The Eurodance Encyclopaedia News about eurodance artists and projects, new releases and videos Wed, 10 Apr 2199 00:00:00 +0100 en Karine SANCHE News about Caramell Caramella Girls announced that a new song and video would be out next Friday News about Wanda Fisher Wanda Next year, Wanda Fisher will release a new best of entitled Back To The 90 Sounds News about Ann Lee Lee Ann Lee aka dance diva Annerley Gordon was featured on Pochill's new album, on the frist track A Long Way to Go News about Natascha Wright Natascha Natascha Wright released a book entitled Express your uniqueness, in which she unveils memories and photos, and gives tips to new artists News about Mylene Farmer Mylene Next December 4th, Mylène Farmer will release a new best-of album entitled Histoires de that you can already preorder. It will include current single L'âme dans l'eau News about DJ Sammy Sammy DJ Sammy and Loona re-recorded a fresh version of their 2002 hit Sunlight. Out today News about Lydia Former E-rotic vocalist Lydia Pockaj's next single as Wunschlos will be entitled Ich steh wieder auf and it is planned for November 6th News about Tony Dyer Tony Tony T was featured on Stephan F's forthcoming song Never Go Away News about Koen Groeneveld Koen Koen Groeneveld unveils his next releases schedule News about Amir Saraf Amir Eurodance producer Amir Saraf's (La Bouche, Le Click, Hysterie) current brainchild is called Empathic and their new single is entitled I Can Make You Cry News about Pete D Moore Pete D S.A.Y. rapper Pete D Moore will feature Sandra Wolska on a new single entitled Sky Paradise News about Maurizio Braccagni Maurizio Today sees the release of Maurizio Braccagni's brand new single Love In A Summer Night The Encyclopaedia recommends... They did vocals for the greatest eurodance hits but a model lipsynced in their place. Would you like to see the eurodance hidden queens on stage and hear the real voices ? Contribute to this original project... News about Santamaria António Lemos, one of the founding members of Santamaria, passed away on October 13th. He was only 48. News about Ingrid Simons Ingrid Ingrid Simons was featured on Rainbow Ravers's new single Rainbow In The Sky