. The group kept on expanding the repertoire, this time with original songs (In My Arms, Open My Door, Take A Chance), and in September 1997 they released their first and only album 2 Become 1.

In 2001 Wildside released a track entitled Queen Of Love, for once not under the 21st Century label. It also appeared on the Dance On The Web 8 compilation.

2002 : after many artists including E-rotic, Wildside released a cover of Abba's hit The Winner Takes It All.

Afterwards, they recorded many tracks for the Japanese market that were featured on the Dancemania compilations : Heaven Is A Place On Earth, My Sweet Darlin', A Thousand Miles, Speed Japan, Santa Claus Is Comin' To Town, Irresistiblement, Asereje (featured by DJ Speedo)...

No relation with glam rock quintet Wildside.

SAIFAM Website
Thanks to Thomas Spiegel, Bubblegumdancer and grof pl.

Artists and groups featuring Wildside

DJ Speedo - Asereje (2009), Santa Claus Is Comin' To Town (2008)



Wilgrove (Douglas)
EuroDance Producer


Douglas John Wilgrove (also known as Bongo) was born on the 19th March 1955. He came to Germany with the British army. He contributed as producer to the projects Bongo Beat (in collaboration with Triple M), GE Con-X-ion, and Samira.

During the 80s he did a duo with Bruce Hammond Earlam called Bruce & Bongo. Together they released the very successful single Geil (which stayed #1 during 4 weeks). Their following single Heigh Ho and French Foreign Legion did not have the same success and it was the end of the group. In 1999 he re-released Geil, this time featuring the rapper Tony T but the success was very moderate.

Thanks to Tristan Fabian

Artists and groups featuring Wilgrove (Douglas)

Bongo Beat - Do What You Want (1993)
GE Con-X-ion - Gotta Have The Music (1995)
Samira - Love Train (1995), When I Look Into Your Eyes (1994)
Slam - We Get Around (1994)



EuroDance Group



Stay (24th May 1994)

This project is produced by Toni Cottura and Bülent Aris. All tracks were written by B. Aris & T. Cottura
produced, mixed & arranged by Mr "B" for LR at Studio 23 Hamburg, Germany. Vocal instructor was Debbi Cole, raps were done by T.C. Vocals engineer was S. Souder. Assistant engineer was G. Gasperino. It was recorded at Platinum Island, NYC USA

Thanks to Alexandre Sobrino



Williams (Courtney)
EuroDance Member


Songwriter, drummer and rapper Courtney Dean St Patrick Williams is one of the members of eurodance project L.O.F.T.. He was born in Kingston on November 16th 1960 and did his studies in Kingston College and in University of Maryland.

In 2005, he played drums and did backing vocals on Marianne Faithfull's‎ Live In Hollywood.

In 2008, he contributed to Marianne Faithfull's Before The Poison album.

Artists and groups featuring Williams (Courtney)

Loft - Free Me (1995), Hold On (1993), Long John Silver (1997), Love Can't Be Wrong (2005), Love Is Magic (1994), Mallorca (1996), Still No1 (2004), Wake The World (1994)



Williams (Georgia)
EuroDance Group



Keep It Up (1994)

Label : Dig It International



Williams (Loree)
EuroDance Group



I Keep Loving You (10th Sep 1994)
Gimme Your Love (18th Nov 1996)

Records Company : Union Records. Loree was described as a fascinating and mysterious dancer, model and animator in clubs from Latvian origins. At 15, she attended a modern dance course. After studying 5 years she performed in many shows and toured in Malaysia, Singapore and Germany. In the meanwhile she discovered her passion for singing, this hobby she alternates to fashion and advertising modelling. She came to Italy on tour with her new dance show, which had such a really great impact and success that her stay in this country was prolonged. This how she "fell in love" with Italy, deciding to learn Italian and staying there definitely.

She travelled and worked around the country as an animator for the most trendy clubs with the most important agencies. In a club, she met Lorenzo Carpella, member of the Union Records team, along with Roby Arduini, Antonio Puntillo, Pagany and Max Persona, who had the idea of creating a project around her.

I Keep Loving You was composed and written by M. Persona, L. Carpella and L. Johnson. The CD contained a D-Floorfiller Mix, an Original Mix, Extended Mix, a Rhythm Authority "Touch" Trax and an Accappella version. It was released in September 1994 in Italy, and in Germany under Marlboro Music / IDE in November.

The follow-up single Gimme Your Love was released under the label Lips. The executive producer was Roby Arduini for Union srl. It was written by M. Persona and L. Carpella, produced by Max Persona, arranged and recorded by L. De Preti and Max Persona, mixed by Max Persona at Union studios.

Loree Williams biography on SAIFAM website
Thanks to Klems



Williams (Martha)
EuroDance Group



Don't Leave Me This Way (1994)
Your Loving Arms (1995)

Thelma Houston cover Don't Leave Me This Way was released in 1994 under Discomagic records. Your Loving Arms was released in 1995 under label Power Fly. According to rumors, vocals were done by Liliana Bancolini

Thanks to Andrew-FK



Williams (Michael)
EuroDance Member



Show Me What You Got (Apr 2015)
Catching Feelings (Nov 2017)

Rapper Michael William is also known as Mike Williams, Split Image, Ameer, MC Flash. He was born in Mobile, Alabama (USA). He grew up with four brothers and sisters in a teacher's family. As he was 12 years old, a trumpeter performing at the Gong Show attracted his attention : he enjoyed it so much that he started learning to play the trumpet… He studied at the University of Southern Mississippi and became a music teacher. From his first salary he bought a flugelhorn. When he joined the Army in New York, he came to Germany and toured all over Europe with the Military Music Choir. He was spotted by producer Frank Farian and became a member of The Touch project.

He was rapper for the eurodance projects First Base (as MC Flash), Get The Real Power (In The Heat Of The Night on which he appeared as rapper a Split Image and as songwriter as Mike Williams), Stereotype (And The Beat Goes On also as Split Image), Body Parts (Without You) and MDM (Go Jam Hot as MC Flash).

He joined Terry Dean to create project Fresh'n'Funky. They scored hits such as Fresh'n'Funky, Shades of Blue or Rock Pop Soul Funk Forever (Top 40 radio hit and top video on MTV Germany) and released an album entitled Mission Funky.

Meanwhile, he was a member of eurorap trio Poetry'n'Motion, along with Bryan Sanders and Garland Hatten. Their first single Come And Get It was released in 1993, then came Romeo & Juliet in 1997, which entered Top 40 Airplay and Top 40 Sales charts, as well as MTV Select top 20 Video hit. The group was selected to be on the Puff Daddy & The Family European Tour, but the tour was suddenly cancelled... After 2 more singles in 1998 (Georgy Porgy and What You Want), they split.

Under his real name or as Ameer, he apperead on trance and house projects such as Bossi (Time To Make The Floor Burn), Cosmic Gate (The Truth) in 2002, Souxsoul (Dive) and Rawsoul Orchestra (Everyday). He contributed to Sash's album Trilenium (he rapped on Rock The Block).

2003 : Mike won the Gong Show in Germany.

2004 : he was featured on Russian singer Olga Pozdniakovska' single Romeo & Juliet, where he performed a lot of Poetry'n'Motion raps in new style.

2005 : along with Annabell K and Vanessa Ekpenyong, he contributed to project Giants Club. They released album Das Beste Aus HITGIGANTEN (besed on the German show on Sat 1).

