The Eurodance Encyclopaedia News about eurodance artists and projects, new releases and videos Wed, 03 Feb 2190 00:00:00 +0100 en Karine SANCHE News about X-Energy Records Records Label X-Energy Records is currently re-releasing digitally some eurodance classics on Juno Download : singles from Blizzard, Blue Heart, Dhama... News about Crystal Lake Lake New from Crystal Lake, single Gravity. News about Frank Bulow Frank Help former Culture Beat and ATC songwriter Frank Bülow win the chance to get a recording session in L.A. by voting for his video News about Shilton A new videoclip for Chrizz Morisson's remix for Shilton's single Rock My World was released (Thanks to Krasi). News about Shamrock Discover the videoclip for Lightwarrior and Chrizz Morisson feat. Monica - Ebb and Flow. This song is an ode to Shamrock's growing up in San Diego, California . (Thanks to Krasi) News about Captain Jack Jack This month, Captain Jack's In The Army Now won Akademia Award for Best Cover Music Video and for Best Cover Song (thanks to Udo Niebergall). News about Fey Fey is back with a new single entitled Comiéndome Tus Besos, planned for March 23rd. News about Stanley Foort Stanley Stanley Foort aka Stanford was featured on Rene Amesz new single My Name Is. News about Whigfield Today, Whigfield frontlady Sannie shot the videoclip for her single Boys On Girls with Craig Murray. News about Natalya Kudrina Natalya Current Di Bronx and Natali vocalist Natasha Kudrina is currently planning a solo comeback under name Kudrina. News about Solid Base Base Solid Base welcomes a new vocalist called Jenny. News about BG the Prince of Rap the Prince of Rap BG the Prince of Rap's next single will be again a collaboration with Chrizz Morisson and Timi Kullai. Pamela O'Neal will also join the team. Single will be entitled So Special. News about Evi Goffin Evi Former Lasgo vocalist Evi Goffin announced in a video that she would perform during 2 Basarm on tour concerts in Denmark as original Lasgo singer. (Thanks to Tavi Meran) News about Groove Coverage Coverage Groove Coverage's hit God Is A Girl was remixed by duet WandW. (Thanks to Tavi Meran) News about Michelle Weeks Michelle A remixes package for Sam Skilz and Michelle Weeks's single Release hit the stores last week.