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Urban Cookie Collective

Urban Cookie Collective   (UK)

EuroDance group
Added : 24/01/2000
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High On A Happy Vibe
Tales From The Magic Fountain
Very Best of Urban Cookie Collective
Lucky Stars
The Key, The Secret
Feels Like Heaven
Sail Away
High On A Happy Vibe
Bring It On Home
Spend The Day
Rest Of My Love
So Beautiful
Champagne Supernova
Ain't It A Shame
Mercedez Benz
The Key The Secret 2004
The Key, The Secret 2010
Feels Like Heaven 2014
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Latest Urban Cookie Collective news

30/04/2014 : Urban Cookie Collective and CJ Stone released last month a 2014 version of UCC's hit Feels Like Heaven (thanks to Guillaume).

30/09/2010 : Last month, Urban Cookie Collective released The Key, The Secret 2010 (a remix done by Danny Kirsch) under label Superstar recording.

06/01/2005 : Urban Cookie Collective entered the charts as #50 in Ireland with The Key The Secret 2005 (thanks to Denis "DJ Hooligan" Zhabkine).

22/01/2005 : Urban Cookie Collective released a remix of their hit The Key The Secret and it entered this week the charts in Ireland (#42) and UK (#31).

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Urban Cookie Collective albums

High On A Happy Vibe High On A Happy Vibe 1st Feb 1994
Tales From The Magic Fountain Tales From The Magic Fountain 12th Oct 1995
Very Best of Urban Cookie Collective Very Best of Urban Cookie Collective 2 CDs 2000

Urban Cookie Collective DVDs et VHS

The Very Best of Urban Cookie Collective The Very Best of Urban Cookie Collective 2004 DVD


Urban Cookie Collective singles

Lucky Stars Lucky Stars Aug 1992
The Key, The Secret The Key, The Secret 3rd Jun 1993  LISTEN
Feels Like Heaven Feels Like Heaven 14th Sep 1993  LISTEN
Sail Away Sail Away 14th Jan 1994  LISTEN
High On A Happy Vibe High On A Happy Vibe 11th Mar 1994  LISTEN
Bring It On Home Bring It On Home 15th Oct 1994  LISTEN
Spend The Day Spend The Day 21st Mar 1995  LISTEN
Rest Of My Love Rest Of My Love 14th Aug 1995
So Beautiful So Beautiful 26th Oct 1995  LISTEN
Champagne Supernova Champagne Supernova 1996
Ain't It A Shame Ain't It A Shame 2nd Feb 1998
Mercedez Benz Mercedez Benz 2000
The Key The Secret 2004 The Key The Secret 2004 2004
The Key, The Secret 2010 The Key, The Secret 2010 23rd Aug 2010
Feels Like Heaven 2014 Feels Like Heaven 2014 (with CJ Stone) 21st Mar 2014



Urban Cookie Collective biography

Behind Urban Cookie Collective stands Rohan Heath (born 19th July 1964 in Great Britain), keyboardist, who writes and produces the songs. He had formerly worked with Yargo and A Guy Called Gerald. The female vocalist is Diane Charlemagne, who also took part to the writing of some of the songs. The other members are Simon Bertall (born on the 17th October 1967) and Peter Samson (bongo player, born on the 15th of May 1968). Also were included, Marty (MC) and DJ Pete (DJ). Some guest rappers also took part to the project : Lovedog on High On A Happy Vibe, 8 Bar Wizard on Spend The Day.

R. Heath had learned classical piano as a child, going electric in time to perform with the latter two outfits. He had decided on music after abandoning a PhD at Vermont University. After a tour of Japan supporting the Happy Mondays, he left A Guy Called Gerald to release Hardcore Uproar as Together, which made number 12 in the UK charts in August 1990. After a brief stint with Eek A Mouse, he elected to concentrate on solo work, and inaugurated Urban Cookie Collective.

UCC achieved a major breakthrough in 1993 with The Key : The Secret, one of the most riveting dance tracks of the season, peaking #2 in the UK, and #5 in the sales charts in Germany. It was originally a track written at home by Heath, in a soul/hip hop vein, produced by Chapter And The Verse on the tiny Unheard Records imprint. However, after a remix provoked a massive club response it was picked up by Pulse 8, who also issued a double album the same year. A special UK remixes CD was also released for this single.

The follow-up Feels Like Heaven was also very successful, it reached UK charts position #5, and #12 in the German sales charts.

Then came the singles Sail Away, which reached #18 in UK charts and #25 in German sales charts, then High On A Happy Vibe, which only scored #31. The follow-up singles Bring It On Home, So Beautiful, Rest Of My Love, Spend The Day, Ain't It A Shame (featuring the voice of Rachel McFarlane from N-trance) and more recently Champagne Supernova were not very succesful.

The Key The Secret was recently covered by Phobos & Deimos. The Love Parade 2003 theme also used the same sample.

2013 : The Key The Secret was covered by SAIFAM project DJ Space 'C.

Timeline Diane Charlemagne at
Thanks to Christian DTM Nolimits and Nico

The biography was last updated Sat, January 31st 2015

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