2010 : in October, he represented The United States in the ARTDance Youth Music Festival in Vladivostok, Russia.

2015 : he collaborated with Torsten Abrolat, Anthony Freeman and singer Gerald G on single Show Me What You Got, to be released on stage name Michael Ameer.

2017 : he was featured, along with Bithard, by Sakhe on single Our Tbilisi City. The same year, he created project The Radio Killaz in collaboration with Chris Sauer (Pharao), and released single Catching Feelings featuring Lynsey-Jodi Schaefer aka Buddy.

He currently lives in Frankfurt, Germany. He hosts The Club Warm Up Radio Show on Antenne Frankfurt and Antenne Kaiserslautern.

Thanks to Necronomic

Artists and groups featuring Williams (Michael)

Bossi - Time To Make The Floor Burn (1998)
Cosmic Gate - The Truth (2002)
First Base - Can You Keep A Secret ? (1997), Love is Paradise (1995)
Fresh 'N' Funky - Fresh 'N' Funky (1997), Pop Rock Soul Funk Forever (1996), Shades Of Blue (1997)
Get The Real Power - In The Heat Of The Night (1995)
Olga - Romeo & Juliet (2004)
Sam Leon - Just Want You (2014)
Stereotype - And The Beat Goes On (1994)
Try 'NB - Ding Dong (1993)



Williams (Richard)
EuroDance Member


Richard Wayne Williams was born in Kingston, Jamaica. He studied in Kingston college. Along with his brother Courtney, he came to Germany with the US-Army in 1988. They took part to reggae liveband Umascus. He took part as rapper and songwriter to eurodance project LOFT.

2012 : Along with Michael Kassner, Richard did raps on Experience Of Music's single Beach Party. Courtney and Richard Williams will release a euro-reggae single entitled Love Will Be Forever for July under label Sounds United Records.

2014 : he died last Spring unexpectedly on sudden illness as he was only 51.

Artists and groups featuring Williams (Richard)

Experience Of Music - Beach Party (2012)
Loft - Free Me (1995), Hold On (1993), Long John Silver (1997), Love Can't Be Wrong (2005), Love Is Magic (1994), Mallorca (1996), Still No1 (2004), Wake The World (1994)



EuroDance Member


Stage performer for the Wildside project.

Willy was born in Italy. Both studied singing and classical/modern dance since they he was a child. When Willy was fourteen years old, he started working as a dancer in the clubs. He started his career as the male half of Wildside in 1993.

Willy has blue-green eyes. He plays sax, loves black culture, soul music and English writers. Willy plays basket ball. Il adores his dog, so much that he takes him everywhere he goes and he collects hats for him ! He also likes eating pizzas and drinking coca.



Wilson (June)
EuroDance Member

June Wilson was vocalist for the German eurodance project Cool Passion. She appeared on the single Partyzone, along with the rapper Eric Singleton.

Thanks to Necronomic.



Wilson (Marc)
EuroDance Group



Taste of Luv ()
Locomotion (26th Sep 1994)
Feel My Body (24th May 1996)
C'est La Vie (3rd Feb 1997)
Make My Day (16th Feb 1998)

Marc (or Mak) Wilson was born in Lagos. He started off his music career at an early age and was at a time in the high school the president of the musical society. After gettinig his diploma in a professional school in business administration, he left Nigeria to go to Germany. At first he had to do little jobs such as dish washing as kitchen help, then he worked himself up to an export manager in a computer company.

He signed a record deal with German label Town Records. He recorded Jack the city boy which was finally not released. Single Locomotion included 2 tracks as B-side : Dance With Friends and Waltz Of Tekno. Songs were produced by G. Coach, recorded and mixed by B. Getz. The female vocals on Locomotion were recorded by Melanie Thornton's, even if she was not credited on the sleeve.

This first single was followed by 2 others : Feel My Body (including a B-side called Jack The City Boy), C'est La Vie (written and composed by Markc Wilson himself, with Kurt Hierols and Marco Besler, featuring the background vocalists Kathryn Troyer and Andrea Kreis). Due to bad promotion, single did not sell well, so Marc quit the label.

Then he got signed under independent label Manifold/Compile music to release Make My Day (including a Radio Mix, a Original Club Mix, an Extended Dance Mix and a MMM-Mix). It was included on a Japanese compilation selling over 250000 copies. But this did not bring Marc the recognition he deserved, so he left the records company.

Then he released song Ezumbale under alias Lalit under a friend's independent records company Jakay Records. Song was rated # 8 in Mallorca international chart and rated with 5 stars by Bravo Magazine. Then Marc did a pause.

2010 : he was back with a new style, Afro Pop. His new song was entitled Isi Ebube and it was a collaboration with singer Charlotte Williams.

2014 : he was featured on God Bless the Children eponymous single, a charity song dedicated to the over 300 abducted Chibok girls.

Thanks to David Nivin "Captain DJ" and Klems

Artists and groups featuring Wilson (Marc)

God Bless the Children - God Bless the Children (2014)



Wilson (Peter)
HiNRG Group



Follow Me (8th Oct 2007)

1.In My Dreams, 2.Follow Me, 3.Doin' Fine, 4.Best Years Of My Life, 5.Seven Sins, 6.Your Love Is My Light, 7.Wait By The Radio, 8.High On It, 9.I Love You Unashamed, 10.Don't Cry Tonight, 11.Chemical Reaction, 12.Love's Slipping (Through My Fingers), 13.Don't Go Away, 14.Best Love You Never Had, 15.Whisper To A Scream, 16.Rocket To Your Heart, 17.I Wanna Dance (2007 Remix), 18.I Love You Unashamed (Willie2400 Remix),

Stereo (2011)

Laser Light (2012)

Pulsation (2013)

1.Lonely Is The Night, 2.Pulsation, 3.I Should Have Known Better, 4.Love Is On The Line, 5.What Goes Around Comes Around, 6.I Still Call Your Name, 7.Unconditional, 8.I'm Alive, 9.Building A Bridge To Your Heart, 10.Crying In The Rain, 11.Crazy Beautiful, 12.Here I Go Impossible Again, 13.Dangerous,

Utopia (17th Aug 2015)

1.Heart In Motion, 2.Before My Very Eyes, 3.Where Were You Last Night, 4.Totally Yours, 5.For The Very First Time, 6.I'm Wearing Your Sweater, 7.The Game Of Love, 8.I Don't Wanna See You Cry, 9.Get Outta My Life, 10.Promises, 11.Turn To Stone, 12.The Better Part Of Me, 13.Doing What They Said Can't Be Done, 14.Another Night, 15.Utopia,

Overdrive (19th Jan 2017)

1.Hold You Tight, 2.Brokenhearted, 3.Take A Chance On Loving You, 4.Overdrive, 5.Midnight Lover, 6.In The Distance, 7.Shadows Of The Night, 8.Systematic, 9.Love Me Tonight, 10.Together Alone, 11.Anxiety, 12.Satellites, 13.I Just Wanna Turn Back Time, 14.Never In A Million Years, 15.Love Into Action, 16.Seven Days, 17.Sharper Than A Knife, 18.Brokenhearted (Italoconnection Remix), 19.Satellites (Pete Hammond Station To Station Mix), 20.Systematic (Matt Pop Jack Love And House Mix), 21.Last Man Standing (Parralox feat. Peter Wilson), 22.The Scene Of The Crime,

