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Taleesa   (Italy)

EuroDance group
Added : 24/01/2000
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Whatever Happened Lately
Falling In Love
I Found Luv
Let Me Be
Burning Up
Jambalaya (on the Bayou)
I Wanna Give
Internet Love
You And Me
Kisses, Kisses, Bye-Bye
Over You
Hot Love Desire
Tell Me
Dancing in Paris (que pasa)
Day By Day
Touch my heart
Da Ya Think I'm Secchi
Toy joy my boy
Everybody May Be Wrong
Hold Me Please
Come On Come On
Baby I'm Sorry
When I'm With You
Tokyo Night
Open Your Heart
A Reason To Love
Me And You
Baby Don't Stop
Just In Time
If I Can't Have You
Love Me Do
Baila Macho
I Promise My Heart
Can You Do It Forever
We Are Easy To Love
Because The Night
My Heart And My Soul
Stop Me
Tell Me I'm The One
You're So Crazy
A Brighter Day
There's Something Going On/I Break Down And Cry
There's Something Going On/I Break Down And Cry
Make It Right Now
4 Your Love
Brothers In The Space
One Love In My Lifetime
Call My Name
Got To Feel It
Piece Of My Heart
Don't Drop Me
Feelin' Blue
Sexy Lady (Over And Over)
Light My Heart
Music Takes My Breath Away
Suit Case Sally
Heart Of Stone
Sexy Shock
Like Ah Rainbow
Ready For Love
Let The Music Take Control
Riding In The Sky
In The Name Of Passion
Kiss Kiss Kiss Me
I Wanna Go
Love Control
My Love Is A DJ
Listen To My Heart
There Is No Right
The Promise You Made
In My Mind
Where U Belong
Where U Belong
In My Mind
My Body and Soul
I'm Crazy For You
Love For Free
Living For Love
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Latest Taleesa news

04/01/2010 : Taleesa was featured by the DJs duo Muthagroove on a cover of the classic My Body And Soul

18/11/2009 : During her appearance on the stage of Italo party 2009, Taleesa announced that a new single was on its way...

08/04/2009 : On November 14th 2009, Berlin will host a big Italo Party in Berlin. With names such as Taleesa, Playahitty, the Soundlovers, Len Laszlo, Roby Pinna, and many more... All infos here (thanks to eurodance blog)

03/05/2007 : Taleesa has a new song which was created in collaboration with a Swedish team. She is currently in studio recodrding the vocals. Release should be this summer or more likely in September. Taleesa could also be thinking of stopping her singer carreer for producing (thanks to Tavi Meran).

01/01/2006 : A gallery of Taleesa's live performance in Barcelona in 2001 was done, it is featured on Taleesa's French weblog.

27/10/2003 : Taleesa recorded a new single with De La Cruz, it is entitled In My Mind and it will be released this week (thanks to Sergio).

29/04/2003 : Taleesa's official website is open, at last ! The URL is

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Taleesa albums

Whatever Happened Lately Whatever Happened Lately 1999


Taleesa singles

Falling In Love Falling In Love 1994  LISTEN
I Found Luv I Found Luv 12th Oct 1994  LISTEN
Let Me Be Let Me Be 2nd Feb 1995  LISTEN
Burning Up Burning Up 6th Jun 1995  LISTEN
Jambalaya (on the Bayou) Jambalaya (on the Bayou) 1996  LISTEN
I Wanna Give I Wanna Give 1997  LISTEN
Internet Love Internet Love 1997  LISTEN
You And Me You And Me 1998  LISTEN
Kisses, Kisses, Bye-Bye Kisses, Kisses, Bye-Bye 1998  LISTEN
Over You Over You 2003  LISTEN


