The Eurodance Encyclopaedia News about eurodance artists and projects, new releases and videos Mon, 01 Mar 2184 00:00:00 +0100 en Karine SANCHE News about Loredana De Amicis Amicis Loredana 2 Fabiola frontlady Loredana De Amicis announced that her next solo single would be entitled Vuur and vlam. News about U96 U96's next single will be entitled Quo Vadis. It will feature Joachim Witt and should be out in February 2019 News about Captain Jack Jack Captain Jack producer Udo Niebergall announced that a new single was planned for January 18th News about Al Walser Al Al Walser publised a song for the 300 years of Liechtenstein, where he grew up. News about DJ Project (2) Project (2) DJ Project collaborated with Theo Rose on single In Locul Meu. Videoclip was produced by BigUP (Thanks to Tavi Meran) News about DJ Bobo Bobo DJ Bobo shared a video from the premiere of his new show Kaleidoluna in Europapark, Rust (Germany). News about Lian Ross Lian Discover the videoclip for Lian Ross's new single Casanova. News about Koen Groeneveld Koen Koen Groeneveld's next single will be entitled Dupa and it will be out on January 25th under lable Abzolut. News about Blank and Jones and Jones Blank and Jones did a remix for Robin Schulz's single Speechless. News about Lisa Cork Lisa Former Real McCoy member Lisa Cork-Twiss and her project Glass Slipper will release their new single STFU on January 24th. News about Movetron Discover the videoclip for Movetron's new single Uni. News about Antoine Clamaran Antoine New from Antoine Clamaran, single Nobody News about Anita Dels Anita A German version of Jebroer and Anita Doth Marathon was released on Jebroer's EP Radikal. News about Free 2 Night 2 Night Last month, Free 2 Night released a Best Of album, available as CDr. News about Tina Safrany Tina New from Tina Safrany (Masterjam, First Base), single Love Is The Power.