The Passion And The Flame (6th Jul 2018)

1.Careless Nights, 2.Diamond Eyes, 3.Angel Of Love, 4.Take Me Over, 5.Don't Throw It All Away, 6.No Sadness No Regret, 7.Kiss The Sky, 8.Surrender, 9.Border Of Devotion, 10.Until The Day, 11.Verona, 12.Angel In Disguise, 13.Every Day Every Night, 14.Whenever You Want Me, 15.Like Dynamite,

The Passion And The Flame (6th Jul 2018)

1.Careless Nights (Flashback Ri-Mix), 2.Verona (RetroTeque Retro Remix), 3.Kiss The Sky (Italoconnection Remix), 4.Shadows Of The Night (Italoconnection Extended Play), 5.I Just Wanna Turn Back Time (Marco Di Luna Space Of Time Remix), 6.Until The Day (Extended Version), 7.No Sadness No Regret (Extended Version), 8.Never In A Million Years (Luke La Barre Linn Mix), 9.Every Day Every Night (Extended Version), 10.Doing What They Said Can't Be Done (Dub),

Change Of Heart (Sep 2019)

1.Take Me To The Sun, 2.Never Let A Good Love Die, 3.Don't Break My Heart Again, 4.Take A Little Time, 5.Change Of Heart, 6.The Touch, 7.All I Want Is You, 8.Don't Call Me Angel, 9.Calling Out My Name, 10.Grand Finale,

Change Of Heart (6th Sep 2019)

1.Another One To Love, 2.Addicted To Your Heartbeat, 3.In The Arms Of A Stranger, 4.I Don't Wanna Dance, 5.Something In Your Eyes, 6.Emptiness Remains, 7.Soli Nella Notte, 8.All I Wanna Do, 9.Just Can't Stop My Heart, 10.Light In The Dark, 11.Goodbye,


I Wanna Dance (7th Mar 1994)
Move (16th Dec 1994)
Into The Night (Oct 1995)
Endless Summer Days (1997)
Mama Told Me (15th Feb 1999)
Intoxicated vs Matt Pop (2010)
Stereo (2011)
Twenty Four Seven (Part 1) (2011)
Take Me As I Am (2012)
When Love Is Said And Done (2012)
Laser Light (2012)
Broken Man (2012)
Crazy Beautiful (2013)
What Goes Around Comes Around (2013)
Lonely Is The Night (2014)
Unconditional (2014)
I'm Alive (2014)
Love Is On The Line (2014)
Pistol In My Pocket (with Jason Buchanan) (2015)
I Don't Wanna See You Cry (2015)
For The Very First Time (2015)
Doing What They Said Can't Be Done (14th Feb 2016)
The Game Of Love (5th May 2016)
Hold You Tight (24th Nov 2016)
Shadows Of The Night (2017)
Never In A Million Years (9th Mar 2017)
Overdrive (9th Mar 2017)
I Just Wanna Turn Back Time (13th Jul 2017)
Anxiety (26th Oct 2017)
Careless Nights (11th May 2018)
Verona (16th Aug 2018)
Diamond Eyes (23rd Nov 2018)
Don't Break My Heart Again (Jul 2019)

Peter Wilson was born March 9th 1973 in Melbourne, Australia. When his 3 first singles were released in Australia, he was 21 years old. The first single was I Wanna Dance, produced by David Wilks which reached #40 in the charts in 1994.

The second single should have been called Feelin' Hot. But, since his management did not agree on some contract terms with David Wilks, the single was put aside. Instead, he recorded a cover of Something's Missing In My Life, originally sung by Marcia Hines. But once again, the label refused the song, so it finally turned out to be Move, produced by Paul Carmody, released at the end of the same year. Peter has very bad memories from the recording of this single : "I still think if Feelin' Hot was the single, it would have been a bigger hit. Instead I released a song I didn't like, worked with a producer I never meshed with, did a photoshoot and single cover I hated". It reached #60 in the charts and getting a lot of airplay.

The third single Into The Night (a cover of the Benny Madones) was the most successful, peaking to #13. A video was shot in 5 hours for the single.

"It was a great time and I learned a lot, but it certainly had it's share of difficult times" he explains. He got tired of his managements choices and orders, but was linked by a contract he could not break and a dispute started with them. "After my first 3 singles, reality started to sink in. I learned to take responsibilty for decisions I made, and not to make those decisions without thinking. I basically realised I was in a contract I didn't want to be in" Peter tells. This explains there was a pause of 2 years after the single Into The Night.

He started recording music again 2001. After a couple of false starts with some producers and labels he finally teamed with the UK dance label Klone records.

2007 : Peter Wilson released 2 songs (I Love You Unashamed and Follow Me) featured on the Klone records compilation Mad About The Boy 14 and the feedback was good. Then 3 more of his songs (Doin' Fine which was co-written with Frank Farian, Best Love You Never Had and Don't Cry Tonight) were included on the next one Mad About The Boy 15, released in April 2007. This is how Klone records became the record company which released his solo album Follow Me in October. "In the end I decided not to include the early singles, but I made one exception when we found the original vocals of I Wanna Dance", Peter explains. At the release party, Peter performed for the first time in 12 years...

Peter Wilson created the team T1 Productions in January together with Chris Richards. They wrote for Sinitta, Dusty O, Ernest Kohl, Pianoman, produced Tabitha Turlington, and Carol Jiani's last album This Is Me, which should be out in 2008.

The compilation Mad About The Boy 16 should be released in January in the UK, and will feature remixes of some of Peter's album tracks.

Thanks to Eurodance Rage and Klems
Peter Wilson official website



Wilson (Ricky)
EuroDance Group



Please Forgive Me (1993)
People Have The Power (1993)
More And More (Remix'93) (1993)
Light My Fire (1993)
Human Touch (1995)
Ghost Dance (1995)

Label : Discomagic. People Have The Power was a cover of Patti Smith's classic. More And More was a cover of Captain Hollywood Project's hit, featuring female vocals by Annerly Gordon.

Thanks to Andrew-FK

Artists and groups featuring Wilson (Ricky)

Cadeo Fanny - Another Chance (1993)



Wilson (Wendy)
EuroDance Group



Life Is A Game (6th Oct 1993)

Life Is A Game was written by Enrico Calebich, Fausto Toscani, Giorgio Bonardi and Paolo Paternuosto, arranged and mixed by Ivan Gechele and Luigi Stanga. The team thanked Ida. Label : Why Records



Wilson-James (Victoria)
EuroDance Group



Perseverance (1991)

1.Through, 2.Bright Lights, 3.One World, 4.2nd Nature, 5.Angel Calling, 6.Woman Of Colours, 7.Perseverance Works, 8.Rest Of Your Life, 9.Future World, 10.Works (Instrumental), 11.Through (Classic Club Mix),

Colorfields (1997)

1.Find The Child (Dream Child Edit), 2.We Know Who We Are (Mr. C Progressive Mix Edit), 3.Colorfields (Radiating (Original) Version), 4.U Can't Hide, 5.Reach 4 The Melody (Alex Party Radio Edit), 6.Surrender (Datura Mix/Album Version), 7.Spectacular, 8.The Equation, 9.Happiness, 10.Movin' On (Original Version), 11.Open Ocean, 12.Reality (Ms V. 'Don't Worry' Edit), 13.Movin' On (Kumo Mix), 14.Reach 4 The Melody ('On Samba Trip' Remix),

