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Def Dames Dope

Def Dames Dope   (Belgium)

EuroDance group
Added : 12/03/2002
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It's A Girl
Wicked And Wild
Goud van hier
It's OK, All Right
Ain't Nothin To It
Having A Good Time
Full Time Lover
Out Of My Mind
Don't Be Silly
The DDD Unity Megamix
Feel Free
Take Your Time
Show Me What U Got
Never Givin In
Join The Party
Beep Beep
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Def Dames Dope albums

It's A Girl It's A Girl 4th Nov 1993
Wicked And Wild Wicked And Wild 12th Sep 1995
Goud van hier Goud van hier 12th Jul 2010


Def Dames Dope singles

It's OK, All Right It's OK, All Right 1992
Ain't Nothin To It Ain't Nothin To It 9th Jun 1993  LISTEN
Having A Good Time Having A Good Time 8th Nov 1993  LISTEN
Full Time Lover Full Time Lover 1994  LISTEN
Out Of My Mind Out Of My Mind 1994  LISTEN
Don't Be Silly Don't Be Silly 8th Feb 1994  LISTEN
The DDD Unity Megamix The DDD Unity Megamix 5th Aug 1994  LISTEN
Feel Free Feel Free 1995  LISTEN
Take Your Time Take Your Time 1995  LISTEN
Show Me What U Got Show Me What U Got 29th Mar 1995  LISTEN
Never Givin In Never Givin In 1996
Join The Party Join The Party 1996  LISTEN
Beep Beep Beep Beep 2002


Def Dames Dope remixes

Show Me What U Got Show Me What U Got 1995  LISTEN



Def Dames Dope biography

Producers : Phil Wilde and Jean-Paul De Coster (more well-known for the project 2 Unlimited). DDD features 4 girls : singer and songwriter Axana Ceulemans (Snake), her sister Larissa Ceulemans (Can-D-Cash), the dancers Edith verlinden (Tabasco) and Ingrid Gerits (H2O). Their first single It's OK Alright became an instant hit in Scandinavia, Israel, South Africa and #1 in Holland and in Belgium. The follow-up Ain't Nothin To It was also #1 in Belgium. The first album of DDD sold gold and the fourth single Don't Be Silly reached #9 in Belgium. They performed as support act for LaToya Jackson in South Africa.

After the first album, Can-D-Cash married Berre Bergen bassist, in the band Les Kreuners, and was replaced by Yousra Lemaire (aka TRS). They released a megamix of thieir first singles done by the Unity Mixers in 1994, then came their second album Wicked and Wild the following year. In 1995 too, the DDD contributed to the welfare project De KerstSterren (releasing the single Vreugde In Je Hart).

After some years, Yousra was replaced by actress Barbara de Jonge (aka BB). She did not stay very long, only appearing on the single Join The Party. Then, the project did a long pause... Axana Ceulemans went back to her job of secretary in a company in Antwerp.

1999 : Axana and Larissa contributed to the project So'Da, along with Heidi and Safia. They had some success with the single All I Need and Do What You Do.

2002 : Yousra was back again for a comeback DDD single entitled Beep Beep. Composed by Fred Mast Vander, it did not have that much success.

Axana spent 10 years as choreographer for the group K3. She also owns a gifts shop called La Sorpresa in Herentals with her sister Larissa.

2010 : for the first time since many years, all members of DDD performed on stage of I Love The 90s in Hasselt.

Thanks to Hugues and Paris GayZic

The biography was last updated Sat, January 31st 2015

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Charts (singles)

Belgium Netherlands
It's OK, All Right #1 #9
Ain't Nothin To It #1 #15
Having A Good Time #2 #21
Full Time Lover #11
Out Of My Mind #9
Don't Be Silly #3
The DDD Unity Megamix #16
Feel Free #11
Show Me What U Got #16
Join The Party #48

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