The Eurodance Encyclopaedia News about eurodance artists and projects, new releases and videos Mon, 11 Feb 2182 00:00:00 +0100 en Karine SANCHE News about T-Spoon T-Spoon released a 2018 version of their hit A Part Of My Life. News about Lian Ross Lian Lian Ross's single Casanova will be out on December. An extended mix of Game Of Love will also be included (thanks to Gianni and Sarah). The Encyclopaedia recommends... Paris Gay Zine gathered more than 1 hour of 90s French TV ads about albums and compilations. News about J and V and V Single from Chrizz Morisson and Jair (J and V) is out (Thanks to Krasi) News about Terri B B Vocalist Terri B! (2 Eivissa, Future Breeze, U96) launched a crowdfunding campaign for the next album of her band Terri Green Project What a Feeling and single Night to Remember, and she needs your help. (Thanks to Tavi Meran) News about Datura Datura will release a 25th Anniversary edition of their hit Eternity, with 2018 remixes from Federico Romanzi. News about Cappella Cappella released a new version of their hit U Got 2 Let The Music under name Cappella 2.0 feat. Mastro J. News about AK Swift Swift On December 7th, next J.O.Y.C.E. feat. A.K. Swift single Get 2Gether will be out and it is once again an amazing eurodance song. (Thanks to Krasi) News about Shamrock Lightwarrior released a remixes package for his single Sunshine. (Thanks to Krasi) News about Blank and Jones and Jones Discover the videoclip for Blank and Jones' new single Grown Minds. News about Antoine Clamaran Antoine New from Agua Sin Gas by Antoine Clamaran, singles Tribu and I Wanna Give You. News about Regi Penxten Regi Regi contributed to song Born Again, a track on Push's album Together We Rule The World. News about Peter Luts Peter Peter Luts teamed with Basto to release single Blister. News about E-Bomber E-Bomber's new single will be a collaboration with Giuseppe Alicata entitled Love Me Tonight. News about Sharon Doorson Sharon New from Sharon Doorson, single One of These Days