Indestructible - The Complete VWJ (26th Mar 2007)

1.Through (Soul II Soul Mix), 2.Woman Of Colours (Soul II Soul Mix), 3.Whatcha Gonna Do (Third Ear Mix), 4.Rest Of Your Life (Soul II Soul Mix), 5.Good Vibrations (Third Ear Mix), 6.The Journey (Brooke & Trans Mix), 7.Swim With The Dolphins (Ralph Falcon Mix), 8.No Fear (Third Ear Mix), 9.Bright Lights (Nellee Hooper / Soul II Soul Mix), 10.Music Of Life (Rontom / Professor Stretch Mix), 11.Time 2 Stop Running (Mike McEvoy / Ernie McKone Mix), 12.Movin' On (Third Ear Mix), 13.Act Like That (Loot Mix), 14.Change My Life (Loot Remix), 15.Thoughts Of You (Barry Bee Mix), 16.I'll Be Your Friend,

Indestructible - The Complete VWJ (26th Mar 2007)

1.Reality (Basement Boys Mix), 2.Transcendental Rhythm (Chad Jackson Mix), 3.The Equation (Murk Mix), 4.Find The Child (Rontom / Professor Stretch Mix), 5.Change My Life (Ocean Bloem Mix), 6.Crash Landed (DAX Mix), 7.Circles Of Love (Mr. C Mix), 8.Fly Away (Interlude Mix), 9.Share Our Lives (Bhooka & T-Bone Mix), 10.Dare To Dream (Bhooka & T-Bone Mix), 11.Reach 4 The Melody (Boris Dlugosch Clubbers Vocal Edit), 12.Spellbound (Barry B Mix), 13.Yo' Freek (Soul-Tek Bella Lugosi Mix), 14.Find The Child (Indigo Crystal Child Mix), 15.I Need Someone (Ralph Falcon Mix),


Through (1991)
Boogie Wonderland (1993)
Reach 4 The Melody (1995)
Find The Child (1996)
Fandango (Oct 2000)
Yo' Freek (2007)


Find The Child (1996)

Victoria attended the Los Angeles Academy of Theatre Arts and the prestigious Phil Moore Singers Workshop in Hollywood, Ca. Often nicknamed "The Glamazon" by the British press for her extravagance ang powerful stage presence, her repertoire spans from her numerous recordings ranging from heart-wrenching torch songs to gloriously infused global dance floor anthems.

Victoria's first major breakthrough was the Soul II Soul’s chart topping hit A Dream’s A Dream. Her performance in the band's World Tour that followed received rave reviews. The Village Voice praised her performance as a combination of Katherine Hepburn and Michael Jordan.

In 1991, following the success of her role with Soul II Soul, Victoria released her debut solo album, Perseverance which yielded the top 5 U.S. Billboard hit Through and boasted remixes by Frankee Knuckles and David Morales. Reach 4 The Melody, beautiful eurodance track taken from her sophomore solo album Colourfields was produced by Alex Party and remixed by Boris Dlugosch, once again topped dance charts around the world.

Victoria became co- front person for techno-pop band The Shamen, along side DJ Mr.C and through her tenure of 6 years, provided banging vocals on several of their hits including Destination Eschaton and Trans Amazonia until the band’s amicable split in 1999, and shortly thereafter featured on Circles of Love, on Mr.C's first solo album.

Victoria returned to her love of musical theatre, appearing in the UK musicals Oh What A Night!, Purlie, and Lush Life. She co-starred in her 1st UK film entitled The Road to Damascus directed by Academy Award winner Chris Munro.

She was featured on Superchumbo's dance global anthem The Revolution, then contributed to Avitas' world beat album A Course in Miracles. Victoria collaborated with Ralph Falcon from Miami based super duo Murk for the glorious Café Mambo 2005 on a track entitled Swim.

2007, she teamed once again with Ralph Falcon on their smash hit I Need Someone which stayed in the Billboard Club Play chart for 16 weeks and peaked at #2.

Thanks to Apho
Victoria Wilson-James at Myspace

Artists and groups featuring Wilson-James (Victoria)

Bhooka & T-Bone - Dare To Dream (2004)
Mr. C - Circles Of Love (2002)
Ralph Falcon - I Need Someone (2007)
Soul II Soul - A Dream’s A Dream (1985)
The Shamen - Destination Eschaton, Trans Amazonia



Wincent (Patrik)
EuroDance Member


Rapper and lyrics writer for the group Look Twice, Patrik Wincent also worked as rapper for the project X:Tend.

He was born the 19th of August 1974. He grew up in Malmö and lives in Stockholm nowadays. His mother is originally from Poland and his father is Swedish. He has a 8 year old son named Elias, which he has every other week. He is a practitioner of meditation, which he performs everyday. He likes Yoga, 5 rhytms, AUM meditation, Sweatlodge (shaman tradition) and basically everything that has to do with ”mental training”. He is today a certified life coach and therapeut. He loves movies and has a big Cinema theatre in his house. His favorite actor is Morgan freeman, Philip Seymour Hoffman, Tommy Lee Jones. His alltime favorite movie is "August rush". He likes eating special homemade hotdogs and pancakes. Hel is also a runner and ahs been running the ”maraton” several times.

1997 : he studyed Film at Stockholm Culture College. 

2000 : Patrik started working together with Chrizz from Flexx. They did the Look Twice album 3 Is A Crowd together. Meanwhile, he became a gyminstructor and worked for ”Friskis & Svettis” during 4 years.

2004 : Patrik started his sales career and became working for ”Gula tidningen” selling ads for the magazine. He became very successful within a short period of time.

2005 : he started working as a account manager on MTV Networks, and became very successful in within the business life.

2007 : Patrik worked as an account manager at Discovery Channel.

2008-2009: Patrik continued within the business area becoming a coach and helping other salesguys developing their skills and targets. He worked then for Langesales.

2009: Patrik started his own company and are today a therapeut, coach and travels around the world to inspire people by speaking. Patrik is offering teambuilding sessions, leadership development training and coaching people.

2010: Patrik is today still cocaching people and running his business but is also involved with the new release of Look Twice.


Projects using Patrik Wincent's raps

Look Twice
X:Tend - Tell Me and I Don't Care,
Trinity - Gotta Go
The S Project Feat. Def Syndicate & Patrick W. - Stones.

Thanks to Lé Cream

Artists and groups featuring Wincent (Patrik)

Look Twice - Do U Wanna Boogie (1996), Feel The Night (1995), Funk You Up (1997), Get Up (1997), Go Away (1995), Good Time (1993), Move That Body (1994), Mr Dance And Mr Groove (1994), Shake That Rump (1993), Slammin' Christmas (1993), That's The Way (I like it) (1995), We Will Rock You (1998)
Trinity - Gotta Go (1995)
X:Tend - Tell Me (1994)



Winter (Leslie)
EuroDance Group



Different World (1997)

Spanish dance act produced by Félix Fernández González. It released the single Different World in 1997. It was recorded at Tecnicview Studios. Label : Max Music (Spain)

Thanks to Ulysses



EuroDance Group



Hands Of Fate (1996)
Sick Of Love (1996)
In Your Eyes (1997)

Wintermute is a project of Raul Remujo and Roberto Ropero. Second single Sick Of Love featured uncredited vocals by Isabel Moreno

Thanks to Abelito and Ulysses



Wisdom (Gillian)
EuroDance Member


Gillian Wisdom comes from London. She took part to N-Trance as female vocalist (Electronic Pleasure). She also co-wrote and produced tracks with Chuck Norman and did background vocals for Jimmy Somerville (album Manage the Damage). She also produced an album of the pianist Jessica Williams (Joyful Sorrow: A Solo Tribute to Bill Evans, released in 1999).