Featurings and collaborations

Hot Love Desire Jilly - Hot Love Desire  
Tell Me Maggie May - Tell Me  
Dancing in Paris (que pasa) Angel - Dancing in Paris (que pasa) 1985  
Day By Day Den Harrow - Day By Day 1988  
Touch my heart Angel - Touch my heart 1989  
Da Ya Think I'm Secchi Stefano Secchi - Da Ya Think I'm Secchi (album) 1991  
Magic Bella & Blue - Magic 1991  
Toy joy my boy Bella & Blue - Toy joy my boy 1991  
Everybody May Be Wrong Citizen Kane - Everybody May Be Wrong 1991  
Hold Me Please Angie Starr - Hold Me Please 1991  
Come On Come On Donna Luna - Come On Come On 1991  
Baby I'm Sorry Giselle - Baby I'm Sorry 1991  
When I'm With You Lilac - When I'm With You 1991  
Tokyo Night Mandy Gordon - Tokyo Night 1991  
Open Your Heart Morena - Open Your Heart 1991  
A Reason To Love Bella & Blue - A Reason To Love 1992  
Me And You Helen K - Me And You 1992  LISTEN  
Baby Don't Stop 8 AM - Baby Don't Stop 1992  LISTEN  
Just In Time Angie Starr - Just In Time 1992  
If I Can't Have You Donna Luna - If I Can't Have You 1992  
Love Me Do Maggie Sue - Love Me Do 1992  
Everyday Morena - Everyday 1992  LISTEN  
Baila Macho Paula Marsh - Baila Macho 1992  
I Promise My Heart Ross - I Promise My Heart 1992  
Can You Do It Forever Virgin - Can You Do It Forever 1992  
We Are Easy To Love Stefano Secchi - We Are Easy To Love 1992  
Because The Night Co-Ro - Because The Night 2nd Jul 1992  LISTEN  
Satisfied Emanuella - Satisfied 1993  LISTEN  
My Heart And My Soul Morena - My Heart And My Soul 1993  LISTEN  
Stop Me Morena - Stop Me 1993  LISTEN  
Tell Me I'm The One Virgin - Tell Me I'm The One 1993  
You're So Crazy Virgin - You're So Crazy 1993  
A Brighter Day Stefano Secchi - A Brighter Day 1993  
There's Something Going On/I Break Down And Cry Co-Ro - There's Something Going On/I Break Down And Cry 1st May 1993  
There's Something Going On/I Break Down And Cry Co-Ro - There's Something Going On/I Break Down And Cry 1st May 1993  
Make It Right Now Aladino - Make It Right Now 13th Aug 1993  LISTEN  
4 Your Love Co-Ro - 4 Your Love 15th Oct 1993  LISTEN  
Brothers In The Space Aladino - Brothers In The Space Dec 1993  LISTEN  
One Love In My Lifetime Stefano Secchi - One Love In My Lifetime 1994  
Call My Name Aladino - Call My Name 1994  LISTEN  
Promise No Name - Promise 1994  LISTEN  
Got To Feel It Morena - Got To Feel It 1994  LISTEN  
Piece Of My Heart She's Ah Rebel - Piece Of My Heart 1995  LISTEN  
Don't Drop Me Ann Sinclaire - Don't Drop Me 1995  
Feelin' Blue Jilly - Feelin' Blue 1996  
Sexy Lady (Over And Over) Jilly - Sexy Lady (Over And Over) 1996  
Light My Heart Linda Ross - Light My Heart 1996  
Faithful Morena - Faithful 1996  
Music Takes My Breath Away Morena - Music Takes My Breath Away 1996  LISTEN  
Suit Case Sally Sally Rendell - Suit Case Sally 1996  
Heart Of Stone Leslie Parrish - Heart Of Stone Jun 1996  
Sexy Shock Anika - Sexy Shock Nov 1996  
Like Ah Rainbow Ann Sinclaire - Like Ah Rainbow 1997  
Ready For Love Morena - Ready For Love 1997  
Eternity Linda Ross - Eternity Apr 1997  
Let The Music Take Control Serena - Let The Music Take Control Oct 1997  
Riding In The Sky Linda Ross - Riding In The Sky 1998  
In The Name Of Passion Anika - In The Name Of Passion Jan 1998  
Kiss Kiss Kiss Me Vanessa - Kiss Kiss Kiss Me Sep 1998  
I Wanna Go Ann Sinclaire - I Wanna Go 1999  
Love Control Moonlight - Love Control 1999  
My Love Is A DJ De La Cruz - My Love Is A DJ 2001  
Listen To My Heart De La Cruz - Listen To My Heart 2002  LISTEN  
There Is No Right De La Cruz - There Is No Right 2002  
The Promise You Made DJ Stefy - The Promise You Made 2003  
In My Mind De La Cruz - In My Mind Oct 2003  
Where U Belong De La Cruz - Where U Belong 2005  
Where U Belong De La Cruz - Where U Belong 2005  
In My Mind Javi Crecente - In My Mind 2009  
My Body and Soul Muthagroove - My Body and Soul 4th Dec 2009  

