The Eurodance Encyclopaedia News about eurodance artists and projects, new releases and videos Sun, 11 Mar 2187 00:00:00 +0100 en Karine SANCHE The Encyclopaedia recommends... Juha Soininen released book "Move Your Body - Rajaton Eurodance", a book about eurodance music in Finnish including history and interviews of the most famous artists. An English edition is planned for 2020 (Thanks to Juha and Eurodance Magazine) News about Dee Dee Dee Dee Dee was featured on Amos and Riot Night's forthcoming single Never Look Back, to be released on November 25th. This is her secoond collaboration with the british DJs duet News about N-Trance N-Trance's hit Set You Free was covered by Sam Ryder News about Jeffrey Jey Jey Eiffel 65 singer Jeffrey Jey and Anjulie were featured on Marnik and KSHMR' new single Alone News about Rama After their remake of Living On Video, DJ Ice K and Rama will team again on another single, On The Move, to be released in a few weeks (thanks to Juha) News about CB Milton Milton CB Milton launched a crowdfunding campain to produce Changes, the new album of his Clarence Bekker Band News about Snap Snap's anthem Rhythm Is A Dancer was covered by Mandee feat. Maria Mathea and by Chillymouse. News about Melody Castellari Melody New from Melody Castellari, house-garage song Deeper Love released under alias M-Violet, a reference to Lady Violet project, which featured Melody's vocals. News about Twenty 4 Seven 4 Seven Nance will join Twenty 4 Seven again, but this does not mean that Li-ann will leave the project. She will keep performing with Stay-C, while Nance will perform with the dancers team from the early 90s. News about Regi Penxten Regi Regi and Gene Thomas will take part to Liefde voor Muziek's new season, which will air on VTM in Spring 2020. News about Captain Jack Jack A remix package for current Captain Jack and Fun Factory single Change will be out on November 15yh News about G-Powered G-Powered are back with a new song : Vaikka Mä Pelkään (meaning "even if I fear" in Finnish). Video was made by Hannu Korpela and premiered yesterday. News about Lian Ross Lian Lian Ross dropped a best of entitled The Collection, gathering 33 of her hits from the 80s and 90s News about Brooklyn Bounce Bounce Brooklyn Bounce released a remixes package for Bass, Beats and Melody made by Sergio Marini and Luke The Encyclopaedia recommends... Discover the new edition of Eurodance Evolution 2019.05 with some new exclusive songs by Tina Safrany, Chrizz Morisson, Experience Of Music, Soundstream and CBL (Thanks to Krasi)