Artists and groups featuring Wisdom (Gillian)

Deep Breath - Be With Me (1997)
N-Trance - Electronic Pleasure (1995)
Spike Project - Positive Connection (1997)



With It Guys
EuroDance Group



Feel Alright (1991)
Let The Music Take Control (1993)
You And Me (1993)
My Sweet Liar (1994)
Sweet Love (1996)

With It Guys was a project to which contributed Media Records producers, composers and DJs Antonio Puntillo, Diego Leoni, Gianfranco Bortolotti, Gianpiero Viani, Luca Cittadini, Mauro Picotto, Max Aventino, Max Castrezzati, Pierre Feroldi, Roberto Arduini, Tiziano Giupponi and Valerio Gaffurini with various vocalists such as Shirley Lewis and Beverley Skeete. Singles were released under label Inside (a major sub-label of Media Records).

First single Feel Alright was an italo house song featuring Shirley Lewis (who contributed with many artists such as Elton John, George Michael, Rick Astley and Robert Miles to name a few) released in 1991. It also included a vocal sample taken from 2 Raw - Let's Get Crazy.

2 years later came single Let The Music Take Control. Song contained a sample from U2's famous hit New Years Day. It was licensed in the Netherlands under Media Records Benelux, maxi CD included an additional version : a Radio Mix. The same year, You And Me was released. Beverley Skeete was the female vocalist. It was licensed in Germany under ZYX, in Denmark under Mega Records and in Spain under Blanco Y Negro. A promo single was even released in Canada under Ha! Ha! Productions.

My Sweet Liar had the typical Cappella sound. On the Italian vinyl, title was wrongly spelled My Sweet Lier. It was licensed in the UK under label Activ, in the Netherlands under CNR Music, and in France under Sniper Records.

In 1996 came the last single Sweet Love, featuring vocals by Zeitia.



Without Face
EuroDance Group



Boy At Night ()
Never Be (1995)

Label : Outlab records / Reflex. Never Be was mixed by C. Esposito and DJ Gola, produced by DJ Carlo Vanni and DJ Gola, recorded and arranged by C. Esposito, written by C. Esposito, C. Paitoni and Jaguaree.

Not to be confused with the metal band of the same name which released the track Astronomicon in 2002.

Thanks to reBeL



Without Words
EuroDance Group



Back Again ()
Assyrian (1991)
Hamen (1991)
Time (1993)
Always And Forever (1996)

Producers : Bruno Guerrini & Sergio Nigro. Label : BWC Records.

Thanks to EuroBoy



Witteveen (Lucien)
EuroDance Producer



I'm A B-Bone (1987)

1.Don't Let The Music Stop, 2.Kings Of The Battle, 3.MC Miker G Here Is Howie, 4.This Is My Word, 5.Mc Miker G, 6.The Path, 7.Hit The Castle, 8.My Body Energized '87, 9.Don't Let The Music Stop (12 Inch Mix),

Flexible Movements (1990)

1.Just Don't Understand It, 2.Pump A Little Harder, 3.Waves In The Days Of Chaos, 4.Show 'M The Bass, 5.From NL To NY, 6.Nights Over New York (Remix), 7.The First Steps, 8.Control It, 9.The 30st Floor, 10.Flexible Movements, 11.The Hook Up, 12.Do That Dance, 13.Mike Macronald, 14.Back Seat Betty, 15.Mike Mac Second Track, 16.Streetwise, 17.What Are You Laughing At, 18.I Got The Sticks, 19.Way Way Back, 20.Yo - Get Up, 21.Big House,

Turning Point Of The White Tornado (1990)

1.Just Don't Understand It, 2.Pump A Little Harder, 3.Waves In The Days Of Chaos, 4.Show 'M The Bass, 5.From NL To NY, 6.Nights Over New York (Remix), 7.The First Steps, 8.Control It, 9.The 30st Floor, 10.Flexible Movements, 11.The Hook Up, 12.Do That Dance, 13.Mike Macronald, 14.Back Seat Betty, 15.Mike Mac Second Track, 16.Streetwise, 17.What Are You Laughing At, 18.I Got The Sticks, 19.Way Way Back, 20.Yo - Get Up, 21.Big House, 22.Show 'M The Bass (Remix Stefano Secchi),

Show'M The Bass (1991)

1.Just Don't Understand It, 2.Pump A Little Harder, 3.Waves In The Days Of Chaos, 4.Show 'M The Bass, 5.From NL To NY, 6.Nights Over New York (Remix), 7.The First Steps, 8.Control It, 9.The 30st Floor, 10.Flexible Movements, 11.The Hook Up, 12.Do That Dance, 13.Mike Macronald, 14.Back Seat Betty, 15.Mike Mac Second Track, 16.Streetwise, 17.What Are You Laughing At, 18.I Got The Sticks, 19.Way Way Back, 20.Yo - Get Up, 21.Big House,


First Attack (1985)
Holiday Rap (1986)
Celebration Rap (1986)
Don't Let The Music Stop (1987)
And The Bite Goes On (1988)
Show 'M The Bass (1989)
Nights Over New York (1989)
Back Seat Betty (1990)
Big House (We've Got The Juice) (1990)
Flexible Movements (1991)
Feels So Good (1992)

Dutch rapper Lucien Witteveen aka MC Miker G , G. Thing , Mr. Gee was born Cornelis M M Lucien Witteveen. He is also a songwriter, a producer and a singer. He became famous in the late 80's and early 90's, mostly for his work with Sven van Veen as the hip hop duo MC Miker G. & DJ Sven.1986 saw their Holiday Rap become an international success. The song was a remixed version of Madonna's hit Holiday with additional rapping and an interpolation of the chorus of Cliff Richard's Summer Holiday, produced and mixed by Ben Liebrand. They topped the charts in 34 countries. In 2002 they were honored as the official founders of the Euro-House style.

Lucien Witteveen solo scored hits in the late 80s/early 90s as Miker G, such as Don't Let The Music Stop and Show 'M The Bass. Many parts of his raps (mostly those performed on Show'm The Bass) were sampled by various Hip Hop, House, Eurohouse and Techno projects, making Lucien Witteveen one of the most sampled voices in the world.

During the 90s he wrote, produced and sang on many projects in the dance music scene.