Productions, co-production, executive production

Shame Of (Scemo) B-13 - Shame Of (Scemo) 1993  
Piece Of My Heart She's Ah Rebel - Piece Of My Heart 1995  LISTEN  
Wanna B Like A Man Simone Jay - Wanna B Like A Man 4th Aug 1997  LISTEN  


Wanna B Like A Man Simone Jay - Wanna B Like A Man 4th Aug 1997  LISTEN  


Heart On The Line Novecento - Heart On The Line 1991  
Ocean Den Harrow - Ocean 1991  
Shame Of (Scemo) B-13 - Shame Of (Scemo) 1993  
Love Destiny Ex-Melody - Love Destiny 1994  LISTEN  
Loverboy Mr Signo - Loverboy 1994  LISTEN  
Ride On A Meteorite Antares - Ride On A Meteorite 27th Jan 1995  LISTEN  
Music Takes My Breath Away Morena - Music Takes My Breath Away 1996  LISTEN  
Wanna B Like A Man Simone Jay - Wanna B Like A Man 4th Aug 1997  LISTEN  

Aliases - Records released under other names

I'm Crazy For You Manuela - I'm Crazy For You 1987  
Love For Free Manuela - Love For Free 1988  
Living For Love Talysha - Living For Love 1990  


Taleesa biography

(Emanuella Gubinelli)

Taleesa was born on the 19th November 1971 in Santa Monica, California. Her parents had Italian origins and she received a very strict education. She studied in a religious college and learned how to sing, play piano ond violin. She started singing in a local band at the tender age of 9. Then, as she was still an adolescent, she escaped from home to follow her rock band for a tour in Europe.

After this tour, the young Taleesa signed a contract with WEA, but it proved not to be exactly what she wanted. So after 2 years she broke the contract and moved to Milan, Italy, to give a new direction to her carrer. She started working in studio as composer and arranger.

She started gaining credibility as author when the 2 songs (Say Yeah and Keep On Jammin) she had written for Stefano Secchi became hits. This allowed her to restart her singer carreer and to record songs such as One Love the Lifetime, Living 2 Love and Baby Don't Stop that had some success in France and a few other European countries. She also released a single under her real name Emmanuella, entitled Satisfied, in collaboration with B. Sanchioni.

It is less known that she also contributed to many projects which had success mainly mainly in Japan : Linda Ross, Morena, Jilly, Ann Sinclaire, Vanessa, Gisele, Paula Marsh, Serena, Maggie Sue, and many more...

But success came as she was a vocalist featured by the duo Cozzi and Rossi (Co.Ro) on the version they had made to Because The Night (a cover of Patty Smith and Bruce Springsteen). Her impressive voice appeared also on There's Something Going On/I Break Down And Cry, and on the following album that Co.Ro released in 1993. After her singles with Co.Ro became a hit in America, Emanuella decided to go solo again.

The same year she recorded with Stefano Secchi 2 singles We Are Easy to Love and A Brighter Day. Then, under the pseudonym of Aladino she released 3 euro singles : Make It Right Now, Brothers In Space and Call My Name, all of them being very successful in Europe. In 1993 she also collaborated with G. Spagna on Dave Hammond's single All My World.

