The Eurodance Encyclopaedia News about eurodance artists and projects, new releases and videos Sun, 04 May 2183 00:00:00 +0100 en Karine SANCHE News about Neja Last month, Neja did vocals on Watt and Jack's single I'm Alive (Thanks to Tavi Meran) News about Tina Safrany Tina Safrany was featured by violonist Elly Heaven on the song You mean so much to me News about E-Rotic Discover the videoclip for the 2021 version of E-Rotic's single Murder Me '21, for once without any cartoon characters News about Alexia Alexia was featured by Pier Giorgio Usai on the single Notte (Thanks to Tavi Meran) News about Annerly Gordon Annerley will release a eurobeat album entitled I Am on April 21st News about Eurotronic Eurotronic will drop a special DJ CD edition of their first single Omen III. Available as physical release only, it will contain the 4 mixes of Omen III plus 4 more songs from the forthcoming album, and 2 radio greets IDs (Thanks to Krasi) News about Simone Pagliari Simone Pagliari's next single as NuLife will be entitled In Blue and it will be out on April 8th (Thanks to Krasi) News about Maxxima Maxxima will release Remixed Collection, an exclusive CD with the best remixes of all 5 singles and some album tracks, as well as a CD single of What We Gotta Do (Thanks to Krasi) News about Caramell Caramella Girls recorded a Spanish version of their hit Caramelldansen News about E-Rotic E-Rotic will release a new version of the song Murder Me, the B-side of the 2016 single Video Starlet (thanks to Martin) News about Simone Pagliari Simon Pagliari's next single will be entitled Sax On The Rhythm News about DAVE After his collaborations with Lyane Leigh, D.A.V.E. is back with a new song, Full Control, this time featuring singer Kaia and a rapper. And it is once again a classic eurodance song. News about Ice MC Andrew Spencer and André Picar did a 2021 remix package for Ice MC's hit It's A Rainy Day 2021 News about Maxxima Maxxima's next single will be a newly re-recorded version of What We Gotta Do to be released on April 16th (Thanks to Krasi) News about G-Powered G-Powered teamed with Worship Front and Atro Hietala to record a new song, Sinä Jäät,