Songwriting :

Micer-G - First Attack (1985)
M.C. Miker "G" & Deejay Sven - Holiday Rap (1986)
M.C. Miker G & Deejay Sven ?- Celebration Rap (1986)
MC Miker "G" - Don't Let The Music Stop (1986)
Shaneeze - This Concept Works (1988)
M.C. Miker 'G' & Deejay Sven - And The Bite Goes On / Never Woke Up In Tears (1988)
Rio Connection - Everybody (Aria Ma) (1995)
Buckwild - Every Minute Of Your Life (1995)
Angel - Don't Tell Me Why (1996)
Toss & Turn - Flexx-Ible (1997)
Toss & Turn - Bang Bang (Do Da Boogie) (1997)
Dance Republic - Open Up Your Eyes (1997)
Daddy's Little Girl Starring Angel & Miker G. - Catching The Stars (1997)
DJ Schwede - The Party (2002)
DJ RPM - Yo Hey! The Bass (2003)
DJ Red 5 Vs. MC Miker G - Da Beat Goes -Reanimated- (2003)
Deejay Robin - Man With The Horns (2004)
Lions Den - Breakbaar (2010)

Production :

MC Miker G. & DJ Sven - And The Bite Goes On / Never Woke Up In Tears (Acid Remix) (1988)
Buckwild - Every Minute Of Your Life (1995)
Angel - Don't Tell Me Why (1996)
Toss & Turn - Bang Bang (Do Da Boogie) (1997)
Daddy's Little Girl Starring Angel & Miker G. - Catching The Stars (1997)

Featurings and collaborations :

Anika Featuring MC Miker G - Burn The House Down (1991)
Daddy's Little Girl Starring Angel & Miker G. - Catching The Stars (1997)
De Foetsie's - Hij Maakte Me Gek (...Met Z'n Vingers) (1996), Klaar Of Niet (1996)
Deejay Robin - Man With The Horns (2004)
DJ Schwede - The Party (2002)
DJ RPM - Yo Hey! The Bass (2003)
DJ Red 5 Vs. MC Miker G - Da Beat Goes -Reanimated- (2003)
Extince - 5% (2007)
Flair - Babe (1999)
Funmasterz Feat. MC Miker G - Sleigh Ride (Ho Ho Ho) (2001)
Groovebuster feat. MC Miker G. Lay Down The Beats (2001)
Jay Jay Johnson Featuring Miker G. - Dancing On The Stars (1989)
Kasso - Sound Of Rimini (Boni Rap) (1985)
Mr. Holiday Featuring M.C. Miker "G" - L.A. Against N.Y. / N.Y. Against L.A. (1986)
Newton - Wanna Dance All Day (1996)
Nikki - He's So Different (1985
Partypimpz Feat. MC Miker G. & DJ Sven - Holiday Rap (2005)
Pinball Feat. MC Miker - Party (1999)
QC - Steady (2001)
R.T.Z. - Dance Your Ass Off (1991)
Rio Connection - Everybody (Aria Ma) (Backing vocals) (1995)
RTF - Locked In The Rhythm (1994)
Ruth Jacott - Ik Ga Door (1995)
Scrapper - Let The Music (1995)
Selector - Move Your Body (1991)
Stefano Secchi - Let's Party (1991)
Synthesis - End Of Time (1994)
T.W.O. Pretty - Moonlight Serenade (1990)
The All Stars - Starmaker (1989)
Toss & Turn - Flexx-Ible (1997), Bang Bang (Do Da Boogie) (1997)
Unicorn - Love Me! (1995)

Thanks to Andrew-FK

Artists and groups featuring Witteveen (Lucien)

Anika - Burn The House Down (1991)
Buck Wild - Every Minute of Your Life (1995)
DJ RPM - Yo Hey! The Bass (2003)
DJ Red 5 - Da Beat Goes -Reanimated- (2003)
DJ Schwede - The Party (2002)
Daddy's Little Girl - Catching The Stars (1997)
De Foetsie's - Hij Maakte Me Gek (1996), Klaar Of Niet (1996)
Deejay Robin - Man With The Horns (2004)
Funmasterz - Sleigh Ride (Ho Ho Ho) (2001)
Groove Buster - Lay Down The Beats (2001)
Jay Jay Johnson - Dancing On The Stars (1989)
Mr Holiday - L.A. Against N.Y. (1986)
Newton(2) - Wanna Dance All Day (1996)
Nikki - He's So Different (1985)
Partypimpz - Holiday Rap (2005)
Pinball - Party (1999)
QC - Steady (2001)
RTF - Locked In The Rhythm (1994)
RTZ - Dance Your Ass Off (1991)
Ruth Jacott - Ik Ga Door (1995)
Scrapper - Let The Music (1995)
Synthesis - End Of Time (1994)
The All Stars - Starmaker (1989)
Toss & Turn - Bang Bang (Do Da Boogie) (1997), Flexx-Ible (1997)
Unicorn - Love Me (1995)



EuroDance Group



In Our Dreams (1995)
Movin' Around (1995)
Be On A Star (1996)
Fantasy Of Love (1997)
Never Let You Go (1998)

The project featured a female vocalist known under the stage name of M-Go Go and a rapper called Eddie E. It was originally produced by Ege van Kruysdijk and Marcel Theunissen (Egma), later with Michel Diederiks (aka M. Holsten) and Patrick De Schrevel (aka S. Larsten).

Movin' Around was an excellent eurodance song. Be On A Star and In Our Dreams were happy-hardcore. Fantasy Of Love, a nice and fast eurodance track with a strong touch or happy hardcore, contained 7 different mixes. It was published by I.D. & T. Music BV. The last release Never Let You Go (a euro-reggae track) was produced by Richard Westdijk.

Thanks to jakeX



Wonderland (2)
EuroDance Group



Piece Of Cake (1995)

Members: Björn Dahlberg, Christer Hermodsson, Jonas Sahlin. Label : BlackBird Records. The single Piece Of Cake was recorded at MRC Studios by Björn Dahlberg, programmed by Christer Hermodsson, produced by Björn Dahlberg.

Thanks to Grif



Wood (JD)
EuroDance Producer



In My Dreams (24th Mar 2009)

1.In My Dreams, 2.Come And Tell, 3.I Feel Alive, 4.Smile To My Face, 5.Tell Me Why, 6.Love Made Me Blind, 7.It's Time To Say Goodbye, 8.Time Is Ticking Away, 9.Welcome Back To Life, 10.The Key, 11.I Am Strong,

World of Emotions part 1 (15th Jun 2012)

1.Welcome, 2.World of Emotions, 3.Better Man, 4.Digging for Gold, 5.Anytime Anywhere, 6.It's You, 7.Waiting for Relief, 8.Worth the Wait, 9.God Can You Spare a Moment, 10.Yeah, My Life Is Alright, 11.Like Wild Horses, 12.For You, 13.Standing Here, 14.Why,

World of Emotions part 2 (15th Mar 2013)


The Sun Comes Out (8th Jun 2012)
X-Mas (7th Dec 2012)
I Hear Your Voice (8th Mar 2013)

Jörg Dewald aka J.D. Wood was born in Urberach near Frankfurt/Main on July 18th 1966. He took piano lessons from his own mother (who was a music teacher) at the tender age of 5, then he learned how to play the drums when he turned 6, followed by the trumpet at the age of 10. The trumpet became his main instrument for a long time. In1990 he opened his first studio, which at that time was used only to rent. He released his first EP in 1991. Since then J.D. Wood has become a member of Get Into Magic Music Publishing and has released more than 100 of his own songs.

It began with the track What A Bassline under the name of Brain-E, followed by Heaven (Is My Playground) for Tully Hoo and Next Time (I Promise) for Flame which was his first step into Eurodance. He composed and wrote for Men Behind (Feel The Life, How Can I) and Loft (Live Our Fathers' Teaching). He also took part to the recording of Natascha Wright's first single Lovely Lie in 1994. He also composed singles and albums for other projects such as Omega Force, The Pulp, Microbots, Tongue Forest (I Don't Understand), Paranormal Activity, Soul SK, 101, Preshus T, 4Bidden, GIL, Talla 2XLC...