One of her first singles under her name was I Found Luv, written by G. Amir Saraf and Uli Brenner, produced by Giacomo Maiolini featuring raps of Michael Romeo. After that, she returned to Italy and released many other songs, like Burning Up (that she co-wrote and co-composed with Trivellato and Sachetto), Falling In Love (produced by Visnadi under Flying Records, re-released by ZYX), Let Me Be (that she co-wrote and co-composed with W. Cremonini, A. Gilardi, produced by Giacomo Maiolini and released under Time Records) and a country dance called Jambalaya, cover of an old rock song.The following release was called I Wanna Give. It was not really dance music, so it was not very succesful, even if the song was good. She started touring all over the world, she enven presented some TV shows in Brazil where she also gave live gigs in discos.

In 1996, Taleesa started a new collaboration with G. Spagna : her name appears on Paul Rogers' Wanna Be My Lover and Morena's Music Take My Breathe Away.

Internet Love : differently from her last 2 releases, this song is very energetic, every Internet user will like the lyrics. Once again it was a collaboration with the duo Saraf-Brenner.

With You And Me Taleesa really moved to a more housy trend. The music, the style and the way she sings sounds like Gala, and even being a good dance song, it is very different from what we're used to.

With Kisses, Kisses, Bye-Bye Taleesa gave us a nice, fast Italo song which, for some, reminded Simone Jay's Wanna Be Like A Man. It had some success locally in Italy. Then she came back to her native California.

Her last single to be released under the name of Taleesa was called Beach Boy, a kind of pop song.

Nowadays she lives in Milan. She also owns a house in California. She loves to travel. She says she believes in God. She likes Madonna for whom she has a lot of admiration.

1998 : she co-wrote Simone Jay's single Luv Thang. Rumors say that she could have released an album entitled Singles Collection but it can't be found anywhere.

1999 : she released a single under the name of Axia entitled Love In December and another one under the name of Moonlight entitled Love Control (produced by Turatti/Melloni). She also recorded in her own studio a complete album called Whatever Happened Lately?, aka Que Pasa Ultimamente?. It contained 12 songs in Spanish and English with a combination of ballads and rock. Taleesa, accompanied by a music group and dancers, toured for over a year many countries in South America. She described the tour like the best experience of her life.

2001 : she appeared on 2 singles released by De La Cruz : My Love Is A DJ and Listen To My Heart.

2002 : she kept on collaborating with De La Cruz for their new single, the very nice There's No Right.

2003 : Taleesa released a new single under her name, the song was entiled Over You, and the music was Kylie Minogue style. The single was published by Vale Music Spain, written by Michael Corkran (her boyfriend), Emanuela Gubinelli herself, and V. Gaffurini. It was produced in her own studios Luv-en-colors.

Later the same yer, she recorded with Aron Michael a single for DJ Stefy entitled The Promise You Made. She already started working on a new single...

In October, she recorded a new single for De La Cruz In My Mind. The new single was released under Elite Records, the new label that DJ Richard & Johnny Bass (the brothers who stand behind De La Cruz) created after leaving Vale Music.

2005 : Taleesa recorded a new song for De La Cruz called Where U Belong. It entered the American chart at #35.

2007 : Taleesa recorded a melodical pop song entiled Children Alone, written by her husband Michael Corkran and Roberto Baeli. All the rights of the song will be destinated to Action Aid... Nowdays she is mainly working as a producer for other artists with big level in Italy. She is also doing remixes in studios in New York City and in her own studios based in Los Angeles..

2009 : Taleesa was featured by the DJs duo Muthagroove on a cover of the classic My Body And Soul. In November, during her appearance on the stage of Italo party 2009, Taleesa announced that a new single was on its way.

2011 : Taleesa is working hard on her company Luv en Colors, now mostly dedicated to the film market, telefilm production and media management.

Thanks to Selena Valeria Giannobi, Alberto, Sergio and Tominho
Thanks to Edgar JR for the pics
Thanks to 90s Dance Music Website

The biography was last updated Sat, January 31st 2015

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