2002 : JD created and performd the song I Still Can Hear Your Voice with the famous violinist Vanessa Mae.

2008 : JD finished an amount of 3 albums as a singer-songwriter that he also produced. In October, he signed contracts with American publishing company BMND Records. His first album called In my dreams was planned for March 15th 2009.

2009 : in January, JD received the award for the best songwriter 2008 (Blue Muse Publishing, Inc). He and his JD Wood band toured as support act for Paul Carrack, the voice of Mike & the Mechanics. In September, his 2 songs I am strong and Waiting For Relief ended as semi-finalist at the UK Songwriting Contest 2009 in the category pop, chosen from almost 6000 entries.

2010 : JD Wood's song God Can You Spare A Moment (lyrics by Tammy Beal, music by JD Wood) was chosen as promotional song of the Children's Hospice Hospital Bethel. All proceeds go towards the hospital.

2011 : JD Wood was featured by Thomas Petersen on the single Free. His song Like Wild Horses made it as finalist in the UK Songwriting Contest 2011 in categories "Country" and "Singer/Songwriter".

2012 : JD Wood released his new album World of Emotions in June.


André Visior ‎- Speed Up (2002)
LDC ‎- Daydream (1993)
Loft ‎- Love Is Magic (1994)
Media Luna - We Can Live Together (1995)
Missing Heart ‎- Tears In May (2001)
Paris Red ‎- Party (1993)
Sparks - When Do I Get To Sing My Way (1994)
Tongue Forest - And You Got The F... Nerve To Call Me Coloured (1996)
Trance Allstars ‎- Lost In Love (2002)
Turbo B. ‎- I'm Not Dead! (1992)

Writing, arrangement, production, recording

101 feat. Marvelous - NoNo YeahYeah (2000)
2XLC - Darkness (2001)
Affinity 3 ‎- Late Night Letter, Take My Hand (1996)
André Visior - Angels (2004)
Brain-E - Are You Ready (1991), Headcrash E.P. (1992)
Chiron - I Show You All My Lovin (1994)
Clubfish ‎- Nimm'n (1994)
DJ Wag ‎- Feel It Raw (2006), Feeling Good (2008)
Dr. K - We Are The Family (2003)
Flame - Next Time (I Promise) (1994)
Hypetraxx - The Promiseland (2003), Dead Or Alive (2004)
Ice MC - Nothing But Time (1996)
Intermission feat. Lori Glori ‎ - Six Days (Remixes) (1994)
LOFT - L.ive O.ur F.athers' T.eachings (1994)
Kama feat. Sara N - Power To Survive (2001)
Kima - Nani Nani (1994)
Kim Sanders - Jealousy (1996)
M ‎- Razzia, You Cannot Stop The Beat! (1993)
Magic Affair - Fly Away (2003)
Men Behind - Feel The Life (1993), How Can I? (1994)
Microbots - Chip I , Chip II, Chip III (1992)
Nina - Save My Life (1994), Until All Your Dreams Come True (1995), Here You Come, In Her Shoes.
Psycho Drums - Pattern 7 - 12 (1992)
Soul Sk - Angelic Soul (...The Sun Will Shine) (1998)
Talla 2XLC ‎- World In My Eyes (2001), Come With Me (2002)
The Pulp - Metal Techno (1992)
Tongue Forest - I Don't Understand (1997)
Tully-Hoo! ‎– Heaven (My Mind Is Playground) (1993)
USC - Ultrasonic EP (1992)
YOMC - Welcome 2 Wonderland (2003)

Editions Get Into Magic website
JD Wood official website

Artists and groups featuring Wood (JD)

Chiron - I Show You All My Lovin (1994)
Clubfish - Nimm'n (1994)
DJ Sakin & Friends - I Still Can Hear Your Voice (2002)
Flame - Next Time (I Promise) (1994)
Magic Affair - Fly Away (2003)
Men Behind - Feel The Life (1993), How Can I? (1994)
Microbots - Chip II (1992), Chip I (1992)
Nina - Until All Your Dreams Come True (1995)
Oxy - Born To Win (2013)
Sanders Kim - Jealousy (1996)
Thomas Petersen - Free (2011), I Need You (2016)



Work No Work
EuroDance Group



Who Can It Be Now (29th Apr 1994)

Who Can It Be Now was a cover of Men At Works hit, produced by Donatella Cirelli, Danny Milano, Fabio Turatti and Pierluigi Cerin. Label : Replay



World Direction
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Wray (Viveen)
EuroDance Member



Wind Of Change (1994)

Viveen Wray used to be a member of the N-trance project, appearing on Stayin' Alive. She used to be a backing vocalist for artists such as Tom Jones, Natalie Imbruglia, Robbie Williams, Joe Cocker and Al Green and contributed to Drizabone during the 90's.

She was also featured by the projects Urban Soul Selective (Love Gone in 1996, Now That You're Gone in 1998) and Unguided Lights & MC Det (Unguided Reality in 1996), Junk Funk (Just Like Me).

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Artists and groups featuring Wray (Viveen)

Hard Corey - Love Train (1993)
Junk Funk - Just Like Me (2005)
N-Trance - D.I.S.C.O. (1997), Paradise City (1998)
Richard Dinsdale - Pulling Me Under EP (2006)
Sucker DJ's - Salvation (2007)



Wright (Jessica)
EuroDance Group



Energy (1993)
In My Dreams (1994)

Label : Reflex Records. Energy was produced by Jean-Luc Dorn, M. Rolfen, mixed and recorded by Giordano Trivellato and Giuliano Sacchetto. In My Dreams was produced by Giordano Trivellato, Giuliano Sacchetto and Jean-Luc Dorn aka DJL.

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Wright (Natascha)
EuroDance Group



Free To Live It (2004)

1.Journey, 2.Your Love Is A Beautiful Thing, 3.To Be With You, 4.All I Want, 5.15 Minutes Of Fame, 6.nothing But Luv 4 U, 7.Good Love, 8.Free To Live It, 9.If It's A Crime, 10.Treat Me Bad, 11.Scandalous, 12.Why Not, 13.Forever Yours, 14.Fever, 15.I Miss You, 16.Take It Nice And Slow,

Let's Fly High Up In The Sky (2008)

1.Is You Is Or Is You Ain't, 2.As We Fall In Love Once More, 3.Sit And Wait, 4.This Time Next Year, 5.Nothing But Love, 6.Gentle Rain, 7.Anybody Seen My Baby, 8.On The Beach, 9.You Mean The World To Me, 10.Let's Fly High Up In The Sky, 11.If I Can't Have You, 12.My Cherie Amor,

Ron Zacapa Soul Vol. 1 (2012)

J'adore La Bouche EP (11th May 2018)

1.Sweet Dreams (Video Playlist remix), 2.Be My Lover (Video Playlist remix), 3.Where Do You Go (Video Playlist remix), 4.Sweet Dreams (extended Dance Mashup), 5.Be My Lover (extended Dance Mashup), 6.Where Do You Go (extended Dance Mashup), 7.Sweet Dreams (Karaoke instrumental Carpool edit), 8.Be My Lover (Karaoke instrumental Carpool edit), 9.Where Do You Go (Karaoke instrumental Carpool edit), 10.Sweet Dreams (instrumental extended Club mix), 11.Be My Lover (instrumental extended Club mix), 12.Where Do You Go (instrumental extended Club mix), 13.Sweet Dreams (acapella vocal mix), 14.Be My Lover (acapella vocal mix), 15.Where Do You Go (acapella vocal mix),

L'Orchestre de La Bouche (11th Dec 2018)

1.Fallin' in Love (Classic Orchestra Version), 2.Sweet Dreams (Classic Orchestra Version), 3.Be My Lover (Classic Orchestra Version), 4.Where Do You Go (Classic Orchestra Version), 5.I Love to Love (Classic Orchestra Version), 6.Sos (Classic Orchestra Version), 7.Fallin' in Love (Classic Orchestra Instrumental), 8.Sweet Dreams (Classic Orchestra Instrumental), 9.Be My Lover (Classic Orchestra Instrumental), 10.Where Do You Go (Classic Orchestra Instrumental), 11.I Love to Love (Classic Orchestra Instrumental), 12.Sos (Classic Orchestra Instrumental),


Selfcontrol (1988)
Hot Stuff (1989)
Crazy Love (1991)
Wake Me (1992)
Wat'cha Gonna Do (1992)
Party Of One (28th Feb 1994)
Lovely Lie (15th Nov 1994)
Say You Think Of Me (24th Jul 1995)
To Be With You (2005)
Take Me Back to the House (29th Jan 2018)

Natascha Wright aka Natascha Rekelhoff was born on July 18th 1975 in Billinton, a small village in Surinam, South-America. Her Mum is South-America, her father is Dutch. She has one sister called Bianca. She describes herself as temperamentful, sensitive, motivated, ambitious and organised. She is also a very spiritual person. Her favourite artists are Betty Wright, Randy Crawford, Diana Ross and Anita Baker. She also loves Madonna, Jennifer Lopez and Janet Jackson for their business sense and sex appeal. Her favourite music are Soul, Rhythm & Blues, Jazz and Pop.

She knew at an early age what she wanted to do in her life. She wanted to be a singer and started to take her talent outside the school walls by participating in talent searches and various competitions. At the age of 12 she won the first prize in such a talent competition. At the age of 17 she sung in Dutch, Belgian and German discos. At the age of 18 Natascha Wright went to the "Academy for light Music" (AVLM) in Hilversum Holland, where she followed an intensive music training to improve her skills.

During one of the talent competitions, there was a famous Dutch producer, Hans van Hemert. He invited Natascha into his studio to sing one of his demo's. The name of the song was Selfcontrol. It was a nice dance song in the style of Kylie Minogue. Recorded at Wisselrood, it was produced by Hans van Hemert, arranged by Paul Natte, released by Polydor Holland. Selfcontrol had a lot of airplay, and the video was played daily on the English music channel, Sky Channel.

In 1993 Haddaway, who was riding high on What Is Love, (the number 1 hit at the time) asked Natascha Wright to contribute her vocal styling, as a support singer during his world tour. Her strong charisma and warm soprano voice gave Haddaway's show the perfect extras for his Live World Tour. For three years they travelled all over the world, appearing on many stages such as Dance Machine in France. "My time singing for Haddaway was one of the greatest in my career" she remembers.

In 1995 Natascha Wright received a Golden record for singing the lead vocals on DJ Bobo's the song Freedom which became a number 1 hit in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Holland and she received a Golden record for singing the lead vocals on Love Is The Price which became a Top 10 hit. She also took part to the album World In Motion.

Nantascha appeared on Ice MC's album Dreadatour : she contributed to the track Freaky Flow.

In 1994, her single Party Of One became #1 in Canada. The follow-up Lovely Lie was produced by Steven Levis ans Steve Hill, written by Kim Sanders and Nosie Katzmann, recorded with the collaboration of J.D. Wood, and released under Polydor. The following singles were written and produced by Ferry and Garnefski. Watcha Gonna Do contains a B-side entitled Perfect Body Twisted Mind. The rapper Uncle X took part to this single. Phaedrus and the rapper Papadan were featured on the single Wake Me.

In 1995, her single Say You Think Of Me was written by Kim Sanders, Steven Levis and Nosie Katzmann.

Natascha was also featured by the project JAM : she sung the song What's The Way To Your Heart as a special guest of DJ Bobo's World In Motion tour in 1996. The single was released with a Bass Bumpers remix under the EAMS/Metrovinyl label.

In 1997, another single entitled Thinking About You was released as JAM. Then Natascha Wright travelled to California USA, to sing in MC Hammer's Gospel choir, and simultaneously worked together with several producers to develop her singing and song writing skills.

2000 : She replaced Melanie Thornton as frontwoman for the project La Bouche. "I hope to be a successful recording artist working as a singer for the rest of my life. I would like to have a world-wide success, and I would like to write and produce my own music, with my writing partner Muriel, we would like to continue co-operating with other good producers,of our own choice, who we admire, famous or not that doesn't matter" she says.

In parallel she followed her "secret hobby" : Barmusic, Easy Listening, Jazz- and Soul together with german Jazz- & Pop-Pianist Joe Völker from annheim. She dreamt of a solo-carrer but the dozens of records company she visited kept on telling her : "Wonderful voice. Super look. Unfortunately we already have the same style of singer here".

2004 : her voice was featured by Nik P (Nikolaus Presnik) for the single Lovin You, released at the end of the year in Austria. The song is a ballad. Then Natascha released her first solo album Free To Live It, a mix of pop, soul and rockbeat songs... Her mum Muriel wrote some of the texts. It was produced by Mary & Christopher Applegate and the Noizmakers.

2005 : she appeared in a book written by the journalist Thorben Leo and the photograph Angelika Zinzow, entitled Caféklatsch .in December 2005 she did a duet with Udo Jürgens in Zürich.

2006 : in March, she appeared on the Lounge Plaisir scene in Hannover. From 19th October to 7th, she toured with Udo Jürgens on his "Jetzt oder Nie! - Tour 2006". Even if she does not seem to be a part of La Bouche anymore, she is still in touch with Frank Farian, whe regularly asks her her for background vocals.

2007 : in June, Natascha Wright was working on her pop/jazz album. Release was planned for the end of August or beginning of September 2007.

Natascha is also a member of the band American Divas, with vocalists such as Pamela O'Neal, Theresa Burnette and Vanda G.

2008 : she recorded a cover of La Bouche's hit Sweet Dreams for compilation 90's Club Hits Reloaded Vol.2.

2009 : Natascha goes on tour with Udo Jürgens and the Pepe Lienhardt Orchestra. The tour started on 16th January in Heilbronn. She also started recording a duet album with Alfred McCrary

2012 : her duet album with Alfred McCrary was finally released in May. It was entitled Zacapa Soul, Vol. 1.

2014 : during a special 90s edition of ZDF Fernsehgarten, she performed her version of La Bouche's Be My Lover together with Joe Thompson from euro-rap project Down Low.

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Artists and groups featuring Wright (Natascha)

Christopher S and Dark Clowns - Show Me The Light (2016)
DJ Bobo - Freedom (1995), Love Is The Price (1996), World In Motion (album) (1996)
JAM - Thinking About You (1997), What's The Way To Your Heart (1996)
La Bouche - All I Want (2000)
Leon - Hold You / Let Me... (1994)
Nik P - Lovin You (2004)
O-Dance - On The Beat (1996)